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I feel like a bit of a fraud, coming into Frocktober half way through but I still have to tell you that this frock-wearing business has thrown me a few curve balls.

Curve balls mainly sent my way thanks to some unseasonably cold weather.

Here I was thinking that I’d be swanning around every day in my summer frocks, which usually is an easy task because I really do spend most of my spring and summer days in a frock.

Frocks are my lazy-girl summer wardrobe weapon. They’re one garment. One piece of clothing to have to worry about. None of this co-ordinating separates business.

All a frock needs is a pair of shoes and an accessory or two and it’s ready to take on the world.

… but then I had a work trip to Sydney. Where the maximum temperature was 17 degrees.

And I can’t even blame Sydney’s weather for throwing a frock among the pigeons.

Yesterday, south-east Queensland was a tad confused.

Grey, cold, windy and decidedly NOT spring-like.

Brisbane bayside yesterday ... looking more like the English seaside

Brisbane bayside yesterday … looking more like the English seaside

For our family, the irony of the very English-like conditions was not lost on us.

It was six years since my husband lost his gorgeous mum, Fay, to ovarian cancer.

Mr SY’s family moved to Australia from the UK when he was eight years old. Fay loved Australia but she also loved everything English.

Yesterday, we all ate fish and chips on a blustery, bayside Brisbane beach. It was one of her favourite spots.

We don’t need an anniversary to remember this amazing woman – we think about her – and miss her – every day – but it was great to remember together.

She’s the reason I’m frocking up until Wednesday and she’s the reason, I’d love you to support the Frocktober fundraising efforts of these bloggers:

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Cup of Tea and a Blog 

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The F Tangent

Anna Samara

Here’s a look at my outfit contribution to Frocktober. If what I’m wearing is still available in store or online, I’ve linked to it.

The casual

Sancerre tunic layered over Verily slip dress | Ruby Olive necklace | Zoe Kratzmann shoes Sancerre tunic layered over Verily slip dress | Ruby Olive necklace* | Zoe Kratzmann platforms

Chipie dress at French Chic | Zoe Kratzmann bag | Funkis clogs

Chipie dress at French Chic | Zoe Kratzmann bag* | Funkis clogs

Bella Lido dress | Zoe Kratzmann sandals

Bella Lido dress | Zoe Kratzmann sandals* | Uberkate earrings

All for Kat tunic | Metalicus slip dress | Jets swimwear tankini | Missoni Havaianas

All for Kat tunic | Metalicus slip dress | Jets swimwear tankini* | Missoni Havaianas

Boomshankar dress | Seed scarf | Rockport loafers

Boomshankar dress | Seed scarf | Rockport loafers

Boomshankar dress | Jag jacket | Witchery scarf | Peachy sandals

Boomshankar dress | Jag jacket | Witchery scarf | Peachy sandals

The maxis

Miss Manfield maxi | Witchery jacket | Rockport shoes

 Cross Country maxi at Miss Manfield | Witchery jacket | Rockport heels | Mezi ring and earrings

Virtu maxi dress | Sussan jacket | Urge sandals at Glue Store | Uberkate necklace

Virtu maxi dress | Sussan jacket | Urge sandals at Glue Store | Uberkate necklace | Renee Blackwell Design ring

Sacha Drake maxi | Zoe Kratzmann platforms

Sacha Drake maxi | Zoe Kratzmann platforms

Verily maxi dress | Zoe Kratzmann bag | Zoe Kratzmann wedges | Ruby Olive bangle

Verily maxi dress | Zoe Kratzmann bag | Zoe Kratzmann wedges | Ruby Olive bangle

Getting dressy with it

Leona Edmiston dress | Bel'ive necklace | Florsheim heels

Leona Edmiston dress | Bel’ive necklace | Florsheim heels

Maiocchi dress | Virtu jacket | Misano sandals

Maiocchi dress | Virtu jacket | Misano sandals | Samantha Wills ring

I’ll be posting this week’s Frocktober outfits on Instagram … follow along here.

Remember if you have any of these symptoms, don’t ignore them, insist that your GP check them out further.

Do you have a favourite from these above? How do you think you’d go wearing only frocks for a month?

* These items were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. HI Nikki.Just a quick question. I have a wedding coming up in January (melbourne). Attire – Cocktail. would the Leona Edmiston dress be considered cocktailish? Love how you are rocking it!! Thanks 😉

  2. Thank you for the mention Nikki! It’s definitely been an interesting couple of weeks to frock up with the weird weather. It’s wonderful to see so many people getting behind this cause! I will definitely be doing it again next year!
    On a side note: as a result of being so focused on Frocktober, and wearing the things I already own, I’ve actually spent NO money at all on clothes/shoe/accessories this month! So I’m adding what I’d normally spend to the donations tally 🙂

  3. I’m so flattered to have been included here, thanks Nikki.

    Love the maxi dresses, although I’m also a fiend for a Leona Edmiston frock.

    I can totally sympathise with the non-frock weather issues too, as October in Sydney this year has been decidedly un-spring-like. Much like Jo I’m looking forward to having pants as an option again.

  4. Holy Cow! You have some seriously cute frocks! I love the last outfit… so much colour! Snaps to you for sharing your fashion prowess for such a good cause…

  5. You have found some great dresses. They really fit you well. I am just getting back into dresses. I use to just wear pants.

  6. Wow – so many great looks here – but my favourites are Sacha Drake and Leona Edmiston – you look AMAZING in both! I would be struggling to do a whole month but I know more dresses would suit me for ease and maybe making me look taller! xx

  7. I did Frocktober last year and this year ‘cos it supports a great cause and you don’t have to grow any body hair or give up alcohol for a month. I honestly can’t wait to get back into my jeans and sneakers in two days’ time! From a fashion point of view though, I do like the fact that when you wear a frock, you are just that extra bit dressed up, even if it’s just a casual cotton number. PS. The San Cerre tunic is very cute!

  8. You look lovely in every frock Nikki. I have recently discovered a love affair with the maxi dress – it really does hide a multitude of sins! I’m slowly building up my summer wardrobe with them, but don’t think I could do 30 days of frocks just yet.

  9. You’re not a fraud!!! Your ‘It’s not too late’ post about joining Frocktober motivated me to participate. My would be mother in law (boyfriend at the time) passed away in 2004 as a result of ovarian cancer. I excused myself from participating in Frocktober because of my breastfeeding status, until I read your post. Today I posted about participating in Frocktober whilst breastfeeding. All the best, and look forward to seeing your final looks 🙂

  10. Love them all! It’s so awesome to see you put an outfit together, you know Nikki? Like, I really can’t find fault in any of it, you look smashing in everything! You know which styles suit you and you’re a genius with accessorising. And you can rock so many different looks too! So much to learn, thanks heaps & thanks for supporting a great cause, your mother-in-law would be so happy with you I’m sure, may she RIP. For your great efforts, (I can’t imagine wearing dresses for a whole month myself, would miss my capri pants too much, lol) you’ve inspired me to make a donation to OCRF xx

  11. I love all your Frocktober dresses If I had to pick a favourite it would be more than one,In the casual section it would have to be the Boomshankar navy dress,and the Bella Lido green dress and the dressy ones, I am in Love with the Miss Manfield maxi and I love you in the Verily maxi,and the Leona dress,but they all look great on you but in different ways,you do rock a frock Nikki. No I do not find it hard to wear a dress everyday,I do love them and they are so easy,and even on the cooler days because of the lazy girl factor and comfort I have been wearing a dress,I just put a jacket over the top.
    Maybe the weather yesterday was more english for a reason,not that I’m a religous person but sometimes things happen for a reason and I think a higher power is at work.You never forget a person who dies it just gets a little easier with time.I hope they can find an early detection test for ovarian cancer soon ,we so need it x.

  12. Love the Cross Country outfit – so classy and flattering. Also the Leona Edminston. But you look fabulous in all of them, Nikki. Thanks so much for the ongoing inspiration, and for such a great cause. Xx

  13. Well done Nikki! My favourite outfit is the Boomshankar dress with the Seed scarf. The dress section of my wardrobe would look a little sad and depleted compared to yours I’m imagining!!

  14. Thanks so much for the plug Nikki. Frocktober has been an amazing experience for me. In a final fundrasing push I’m going to wear my wedding dress on Wednesday… veil and all… to do my weekly grosary shop and take my toddlers to the park 🙂


  15. I usually avoid frocks because I always feel so vulnerable and uncovered in them (or I pair them with tights!), but I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon at the end of the race too. I’ll wear a frock for the rest of this month 🙂

  16. Well done Nikki! We lost a very beautiful aunt to Ovarian cancer, one year after I lost my mum to Breast cancer. I also have a friend at work who has survived Ovarian cancer for 6 years now. I don’t think I could EVER get her into a frock though! LOL!

  17. I think the Leona Edminston dress with the neutral shoes is the standout among those pics – you look stunning! Know what you mean about the weather, had to dig out some winter clothes yesterday.

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