Champagne Day

Champagne Day: How to save $ on clothes so you can afford more

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It’s Champagne Day. I know this shouldn’t excite me as much as it does.

But it does.

If I were to nominate my favourite drink, Champagne would win hands down … our should that be bottoms up?

The first time I tasted the real stuff – the stuff that comes from the Champagne region in France – I knew I was in trouble.

Oh. My. God.

The soft bubbles, the yeasty palette and soft finish … how on earth was I ever going to afford to drink this on a regular basis?

What I could not have envisioned back then … in the heady, carefree but extremely poor days of my early 20s … was that there might actually come a time when the Champagne planets would align.

That sometime in my future I would open my fridge and find, not one, but three bottles of Champagne doing a little French beret tilt and winking back at me.

Champagne Day

Even I’m scratching my head and wondering how THAT happened.

Each one was gifted. One from the beautiful people at Moet*, one a gift from my parents for our wedding anniversary and another a gift for speaking at an event.

Given the planetary alignment stuff, I realised that some practice ahead of today – Champagne Day – was called for.

… a few nibblies and a glass of bubbles in the courtyard on a Sunday afternoon. Don’t mind if I do.

Retro style food try with nibblies | Champagne Day

Champagne Day

Now, normally my drinks fridge looks very different. But I do try to sneak a bottle of Champagne in every so often, slipping it unnoticed in between a case of cleanskin sauv blancs at Dan Murphy’s.

Quality over quantity being a phrase that I bandy around here whenever it suits me 😉

But to allow this to happen on a regular basis, it does pay for me to be a little bit thrifty in the other area of my life, in which I’m known to indulge … shopping. These tips may help you too.

9 tips for saving $ on clothes so you can drink Champagne

1.  Shop mindfully.  Know what you actually need by actually checking what’s missing in your wardrobe first.

2.  Build confidence in your own style. Keep a physical scrapbook of looks you like from magazines or pin them to a virtual pinboard on Pinterest.  Call it shopping practice.  I do.

3.  Only buy something new (no matter how much of a bargain) if it makes you FEEL nothing short of fabulous.  Your hard-earned cash is also wasted if the garment is poorly made.  You will look as cheap as the price tag dangling from it.

4.  Invest in great accessories.  Accessories maketh an outfit.  Why not maketh something of existing outfits in your wardrobe with a new statement necklace or a hot pair of heels?

5.  Subscribe via email to sales websites.   You’ll be the first in the know for some absolute designer bargains.  It’s also worth signing up for email alerts from your favourite stores or designers.  Subscribers are first in the know about sales – online or in store.

6.  Trawl eBay.  An un-named girlfriend of mine fell in love with a long gown at a fashion show but was determined not to pay full price for it.  She got home and found the exact same dress – with tags on – on eBay for $500 cheaper.  It was one size too big but easy to alter. Score.

7.  Your girlfriends can offer a goldmine of borrowed fashion opportunities.

8.  Fossick in op shops and pre-loved stores.  If you’ve got the time, patience and creativity, this will become a bit of a sport.

9.  Comb discount department stores. These stores have buyers who know their fashion. They take the trends and turn them into high-fashion pieces that we can afford. Just take the time to

Happy Friday and Happy Champagne Day, Stylers. What’s your top tip for saving $ on clothes? And what’s your favourite indulgence?

* Moet sent me a bottle of champagne for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. I suspect they know me well.

Happy Champagne Day

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  1. Happy Champagne day to you too Nikki,My sister used to work for a wine company and used to get a case of Moet for christmas and we used to drink it like water,those were the days….I agree with having more quality items in your wardrobe that last for longer and I have done a major cull this year anything I didn’t love or feel comfortable in went.eBay has some great sellers ATM that sell Country Road and Witchery at very good prices ,I bought a dress from them and just recieved it, a navy and cobalt silk shirt dress(thanks to your post) for under $30 and it retails for $190,so good bargains to be had,I also am a member of all those shopping sites you mention and have gotten some great clothing and shoes.
    My local St Vinnies is a treasure trove of good clothes ,just this year I have gotten 2 NWT Sussan dresses ,one silk and stunning and Country Road and Peter Alexander Pjs ,so thankyou to the lovely lady who is my size and donates things things for me to buy.
    Enjoy your bubbles Nikki and have a lovely weekend.

  2. Happy Champagne Day! A lot of mummies I know have ‘Friday Fizzies’ each week, what a fabulous idea! I will be opening a bottle of bubbles to enjoy on our balcony with some sushi for dinner tonight. LOVE your shopping tips, I only started smart shopping a few years back and I love it. A x x

  3. Enjoy those bubbles! I am sure you will know the answer to this: on the radio the other day I heard an ad for Moët but the speaker added the “t” at the end which surprised me as I thought it was a silent “t”. Have I been saying it wrong all these years?

  4. Happy Champagne Day indeed! I’ll be packing a couple of bottles when we head away for the weekend tonight. Fantastic shopping tips there, Nikki. I recently advised a colleague who has lost weight to go through her wardrobe and write a list of what she was throwing/giving away so that she could buy the things she really needed first. And after that, she could buy all the things she wanted! x

  5. I am a bit of a sucker for those online fashion and living ones that send out emails in the morning and you can have priority membership to receive them the night before. Just. Love. them. Plus the way that there are no hassles in sending things back that aren’t right. Oh boy have I acquired some great pieces! I couldn’t sew them up ( and I am quite a good seamstress who only uses great fabrics) for those prices!! You are so right in that it gives you a bit more cash to play with in the wining and dining- plus holidaying!!

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