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Powerful stuff will happen in Australian blogging over the next 12 months #pbevent

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I don’t want to play favourites – but I will 😉

In almost three years of attending blogging conferences in Australia and one in the US, the Problogger 2012 event felt like coming home.

It could have been the two-day program (that breathing space took away the intensity that comes with a one-day event).

It could have been the knowledge we could easily access audio recordings of all the sessions (a bit like eating out and getting menu envy from someone’s choices, I hate having to choose a session knowing I could be missing out on something really good).

It could have been the organisational super powers of the team behind the event.

It could have been the inspiring speakers. And the way they were directed by that team to deliver to the audience key, actionable takeaways.

In truth it could have been all of the above but there were something else too. Something not quite so tangible.

The vibe.

I’m telling you if the vibe in the conference room at Ethiad Stadium last weekend could have been bottled and made into a product to sell, we’d all be able to retire on the affiliate commission.

Do you know what I put that vibe down to?


A Manifesto for Bloggers | Kelly Exeter | OzBlog Hosting

One of the Problogger sponsors, Oz Blog Hosting, produced a copy A Manifesto for Bloggers.
Download it here

Darren Rowse (aka the Oprah of Australian blogging) set that intention in March this year when the dates for the conference were announced.

He said that the conference was intended for – and aimed at – bloggers of all stages who wanted to learn how to make an income from blogging.

By making this the aim and intention for the conference at the outset, those buying tickets to attend were under no illusion about what they would be there for.

And THAT is a very powerful thing. To have 300 people from the one industry in the one room with the one intention … watch this space.

Powerful stuff will happen in Australian blogging over the next 12 months.

I predict we’ll see more quality ebooks being published, bloggers developing smartphone and tablet apps, bloggers getting book deals and more bloggers building relationships and becoming ambassadors for brands.

In a nutshell, more bloggers will be building a business from or because of their blog.

Can you spot a blogger you know and love?

Can you spot a blogger you know and love?

My 5 key Problogger Event takeaways

1. Find 15 minutes a day. Just like the Norm Life Be In It ads of the ’80s encouraged us to find 30 minutes a day for exercise, Darren Rowse suggested we find 15 minutes every day to work towards the next project in our blogging businesses. It just made so much sense.

2. Write the content that gives YOU energy. This was from Darren too. I know myself if I’m not really “feeling” a topic I’ve allocated and planned myself to write for a certain day, I’m better off switching to something else. If you write what gives you a spark – or a sparkle (is that the feminine form of spark?) then there’s a big chance that sparkle will be passed on to your readers.

3. Create a point of difference for yourself. Stan Lee talked about creating a brand for your blog. I often get asked if it’s too late to start a blog and be successful and my answer is always NO. How many hairdressers do you see out there making a business of it when seemingly they offer the same thing. The key is, they don’t. They each offer something unique. When you’re a blogger and wondering about that unique part? That unique part is you.

4. Make sure you look around the corner because that’s how and where “shift happens”.  James Tuckerman woke us up from our “not so fresh” state on the second day of the conference with his opening keynote. This idea is something that has been crucial to my business growth in the past four years. If I hadn’t looked around the corner and been open to shift – to new possibilities – I would not be doing what I love and do now.

5. Enter the fray and make big mistakes. I was lucky enough to be asked to interview media personality and blogger Sarah Wilson for a session on the second day. Sarah has long impressed me for the way that she’s created – and continues to create – a brand that sits really well with who she is. This quote from her was from the closing keynote of the conference. I love it because I’ve made a lot of mistakes since going into business for myself. I don’t beat myself up about them because I’ve only made them because I’ve got stuck in and tried something I’ve never tried before. Sometimes that something new has gone on to be something big; sometimes it’s gone on to give me a big fat headache and required a big fat glass of wine to forget. Either way, it’s all part of the excitement of learning.

Media personality and blogger Sarah Wilson delivers the closing keynote

Media personality and blogger Sarah Wilson delivers the closing keynote

… and there is always something new to learn. Always.

Now, unless you’ve been living under a blogging rock, you’ll be aware that all the audios from the 21 sessions are available to you to buy, download and absorb. You can find out more here. Yes, I will get a commission if you buy from clicking through from my link but I would not put that link here – and recommend it – unless I thought it was extremely good value and a great way to learn if you’re looking to create business goals around your blogging.

Do you have business goals with your blog? If you were at Problogger Event last weekend (or have already started listening to the audios), what are you planning to implement from what you’ve learned?


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Comments 38

  1. Ah that 15 mins can make a worl dof difference in any project and I shout that out all the time to my school students! I may have to listen to myself in regards to blogging continuity!

  2. Great post Nikki, as usual 🙂 I also loved the 15 minutes a day idea because surely 15 minutes a day is easy enough to implement. I also loved hearing Chris Guillebeau speak what an amazing guy! Wanted to have a chat, but chickened out, (sorry, sometimes it is all a bit too overwhelming) my sister Erin said she was on your flight to Melbourne too, seems you know my niece Mia.

  3. I’ve been blogging for a couple of years for a not-for-profit magazine I head up. Now, I’m about to launch a new business – and you guessed it, another blog will be a part of that. I’m excited about the next 12 months and hope to be at the PB Event, next year!!!! love, Janet xxx

  4. Great wrap up Nikki. Probably all my favourite points in the one place. I have business goals for my blog and the ProBlogger event just helped me cement them. I got absolutely clear on what I am delivering and now I just have to deliver it. I came home and pushed the go button on a post series I’ve been planning for months now and still hadn’t written. I decided out there was better than in my head as some perfect but unobtainable idea. I’m excited about that. Nervous as heck too. But excited. keep your fingers crossed for me, would you. 😉

  5. Thank you so much for your wrap-up of the event. I really wanted to go, but this year it clashed with another important event in my life, the school’s annual Mother-Daughter Camp. So whilst I was building sandcastles on the beach, collecting jellyfish eggs and supervising dance steps, you guys were doing something I was also passionate about. I love that you are all so passionate about blogging that you have shared what you learned with those who weren’t able to be there. Seriously, there aren’t too many industries where that happens. So thanks again. And maybe I’ll be there next year. (Please say there will be a next year … )

    1. There isn’t many industries that do that Bron – I think that’s why I love this one so much. We are shaping the culture of blogging as we go and sharing is very much a part of that. The mother-daughter camp sounds like such a great initiative. x

  6. Hi there! I didn’t attend, however I was so inspired by the info that
    was pouring out via Twitter that I have made some changes to my blog
    style and intention. I am making it a priority to be there at the next
    Melbourne event.

    What I love the most about it all is seeing SO many people feeling
    empowered to do great things!

    As someone who struggles a little bit with
    self confidence, I am totally inspired by people who actually make that
    decision to DO something- to take a risk. I am planning to live more
    like this. To believe in myself and what I have to offer.

    Great post! 🙂

    Here’s a post I wrote about the Pro Blogger event that I didn’t attend!


  7. Wow NIkki, you sound so inspired and motivated, it is fantastic. It is also great to see the blogging world moving forward in leaps and bounds. There are some absolutely amazing human beings out there blogging. Amazing.

    1. There are amazing people I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet except for blogging LM … I actually said on stage last week that my life is richer for the people who I’ve met through blogging – and it’s true. And yes, I’m tearing up as I write this x

  8. Hi Nikki wonderful post from such a good vibe event. I’m sorry I didn’t get to speak to you…tried a few times, but you were one popular blogger! Have added my post to you linkup – it’s about Problogger event and using social media for social good……if not on target, please delete. I will completely understand. Thank you so much for all your sharing. Emma

  9. I really want to get myself to a PB event. I think spacing it out over the two days is a really good idea. Conferences are full on information wise, and social wise, having that extra day would help to calm things.
    I love the tips you shared. Thank you.

  10. Thankyou for sharing (again!) Nikki. I am so in love with A Manifesto for Bloggers. It’s all sounding very exciting for aussie bloggers…Yay!!!…xx ps loving the fringe grow out, you even do that stylishly!?!) x

  11. I loved the fact that it was a safe place to acknowledge that blogging can be a business and monetization is not a dirty word. Very refreshing.

  12. In the weeks (months!) leading up to #pbevent I was struggling to find 5 minutes to work on my blog. Every day since going, I’ve spent at least 1½ hours a day. Here’s hoping I keep the momentum up!

  13. Agree Nikki, that the outlook for Aussie blogging is looking exciting! I love your phrase about bottling intention and how powerful that could be. Talk about a magic potion! My top takeaway from the event was the 15 minute idea, and if not exactly 15 minutes then the idea that you just have to keep taking small steps, putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving onwards, and hopefully, upwards. So for me, it’s the ebook to get going on.

    1. Yes, Jo, I agree … that 15 minutes a day is the thing that resonated with me from that opening address … it meant you could safely digest all the other knowledge knowing you only had to apply it in baby steps.

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