Statement rings: Renee Blackwell Design

How to wear statement rings

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I have an accessory obsession. But if you’re a regular here you know that, don’t you?

I cannot get enough of these outfit toppers. Without them my outfits are mere un-iced and un-decorated cakes.

I do play favourites with my accessory collection. Yes, I have my my regular arm party on my watch hand but to balance things out, I can’t get enough of a statement ring … or three.

Last year I was all about the wearing just ONE statement cocktail ring.

But, ah, that’s just SO last year, isn’t it?

This year, you’ll often find me wearing a minimum of two … sometimes three … statement rings.

Statement rings: Renee Blackwell Design

Wrapping my Renee Blackwell Design rings around a glass of Sancerre at Balthazar, Soho, New York … as you do.

I’ve decided this is because I’m a little bit of a ring, fancy pants show-off.

I talk with my hands and I’m fond of wrapping my hands around a wine glass while talking.

Some would call this Accessories Attention Seeking Behaviour (AASB). And I’m ok with that.

In fact, I embraced it on my recent trip to New York. I was very lucky enough to pack in my luggage some stunning hand-crafted accessories from Renee Blackwell Design.

Renee Blackwell Design: statement rings

Renee crafts earrings, pendants and rings using gemstones and vintage buttons (while I was in New York she was at the International Button Convention in another part of the US … she is always fossicking for new and original pieces to complete and inspire her designs).

So, with Renee’s rings on my fingers you can imagine how my AASB got a little bit out of control, can’t you?

Renee Blackwell Design statement rings

I couldn’t help myself … these rings just had to be flaunted.

How to wear statement rings:

1. Don’t just stop at one. Two or three, now you’re talking.

2. They don’t all have to match. They should complement each other but too matchy matchy and you might look more nana-ish than on-trend-ish.

3. If you’re going to make a statement, make a statement. Wear rings that will get noticed and talked about. They’re great conversation starters.

4. Pop out a colour or two from your outfit using the ring and mix these colours with silver and/or gold.

5. Mix textures in your rings for added wow factor.

Do you love to wear cocktail rings? Do you wear more than one at a time? 

Head over and check out Renee Blackwell’s blog. She sells her individual pieces via the blog. Many are one-offs. Her jewellery is also stocked Australia wide. For a stockist list, click here. Oh and Renee’s just let me know she’s currently got a buy one, get a second pair free offer on these classic sterling silver earrings.

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    1. The reason you had the captcha come up is that there is a link in the comment – this would be a safeguard against robot spammers – and something I’ve happy to have come up. I doesn’t show if you’re leaving a comment without a link or you log in to disqus or Twitter etc. Anyhow, love the idea of chunky … not all my statement rings qualify as chunky though!

  1. Always worn more than one. I used to wear sterling silver or 9ct gold rings on each finger then I got into big statement rings. It just depends on my outfit. I try to match colours to the rest of my jewellery which is matched to my outfit.

    Some days I wear a lot, some days I wear almost none, depends on what I’m doing that day. This is something I’ve done for years and there are no rules to how to wear rings or any other piece of jewellery, or whether you wear a little or a lot which I do sometimes. Pack it on I say! It’s all in your personal taste and what you prefer wearing, if you wear jewellery at all.

    Suze Orman owns the one set of jewellery and wears it everyday. A bit boring I think considering how ugly her jewellery is.

  2. I love big rings and I have a very large collections so I can match or contrast with r a ring of some description on my left hand every day. I think that when you are looking at your hands typing most of the day, it’s nice to wear something that brings a smile to your face.
    When I need to be particularly corporate (client presentations,etc), I’ll still wear my gold skull and crossbones pinky ring for a touch of of personality. But I have some moderately large silver ones that are great for normal work days.

  3. Love your rings Nikki,you really know whow to rock a statement cocktail ring or 3 ,I have some but never wear more than one,I have really small fingers and hands so feel like i’m playing dressups,what’s the rule these days on jewellery on small frames,or is that old fashioned rule changed i was always told to wear delicate jewellery ,though I don’t all the time,please let me know how to wear a cocktail ring and own it like you do!!

  4. I love your ringsNikki and you really know how to wear them,I have a few but i’m a tad scared of wearing more than one,I feel I’m playing dressups with my mothers clothes and I am the mother<sounds silly but I have really small fingers and hands so what to do,You let me know the rule on this or isn't there one ? I've always been told to wear smaller jewellery ,you know that olden day rule if small boned wear delicate jewellery ,please let me know If the rules have changed!I really love one of a kind pieces,or vintage rings you pick up in thrift stores.

  5. I’d love to but think my 3 flower diamond ring on my right hand and my wedding and engagement rings on left are enough and I don’t like taking them off and leaving at home. Is there a way we can wear our diamond rings and a statement piece of costume jewellery?

  6. I like just one big statement (cocktail) ring on my right hand as I already have a special gold one there. Plus Nothing can compete with my engagement ring on the left! But have to say that I can’t stand a hand full of Gold rings that some women wear with absolutely none of them making a statement!

    1. Ah yes, each to their own but it’s not a statement to pile up your fingers with non-statement pieces. Best to have one or two (I’ve seen some people do three very well) that get noticed as soon as you start talking.

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