Lazy-girl beauty: how to love your legs this spring

Lazy-girl beauty: how to love your legs this spring

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There was a howling northerly interrupting the pleasantness of my morning beach walk yesterday morning.

I was a little bit annoyed but quickly reminded myself that it’s these winds which signal the real start of spring around here.

Then I got annoyed again.


My legs.

Yes, those two body parts that have had a mostly cosy few months (except for a brief US summer interlude) hanging out under jeans, leggings and tights will have to outed.

And you know what that means, don’t you?

I will have to make up the TLC winter deficit with some urgent spring loving.

Lazy-girl beauty: how to love your legs this spring

This is the situation I’m faced (or legged) with:

1. There’s the small matter of de-forestation that needs to occur. As you know I’m a lazy-girl beauty devotee. Why would I spend valuable shower time shaving my legs when they’re going to be covered up? Why? (Umm, hope Mr SY is not reading this. His on opinion on why may vary quite dramatically from mine).

2. And then, of course, we have the scaling issue. If you looked at my legs at the beginning of September you would swear I was descended from a fish. A particularly ugly looking groper type fish. No offence to gropers. Gropers need scales to get about their daily business. Me, please refer to lazy-girl beauty statement above.

3. Let’s not forget the neon colour of said legs at their September reveal. And I’m not talking of the on-trend chartreuse neon I’m coveting in my current wardrobe. No, I’m talking of a neon fluoro colour similar to the tube light you switch on in your kitchen or garage. Yep, blinding.

Now, much as the ultimate lazy-girl approach to the big leg reveal would be to leave them completely covered all year round, unfortunately, living where I do puts a big, sweaty stop to that.

Let’s take a look at how to love your legs this spring, shall we?

1. Crack open a new razor. I’m terribly guilty of continuing to use a razor waaayyy past its throw-out date. My new razor of choice: Gillette Venus & Olay* (pictured above, $14.99; replacement cartridges $19.99 for three).  I know some of you out there don’t love the razors with the moisture bars attached. Me? I LOVE them. They speak to my inner lazy-girl because I can skip the shaving cream bit. So, in this one the moisture bit uses the same key skincare stuff that is found in Olay products. You just need to wet the blade (or drop it in the bath like I did) and off you go. It’s not the first Gillette Venus I’ve owned. For me, they’re worth the few extra dollars for the smooth finish that the five blades and pivoting head deliver.

2. Get scrubbing. In the nicest possible way. This means having an exfoliator that I can easily grab and use in the shower. No time for phoofing (umm, please do not Google this world, that’s not what I’m talking about) around. I just need it to do the job quickly. Here are two that work a treat  – the Pevonia silky skin body scrup is luxe in a bottle at $75 a pop and the Burt’s Bees honey and shea sugar scrub ($29.95) that seems good enough to eat. And the unusual pink device also pictured? I’ve just started using it too. I’m not sure the Le Edge ($39.95) is my thing … a bit scrapey on the skin but I’m going to persist and see how it goes, especially once I start getting the odd salon spray tan or two.

how to love your legs this spring

3. Slap on some moisturiser. Firstly give them a further helping hand in the shower by using something lovely and gentle before the scrub (your legs may go into post-winter shock but that’s ok, they’ll get over themselves). I’m seriously loving the  Karma Company goats milk soaps ($6 each) and the whole family has got on board with the Johnson’s Body Care Natural Glow Body Wash ($9.99) pictured front and centre below. Post shower, I’ll reach for either the eco store body extra moisturising body lotion ($13.99) or Aveeno skin relief moisturising lotion ($12.99). Both are supermarket buys so easy to slather on and re-stock as required.

how to love your legs this spring

4. Start using a self-tanner or gradual tanner. Mostly I’ll just apply these to my legs because I’m lazy-girl like that and if a special occasion outfit really calls for a touch of colour or more bits of my body, I’ll book in for a salon spray tan. Where I go they get the colour just right for me, ie non-orange and just a light glow so doesn’t look ridiculously out of place on my normally sun-protected skin.

That’s it … not too much effort at all, really.

Makes you wonder why I wait until September, doesn’t it?

What’s your leg prep routine for spring look like?



Self-tan guinea pigs needed


The first 5 have responded – thanks everyone!

Ok, listen up fellow neon-legged Stylers … I’ve got five different self-tanners that I need help with trialling. Who’s up for doing a little application trail and emailing me a few sentences about the result? If that’s you, then be one of the first five to email me this morning with your postal address details and I’ll get the product out to you early next week.

Disclosure: the above product were sent to me for trial and editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. *Re the Gillette razor, Proctor & Gamble, makers of the Gillette Venus & Olay razor, hosted me at Ocean’s Resort Mooloolaba last weekend to trial a number of their new product releases. I was not paid to write this post.

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  1. Where do you get your spray tans done? I got one recently…….not great, like “I will never do this again” not great! Old lady in Something About Mary, not great!

    1. Eeek – I go to Lime Health and Beauty at Cotton Tree. Leigh, the owner, has fair skin, so I get the same level as she does. They spray light and give you the option to come back the next day for another coat if it’s not dark enough. I’ve never had to come back and I prefer this than going too dark to start with!

      1. Thanks Nikki, if I am ever game enough to do again will try Leigh. Think I will stick to my tried and tested self tanner at home!

  2. I’m leaving the wardrobe swap out a bit longer – we’re having a cold windy day in Canberra! But yes, the razor has been updated and legs have suffered their first denuding in quite some time. Always use moisturiser, but will try hard to remember the exfoliating gloves – skin is definitely feeling scaly and dry (should also remember the scrub kept in the shower – a mix of sugar and olive oil). Dove gradual tanner is in use so that I can eventually bare my lower legs and know that snow-blindness will not ensue. Very important to also remember the knees and the top of the feet!

  3. Me and my hairy bits nod nod nodded along to all this ; Thanks for reminding me to 1. renew my razor 2. return body scrub to shower 3. put Ecostore moisturiser on shopping list 4. check I’m not out of Dove gradual tanner 5. deal to my heels! Signs of spring here so I’m determined to start preparing my body now!! xx

  4. another tip I tried … was conditioner in place of shaving cream… i have recently started to deforest as well so I hear you 🙂 have you filled your self tan testers yet?

  5. I don’t use a razor haven’t done for about probably 10 years now I use my Emjoi body bare epilator,I love it,it means not having to do much for about 2 weeks but that depends on the growth rate,some hairs are longer,than others and I do my underarms too,I don’t think it hurts but the other girl in my house begs to differ.I always mousturise with something or another otherwise my skin is like a lizard and sheds all over my clothes not a nice look ,I was thinking of doing a body scrub this morning actually ,but my lazy girl didn’t feel like it,I have the Nutrimetics body scrub and the dry oil spray ,very nice,I will do it soon! I am a fan of the gradual tanning creams (if you need more volunteers you know my email addy) as my legs seem to be getting paler and more veiny with age ,i have had them stripped once but won’t be doing that again,I have dry feet too and am doing the foot magic cream by cocoa butter every night and wearing socks to bed ,not a sexy look but we need to look after everything ,don’t we!!

  6. We had a bit of unseasonably warm weather in Melbourne this week which prompted me to get the exfoliating gloves on in the shower. It felt so good I wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner! Next to find an awesome fake tanner – I’m almost out of mine!

  7. I hadn’t heard of the Eco Store products before and I love that they are cruelty free and minus the nasty chemicals. Thankyou for introducing them.

  8. I noticed yesterday that I was leaving a trail of skin from my arms and legs on my black pants- I feel like the snakes coming out of hibernation shedding their skins- EWWWWW so have done a bit of descaling last night and am going at it again this morning. Lots of the products have Aloe vera in them which I can’t do, so I just go for a brush or loofah pad with my regular bodywash, but I might try some of these if I can source them here in my isolation ‘cell’. I am not a self tanner, have never ever done it , and my legs don’t get all that much exposure anyway- veins and the safety business of snakes. And I am going to absolutely slather on the moisture this morning! I swapped my wardrobe out yesterday- ie folded and packed away all the thick woollies and thought about wearing those 7/8 pants today, but will prob go for shorter long ones or jeans.Yeah- I leave my razor too long as well! (As well as many, many other things!) Isn’t that just a busy working woman with other priorities? And don’t worry, my hubby is the same- he doesn’t care what the hairy leg situation is- just happy to get a go at them!!!! Bahahahah!

  9. I have a beach holiday coming up and I can’t get my head around how I’m going to get my glow-in-the-dark legs out from under their hiding place!

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