Some of the body skincare constants in my life from

The Great Health Kick of 2012: Skin

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Have you been playing along with my health kick series* of blog posts on putting the kick back into my health?

So far I’ve talked food and exercise, now it’s time to chat about my skin. Specifically how I look after my skin for good health and more than a healthy dose of vanity 😉

The very nature of what I write about here on Styling You means that I’m always thinking about what I use on my skin. Yes, I’m always trialling new things – no escaping that – but there are plenty of constants in my quest for good skin health.

And I honestly believe that good skin health is all about being consistent with those constants.

Some of the body skincare constants in my life from

Some of the body skincare constants in my life from

Someone in my life who is the epitome of consistency when it comes to skincare is my Nan. She’s 96 years old and to this day will not go to sleep without having Ponds Cold Cream rubbed into her face and hands. And her skin is testament to that consistency.

Me? It took me until I was earning a bit of part-time money as a teenager working in the deli at Woolies to “do” something with my skin on a daily basis. That something was good ol’ apricot kernel scrub. I had probably read in Dolly that it would change my life.

Can’t say it did … I think I was just lucky not to be plagued by teenage acne, just the odd breakout.

A few years later and I’m reading Cosmo and Cleo. I’m also living in the big smoke and get my first taste of being seduced by the makeup counters. I was a three-step Clinique girl all the way. Soap and all.

It was in my mid-to-late 20s that I started to experiment and play with my skincare. Getting advice and really understanding my skin and its needs. By the time I was 32 I was writing about skincare as part of my job.  Things got serious very quickly 😉

But behind every new skincare release; every new, powerful ingredient, I remember my Nan and her basic routine. So I have created my own.

Here’s my recipe for good skin health

1.  Be mindful of what you eat and drink – what goes in really does affect how your skin behaves for you.

2.  Get plenty of sleep. I’m not so good at this all the time. Let’s discuss it more in the next post, shall we?

3.  Cleanse, and moisturise your face twice daily. Choose products that suit your skin. Not sure what suits? Book a facial with a skincare specialist and start with their advice. Good specialists won’t make you buy a truckload of products to meet that advice but will highlight key products and types of products that will help your skin.

4. Wear sunscreen every day – and be extra vigilant when out in the sun for prolonged periods of time. I tend to use a BB cream every day and bring in the big guns if I’m going to the beach. My skin is sensitive to a lot of sunscreen ingredients (natural and chemical) so when I find one or two that works, I stick to them.

4.  Don’t forget the skin on your body as well. See that image up near the top? About three years ago I started an (almost) daily regime and my skin has thanked me for it ever since. I was working for authors of Like Chocolate for Women, Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan, at the time. They are aromatherapists and incorporate essential oils into their daily life. Three years down the track, I’m officially hooked. They advocate dry body brushing to get the lymphatic system pumping each day and a daily, post-shower, two-minute body boost, a quick self-massage, if you like. It’s as simple as adding a teaspoon of massage carrier oil to a small dish, along with three drops of your chosen essential oil blend and a spritz of magnesium oil. Start with your legs and work your way up. Your skin and your mind will love you for it.

My sun protection essentials: Catalina Geo BB Cream SPF 35+ for my face every day and Ella Bache Great Sportsbloc 30+ for the beach

My sun protection essentials: Catalina Geo BB Cream SPF 35+ for my face every day and Ella Bache Great Sportsbloc 30+ for the beach


*Golden Circle has released a new juice range – Golden Circle Healthy LifeTM Fruit Juice – which contains a unique combination of probiotic cultures clinically shown to support your natural immune system. Looking after your body with the right foods, exercise and rest also supports your immune system. And if you’re feeling well, then your skin will be very happy with you!

It’s the first of its kind of juice in Australia, offering a dairy-free dose of probiotics without added sugar or artificial flavours and colourings. Every serve contains 1 billion beneficial bacteria, which work in your gut to support your natural immune defences.

The juices come in Breakfast and Apple & Mango flavours in either a 1L or 300ml bottle.  Both flavours got the thumbs up from the Styling You household but for my money, I’d choose the Breakfast juice all the way. Which works out well as the youngest in our household is more keen on the Apple Mango flavour (doesn’t like orange, apparently 😉 ). You’ll find them in the chilled section (they need to stay chilled to maintain their effectiveness) of major supermarkets in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

golden circle healthy life pro biotic



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  1. Golden Circle’s new Pro Biotic Breakfast Juice is soo the best way to start my day. A full blast at the start of the day. Ready for the spring.

  2. I think it’s a brilliant idea! Something the whole family will enjoy. Not only will it taste delicious from the fruit flavours but it’s also healthy and good for you!

  3. I love the Golden Circle Health life fruit juices, especially the Apple and Mango. problem is, I buy them on pay day and the children get to the fridge and it’s gone in a few days

  4. Some mornings getting the kids ready and out the door, dropping one at school and two at daycare and eating a healthy breakfast before I get to work all seems a bit too much! But with Golden Circle Healthy life Probiotic Breakfast at hand at least I know I can have a good start to the day! It’s a life saver.

  5. Yum! Tried the apple and mango and it was delicious. Such a great juice combo. I also love to mix my juice with a splash of mineral water as it’s like having a healthy soft drink.

  6. The flavours are great and I’m getting the added benefits of probiotic goodness without changing my drinking habits or going to any great effort! Win, win for me.

  7. A drink to help my natural immune defences is what I love. I believe in using natural products for good health, than just ‘pop a pill’ POP a lid on Golden Circle Juice for that real kick to well-being. My kids love it too. My family is my cirlce of life! For me, this is gold-en-ergy!

  8. I love the Golden Circle Health Life Fruit Juice, it’s perfect for breakfast with a piece of toast. It’s perfect for a 3pm pick-me-up. I love to drink it chilled and packed full of ice cubes. A huge plus for me is the pro-biotic side of things, I take 30 tablets a day of prescription meds for long term health problems and believe me…it takes its toll on the gut area, so if I can have a multi-tasking juice that will literally make me feel better from the inside out, I’m one happy chappy!

  9. Juice, Juice Juice for life! I say!!!. We all get lazy eating the right amounts of fruit and veg everyday, and being a busy working mum it’s even harder to get it into your kids on the run. But tasty good for you juice, with the added extras of probiotic all all healthy ingredients is the perfect fit to my day and the kids. I for one love to make fresh juice everyday, but sometimes, time gets away from us in the mornings. We now have the perfect solution and no excuses, we’ve got the Healthy Life in the fridge – yum yum!!!.

  10. I am a recent convert to Golden Circle Apple and Mango juice. What got me was that it has probiotics along with goodness of juice. Love it. I wish they would come up with 2l bottles.

  11. I totally love the Golden Circle Healthy Life juices, especially the blends such as “breakfast juice”. Not only are they delicious to adults, but my kids love them aswell! With all the crap we consume in our foods and drinks daily, it’s nice to know some brands are being health-conscious and making an effort to remove the ‘nasties’ from our processed foods/drinks. Whether it’s for morning breakfast or lunch or dinner, Golden Circle is always a winner!

  12. I had stopped purchasing Juice as my Sons had moved out of home, until I came across Healthy Life and when I saw the words Pro Biotic I knew it would be good for our Immune System. Have tried the Apple and Mango so far and give it the Thumbs Up. And will be encouraged to buy more as I now this is something that the ‘boys’ will enjoy when they ‘visit’. And as for Elle Bache now that would be wonderful, being a REDHEAD, cannot go anywhere without Sportsblock 30+.

  13. Golden Circle juice helps my family meet our daily fruit serving requirements. The bottles are practical and convenient to store.
    Even long life shelf juice from Golden Circle tastes fresh and having so many varieties makes it easy to please the whole family.
    Best of all I can be proud to say I am supporting Australian owned businesses and supplies that are locally grown

  14. If you are what you eat/drink then Golden Circle Health LifeTM Fruit Juice brings a balance both inside and out with its probiotic’s! It brings back the good bacteria within, which the stress of life can reduce, and then works its way out with a healthy glow & sense of well being.

  15. This juice has a monopoly in my home. Since I found out about it in the first post of this series I can’t stop raving about it!!! A few months ago I developed a cold which wouldn’t go away, and my skin had also broke out in acne, which I thought was really strange at age 40. A trip to the doctor and I discovered a low immune system was the cause of my problems.
    Since then I have planned a more healthy diet and I’m trying to get more rest (I really was “burning the candle at both ends”!) and Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice has played a pivotal role in this. I drink it everyday and sometimes even twice a day – I love the breakfast juice the most – it has an awesome fruity taste and best of all my skin has cleared up and I feel more energised than ever! So thanks again Golden Circle!!!

  16. Golden Circle Fruit Juice have been around since the beginning. Well definitely my beginning anyway. Who can resist their amazing Pineapple juice that I always add to that summer /Christmas punch mmm. I’m so excited they have added the Healthy Life juices and I can continue to enjoy their amazing juices.

  17. I’ve been juicing my own vegetables and fruit for a while now, but is messy, a big wash up afterwards to get the juicer clean, and, having to shop for fresh fruit and veg is not only expensive, but, you can never tell whether the produce is really fresh. Why I love Golden Circle Healthy Life Juices, is that I always know that it is made from fresh and good quality produce, and, with the added probiotic cultures, I know that my body remains healthy on the inside.

  18. Golden Circle Health Life fruit juice is one of the better brands around. I have always been a buyer of Golden Circle products, they are known for good quality and never fail to satisfy.

  19. After steering away from fruit juice in favour of the fresh fruit alternative for some time (in order to avoid the concentrates/too much fructose), I’m tempted to try these new Golden Circle products. Let’s face it, we’re all doing our best to optimize health and nutrition, but who has the time or energy to read every label and do all the research needed to achieve the perfect combination of foods and supplements to stay healthy. Congrats to Golden Circle for somehow getting probiotics into a delicious fruit juice. As a Queensland girl I’ve always had a soft spot for Golden Circle and this product may well become a regular visitor in my fridge!

  20. We just love that Golden circle juice, the Apple and mango is our favourite and it only lasts a nanosecond in this house. The Kiddos and I scull it like we been running through the desert and have never had a drink before. I bought 3 bottles last friday and they were all gone by Sat morning- ????? Certainly made me feel better when I thought I was going down with the flu- Hubby succombed badly, but I bounced with a lot of this throat soothing juice and doubled up on all my other vitamins and minerals (probably overdid it.) I even lost my gold crown (tooth not princess!) chewing on sugar free eucalyptus drops!!!!
    I’m so pleased to see that the Ella bache sports bloc meets your needs too, it is a constant around here as it feeds the skin as well and well -it just lasts all day!!!! My kids have never been burnt when they have been wearing it! It was one of the first 30+ you could get in Aus. I used to use the sports bloc on my face (which is advised as it is safe around the eyes) but then they made facebloc which is excellent as well, and I think a wee bit less greasy than the sports one. I wear it over my BB cream or whatever face cream I am using, and under my Jane Iredale! Love it! Just love it!

  21. I loved the Apri scrub. It was the first product I bought. I scrubbed my face so well it caused scabs. Not a great look. I eased up a little after that. Rachel x

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