The Model and Me: Boom Shankar spring-summer 2012-13

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Apologies in advance to anyone living elsewhere in Australia where the September=Spring memo is yet to land in your region’s inbox.

The memo had not only landed in the inbox of my little corner of the country, it had started sending me a calendar alert every day reminding me that it was time to do the seasonal wardrobe swap-out.

Swap-out? My tiny wardrobe can only handle one season at a time. I sublet space in my daughter’s wardrobe for the opposite season’s clothes.

This rat cunning manouvre was ok when she was five. It’s not going so well at 15 when her clothes are starting to encroach on mine. Dammit.

Presented with this problem, there was only one thing left for me to do. CULL.

And this was what the boot of my car looked like on Monday morning … nothing a quick drive-by St Vinnies couldn’t fix 😉

Wardrobe edit

… now where was I?

Yes, with my wardrobe looking and feeling trim, taut and terrific, I got myself re-acquainted with my summer frocks. You know the ones? The easy, throw-one ones that need minimal laundry care but make you feel good every time you wear them?

While I was surveying my summer frocks, I decided it was an apt time to introduce them to their new wardrobe mate: the Pip dress from the Boom Shanker spring 2012 collection.

Here is the dress on the lovely model:

Boom Shankar Pip Dress $79.95

Boom Shankar Pip Dress $79.95

… and here is the dress on me:

Model and Me: Boomshankar Spring 2012 | Coolbabycool necklace | Misano sandals | The Sak shoulder bag | Prada sunglasses

Boom Shankar Pip dress $79.95 (I’m wearing size 14) |  Coolbabycool“Flight” handmade necklace (symbolising the sky’s the limit … love this sneaky Cotton Tree markets purchase) | Misano sandals (a Perth shoe company stocked in more than 150 leading retailers and independent stores such as Joanne Mercer, Hobbs, Zomp, Marie Claire, Cinori Shoes, Faulls and Shoe Show | The Sak shoulder bag (purchased last year for Melbourne Cup Day) | and “those” Prada sunglasses

AH spring, there you are. Right there in that dress.

It’s cotton jersey so feels great to wear and the colour in the dress’ pattern can’t but help you smile. It’s also got that flattering thing happening with the cross-over bust and a little nipping in and shaping under the bust before falling in a slight a-line.

Boom Shankar is based just up the road from me at Noosa but the label’s fans can found across Australia. Quirky with a nod to vintage styling and fabrications perhaps best sums it up.

Luckily on this day, I wasn’t all dressed up with no place to go.

I was due next door at the beautiful Veggie Mama‘s baby shower afternoon tea (Veggie Baby 2 is due next week) and boy does she know how to put on a spread.

Iced Vo-Vos and Custard Creams | Australian classic biscuits

Do you like having a few casual dresses for spring that you can throw on and feel fabulous in? And hands up who’s giving their wardrobe a good sort-out and edit this weekend to reacquaint themselves with their spring-summer clothes? If you’d like some tips on how to best do this, check out this post from last year.

* The Boom Shankar dress and Misano sandals were gifted to be for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. The dress looks way better on you! Just bought a Boom Shankar skirt which I love and also looks better on then in the model picture (if I do say so myself!). Get so many comments when I wear it. Great brand.

  2. You look fabulous in this dress Nikki. I love Boom Shankar and I love my Pip dresses – so vibrant, comfortable and flattering! I already have 3 (one is a winter version). Surely there’s room for one more in the ‘drobe?? 😉

  3. Thanks Nikki, I’ve been looking at my wardrobe or lack of it thinking I need more casual but nice jersey dresses. I have some wintery ones similar to this one which I wear a lot so next time I head up to Noosa I’ll check out Boom Shankar. And can you believe it, I went to Cotton tree market last weekend and saw Coolbabycool and thought they were fab (although a bit pricey for what they are) they’re on my shopping list for sure now.

    1. That was Joshi’s first time back at the markets after breaking her wrist – the reason they’re more expensive than other beaded bracelets you might see is that she makes them all by hand. The way they are threaded together makes them extremely durable – compared with cheap factory ones. She hasn’t been at the markets because she hasn’t been able to make any! So worth the save up as they will outlast any others that may look similar.

      1. Oh more durable what’s that’s definitely work the extra and the do look fantastic I might get a few. Thanks for the reply 🙂

  4. Nikki that dress is stunning! The colours are so pretty- perfect spring casual dress! And that necklace looks lovely with it too.
    Honestly, where do you find the time to source all these amazing clothes?

  5. You look gorgeous! I’m about to go onto this website to check out their other dresses. I love Leona Edmiston for pretty, comfortable, flattering dresses.

  6. You look great Nikki. I love how summery and colourful you look.
    Off to check out the brand now as I had not heard of them before.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Lovely pretty dress I love the colours and you wear it very well Nikki,so springy is that a word probably not but you know what I mean,I have snuck a few new dresses into the wardrobe a bright orange hooded one and an aqua maxi and a peakock blue and black kaftan dress but as yet,in my corner of the world it’s not warm enough for little cute dresses yet,but it won’t be long i’m sure,we seem to go from spring to summer in a few days and it’s back cooler again 20 degrees and 10 in the house so the coloured jeans can stay out to play a little longer.I live in dresses in summer ,as I don’t do shorts ,a dress is the perfect lazy girl oufit ,just one thing to put on in the morning,a great time saver ,pick a dress and a pair of sandals and your done. I did a major cull too a few weeks ago,and got rid of all the things I didn’t wear or were too girly.Love that you live next door to veggiemama ,it’s nice to have a friend next door and I loved Iced vo vo’s as a kid ,but they still look pretty!

  8. Pip Pip! Look how cute you look! I really love this dress, your hair, your nail polish and YOUR FACE! And I also love iced vo-vos. (Although a friend told me they look like vaginas. Go figure. I do NOT agree! They are not called vagina vo-vos. No they are NOT.) Sorry…. x Pip

  9. Nikki, you are looking younger and more slender in every pic! Fabulous, dress, and I do so LOVE the coolbabycool pop of yellow! I think its time for some more coolbabycool, and my birthday is coming up! Now off to Boom Shankar, heres hoping they cater for big girls too!

  10. Love the colours in this dress. All my faves – red orange turquoise… It’s the kinds of dress that would make you feel happy in it. And the sandals! Love! I’m do happy that spring has arrived. It has helped lift my mood immensely.

  11. Fab! Sadly spring has disappeared from sydney but I love that dress. I predict it will be coming to my wardrobe soon. Is it a true size 14?

  12. Wow, love this dress and the sort you can throw on and just rely on the cut and print to do the work. Have been putting off the ‘change over’ of clothes to summer but have to keep dipping in for tops. Soon! Need new trousers so will be checking the blog for advice. Thanks!

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