Would your man wear coloured pants | Trenery modern washed chino

Would your man wear coloured pants?

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Have you stepped into a clothing store in the past week?

If you have, I sincerely hope you had your sunnies at the ready. A bright, bright spring fashion season was forecast and it’s delivering. Big. Time.

Now, if you thought that women’s fashion had the monopoly on all this brightness, think again.

It seems our male counterparts are wanting a slice of our coloured jeans action … or are they?

This is the big first world fashion question I’m pondering on the blog today because last night during wine time my blogging mate Mrs Woog phoned me with this very same pressing issue.

(It’s been a while between Woogsworld Style Challenges … last time it was all about this dress and we may have crashed a certain company’s website as a result.)

Dear Nikki

Sorry to bug you, but I have a quick question to ask. And a bit of a dilemma, to be honest.

You know Mr Woog, he of the ever exposed butt-crack. Anyway, I am trying to ease him into a bit of style these days, and I have been quite taken with coloured chinos. So I bought him a pair.


“I will not wear pink pants!” He declared.

Well for a start, I don’t think they are pink. I see them more as a faded red and I am pretty sure that they are awesome. So before I schlep back to the shops to return them, I was hoping you could put forward a case as to why coloured pants for men are cool.

If anyone can it would be you.  Much love,

Mrs Woog

Would your man wear coloured pants | Trenery modern washed chino

Trenery Modern Washed Chino $99

Ok, let’s just pause for a second.

I think I need to address this style challenge on a number of levels.

Level 1

Mr Woog is a man. Well, I don’t know this personally, of course, but he does have a big shed, several motor bikes and now a boat, so I suspect he’s all man.

Level 2

Mr Woog is a man.

Yep, there you have it.

End. Of. Blog. Post.

He may use the “it’s pink” argument but when it comes down to it, (insert medium-sized generalisation here) men don’t do fashion.

I even consulted Mr Styling You on this because I thought maybe, just maybe, I was completely off track.

He mumbled over his beer, “I don’t think I’d ever wear them. She (that would be you, not your cat Chuy’s mother) should just get him some tan or khaki ones”.

I know, I know. BORING.

See, as the thoroughly modern women who we are, we have already embraced the concept of wearing coloured jeans with as much enthusiasm as we did the first time round in the ’80s. (Please tell me that’s not just me 😉 )

We have learned the art of letting our coloured jeans be the statement of our outfit, working our jeans back with neutrals (black, grey, taupe, white).

We may have started out with a cobalt blue or fire engine red pair and now have graduated on to aqua, orange, yellow and green.

In short, we are not afraid.

So, my advice to you Mrs Woog, if you’re wanting to nudge Mr Woog into a pair of coloured strides, is that you first take the gently, gently approach.

My suggestion?

Go for a mustard colour. Why? Mustard, if you squint is almost like stone colour. In fact, should Mr Woog be dressing in the dark, he would not even notice the difference.

And should he wise up to this proposed cunning plan that may involve you removing all lightbulbs from the bedroom, here’s a little style guide I put together for you to present to Mr Woog when next you want to broach the topic of pants … or fashion in general.

How to wear mustard coloured pants

1. Country Road slim chino $99 | 2.  Trenery utility denim shirt (on sale) $52.46 | 3. Rockport M LH boots $199.95 | 4. Cotton On Mexico 2 tee $19.95

If all else fails, get a refund or store credit and spend it on yourself. You’re worth it.

Over to you Stylers … how about your man? Would he, could he wear coloured pants? What about you? Have you got a pair of coloured pants in your wardrobe? 

PS. My US blogging crush Brittany Gibbons got her man to wear coloured chinos … check out the results here.

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  1. OK.

    So, you OBVIOUSLY already know how our foray into colored chinos panned out, and I gotta say, the mustard is growing on me. Like, I think he still feels weary of it, but he also insists on wearing jeans with a hole in the crotch, so guess what, HE DOESN’T GET TO BE A FASHION JUDGE. Ahem.

    Like you, I feel totally 80s about this whole entire colored pants thing, and I have gotten a few pairs myself, fully aware that this will probably only be a one season thing. So I’ve decided to embrace it and have fun for the time being, and then we can all go hop on the next retro-fashion trend wagon, which I am predicting will be 90s garage band grunge, I mean, why else have I held on to all my flannel shirts and baby doll dresses!?

    1. Ah Brittany I think Andy has missed his fashion calling and you’ve saved him with one pair of mustard pants! And yes let’s embrace the colour because if grunge returns I’m in big trouble. My flannels are long gone.

  2. My hubby who is very conservative decided on a pair of bergundy pants! He thinks he’s so daring you would almost think they were pink!
    I love color on men the european men have no trouble sporting colour.

  3. Love coloured chinos. Has taken ages for them to come into the mainstream here! I’m not huge on the full of brights however, I have a few different pairs that lean either towards a more earthy hue (mustard – as you mentioned – dark orangey/ocha sort of colour, olive and navy). The exception is a pair of pale pink chinos. Definitely a summer pair. great wil bretton stripped tee and navy blazer though! I leave the bright colours for shorts in summer.

  4. I just showed hubby the pants in question. Reply? “No Darling! I don’t think I need to draw attention to myself!”. But then, he is still wearing t-shirts bought in Bali 10 years ago for $2…

  5. My partner refuses to wear anything resembling pink, and is very anti-colour with his clothes. But that’s okay with me, because if he’s always in neutrals, then he’ll never clash with my outfit when we go places together ha!

  6. I love coloured pants for myself but no way will Tim go there. It’s denim or black or grey for him. I’m not even going to bother trying to convince him because I actually think he enjoys being uncool. He wears a grey polar fleece zip up jacket for his sake! He is a lost cause lol ( I say lol because if I don’t I may just cry at the fact he really loves that ugly vest)

      1. The real kicker is our two boys are very fashion conscious! They care a lot about shoes, clothes & hair. Isaac will live in skinnies & Zane has cried more than once over a bad hair cut. I doubt I have to worry about them asking for polar fleece vests!!!

  7. My husband loves a pink shirt or t-shirt but I don’t think he would do coloured pants. I did buy my 8 year old son a pair of mustard coloured skinny jeans for spring though and he looks so so so cute in them!

  8. Back in the 80’s in his twenties hubby did the whole white jean, pink shirt thing, but now in his 40’s there is no way he would wear them. I doubt my 17yo or 15 yo son’s would wear them either, but my 13 yo is a bit trendier and he would probably wear them!

  9. Yes, my husband wears coloured pants! In fact, he may have relieved Asos of basically every pair they had in his size… This may have something to do with the fact that he’s 26 though I guess. It feels normal to him, but I can see how a 40 year old man might balk at “pink” pants (those Tenery ones are nice, but I must say I do think they’re bordering on being ‘raspberry’ rather than red…)

  10. I wear the coloured pants in my house…not a chance my husband would go near them. I think they’d really suit his tall slim frame, but he is (and always has been extremely conservative- and I grew up in a home where my Dad refused to eat off a pink plate or have his best friend in his car when he wore a pink shirt….

  11. My husband sounds like Mr Woog,No he wouldn’t wear coloured pants no siree,he has a pair similar to your pic of the mustard ones ,but they are more taupe he wears them on the odd occasion,but i wouldn’t even try to bring home another colour.My son is a different matter ,he is nearly 24 and has been wearing cropped coloured pants since winter ,he orders a lot of his clothes from the US,and he is a stylish boy always has been,and they have a little cuff with checks or stripes and he wears them with navy and tan boat shoes and no socks and his father gives him that look,,you know the one,”are you wearing that James???” without saying a word and I on the other hand say”your looking nice James”where are you going ,So only one male in this house will be rocking that look i’m afraid .
    Yes I wear coloured pants or jeans and was just thinking last night i do need a coral or orange pair,did you see the piece on coloured jeans on today /tonight Nikki,comparing all the coloured jeans for women ,from cheap ,$15 at kmart and $250 for Sass and Bides they actually said they where good quality though they were young models wearing them,But might be worth a try on ,for such a bright spring /summer ,and at that price you can have more than one!!

      1. Yes My Son is very cool even if I say so myself,he has his own style and doesn’t care what people think ,which I like.Love your NYDJ’s orange jeans,they are lovely on you. I just bought a coralish pair from Rockmans ,more my age and figure type,I will IG an pic soon x

  12. Am I the only woman in her 40’s with a husband that has embraced the coloured chino/jean/short phenomenon? The ever on trend A owns mustard, maroon, purple, bright blue and to be honest often outdoes me in the fashion stakes, don’t know exactly when this turn around happened, but in the past ten years or so he has become a man who I allow to shop alone(believe me this never used to be the case)

  13. My husband for some reason loves loves loves his white chinos…wont wear white shorts (he thinks they’ll get too dirty, what the?), but will wear the white pants at a moments notice!
    As for coloured pants, he has mustard and wears, occasionally, but if I bought him any other bright colour, as long as they were comfy, and looked good, he’d wear anything! Its all about the comfort for him….

  14. My eldest teenage son gave an emphatic ‘no way’ at the idea when I suggested it recently, my other teenage son stretched to a pair of light grey chino’s & a pair of coloured jeans in a medium blue from JayJay’s. I wouldn’t even bother suggesting them to my husband!!

  15. my hubby wears red pants all the time,.. unfortunately they are TERRIBLE unflattering Thai fishing pants that I wish would just DIE and get out of my life. maybe I need to buy him a pair of these,.. he probably wouldn’t even notice the difference 😉

  16. My daughter’s friends would wear them, they’re all in their late teens early twenties.
    In fact, the boys are all very fashion conscious and take ages to get ready. My youngest has her yr 12 Valedictory dinner coming up and they boys are scouring Asos for the latest in suits.
    My husband has a uniform of jeans and black t shirts from The Gap. He literally buys 8-10 of them every time he goes to LA. I learnt long ago not to interfere.

  17. I’m with Mummaducka! Never in a million years would my hubby wear coloured jeans. But I’m ok with that 🙂

  18. Nope not in a pink fit would my hubby, or teenage son for that matter, (the nine year old will still wear anything!) ever, ever, ever wear coloured pants. The nearest to coloured bottoms is pairs of Canterbury uglies! He has one deep red(not bright ) shirt and that is all. In fact my husband despises pink so much that he won’t even eat pink food in case it makes him look ‘wrong’!!!!

    1. And no I don’t have any coloured pants either, but the daughter does. I had a dew back in the late 90’s they did a resurgence then and had a boot cut, I am afraid that narrow ankles don’t do anything for me!

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