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The Model and Me: Verily spring-summer 2012-13

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Let’s talk about the weather in New York, shall we?

Flying from winter into summer without spring in between has been a bit of a shock for old ‘bod. It’s not happy. Not one bit.

I’ve got cankles on top of my cankles. Sweat flows from every fold and crevice of my skin.

So when the occasion – and there will be many during my time here – calls for me to put on my smarts, to not look like a super-sized melting cup of “fountain soda”, I turn to my faithful summer friend.

The maxi.

There is a reason why this dress style is STILL around in stores more than four years after it again returned to the catwalk and promptly found a place in our hearts and our wardrobes.

I have a maxi for every occasion and this latest addition from Verily* works very nicely indeed with that collection.

The moment I saw her in designer Leonie Macleod’s showroom, I knew this maxi was destined for New York. She has class, comfort and colour.  A combination that proved perfect for my first day in New York City.

The fabric is a concertina-like knit – it’s super lightweight so was great for packing and also great for wearing in sticky temperatures. It’s designed to be worn over a slip dress. You could choose any length of slip dress but I do like the effect of the short version and I love the modal fabric that Leonie has used in hers.

I also like how this drops in a slight a-line from under the bust – so there’s not an over supply of fabric as can happen with some types of maxis.

Here is the maxi on the model:

And here it is on me:

Verily Missi Maxi dress

Necklace: Ruby Olive | Shoes: Zoe Kratzmann | Photographed on location: Soho, New York

Renee Blackwell Design cocktail rings

Renee Blackwell Design cocktail rings

Will you be rocking a maxi dress again this spring/summer? Can you see yourself in this dress? Want tips on how to choose a maxi dress to suit you? Check out this post I wrote last summer.

* This dress was gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.

Comments 54

  1. I love this dress but we are pretty much the same height right? Sadly not *quite* long enough for me. I want a maxi to be floor length or I’d rather wear a dress near my knee region. It looks super on you though. x

  2. Oh, I love that dress! Soooo New York! Cute sandals too – seems impossible that you are in sandals and a dress and I am jeans and a jumper! I am soooo looking forward to Spring!

  3. Holy cow yes I will be wearing it again this Spring. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect one.

    Loving this look on you! Your hair looks fab and the whole thing is just pretty darn cool. Hope you’re having an amazing time. Still jealous as hell.

  4. I have to say Mrs P you are rockin’ that fringe – looks superb on you!! PS – New York’s not looking to shabby either – love that city!……B:)

  5. So much to love about your outfit Nikki- the dress is beautiful, the necklace is awesome, those rings are STUNNING!!! I’d take the lot!
    I’m going to go back & read the other post because I have a wedding to attend in October & I’m thinking I want a maxi….

  6. Hi Nikki – I agree, I love that dress on you and you rock it heaps more than the model. I am loving hearing about your NY adventures, thanks so much for the generous sharing. I am sure I am not the only one who is extremely jealous and trying to work out a way to get ourselves there.

  7. Love this dress on you,looks stunning and love the colours,I will be wearing maxi dresses this year again and forever more,I love them ,they are cool ,and comfy and look stylish.and make me look taller.It would be a shock to the body to go from winter to summer and you don’t look sweaty that’s for sure and I hope your ankles recover very soon.Must get me a new maxi with blue in it as my husband bought me back a divine hand made turquoise and blue brass necklace from Madagascar and it is beautiful.I love your cocktail rings too,you do wear them very well!!

  8. I just love this dress, but I know being that long just will not suit me. I have noticed before that the airflow in our heat just doesn’t happen with a really long dress. Do they make it in a tunic length? I am going to duck over to have a look. You are deadly on my bank account Nikki. It’s getting dangerous to visit you here! lol

  9. Love it Nikki but I’d waste so much material having to take the hem up cause of my height. Any chance you could find some wear that does Maxi dresses for us shorter people (even though they make us look shorter) but adding a pair of wedges helps elongate us. Thanks stay beautiful <3

  10. Been looking forward to seeing this on Nikki. Looks gorgeous.

    I brought the wrong size for my tunic top, thought I was medium… But think I should have got small. I’m probably somewhere between sizes . Not to worry, will just take it and get it altered.

    Now. As much as I love reading styling you, please tell me you are going to have a holiday while your there?? X

  11. I’m short (5ft 1!) and I loooove maxi’s. As long as I choose one that isn’t too flowy and that fits well, they don’t make me look short at all (in fact, maybe even a little taller!).

    I love that dress on you Nikki – you look better than the model (and not just because of the NYC background). M xx

  12. Looking great Nikki. Interesting to see you loving the maxi, I always thought I was too short for all that fabric, and from memory you’re a wee bit taller than me. Don’t you feel a bit swamped by it? Not that you look it of course, you look great…I just wondered about the style advice for short women – maxi or mini?

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