Stuart Weitzman shoes ordered for my arrival in New York

You know you’ve landed in New York when …

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Well, Stylers, I made it.

If you play along with me on Instagram you would have seen the photos along the … LONG, LONG way to get to this fair city.

And can I just say, thank God it’s a city that never sleeps because I don’t think there will be much sleeping on my cards over the next few days.

After about 30 hours of travel (door-to-door) I walked into the giant lobby of the Hilton New York about 11pm on Wednesday night. There were moms on the loose professional female bloggers everywhere.

I came over all a bit giddy.

And may have cried and squealed all at the same time when I saw my blogging friends Beth and Sarah. You know that emotional moment when you’ve flown half way around the world and then see a familiar face? Yep, I had it … and it had nothing at all to do with the fact that Beth said she had a bottle of Prosecco for us to share up in the room. Nothing at all 😉

She we drank Prosecco, I ordered room service chopped cobb salad as I couldn’t remember the last time I’d eaten a meal and we blogged and chatted until the wee hours.

Sleep came easily but was short-lived.

I woke up to a beautiful sunny day, yellow cabs and police whistles below in the street, buildings towering above …

New York cabs

New York buildings

… and these shoes delivered to my hotel room for my arrival.

Stuart Weitzman shoes ordered for my arrival in New YorkStuart Weitzman shoes ordered for my arrival in New York

Yes, you know you’re in New York when the Stuart Weitzman shoes you ordered online from your home in Australia arrive before you do.

Now, excuse me while I freshen up this jetlagged bod … there’s a big, big city out there and I need to get amongst it.


I’m attending BlogHer ’12 in New York City thanks to my favourite toothpaste

Sensodyne is sending me to BlogHer '12

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  1. Yay! So glad you arrived safe and sound. Was good to see photos of you Eden, mrs Woog, pensive Beverly, and Sarah all together. Was cool! Like seeing family all together, if that makes any sense what so ever… Are so enjoying reading about NYC from all these amazing and different perspectives.

    It makes my heart happy seeing you all play 🙂 x

  2. Ahhh you are too perky to be jetlagged… a little sleep deprived yes… jetlag is a whole other story… Enjoy your time in NYC… the pic from your hotel room brought back a load of recent fond memories…

  3. You Poor thing,Yes I have played along on instagram with you ,I hope you do get some rest or at least enough so you can enjoy New York,and can I say wow,you have already gone shopping ,clever girl,I love your IG pics ,and your lucky at least it’s warm there ,it’s freezing in Sydney today,still only 7 degrees and it’s 9.30 enjoy everything Nikki !!!

  4. Mew. I want to live there. Or at least go back. 🙂 I’d say “Have fun!” but of course you are so no need 🙂

  5. Love! And Melinda and Mummaducka – we visited last year and had EXACTLY that response – you see all the buildings and taxis and skylines so often on TV or movies that they feel VERY familiar… the buzz however, has to be experienced to be believed!! Have FUN.


  6. This is going to sound rather stupid as I have never been to New York but that photo of the buildings made me feel all nostalgic… like I was home.

    Can’t wait to see more of your trip!

  7. Too funny, I did exactly the same thing when I went and had clothes delivered from eddie bauer to my hotel room, actually we did it all over the west coast as we realized we needed more cold weather (it was winter) gear. Don’t you just love that free shipping and low low prices????
    So pleased you are there- Direct flight next time? It is really worth it!!

      1. Oooh i do ‘t know about NYC. BUt we flew direct into LA the second time. The first time we cahnged planes in NZ NEVER AGAIN! Made the trip so damn long also had a 2 hr drive when we got on the ground.

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