10 ways to turn your iPhone into a photo machine

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Have you got an iPhone? Use it to take photos?

Lucky you. You’ve got a lot of professional photographers either worried or joining your photo sharing ranks.

Because, as was confirmed at the iPhoneography session at BlogHer ’12 today, no longer do you need thousands of dollars to take and share amazing photos.

That’s kind of refreshing, isn’t it? A phone being photography leveler.


Stephanie Calabrese Roberts – a professional photographer and iPhoneographer and author – certainly thinks so (that’s some of her work above).

“iPhoneography is an art unto itself. (For personal photography) I’ve used only my iphone for last two years – and I have 20 cameras in my house,” she said.

“I think of it (iPhoneography) like making marks in a sketchbook or phrases in a journal – it’s personal, spontaneous and purposefully inconsistent.”

“As a blogger, it gives you the ability to make your blogs beautiful.”

10 tips for making the most of your iPhone camera

  1. Shoot with your phone camera; or Cameramatic for square-format viewfinder. Others recommend shooting in Camera+.
  2. Tap to choose area of focus and explore different effects with light. It will dramatically change the light as well.
  3. Learn to use your iPhone with one hand.
  4. Capture textures or patterns and consider using them as image layers in apps such as Iris Photo Site.
  5. Use the Easy Release app for professional work if you’re intending to sell your images for stock photography.
  6. Use the Noise Master app for mellowing out the graininess of your photos.
  7. For general editing, look at Snapseed Iris Photo Suite.
  8. For fine-tune editing use Photo FX.
  9. Use the Photo Transfer app for moving your iPhone images to your iPad.
  10. Get involved and share in the Instagram community.

Now, if you’ve only just discovered the Instagram app, then don’t let your head – and phone – start swimming in a sea of photography apps.

Don’t feel like you have to download them all right now. Start with a couple.

My picks would be Camera+ and a photo editing app – Snapseed or Iris Photo Suite. Get your head and your photos around these and then look at downloading the next app.

Experiment, play and get adventurous.

iphoneography tips

Oh, and remember my How to Take a Selfie post? Yep, well, this very cool iPhone accessory has just gone to the top of my geek shopping list.  Go, go gadget arm!


If you use your iPhone for taking photos, what’s the one app that’s made the biggest difference to the photos you create?


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I’m attending BlogHer ’12 in New York City thanks to my favourite toothpaste

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I saw this session on the schedule and some tweets but couldn’t locate the list of apps. To answer your question, I downloaded Snapseed recently when it was free and absolutely love it! I almost never use IG filters anymore as a result I’m off to check out those other apps!.

  2. I’m really sorry nikki. I linked up twice by accident and I have no idea how to remove one of them. 🙁 loved this post. Lots of great tips. Thanks 🙂

  3. Wow Thank you for all the info Nikki,i Do have an Iphone but still the 3g I am upgrading to the Iphone 4s soon,That Gadget arm looks really cool ,I use the camera +app and frametastic and also the label maker for my photos but will check out the others as well.

  4. Oh, I’ve always wanted to check out Snapseed, so it looks like I’ll have to. I need to purge the photos off my phone as I’ve run out of space! Then I can get snapping again 🙂

  5. That is wonderful Nikki, thank you for sharing, you are a star! I have most of these but have just bought a couple. The app that had made the most difference to me is just in the last couple of days is Google + . I have had a really hard time for ages loading photos into my blog posts. At first I thought it was my computer (and have been pricing new macs), then my internet connection-(incredibly poor service here in rural Aus- we actually use the mobile phone towers and service– no broadband through the phone lines here!) Anyway, I stumbled across it and had a look and it is wonderful, I can load up photos straight from my phone or Ipad (transferred in through the eyefi card or in photostream) – and then when I am in blogger, they are just there in picassa web albums- waiting for me to insert them, no browsing the computer! I thought I was going to keep this secret to myself but there- I shared! I am a sharer, knowledge is something to be shared not kept to oneself!

    1. Great sharing! I’ll check this out. I ended up getting the eyefi card but the hotel internet doesn’t allow it to be added to the network. Works at Starbucks though! I’m having my photos go straight to Dropbox so I can retrieve from any of my devices.

      1. That’s the way, I set up Picassa first with my eyefi card. After a bit of a trial I removed all the wifi networks and just use the direct mode, then photostream will take it from phone (where you can IG them straight away) to ipad and computer, into the photostream via wifi later. But with google+ you can choose which photos to load up (and can keep them private) and then access them on your Ipad or comp through your google plus acc. (check that your blogging platform allows you to insert load photos from google+). But I am thinking that the phototransfer App above (that will share via bluetooth* yay!) will make it faster (even at full size) to put them onto ipad and comp, than photostream. I have to be careful with wifi upload and download quotas. Am yet to try it out.

        1. Have tried it. I now have a massive headache from all the geeky excitement. Phototransfer is a big big big winner! LOOOOVE it!

  6. The only camera I have is the one that doubles as my phone … And I say it very deliberately that way. I got the Nokia n8 purely for the camera. It has a 12mp camera, and takes brilliant photos (except when I want to capture a full moon, then it’s a fail, and has me dreaming of dslr…)

    I recently purchased the Pixlromatic app, and love how I can change a fairly ordinary photo into one that looks pretty good. I “fix” my photos up on my iPad. I now just have to figure out the most effective way to be able to access the photos on my phone, without emailing them to myself. Got any suggestions Nikki, geek that you 😉

      1. You inspired me to go searching. And I have found a way now, that doesn’t involve me emailing my photos to myself. Because I have started using the blogsy app, I figured out that I can use Flickr with my N8…

        Sometimes you just need the direction to head in to find the answer, thanks for being a sign post 🙂

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