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ManLand: what I’ve learned as the husband of a blogger

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You learn quickly as the husband of a blogger never to touch a meal or take a sip from a new drink until it has been photographed, Instagramed, uploaded to Dropbox and shared on the Styling You Facebook page.

You learn quickly that to buck this system never works, because the whole process will have to be re-done, and any moment of spontenaity will be lost forever.

Never more was this made more clear to me then on a beautiful sunset sailing cruise on the Hudson River past the Statue of Liberty and downtown Manhattan.

Mother Nature had turned on a spectacular evening, the crew had our schooner trimming beautifully under full sail and the peacefulness and a few drinks were working towards making for a seriously romantic setting … “Hang on babe, I just need to get a shot of this and Instagram it, no one is going to believe how beautiful this is,” she said.

Well I guess you did all believe it, because in the time it took us to jibe onto another tack and head towards the Brooklyn Bridge, the moment was captured and uploaded so you could all share in the moment.

Now before you start to wonder whether this all this blogger action gave me the sh!ts, FEAR NOT. All is well and I must put on the record a huge high five and sincere “thank you’’ to my beautiful wife for the amazing trip she has orchestrated. But (and she will tell you I do love a ‘but’), I can’t resist having just a little shot at the way the love for her job now rules our holidays.

These days, rather than having a wad of print-outs in a folder in my backpack, we also have a series of files in Evernote (the icon of the elephant’s head – they don’t forget) so we can access all travel documents wherever there is wi-fi.

And we don’t just store photographs on SD cards in our cameras now, we also upload them (instantly if you have a fancy eye-fi card) to that mystical thing I didn’t know we needed till she installed it on my iPad – Dropbox – where we can collate pics by date and then rapidly upload them onto Facebook for the rest of the world to see.

Gone are the days of relatives waiting till their loved ones get home to hear about the trip. They’re riding along every “like” and “comment” of the way.

Husband of a blogger

Pretty quickly into our trip, Mr 7 and I learned there was little point trying to walk alongside The Stylist.

To do so would be all but impossible for two fairly average males, even if one of us only has legs of a seven-year-old. The incessant need to stop and photograph everything made it impossible for her to cover ground with any sort of respectable speed. By week two we just got used to walking ahead, stopping every now and then for her to catch up. You see a lot of the backs of our heads in the many photos taken.

We also added another dimension to living out of suitcases on this trip. While you may think we would be worried about room for luggage because of all of our clothing purchases (a strong Aussie dollar made for big smiles at the sales over here), we had another more technical problem … the need to charge up all of the electrical devices required to take the Styling You office on the road.

No matter what hotel room we entered, the first thing to be unpacked would be “The Orchard”. I call it that because all of the products come from the company named after a very common fruit and it would quickly take over anything resembling a table or desk. Our very own mega powerboard, US – AUS adaptors and cables, oh the cables!

In all seriousness though, watching The Stylist in action has been an experience in itself. She never stops. Ever.

She is constantly thinking of ways to share her experiences with you, the people that read her blog. I also know that so many of you have given us tips on what to do and see along the way. Thank-you.

But not so privately, I am hoping that the next holiday we plan is to a destination without wi-fi – or electricity for that matter – so that once the charge has run out, she can’t be distracted any longer.

Oh, who am I kidding, I’d still want my access to sport on cable TV.

What does your partner think of your blogging habits? Are they used to waiting to eat until a photo is taken? 


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  1. Ah yes if my husband was reading over my shoulder he’d just be nodding his head in agreement. You’ve articulated it so well Mr Styling You! Whilst my hubby is supportive of my blogger there are often times when he reckons enough’s enough and I must remove all fingers and eyes from the iPhone and laptop and actually interact with him ;-).

  2. Great post Mr Styling you! my hubby has his own blog and has enjoyed the odd guest post on my other blog. He also happens to work at that orchard, so I am very familiar with what it is like when it is time to water all the trees!

  3. OMG!!!! That had me laughing to the point of tears especially the orchard – when I travelled across the USA and Canada IG wasn’t invented … and it was only 2 years ago sob sob sob … but when I went back 5 months later it was … so my friends got very used to this crazy aussie girl who needed to photograph everything and upload whenever free wifi was available. I loved loved following your adventures and seeing them in real time 🙂 (i hate to think what your phone bill will be) and discovering the many delights of the USA from the fire hydrants to Sephora … So from this IG addict thank you for sharing 🙂

      1. It is nice to see that USA has finally caught up with the tourism market … you couldn’t get that anywhere last year… and who doesn’t love IG 🙂 and Yes you did reply to that email 🙂 … I haven’t had a chance to get to my email this week

  4. I love this post but my husband is worse than me. He has a closed blog and is OBSESSED with it. Everything is about getting a photo for his blog. I am obsessed with sharing with my readers. My girls are little bloggers in the making. They are always taking photos too.

  5. After years of being the husband of a journo, my husband is struggling to acclimatise to this blogger business – and has more than once threatened to surgically detach my laptop. (Perhaps for access to the lap? Lol) Throw in real-world deadlines and moving house and I can understand why sometimes he can see the blog as a distraction (certainly I am distracted). But he is also so proud and supportive of my initiative – and has even started alerting me of new fashion markets and cheap buys that would perhaps make a good post. Bless. (Unfortunately, he’s yet to actually purchase any of those products for me:) … although sometimes, given his man-taste, that might be more a case of ‘fortunately’) xxxx love your work Mr and Mrs Nikki 😉

    1. Ahhh, yes and I think the “why” thing is hard. If you’re a journo, you do it because it’s your job. If you blog, it might be a hobby to start with which might be seen as a distraction. Love that he’s out spotting for you now!

      1. Yes, I can see he’s thinking: sooo… when do you get paid?? However, he is relieved it gives me a reason to shop without actually buying:)

  6. All I can say: Nikki – I’m very happy that your husband is so understanding about what you do. It really is AMAZING! Look forward to more posts about your NY adventures.

  7. Love it! I have offered Mr Cool a guest post on my blog – he hasn’t taken me up on it yet {quietly relieved}.

    Great post Mr Styling You – perhaps you have a future career in blogging?

  8. hahahahah! Mr SY, You are a great husband and blogger yourself, this was very well written, a big thankyou for sharing your family on this special trip!
    Nah, my husband doesn’t get it at all, but he certainly does like what I produce, especially if I star the fruits of his labours- fat cattle, farming stuff, house stuff or the kids!! As far as photographing his food, no way would/could I make him wait, that would really piss him off, I have the iphone at the ready when the delivery is made! I just snap it, no more styling of it by moi! I could lose my arm!
    I fully ‘get’ the cables and equipment suitcase. I am the one who generally takes over control of that, I also have laptops, ipads, iphones, wifi devices, plus video cameras, tripods and DSLR on board as well. This gear is usually in a cooperative child’s and my carry ons if we are going by plane, or one big duffle if by car. He packs ONE charger for his iphone and ipad, and his alone! I pack the chargers for all the kids and my orchard (4 iphones and 4 ipads!) Plus I also have all of those battery pack thingies for when the phones get low. Yep I travel with a couple of powerboards in the suitcase!!
    You could have the holiday with out all the electronic stuff, but then you might have a seriously bored and frustrated wife, I know I would be!
    Cheers, and a safe trip home!

  9. Well wouldnt you just know it….the beautiful giving Nikki has a hubby with a heart just as huge as hers.Perfect match.xx

  10. What a funny story. Made me smile. Thanks for all the pics and updates. I have felt like I have been on holiday with you – well a little bit anyway.

  11. One thing you can say about Nikki is she is the kindest most sharing caring blogger in the world and Mr Styling you ,You are Blessed to have such a lovely wife,But I’m sure you know that and Thank-you for being understanding and letting her do her thing so she can share with us,It is very much appreciated .
    Maybe you should book a romantic getaway to a remote island so you can have Nikki all to yourself next time,Promise we will understand:)

  12. Love that Mr SY is so patient and supportive! He needs to write a manual for living with a blogger (just make it dot point & interspersed with the NRL results, ok?) x

  13. I’m pretty lucky in that my husband is also a blogger, a different kind of blogger (a games blogger) but he gets it. He’s also the one who built both my websites, with my personal blog being my birthday present a month after we got married (I’d said no presents) so if he ever complains I remind him he should be happy I’m using his present! Plus he’s far more guilty of instagramming

  14. Well written Mr SY! And so so true. I’m often hearing “oh is that for THE BLOG?!” And yes, it damn well is!! I’m so happy you snap and record everything everywhere Nikki, makes for great entertainment for us readers!!! And you look lovely in ‘the wild’! xx

  15. Great post I have LOVED every minute of your trip, thank you for sharing I’m sad your leaving. Have a safe trip 🙂

  16. This made me giggle. If I go to take a bite of something before Instagraming it, either the kids or my husband will say “aren’t you going to take a photo first?” lol

  17. I think you are super lucky Nikki to have such a patient understanding hubby. Mine doesn’t even understand Facebook let alone why I read blogs! ( he’s a bit old school, actually more like cave man style!). But what I love most about this post was how he saw how hard you worked, because you really do.
    Glad you had a wonderful trip, it’s been fun watching it all unfold. Safe travels home xx

  18. My family and friends used to be annoyed at my constant taking of photos and whopping out the iPhone to make notes, but now they’ve seen the benefits of blogging, they’re accommodating and understanding. Dad asked me a few times “do you have to take a photo of everything?” amd I told him “everything is a story Dad”. Now he is a bit of a blogger for a travel website , he sees my need to take photos and make notes!
    On my US trip, mum didn’t tell me off for having my phone at the table once! In fact, even she was in on the foodie snap action!

    I really enjoyed this perspective of your blogging, thanks Mr Styling You.

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