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Guest post: how to wear orange

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One of this season’s hottest colours is orange. It is a colour that can add zing to many an outfit, but it can be a bit daunting, it is not a colour you want to get wrong. So … here is a bit of a journey into how to wear orange.

First, you might only want to … Dip your toes into wearing orange

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Adding a few accessories can add a great colour pop. Pair orange with denim and some navy stripes for a cute, fresh look. I love to add some coloured accessories to my outfits, the colour and the texture really lifts that classic look that I love, to another level. Also, if you decide that orange just isn’t your thing, you can change to orange touches for green or red or yellow or … anything! If you have dipped in your toes and liked it, you could … How to wear orange

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Orange and black are so right together! Here is a tribal print skirt with a simple black tank top. Add some tribal themed orange jewellery and you have yourself a look that shows that you really know how to work with orange. Tying everything together with matching accessories is the key, you could add jazzy black nail polish with this outfit or even some orange! For those who are loving the feeling of wearing orange, you can …How to wear orange 

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Not everyone can wear orange so close to their face, so this is not for the faint hearted! Teaming orange with denim and navy means that the orange really stands out and makes a statement. Oh, and if you are going to wear such an amazing orange top, you may as well splash out and add some cute orange flats! If you would like to have MORE orange in your wardrobe, why not … How to wear orange

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If you are seriously in to orange, you will not mind forking out for some gorgeous orange jeans {that is an investment!}. Orange looks fabulous with neutral colours and a touch of blue is so fresh and hip! With jeans being skinny cut, you should look for longer line shirts to wear over the top, I am loving seeing longer lines coming through again, great for those of us who are … ahem … a little softer in the middle than we would like to be. Now for those of you who have mastered wearing orange, you could … How to wear orange

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This is such a great look for Summer. An orange floaty dress with lovely beige and orange accessories. Can you imagine wearing this for a party by the sea or drink on a deck somewhere? Orange needn’t be in your face, it can be a toned down shade that adds a subtle splash of colour to your wardrobe.

So … hands up who is going to add some orange to their spring/summer wardrobe? I may be bias but it’s a fabulous bright and happy colour. You never know, you might fall in love with it too.


B BBeingcoolI am B from bbeingcool. During the day I am a mum, wife and a primary school teacher. I am on a quest to discover what it means to be cool, which I am finding has nothing to do with shoes (darn it!). I blog about fashion, food, home and life. I love to put together look books of fashion tips, which is kinda like snipping up fashion magazines without the paper cuts. You can also find B on Facebook here.

Editor’s note: I’m very grateful this week to have some fabulous guest blog posts to publish here on Styling You as I get over my US adventure and a big combination of jetlag and post-holiday blues. And I’m very much firmly planted in the I Love Orange fashion camp!

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  1. Have to say I just love this post… Have been back here a few times now and have just sent the link to a friend who would like to add colour to her wardrobe… It’s perfect for any colour not just orange… I do love the orange though…

  2. These are fab outfit combos. Thanks! Navy and orange is a great mix – fresh and funky. Although I do remember wearing it in the late 80s…..
    I’ve bought a few orange accessories over summer.

  3. If you are of ‘cool’ colour tonings then mix/wear orange with hot pink with the pink being worn next to your face and being the predominant colour – then you’ll be current, on trend AND look fabulous!

  4. Love this Orange post. I have been wearing orange for decades. My first orange piece was in 1965. a burnt orange taw silk suit, I adored it, then came a coral mohair jumper and continually, regardless of what colour is in fashion, I always mangae to find something orange. When bright orange is ‘in fashion’ I buy up large quantities of knickers as the only colours of underware I have are orange and purple..

  5. I found an orange cape/cardi with short sleeves on sale in Sussan, it’s now my wardrobe best friend, I think I’ve worn it almost every day since I got it! Goes great with a Mix striped tee that I bought last summer that I bought after seeing it on you Nikki in one of your outfit posts. Then felt the need – and found orange mock suede ballet flats in Kmart for $12!!!! Feeling the love…

  6. I love orange/coral and wear it a lot. There are so many different shades of this colour so you can mix it up. I wore coral to my high school formal 23 years ago – was way ahead of the fashion times, lol.

    1. Ohhh…. I had an orange polar fleece jumper when I was at Uni… Was so ‘out there’! It is amazing how things come back into vogue…. Nice to see you here lovely friend! Hugs!

  7. Again B, when are you coming shopping with me? Big fan of these outfits but never gonna happen. Nice to look though….and admire your taste. Well done.

    1. Oh, how I would love a shopping trip with you – or a coffee – or anything! It has been ages! I remember you had a cool orange skirt – or was it green… I remember LOVING the bright colours… That was a VERY long time ago though!

  8. Love the orange with the denim or navy. I am now inspired to get myself an orange scarf, some bracelets or nail polish.
    Great post and love the styling!

  9. I’d love to wear a bit of orange but with naturally orange hair it looks utterly awful on me! I have opted to go for some neon colours instead (mainly neon green) with some splashes of hot pink as well.

    1. Ahh, yes, not everyone can wear orange…. Glad to know you have found colours you can embrace! Hmmm… you could rock it in some orange shoes though…. ;0)

    1. Great! And now you can buy it everywhere! My sister LOVES orange {a little too much} she found it hard to get her hands on – but this season… she is all over it!

  10. I’m not an orange girl, but that said, I DID splash out on a coral (more pink in the orange) draped cardigan not long ago and it is already a mainstay of my wardrobe. I love the way the colour really peps up an outfit !

    1. It really does Janet! Coral is a great entry colour into wearing orange.

      I am so pleased to see so much colour around – Summer is going to be FUN!

  11. I love orange and all the orange family,corals too,I have dived in ,I had a orange maxi dress first and everyone told me how good I looked in it ,so I invested in some more pieces,scarves,jewellery and tops and a coral little jacket,no orange shoes yet though.I love all these pieces,they are fabulous,I especially like the navy and orange outfit very classic but on trend as well ,I will remember to wear my navy and white top with orange and coral ,it looks so good.Thank-you for the wardrobe inspirations.

  12. I bought some orange thongs and an orange tank- to wear under other shirts, last year- they were fabulous! This year I have bought an orange, blue and white maxi dress, and a floaty dress with white, bright green, brown and orange floral, just right for my thongs. Will be looking out for some jewellery now!

    1. Excellent! You might like to try Sportsgirl, they have some great necklaces at the moment. Sussan also have some really cute coloured jewellery.

  13. Long time orange lover, since I was a child. Hard to find unless it becomes on trend but occasionaly there are fab orange pieces to be grabbed with glee! My interior style has an oriental theme running through it, which lends itself nicely to orange pieces. Totally LOVING all these outfits and keen to know the details. Great post!

    1. Thanks for the feeback! My sister loves orange and has found it hard to get her hands on – she is in orange heaven this year though!

  14. Love love love orange! I have to wear it for work with some not very pretty hi vis reflective tape but I still love it. I’ve just bought two dresses for Race Round of some gorgeous orange hues – cant wait to splash out in them!

    1. Haha – you will be rocking the ‘on trend’ look with your hi vis!

      I can’t wait to wear my spring things – come on – hurry up September!

  15. I’ve recently gone yellow crazy, but I do love orange. I have versions of all these outfits in my wardrobe. I have orange skinnies which I wear with an almost identical tee, except mine has some tangerine stripes down the bottom.

    Love these outfits! x I particularly love the tribal skirt!

    1. Phew – I must have got them right if you have these outfits my uber stylish friend! I like that skirt too… could wear it with white or orange or red – handy…

  16. Yay, B!! You rock!

    But I’m still not sure I’ll wear orange…

    {The B Fan Club aka The Crafty Mummy}

    1. Thanks lovely! I think you may almost have enough rocking colour in your wardrobe – but there is ALWAYS room for a touch of orange. We will work it in somehow… ;0)

  17. Loving orange, but it’s not a colour I usually wear near my face. I bought a large orange tote on sale last season ready for this trend, but where can I get those ballet flats – they’d be perfect to add a pop to my navy and grey wardrobe base!

    I’m going to dip my toes in this colour trend through accessories – partly because it’s not my most flattering colour and partly because I’m in the process of losing weight/dropping sizes and am not spending much on clothes right now.

    Thanks for the tips 🙂

    1. I am in the same boat – about to get back into running so don’t want to buy much. But, accessories are a great way to add some colour pop. Also… your shoe size doesn’t change when you have gained/lost weight and are a great way to add interest to your outfits… When in doubt – buy shoes!

      1. Awesome! I’ve just had a look and bookmarked the page. Thanks for doing that! I can’t believe how excited I am about orange! lol My hubby’s not going to like the…. *ahem*… bank balance shortly! 😉

  18. I’ve never been a big fan of orange, but I love what you’ve put together here. Bam! I might be able to do orange afterall! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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