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The Great Health Kick of 2012: Food

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I’m in New York right now. I know. I still can’t believe I’ve been writing those words and geo-tagging that location all week.

Having had this countdown in my head for 12 months and an even louder ticking about three months ago, I decided to make some changes to my lifestyle. Not massive changes. Just tweaks that were overdue in being tweaked.

If you know what I mean.

When life gets busy for me, I drop some of the balls I’m supposed to never drop. And late last year, life got so busy for me that those balls were dropping faster than a Saturday Night Lotto draw.

It wasn’t until I stepped back and looked objectively at what I had loaded on to my life – my worklife specifically – that I realised that I was so far out of balance that I didn’t even know where to start looking for those dropped balls.

But look I did.

I looked at myself … mmm hello mid-40s mum you need to make a few changes. And pronto.

So I did.

I made changes to my deskbound-ways; I made changes to the way I cared for my skin; I made changes that gave me more me-time; and I stopped and and a good hard think about what I was ushering into my belly.

I didn’t become all evangelical about it. I just needed to do it. FOR ME.

Has it been easy?

Not on your life.

Has it been worth it?


Thanks to the good people at Golden Circle*, I’m going to share with you the best bits of The Great Health Kick of 2012 in four parts over the next eight weeks. Why?

Because we’ve only got one body. We may as well treat it the best we can.

Fruit and vegetables

For Part 1 we’re going to talk about food but before we do I’m going to share with you a bit of my health history.

I’ve never specifically blogged about it before but now seems as good a time as any. I’ve had a diagnosed thyroid condition for 14 years. I say diagnosed as I suspect it was going on about a year before a GP told me I wasn’t going crazy. That having a six-hour afternoon nap was NOT normal. That putting on 6kg in a week was NOT normal.

Girls, we are our own worst enemy. We dismiss tiredness and any general malaise type of feeling, when in this case a simple blood test confirmed a very under-active thyroid, which was some years later confirmed as being caused by the auto-immune condition, Hashimotos.

Now, Western medicine helps out by dishing out some drugs to mimic a thyroid function (which I need because I no longer have one) but then I went and became resistant to that medication, didn’t I? And ended up on a cocktail of two. This cocktail helps to a certain extent but what I’ve learned over the last two to three years is that medication is nowhere near enough. That you can still have thyroidy days and that what you put into your body and how you look after your body can impact greatly on what it gives back to you.

In regards to food (I’ll talk about the E word  – exercise – in Part 2), I’ve learned that by making some dietary changes that boost my compromised immune system instead of making it work harder, my body tends to better toe the health line. What I’ve also had to come to terms with is that if a normal-thyroid functioning person ate what I did, then they’d be up to four sizes smaller than me. It’s tough but it is what it is. I can only work with what I’ve got.

What have I done with food to keep my auto-immune condition in check**?

1. I’ve been gluten-free for two years. Gluten is fine for people with uncompromised immune systems, not so fine for people like me. I walk into a bakery and it’s like walking into a sea of gluten. Don’t get me started on fresh pasta.

2. I keep a check on my alcohol intake. Stop guffawing right night.  I can hear it from here. Yes, I know I’m always Instagraming photos of cocktails and champagne but the truth is I keep the big nights few and far between, choosing instead to have one, maybe two drinks at a time on the weekend. I SHOULD give up altogether and I do go through periods where I do for a month at at time (last time was May-June). If I do have a few more than a couple of quiet ones at home, then I know in advance that I will pay for that fun the next week with lethargy and puffiness that will last up to a week.

3. I eat unprocessed whole foods. Yes, if you look in my pantry you’ll find two-minute noodles, cereal and rice crackers … but it’s all for the kids. If I stick to eating food that is fresh and free from any synthetic additives and I cook like our grandmas used to – only better – because we have better access to ingredients then I have way more energy and am not looking to sugar to give me a quick hit to get me through the day.

Green bean and almond salad

Three things. Pretty simple when you look it on the screen like that.

In the past few months I’ve been more conscious of these three things than ever before. It’s made a huge difference. I wake up with energy. My eyes feel clear and look brighter. And I’m less puffy from inflammation – that is one of the symptoms I experience when I’m not treating my condition – and body – with the right ingredients.

And I felt at my best to not only do this trip but to enjoy every minute of it.

**I’m not a doctor so please seek out your own independent advice. This approach has worked for me and is a combination of advice I’ve received from supportive GPs, dieticians natural therapists – and definitely not from the endocrinologist whose advice to me when I asked why it was so difficult for me to lose weight was, “just stop eating”. Yes, it was the last thing he ever told me. I walked out in tears and never went back.


* Golden Circle has released a new juice range – Golden Circle Healthy LifeTM Fruit Juice – which contains a unique combination of probiotic cultures clinically shown to support your natural immune system. Eating well can also support your natural immune system. And, yes, as you’ve just read, boy oh boy does my immune system need all the support it can get.

It’s the first of its kind of juice in Australia, offering a dairy-free dose of probiotics without added sugar or artificial flavours and colourings. Every  serve contains 1 billion beneficial bacteria, which work in your gut to support your natural immune defences.

The juices come in Breakfast and Apple & Mango flavours in either a 1l or 300ml bottle.  Both flavours got the thumbs up from the Styling You household but for my money, I’d choose the Breakfast juice all the way. Which works out well as the youngest in our household is more keen on the Apple Mango flavour (doesn’t like orange, apparently 😉 ). You’ll find them in the chilled section (they need to stay chilled to maintain their effectiveness) of major supermarkets in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

golden circle healthy life probiotic



Styling You in conjunction with Nuffnang and Golden Circle is giving away a Golden Circle Healthy LifeTM Fruit Juice prize pack with each post in this series. Each pack contains a $50 Woolworths gift card and a 14 day Fernwood Fitness membership.

To enter, answer the question: How would you incorporate Golden Circle Healthy LifeTM Fruit Juice into your diet? Leave your answer in the comment section below. This competition opens on August 7, 2012 and closes on August 17, 2012. For full terms and conditions, click here.

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I KNOW! Get entering.

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    1. Yes, it is. And I’ve done that most of my life due to my love of cooking. It’s just things like dropping the gluten and cutting back the wine that have made huge huge differences in the past couple of years.

  1. Over the past two years I have had debilitating symptoms of fatigue, lack of appetite (sometimes not eating for 3 days at a time) constant flu like symptoms, unexplained fevers, developed Endo etc etc. Though under a professor at the moment I am still yet to be diagnosed but I have been told I have a compromised immune system, extremely high C-Reative Protein levels (marking inflammation, but they are not sure where despite many tests and radiation) and high white blood cell count. I am so tired of being tired and not being able to eat, feeling lethargic and am crying for the old me back. I at least, like you Nikki, need to start someone (especially diet and exercise) and have booked into a gym but need to kick start my appetite and metabolism. The Golden Circle range I believe could be the answer to helping at a least a part of the whole of me. Knowing I COULD drink GC in the morning would be so more palatable than thinking of food (which often makes me nauseous). Really pleased you posted on this and your own experience…I feel less alone and more motivated to make even more changes. Thanks for the introduction to the Golden Circle range too. I’m going to get onto that this weekend and make sure I have one every morning. Best wishes, Ursula 🙂

    1. Hi Ursula, I hope you get some answers to your health. Be careful at the gym and make sure they have an understanding of your condition before setting you a program – you don’t want any extra undue stress on your immune system. x

  2. I start my morning with coffee and always will. But the Apple & Mango comes a close second. Anything with Mango, and probiotics is a winner. Much better than that liquid yogurt stuff. Blah!

  3. Golden Circle has been part of my life since childhood my first fruit love affair. Sugar free is so much healthier for my body and my teeth. I have not had a cold or the flu in 15 years thanks to my love of fruit and fruit juice and listening to my body this way has helped me slim down, guess what, without even trying or dieting.

  4. I love the Golden Circle Apple and Mango juice. It reminds me of sunshine and summer, two commodities I’m sorely missing. Maybe it’s this burst of happiness, maybe it’s the probiotics, but my mornings feel better when I’m in my Golden Circle.

  5. I love this Golden Circle Healthy Life juice with Pro-biotics, at breakfast time, straight from the.fridge to get the live probiotics working to boost my immune system.

    Thank you for sharing information about your thyroid problems. Hubby and I both have Hashimotos Thyroiditis and all our children (now grown up) have thyroid problems too. We knowsome people have to cope with far worse diseases and are thankful our problem is fairly manageable, but It is a truly horrible problem! Yes, we seem to gain wait on almost nothing and the lack of energy is tough too!
    You have inspired me to get back on to ‘no gluten’ which I’ve recently been rather lazy about! Thank you. :-).

  6. How would I incorporate Golden Circle Healthy LifeTM Fruit Juice into my diet? I would use it for cooking healthy muffins & in my cooking! Yes, you can use fruit juice in muffins & muffins are my fave food in the world! Also great for an after workout drink!

  7. I think that this is a great idea! Its certainly better than spending a fortune buying vitamin supplements to strengthen the immune system, and tastier too! Plus juices make such a great compliment to any breakfast and this juice comes in such yummy flavours!

  8. I suffer from a casein (dairy protein) intolerance and just the slightest taste of milk causes a 3 day “lethargy attack” which is sooo not fun. Then because I am too tired to cook I grab pre-prepacked, processed food which adds to the lethargy and the vicious circle is off and running again.
    I am so excited to hear about a probiotic that is totally dairy-free! I will add it to rolled oats with some berries, leave it in the fridge overnight and voila! a yummy and healthy jump-start brekkie.

  9. This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I have a ‘dodgy tummy’ (my own diagnosis!) and GPs always recommend that I should take probiotics but I can’t stand the taste of Yakult and the likes. Plus I am lactose intolerant so that rules out any yoghurts… so this actually looks like a miracle drink to me! A probiotic that tastes good and is dairy free! I actually can’t wait to try it!

  10. Until I met these yummy
    Golden Circle Healthy LifeTM Fruit Juices, I was wondering how to incorporate more Probiotics into my diet to boost my immune system in the cold/flue season without having to shoot back a Yakult bottle every. single. day.

    Thanks for the tasty alternative, Golden Circle!

  11. This competition opens on August 7, 2012 and closes on August 17, 2012.Pity I only received it 4 minutes ago, I too have Hashimotos & SPS both autoimmune disorders & have been looking at ways to boost my immune system.

  12. I would substitute that naughty sugary, always fizzy beverage I happen to robotically grab when going into the service station to pay for my fuel! This Golden Circle health life fruit juice looks to be refreshing, and a great fresh alternative to the caffeinated drinks that are full of nasties!

  13. I would substitute my afternoon coffee with some yummy Golden Circle juice- I’ve been making changes to my diet and have cut down dramatically on caffeine and increased the amount of fresh food in my diet. I have managed to lose all my pregnancy weight and more and I feel a lot better for it. A cup of juice would be much healthier and better for me and my baby (as I am breastfeeding.)
    Thanks heaps for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  14. We are a Golden Circle family, so incorporating Golden Circle’s Healthy Life Fruit Juices into our diet is a given. First up with breakfast to begin the day on a healthy note. Anytime juice is the go, then Golden Circle’s Healthy Life fruit juices would be our first choice.

  15. I would replace my daily other brand orange juice with golden circle. There is nothing like a fresh, cold glass of juice in the morning with breakfast.

  16. Finally! Pro biotic juices!
    Since becoming a fresh, whole foods girls, free from dairy, gluten, soy and sugar, food prep can get quite exhausting, expensive, and dull. I miss out on most yummy things!
    Golden Circle’s Healthy Life fruit juices would replace some of the fruit snacks I have during the day to get my blood sugar back up, give me a boost in the morning, and be my fruity wine replacement with dinner.
    I love that they’re developing great products for people like me!

  17. A scrumptious treat can be made
    just freeze in trays then drop in golden circle lemonade,
    an icy cold treat on a stick for the kiddies to eat!
    a tasty healthy nutritious drink for breaky on the run
    or even a play in the sun (dont forget to slip, slop, slap!)

    Golden circle cant be beat! a beaut new drink not only healthy but quick, easy and reliable!!

  18. Foster mummy to five,

    Without sumptuous nutritional fruit drinks I truly couldn’t

    Every morning without fail a fruit juice I prepare,

    Apples! Berries! and occasionally a sweet pear!

    Taking a WHOLE “25” minutes of my time,

    Swapping this daily ritual for a glass of Golden Circle
    Fruit juice is surely not a crime!!!!

    Mornings I can now prepare with ease,

    As a special treat on those warm summer days I can always

    Ice-blocks! Ice-cubes would be a delight!

    Nutritional intake without a tantrum or fight!!!

    The WHOLE family will stay fit and well,

    I’ve already fallen under the Golden Circle Fruit Juice

  19. A great way to start the day and then as a top up when 3o’clockitis kicks in. A healthy, refreshing and tasty drink to get me through

  20. Loving the Priobiotic Apple and Mango, essential start to the day for the family now. We need it, we enjoy it and it means our digestive systems are set up to make the most of thd good nutrition I work hard to make sure my family gets from the rest of their diet. Great to have a non-dairy option.
    Sara L, Sunshine Coast

  21. A great pick me up in the afternoon when the body begins to tire and a quick energy boost is needed. Tasty, healthy, refreshing and effective.A better alternative than coffee or sugar that’s for sure.

  22. I’d start every day with a glass of this. As soon as I read this article I went out and bought a bottle. The breakfast juice tastes fantastic and I would happily wake up every morning to a glass of this. It’s a much tastier way of getting probiotics. I personally can’t stand the dairy based ones so this is wonderful news for me! Thank you Golden Circle!

  23. Eight glasses of water is the experts’ advice,

    I’ll substitute some Golden Circle – much more nice!

    Treat my tastebuds as I hydrate,

    A Healthy Life will now taste great.

    Before I shop I’ll sup a cup,

    So on junk I won’t fill up.

    You’ll find this tasty juice in my trolley,

    A “sweeter” choice than empty calories like lollies.

  24. I drink way too much coffee. If I feel peckish I’ll have a cup. If I need a break at work I go and make a cup. After dinner, when I feel like I’d like something to finish off the meal, I’ll have a cup of coffee. I’d replace every other coffee that I’d normally drink in a day with a glass of Golden Circle juice instead. (and let you know how I feel after 14 days!)

  25. What a great way to kick-start the day. I have Lupus (SLE) and Sjrogen’s Syndrome, am lactose and gluten intolerant and this will deliver my body all the good stuff it needs, straight from the bottle.

  26. When I make daily juices it’s never a success,

    Normally ending up with items to wash and mess.

    Instead I’ll drink Golden Circle Healthy Life Juice,

    Then drinking healthy I have no excuse.

  27. I don’t normally have breakfast (except fora cup of coffee) so I think that incorporating Golden Circle Healthy LifeTM Fruit Juice into my diet by having it as a breakfast drink would help me incredibly. It looks like it would be so tasty but not sit heavy in my stomache.

  28. our morning ritual is inner health plus, vegie juice and multi vitamins for my son due to an illness. I am so excited for this new juice. Our new morning ritual will be healthly life every morning with breakfast. My son will be happy as he doesnt need to take so much in the morning and if hes happy, them mummys happy. WIN WIN

  29. being able to make fresh healthy juices with no preservatives or additives for the family is a great idea, knowing what they are putting in their bodies, giving them the best of life.

  30. I would kick-start the day with a healthy dose of yoga followed by a yummy (but healthy) dose of GC fruit juice. Cleansing both my inside and out. 🙂

  31. The road to health is paved with good intentions…despite buying leafy veg and fruit to juice, it often wilts away because I’m too stiff and sore in the mornings to process it. Golden Circle ProBiotic gives me the good stuff painlessly.

  32. Wow The Breakfast apple and mango combo sounds so good!! My kiddies dont care for orange juice too! ANything with mango deserves a big tick! Full of Vitamin A and so yummy!

  33. I have started drinking a 200 ml glass of Golden Circle Healthy Life Pro Biotic Breakfast juice each morning. Not surprisingly it is very tasty! It is early days yet but I am hopeful it is going to gently nudge my system into a better routine along with a few other changes I have made to my diet & lifestyle. I am looking forward to transforming into the new me!

  34. Caring for pallitive care Grandmother who cannot tolerate a lot of solid food. i mix up green smothies with produce I gow in our vegi patch and add the pro biotic just before serving. Granny enjoys the mixture and I feel better knowing she is getting organic goodness.

  35. Instead of using sugar I sweeten my cookies and biscuits with Golden Circle juices. They take care of the sweet cravings without all the extra fat.

  36. Tried the apple mango flavour yesterday and must say I was not really big on the flavour initially as it had a different after taste but after finishing the glass, the flavour grew on me. Definitely enjoy the juice now as it helps to keep my bowel movements regular!

  37. I too am experiencing Thyroid like conditions,wanting to sleep all the time,brain fatigue etc.I also have tummy problems like bloating and pain that we are looking into.I too am 40 something and I don’t want to be a sloth so something needs to change.I don’t eat brekky or fruit but I love fruit juices and would try to make a promise to have the Golden Circle Pro Biotic as my breakfast.It may help my gut and added vitamins.I will actually look for this in the market now that I have read it here.

  38. In the morning I’d have 3/4 of a glass to us to take my vitamins and on the 3 to 4 days a week I go to gym I’d have a glass afterward to gain baxk some energy

  39. Health is very important to me at 78 I want to live to see my twin great granddaughters grow up. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables little red meat. Fish in abundance, and walk, walk, walk.

  40. Around 2 years ago, my immune system fell in a heap. Whooping cough, tonsilitis and various viruses to boot. The short story, is that it took an amazing Naturopath to help my immune system restore itself and get things back on track… Through a variety of measure including supplements, accupressure, diet and… OMG – rest!!
    Since then, I do everything I can to keep my immune system in tip-top shape as I know how dreadful it feels when things go to pieces. Also, as someone who regularly has to battle with internal candida (TMI? sorry…) a probiotic is part of my daily routine… These drinks would help keep me on the straight and narrow, as part of my morning mix… They sound delish as well to boot!

  41. About 4 months ago I tried my first ever fast, 3 day water fast, it was tough and challenging but I made it through and felt great, in 2 months I would like to have another go but this time my husband wants me to do a juice fast for his peace of mind haha.

  42. Brilliant, after 15 years of marriage my husband & i realised we didn’t have a juicer, so bought one, happy 15th anniversary (yes, on the day, in Myer!!) We have used it at least 4 times a week since, the children get involved, i just posted today on how i think would have had a head cold sooner & for longer if i hadn’t been pumping all that vegetable juice into me with garlic all Winter. I often add a splash of regular juice too, with extra chia seeds, mmmm, we all drink it immediately, fresh & delicious. So with my audience of 4 juice loving children (who grew up in Darwin under mango trees) the Golden Circle juices would be neat this Summer. Thanks for the opportunity. Actually my children make some of our juices into granita, mmmm, so easy if you’re into forking frozen juices into snow, which they are!! It’s one change this 37 year old mummy has taken to with glee, the juicer!! As for alcohol, haven’t drunk since i was a teen, don’t miss it, especially not since i practically spent my 20s pregnant or breastfeeding & i prefer to drive myself too. I divert the cocktail cash to clothes, squee, love Posie

  43. I think I need to get on this puppy….with 2 little boys, running my own business and all the household chores, my energy levels get zapped…this might be the perfect pick me up!

  44. For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,

    Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice is a winner,

    Packed with goodness and vitamins galore,

    A juice my Immune System simply adores.

  45. No problems drinking this juice brekkie maybe with lunch or pick me up arvo and really great 2am after a night on the town

  46. This juice would not only be great to kickstart the morning but could also be used to replace liquids when baking sweet treats. I sure could use some!

  47. I swear that must be the required catch phrase of Endos. “Just stop eating” Ha! I sought a second opinion and he said “Just stop eating McDonalds”. Crying on the way out x2. Took me over a decade to get answers after that. *sigh*

    On another note – sounds like you’ve made some sustainable changes Nikki. 🙂

  48. Errr, quite ironic that I read this minutes after downing Maccas on a Friday night where after a loooong week I cannot be arsed to cook – promise its the first time in months this has happened though! What would have been a tad better would be teaming my meal with one of those new Golden Circle Juices – will be sure to check them out!

  49. I would have drink it at 2pm everyday – when my body hits it’s natural low, i think it would just enough to give me a second wind.

  50. Sounds delicious! Healthy Life juice would be perfect in the morning before work, when I’m most in need of a natural boost!

  51. It looks like the perfect thing to drink in the afternoon at work … to give me that pick-me-up that will take me through to knock-off time and prepare me for the onslaught of my children (a nice onslaught is still an onslaught)

  52. I already have a glass of breakfast juice every morning between breakfast and lunch to have my healthy vitamin intake.

  53. Instead of my morning orange juice I would definitely change this for Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice, as it is all about changing your habits. I just try to make good habits part of my daily routine.

  54. Trying to put all the right things in a row as far as healthy lifestyle goes, my daughter has been sick for almost 2 months & we’re slowly eliminating the bad & adding the good, Golden Circle Healthy Life sounds like a keeper.

  55. As a Nurse who works 10 hour days I would definatley try Golden Circle Healthy Life, anything that would help me get thru a mind shattering day. I’d have to hide it from my son cos he’d be thinking the same way!!

  56. I gave up coca cola this year (after being very addicted for many many years) and have been drinking juice – and lots of it since1 Jan this year. Will give this one a try – have seen it about so will pick one up next time I am out and about 🙂

  57. I was also diagnosed with a Thyroid condition shortly after giving birth to my first child (suprisingly it affects sooooo many women of child bearing age…and nobody seems to know why!) I had an overactive Thyroid (Toxic Multinodular Goitre) which mimics Post nastal depression symptoms…of which I had been treated for, for two years until they did a blood test…despite me telling them for two years that something was wrong…!) Well a dose of radiation fixed that and now I don’t have a thyroid gland and are suffering with the opposite symptoms of constant lethargy and weight gain to mention a few…! My health is so important to me in looking after my family and business and it took me a while but now realize…that if I don’t listen to my body – I get sick…and that’s no help to anyone! That means a monthly crash (sleeping for 11 – 15hrs straight) and taking care of my nutrition…Golden Circle Healthy LifeTM Fruit Juice sounds right up my alley!

  58. What a great idea these are: I would have one before my morning walk to give me a boost of energy & take them to drink when I go to friends for drinks and I’m driving (keeping them cool of course) they’ d be a much better non alcoholiic option than fizzy drinks & far more tasty than water.

  59. I’d use it to wash down my unwanted breakfast each morning. Not being a morning or breakfast person, I’ve changed my routine (apparently for the better).

  60. By having a glass of Golden Circle Healthy LifeTM Fruit Juice every morning with my toast, instead of a coffee that’s full of milk and sugar.

  61. As the saying goes, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”, and this juice sounds like it will do the trick. I would replace my morning cup of tea with this juice, and set off on my run feeling good that I’m starting the day with a healthy buzz.

  62. Oh my goodness! So glad I read this today!!! I also have this condition – it was diagnosed last year although my Thyroid levels have been testing low for many years 🙁 My doctor has not discussed any of these things with me at all. Do you know where I can get more info from? I am taking 150mg of meds everyday and each time I see the specialist the dose is going up and I still feel like crap – not to mention the weight is still going up. Would appreciate any help you could give 🙂

  63. I’m impressed..been looking for a juice with health benefits and no added sugar. I dont drink juice because of added sugers in them! I would use Golden Circle in my Bercher Muesli and as a midafternoon pick me up. And the fact its a well know brand is an added bonus.

  64. Healthy as squeezing your own fruit juice is, I’d be happy to cut out this chore in aid of introducing Golden Circle’s Healthy Life Fruit Juice into my family’s diet!
    Also, I just love the look of the funky bottle! How cute is it?!

  65. I’ve had a similar health epiphany. I’m ditching the muffins because I’m tired of my muffin-top but also because I’m oh-so tired and with four kids I just can’t afford to be! Golden Circle Healthy Life juice would be a beautiful mid-morning boost and remind me that life is too short to be dragging your feet.

  66. I love Golden Circle and will have to try this, especially as a pick me up while sick, as now and for general health and well being. I have just turned 40 and am like you transforming my diet to less processed and more nutritious food so i can keep up with my children who are young. Need to set a good example for our children

  67. Golden Circle’s Healthy Life fruit juices could replace Coke Zero. Why should I kill myself drinking Coke, plus all the additives? Let’s try something healthy – that also tastes great.

  68. Unfortunatley with life it seems all the fun things are bad for you….partying and sunbaking, vegging out watching cheesy reality TV, enjoying fast and cheap take-away food…What is a girl to do? Easy – find enjoyment in being healthy!

    Perve on delicious eye candy boys while pounding away on the treadmill (alternating with views of cheesy reality tv so as not to look stalkerish!), fake tanning it up, and balancing out the naughtiness of vodka by mixing it with the healthy and delicious Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice!

    Filling my body with nutrious, tasty juice that cleans my immune system whilst simultaneously enjoying a good night out with friends? Yessss pleeeeease!!! And if I am slightly hungover in the morning I know what I will be begging a lover to bring me in bed! 😉

  69. We currently start our breakfast with a glass of apple juice, so next shop I’m going to grab some GC Healthy Life Fruit Juice and give it a red hot go! I’d also like to give it a try with a dash of vodka, it has to be better than lemonade right?

  70. I have Hashimotos as well and it was only diagnosed after I had 5 years of miscarriages. By then I had a goitre and was depressed and unwell.I know the importance of good nutrition and especially probiotics which is why Golden Circle is a lovely tasting way to get your daily intake of these beneficial microorganisms. I tried both varieties and had 200 ml a day after breakfast. I love the Apple Mango so much!

  71. Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice sounds like just what I need to keep my IBS at bay. I find a juice with probiotics in abundance a fresh new idea and sounds tasty to boot!
    Thanks for a heads up on a product thats sure to keep my body health in check.

  72. Heya,THANK YOU. I have auto immune disease also and no one every spoke of gluten avoidance…. 2 days into a new way of eating and already feeling a little more lively. Golden Circle juice is my sweet boost and brain food instead of gluten loaded carbs. Nikki, you are changing my life.

  73. I would incorporate Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice any time through the day because it’s the safe healthy way!

  74. I would incorporate Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice any time through the day because it’s safe healthy way!

  75. What a great way to give my bircher muslei and probiotic boost! Some nuts and fruits and its the perfect start to the day.

  76. I, like my children, am obsessed with home made ice blocks. This juice would be the perfect post dinner (or anytime treat) when frozen in our little icy pole moulds!

  77. This new product sounds perfect for us. My 6 year old daughter is on a dairy and gluten free diet and I am dairy free. It is a great way to get the benefit of probiotics into our systems. My stomach would LOVE me to pieces if I had a glass of Probiotic Breakfast juice each morning which is exactly what I am going to do. Too easy!

  78. Sounds like the perfect way to compliment my breakfast of half a grapefruit & a poached egg on rye bread – yum! I have just been prescribed anti-biotics for long term use (which I am not thrilled about!) so this would be a fantastic way to get my pro-biotic intake every day to stay healthy! My best friend is getting married in Africa soon so a voucher would help make it possible for me to get there! 🙂

  79. Would love to incorporate during my day!!! After my morning walk with breakfast, and a glass mid afternoon when you get the naughty cravings 🙂

  80. By substituting Golden Circle Healthy Life during morning and afternoon break times, there is enough of a sweet (but totally natural) hit that keeps me away from the temptations of cake/biscuits/chocolate. Go figure, it’s hello figure and energy in abundance, all achieved as nature intended…through harnessing the goodness of fruit

  81. Hitting mid 40’s I have come to a crossroads – My body wants to take me down one path (old age) but my mine is in battle with this scenario. I too have a thyroid condition called Graves Disease (named after the Dr not the prognosis) and too much blood (who’d have thought that could be an issue). I use western medicines but want to take more control by using a “whole” approach, mind, body and soul and give my body a chance to help heal itself too. Suddenly I hear Mum’s old adage “you are what you eat” but this time it means something to me. Incorporating Golden Circle Healthy Life into my daily diet sounds like one of the more pleasant and satisfying changes that I will be making.

  82. After my morning routine of Wii FIT and ZUMBA, a glass of Healthy Life juice and some cereal for breakfast will ensure the balance I need for a focused mind and healthy start to my day!

  83. I would have a glass every morning for breakfast it would be part of my morning routine. Even if. Don’t have time in the morning I would drink it on the go as its easy to take with you on the run.

  84. I love smoothies in the morning for brekkie so would use Golden Circle Juice within my smoothie with Banana, yoghurt, chia seeds, raspberries and oats.

  85. Hi Nikki,
    Thank you for sharing your story about Hashimoto’s – some doctors should be shot – however there are some great GPs in Brisbane that deal with Hashimoto’s – so please feel free to get in touch should the need arise.

    Now onto the Golden Circle Juice. As a pharmacist and exercise physiologist, I rate juicing highly as a means of getting a concentrated source of nutrition in an easy to drink juice. The addition of probiotics is an great way of helping to maintain a healthy digestive system through having good levels of the right bacterial flora.

    Liz N

    1. Thanks Liz … I used to have a very sympathetic and knowledgeable GP here who worked holistically but he upped and moved to Perth!! When we move to Brisbane end of next year, remind me to get that list from you!

  86. I blend fresh strawberries and pour it into a glass of Golden Circle Healthy Life breakfast juice and it keeps me happy and energised ready to take on the world.

  87. Must admit I find the packaging so appealing, it wouldn’t be hard to find an excuse to incorporate it! I would buy this when out for a walk, and enjoy it all the way home, while feeling very virtuous about putting something so good into my body.

  88. I would like to make this juice part of my afternoon routine. Instead of a coffee for me and a cordial for the kids, sit down for our normal chat, with a different flavour of Healthy Life.

  89. Nikki, this response is to you (don’t enter me in the comp) – you always look bright and clear and healthy and obviously it takes work. Thanks for sending out the reminder to women to look after themselves and your 3 tips. Personally, I find that getting enough sleep is really important to me. Thanks and well done x

  90. I love what Golden Circle is doing. Our health real is one of the most important things. We need to take care of it and often we aren’t. I love they are doing a promotion like this to make people stop and think about their healthy again. I am trying to motivate myself again too. I need all the help I can get. Rachel x

  91. Well it’s pretty simple! I’d have a big glass each morning as per my habit, and probably have to hide it from my husband and kids!

  92. I am doing a 3 day juice detox/cleanse starting tomorrow because I have put on weight, drink too much coffee and alcohol and generally feel bloated tired and YUCK. I am really hoping that this will kick start me to properly reassess my food intake and make some improvements. This juice sounds like something I need to consider including!

  93. What wonderful, simple advice. Thank you.
    I would incorporate this juice into my breakfast smoothie. At present I blend up baby spinach, cucumber, a lemon, half a banana and some Greek yoghurt with coconut water, so I would substitute the coconut water for Gold Circle’s Healthy Life Fruit Juice.
    It sounds like the perfrect way to add a dose of probiotics into my day!

  94. I don’t drink much juice nor get enough probiotic in my diet, this juice could be the answer. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries a number of years ago when my weight sky rocketed by 16kg in 3 months…. since then I now eat healthy, I also do the dreaded ‘E’ word 3-4 times per week but still feel sluggish. Perhaps a good dose of fruit juice, sugar and probiotic might be the answer?… I might try it out.

  95. is this juice fattening? i try to avoid and just give it to the kids as juice seems to have some many calories…is this any different if so may have to have a look

  96. Fresh, vitality filled juice is an important part of any healthy eating plan. I am just going through testing for bowel cancer and juice is a big part of my daily diet. Golden Circle are making my life alot easier with convenient vitamins and healthy enzymes in a bottle:)

  97. I would incorporate it by drinking it ! My family and I also have varied (too long to list) health problems and pop a myriad of pills and vitamins everyday…..and as you say, as a busy Mum, anything to make my life a little more streamlined would be a godsend, especially since my kids love juice and I wouldn’t have to whinge (like I do with the vitamins !)

  98. I too, will be be looking out for this next grocery shop. Thank you for sharing your story. My husband and I are late 30’s/early 40’s and our bodies don’t bounce back like they used to. Time to put a healthy eating plan into action and look after ourselves.

  99. I will be totally looking for this on the supermarket shelf. I am on lithium for bipolar disorder, which makes me constantly thirsty, so I am always looking for healthy ways to quench my thirst. I also have to take nine tablets a night and need something like Golden Circle Health Life fruit juice to wash them down. As someone who was sick for a long time, I do not take my health for granted. That’s why I exercise, limit alcohol and don’t eat carbs after breakfast.

  100. I will be looking for this when I do My shopping this week. It will be good for all of us, but my partner and I will definitely benefit from it. Both of us have IBS and like you, if I don’t think about what I’m putting in my mouth, it effects me all round.

    A glass of juice with breakfast would be where I would incorporate golden circle health life fruit juice.

  101. Great post Nikki! So honest.
    I would incorporate the Healthy Life Juice into my diet as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, perfect to get past the 2pm slump.

  102. I love the sound of this juice because most probiotics are made from milk based drinks and yoghurts and I am lactose intolerant,so a big tick for me,to find a juice based product.I know how you feel Nikki when I was diagnosed with my thryroid condition ,same as yours as you know,I also had severe ulcerative esophageal reflux and I was told I was depressed,I never went back to that doc again,combined with my osteoarthrits I thought I was going mad,You know when there is something wrong with you and it’s so frustrating to not get answers,so I truly understand ,now i have no thyroid it had changing huge nodules as well and Hashimoto’s disease and I got meds for my reflux which i take twice a day before food and i also cannot drink very much alcohol,makes me get a pain in my gut,so I listen to my body and try and eat unprocessed and raw foods and organic as well and watch my weight etc etc,Now am wondering if my dry skin has anything to do with these problems,something I may have to explore in the future,sorry for the story.It helps when other people “get “what your talking about.

  103. I really like the sound of this juice, with no added sugar! Yay! How would I encorporate it? Everyday- to get that probiotic hit! probably mid afternoon, when I get home from school.(work to me!)

  104. Nikki, I think you’re wonderful sharing such personal deets 🙂 I can’t enter these comps due to my residency but I will look out for that brekkie juice xx

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