The Great Health Kick of 2012: excercise

The Great Health Kick of 2012: Exercise

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I love travelling. But you know what? It’s REALLY, REALLY good to be home. Dorothy was right.

There is no place like it.

Granted, I do get to wake up each day in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, with clean beaches on my doorstep … well a 15-minute walk away from my doorstep.

In fact, the beaches near where I live are very well loved and used by locals and tourists wanting to keep active and take in their surroundings.

The Great Health Kick of 2012: excercise

Now, I wish I could tell you that I’m one of those people who jumps out of bed keen to pound the pavement in the interests of better health.

But I’m not.

Don’t get me wrong. When I actually get out there and soak up the sea air and scenery, I love it.

It’s just the getting me out there bit that I need a good prod up the bum about.

So, rather than have someone else administer that prod, in the interests of reforming my desk-bound ways, three months ago I set about getting back on track with regular exercise.

It’s not the change-the-world exercise regime that would see Michelle Bridges giving me a slap on the back for good effort.

No, it’s more about getting out and getting moving (or doing a few strengthening exercises at home). Stuff that with minimal effort can – and does – have quite an impact on my wellbeing.

Remember in Part 1* where I talked about my thyroid auto-immune condition and how I’ve adapted what I eat to better support my immune system?

Well, through some crazy trial and error I’ve learned what type of exercise works best for me. With the emphasis on crazy. Unfortunately I learned the hard way, thinking that I needed hard core, Biggest Loser-type training to shift some kgs.

Not only did my immune system pack it in every two weeks, taking on whatever bug was going around, but at the end of eight weeks I had PUT ON WEIGHT.

Basically my immune system had said, “rightio, she’s stressing us out, we’re going to have to hang on to these extra supplies in case she never feeds us again”.  The same happened doing pram-a-cise after my youngest was born, only the extra *bonus* then was my milk supply drying up and being one of the lucky 10% to get her cycle back two months after giving birth. While. Still. Feeding.

Frustrating with a capital F.

So, what do I aim to do most days**?

1. Be kind to myself. I have a body that can move. I’m grateful for that. Whenever frustration sets in regards to being unable to shift the kgs, I remind myself that it’s just an immune condition. There are plenty of people out there living with much worse. Yep, suck it up sister.

2. Get off my butt and away from my computer. Sometimes I do think the children have been playing a practical joke on me and applied superglue to my chair 😉 but then I realise that no, it’s just me and my stupid mental attitude and attachment to my work. Stupid.

3. Just walk. Sounds easy doesn’t it. But I tell you after a crazy over-loaded working start to the year, my sneakers were struggling to even be recognised under a serious coat of dust. We are on walking terms again and that feels good.

4. Twice a week do strengthening exercises at home. Think lunges, squats, tuckshop arm dips, sit-ups and lateral raises. It’s not much and it’s not hard-core but it does get me feeling strong. The list of exercises did come via a personal trainer who thankfully understood that I don’t fit into the one-size-fits-all style of training. And I’m forever grateful for that.

The Great Health Kick of 2012: excercise

**Please seek out your own advice from a GP or health care professional before starting an exercise regime. I’m not a GP, a personal trainer or exercise physiologist but I have received advice from them over the years. Some of that advice may have been in the early ’90s and fluoro lycra may have been involved. Cardo funk class, anyone?


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  1. I love apples and mangoes so Apple Mango would be my pick.All the goodness and energy just make me feel refreshed and ready to hit the gym!

  2. Agree! Agree! Apple mango is sunshine in a glass (if you care to decant!) and reminds me to get.out.there! Working part the week in an office and the rest at home during this grey old winter … I need all the reminders to soak up some fresh air and sunshine when I can! Now … if only this piscean lived by the beach …. great posts, Nikki! Hx

  3. I’m the same, I’m all for the breakfast juice; the way it just gives you that BAM and KABOOM type of feeling in the morning. It helps me get through my monday-itis and well, my everday-itis. Some say they’re already in shape, because circle is a shape, but honey – golden circle, gives a whole new meaning to in shape. I skull one down in the morning and I’m like the flash in the morning for my runs and exercises. To be honest, if i won, and the prize was just money, I’d buy like a year supply, or how much it would get me, I’m addicted 😉

    Love your blog, we relate so much! xoxo

  4. The breakfast juice…I like that there is no added sugar, the tropical juice blend sounds delicious, and as the weather warms up I’d replace my first cup of coffee for the day with a juice instead.

  5. Ive not seen their juices before but apple mango sounds delish! I love mango – a highly underrated fruit!! And welcome home 🙂

  6. I raced out and bought both these juices when I read the first post and I can recommend both as tasting terrific and being beneficial to one’s health. Personally I prefer the Breakfast Juice. It just seems to be a richer, fruitier flavour – like a fruit salad in a glass! This yummy new fruit drink with probiotics is fantastic, you can taste the goodness and feel it working from the inside out! Thank you Golden Circle!!

  7. Breakfast juice all the way! Although I’d like to try them all 😉
    I’ve been in a bit of an exercise rut- but Zumba is becoming a constant in my life 🙂

  8. Hi there, so important to know your own body! I know what you mean about the superglue chair in front of the computer. I am so much better if I get the exercise done first and then let the glue stick me to the chair. Mind you I am going for a walk and coffee with school mums tomorrow and that is SO my type of exercise, mainly of my mouth whilst nattering!

  9. I have tried the breakfast juice and absolutely love the flavour! And the convenient 300ml bottle is great when i am rushing off to work in the morning.. Great choice Nikki and love reading about your NY adventure cannot wait until i get over to the US myself 🙂

  10. The Breakfast juice, like it’s name is telling me that it’s what I need to start my day, fresh, healthy, invigorating and will get my body going!

  11. The Breakfast juice, like it’s name is telling me that it’s what I need to start my day, fresh, healthy, invigorating and will get my body going!

  12. You are very lucky Nikki to live in that beautiful part of Australia and walk along the beach,I don’t walk as such because of my knee but do Tai chi and try to be as active as possible,and I understand the thyroid problem you have as I too had it,but the meds bring their own set of problems as well,I think you have found a good balance in nurturing your body ,and let’s face it every “body”is different,You look amazing and so healthy.Your glowing lately!So You have found the right combination for you.
    I like the apple and mango flavour best as My reflux doesn’t like oranges ,and I love that they are dairy free,I’m lactose intolerant as well .Love this series of health kicks,we should never take good health for granted it should be cherished.

  13. I love your comment ‘Frustrating with a capital F’ ! Such restraint 😉 teehee. I’m with you Nikki – I’m a walking in the sun girl too x

  14. Thankyou for this post (and the links to Part 1, which I missed!). I think lots of women can relate to health kicks. I know I can relate to the thyroid thing and the dropping the balls thing, and the living a short walk to the beach but never getting out there thing! And the breastfeeding thing (I have two kids 15 months apart to prove it). The thing is, it’s so hard to be consistent. But try I do!

    I would pick the Breakfast juice, because too much mango is icky for me 🙂

  15. How good is it to find what works for you! I’m complete opposite to you Nikki, love the sweaty, hardcore, dirty exercise (afterwards – not during or before! 🙂 Good luck on your quest, the views on your walk look beautiful – great motivation

  16. I just love your comment about your exercises not being hardcore but they do get you feeling stronger. Winning!!! x

  17. Those juices sound fantastic. Apple & mango would be my choice, to me mango means summer and after three looooooong Melbourne winter months, I need me some summer-even if it’s in the form of juice!!

  18. Golden circle healthy life probiotic breakfast would suit my lifestyle. It would help me through my early morning starts. Each day can send me to a different stratosphere. I believe in walking with my staffordshire dogs each afternoon to unwind and loosen up. Otherwise I hold the stress behind my heart. This deep dull at times pain is a reminder that I’m not looking after myself and the need to take time with either remedial massage, hot rocks or simply giving 100% of myself in the outdoors without overdoing it. It’s all about feeling good not trying to achieve that unattainable 6 pack and taut well sculpted rump.

  19. Have you ever tried Pilates? It’s incredibly low impact and can be practiced at different levels. It is weight bearing so great for bones etc but also brilliant for pelvic floor and abdominal strength.
    So important for women as we get older.Finding an instructor who is well trained and cognisant of everyone’s different physical and medical limitations is another thing entirely but it is an exercise that you can continue for many years, which I think is important.
    Well that’s my two cents worth!

  20. You are a Champ Nikki. I loathe exercise, it doesn’t suit me at all. I know that it would help me shift some Kgs but I just can’t get my head into it. I have made it super easy and have all the gear right at my fingertips, but there is always something more interesting to get into! last time I embarked on a regime, it seemed that everytime I got on my treadmill there was some sort of catastrophe with the kids or in the yard, or someone called in and took me off it. I took it as a message. I will listen to my body again soon though!
    I am with the little fella with the juices- I prefer the apple and mango one. Both those juices lasted about 1.2 seconds here in this house. They were sculled I tell you!

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