Guest post: Do you obsess about clothes you don’t yet own?

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I tend to fall in love with items of clothing.

That love turns into obsession. Yes, I obsess about clothes I don’t yet own.

I’ll see it, think it’s nice and then tuck my money back into my purse and go on my merry way. Happy in the knowledge I have avoided temptation and saved money.

Then slowly the item will keep popping up in my thoughts.

I’ll be making dinner and realise I am thinking about how perfectly the Country Road scarf would match my Witchery Blazer or the Nine West boots were actually the perfect black boot.

I’ll wake up during the night and realise I am feeling anxious and know that it’s because I let the item get away.

In the dark of the night, I’ll reach out for my beloved iPad and google it to put my mind at rest.

But alas, it is usually even more perfect than I remembered.

I’ll mentally reschedule the following day. I am going to need all the time I can get to ensure I get my sweaty little hands on it.

If I can’t find it, then I’ll start looking on ebay.

The panic sets in and I go above the limit I set for myself and have to pay postage on top of it. No longer happy that I avoided temptation nor saved money but thrilled I am the owner of the most perfect item of clothing.

Currently I am obsessing on these Moroccan Paisley Mela Purdie pants.

Mela Purdie Moroccan Paisley pants

I should know from experience that it is better to buy it up front instead of putting myself through the pain of delaying it 😉

So far, I’ve resisted these pants but I am on the hunt for the perfect printed pants for this season.

Do you do this too? See something you love, not act on it then get obsessed by it? Or do you buy on the spot?


Rachel Wernicke is a 39 year-old married mother of two girls.  After working as a paralegal in Brisbane for 14 years, she left life in the big city to focus on her family. Once the kids were both in school, it was time get back to work. In a four-person house with five computers, two iPads, two iPhones, two iPod touches and half a dozen cameras there seemed only one direction to go. Rachel decided to learn more about the the world of blogging and indulge her passions for style and life on the Redcliffe Peninsula.  In October 2011, she started as a place to write about and photograph the things she enjoyed.  It is a light-hearted blog about lifestyle, fashion, beauty and food.  You can also find her on Facebook here.


Editor’s note: I’m very grateful this week to have some fabulous guest blog posts to publish here on Styling You as I get over my US adventure and a big combination of jetlag and post-holiday blues.

  • I tend to leave things on the rack because it’s too expensive, hoping I’ll find it on sale later on. But I never do, so I obsess over it and regret not getting it.

    And yes, there are other things, clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery that I obsess over and wish I could have, like a man,lol.

  • Cotton Candy Diva

    yes! but sometimes when I’ve put off buying it as soon as I see it, I see it on sale the next time! However, If something I’ve been obsessing over is sold out the next time I go back, I get over it and move on. (to the next obsession haha)

  • Denielle Hemsworth

    I know I do! Then when I go back to get it, it’s already gone! Always buy when you have that gut feeling (impulse) hehe.


  • valeriekhoo

    I obsess all the time. My latest obsession was the most divine vintage jacket I’d ever seen. I spied it four weeks ago in a store in the Yarra Valley but didn’t buy it because of the price and thought it would be over-indulgent to get it. When I went back to Sydney, I was still dreaming about it. But then I decided I was mad not to get it. It was a rare piece. So this week, on a trip back to the Yarra Valley again, I peered in the store and my heart actually sank to see it had gone. Half an hour later, my partner suggested I unpack my bags and put my clothes in the closet. (This was an unusual request as he is usually happy to live out of a suitcase!) I opened the closet – and there it was. I think I need to obsess more often.

  • Rebecca

    I now usually ask them to hold it until COB the next day which they’re usually very happy to do. If it’s sale they’ll usually hold it for an hour. Then I walk away and think, safe in the knowledge that it’ll be there for me, but removed enough to think clearly before I commit (which I do most of the time!!).

  • Lisa Barton-Collins

    I absolutely am in touch with this feeling. It’s worse when it was a sale item and once you reconcile yourself to buying it, is nowhere to be found. This has happened to me so many times. Buy when you see it is my mantra now!

  • hmm absolutely! Like a possessed woman..sometimes I really have to pull myself into line…I mean c’mon Karla there are people starving in the world and here I am obsessing about a piece of clothing….two weeks later and I couldn’t care less about it, or if I do then ill think about it.x

  • BlueBelle

    Love this post! I obsess over clothes all the day, but sometimes it can be helpful. I use the ‘obsessed’ rule to decide if I REALLY want something.. i.e. I see it, I love it… then I wait.. if I’m still thinking about it in an hour, I really want it, 24 hours later, I MUST have it.. and then I go on a mad, crazed mission to finally purchase it, heart racing and panicking all the while that it may be gone! It also works in reverse, sometimes you see something, love it, then walk away and it never enters your consciousness again 🙂

  • Printed pants… you’re a braver woman than I, but then you can certainly pull them off 🙂

  • thriftyfashionista

    I swing both ways … when I manage to keep my hands (and wallet) in my pocket but continue to fantasise about the object of my affection (50 Shades of Grey … or Pink … or Floral) then nothing will keep us apart. Certainly not cash.
    At the other extreme, if I succumb to temptation immediately, you can be sure my passion is literally spent within days. And my former beloved is shafted to the shadows of the closet.So now I try to practice the 30-minute (or 3 store) rule, if I’m still sweaty-palmed about it, it will be mine. Right here, right now.Just so long as my master(card) allows me…

  • Reannon Hope

    Does it count when you obsess about someting you know you CAN’T buy because it doesn’t suit you? I seen some pants in Sussan the other day & I love them so much but the syle is not one that my body can wear ( insert very sad face here)…..but I really want them!!!!!

  • Vicki

    Long time reader, first time commenter 🙂 I’m stalking a pair of Trenery high heel sandals at the moment. They have never gone on sale yet they still make my drool list. I’m holding off until they are reduced but know I’ll panic when I miss out!
    Also do you have clothing obsession only to finally try the piece on and be so disappointed? I had that recently with a top from Ted Baker. It was a jersey Peter pan collar top with beading on the collar. Given I’m a DD girl I should have stayed away from such a collar but I agonized and obsessed over this top for about two months! Finally tried it on and was so disappointed with the fit, sheer material and visible bra that I ripped it off quickly. Oh to be a size 8with no boobs when I find such a top……

    • I have been nodding to everything you wrote but I have not boobs, so I am the complete opposite. Oohh, to have boobs

    • Vicki, that happens to me, especially if I first see something online when I’m “researching” and then try on in store and it doesn’t fit my vision!

  • Denny

    I have a wonderful husband who always gets very very cross when I describe a particular item that “I saw and loved” but did not buy. He always shrugs his shoulders and insists that I go straight back to that shop and lectures me about all the missed opportunities in life etc etc. It makes me feel much better and the best part is I don’t have to feel guilty or hide any new purchases because he has TOLD me to buy it! Won’t work with all men, but certainly worth a try.

    • It kind of works with Mr SY too … if he’s in a shopping mood then he’s all for it. Except if there the shoes he doesn’t like 😉

  • Anne @ Domesblissity

    Love your style Rachel! (And yes, I fantasise about clothing I haven’t got and I usually never finish up getting. One of these days.)

  • She’s Sonic

    I do this all. The. Time. I will see something, not buy it because I’m being “good” and then I won’t stop thinking about it / talking about it / imagining what I would wear it with / where I would wear it…it’s exhausting! I should just buy more…One day…! xx

    • You have a wedding and renovations! Makes it more difficult to buy and buy!!

  • AK

    This was me and the perfect green blazer, but I baulked at the price. Then I found the perfect green blazer at another store, almost as good, great shape, and much more budget-friendly price, and snapped that one up.

    This season I figured out that I get what I want if I pay the price early in the season, rather than hope/beg/pray my size is still there round sale time.

    In the larger sizes they sneak out the door quickly.

    This was the best decision fashion-wise I’ve ever made!

    • Very, very wise AK … especially on things like jackets. They will go and not be re-stocked later in the season.

  • I have been doing this with a pair of shoes for two years. They’ll be out of fashion soon but I won’t rest until they are MINE 🙂

    • Can you still source them?

      • Yes – they’re Isabel Marant boots so still hanging around….it’s just the tricky matter of price and not upsetting spouses!

  • Flymum

    I do it all the time. I was in Hong Kong a few months ago and I went to Kate Spade (I know you are a fan as well), and there was a gold wallet i LOVED but I decided to wait. We never got to go back to the store and so I obsessed about that wallet constantly. I found it online and watched it etc. Then they sold out and I went into panic mode. I finally got one from Kate Spade in the US, but had to use my parcel forwarding service. All up it cost me more and I nearly missed out. I also hate it when I find a pair of shoes I like online and then they sell out of my size. And then I realise I can’t get it anywhere else. Do you think I have a problem?! lol

    • I think I share your problems so that makes it ok, doesn’t it?! I should have bought more at Kate Spade!

  • Janelle@AWhiteFarm

    Oh my goodness. THANKYOU for this post, I now feel slightly more ‘normal’?! I too love the feeling of getting something I love on sale but soooo often end up doing that obsessive thing, end up leaving it all too late then paying extra for postage etc that you so perfectly described!! So funny. Yet sadly so true!!! x

    • I love this little club that this post has created!

      • Janelle@AWhiteFarm

        Me too!!! x

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    OMG I thought i was the only one that did this,Glad to see that there are other like minded people around(This is the first time i have confessed this) I am especially bad at change of season times,like now,i look at brochures and websites and blogs and say I have to have that ***** insert item here and look around and obsess about said item and plan where and when i will wear it and it’s not even in my wardrobe yet.I also look on eBay and see if I can get the same thing for a better price,I was obsessing about a coloured jacket for spring and got a Zara one for $18 from Hong Kong,Love a bargain,but i actually bought some tops last week on the same day i saw them !!because I thought when spring gets here i will be thinking about that I should have bought them and they won’t be there any more,I am very proud of that moment.
    Rachel get those lovely printed pants,you will be very happy with them,and you can stop obsessing and enjoy them.Thank-you for this post ,must check out your blog!

  • Peta

    this post seems somewhat familiar although unless i ABSOLUTELY love something i won’t pay full price. A sportsgirl scarf that i fell in love with immediately upon seeing it was $40 full price. There was no way I was paying $40 – I went in a couple of weeks later and it was reduced to $15. My purse and I were happy : )

    • I am the same. I need it to be a bargain too 🙂

    • Cotton Candy Diva

      I’m exactly the same! I am a big bargain hunter (i take after my mum) It’s not that I can’t afford things, it’s more that I can’t justify the price of some things.

      I’m hesitant on featuring sale/clearance items on my blog, because I think it’s better that readers are able to buy the same if they like them.

  • I own several items that I have had an obsession with from when I first saw them. I am very good at delaying the gratification, so can walk away easily. Which doesn’t mean I don’t continue to look and lust after it though…. Which often leads to me picking up a wicked bargain if the object of my desire suddenly comes on sale. …. Alas, there have been many things that have just remained an obsession, and live in the wardrobe in my head…

    • I sometimes think when the things of your obsession get picked up on sale it was a big case of it was meant to be!

      • Oh definitely Nikki! If I see something I love, I mentally stick it out there to the universe. Law of manifestation and all 😉

  • I obsess about food I haven’t yet eaten (try to avoid)… (kind of the same thing!)