knits for small bosomed ladies

5 for Friday: winter knits for small bosomed ladies

Nikki ParkinsonFashion 19 Comments

Hello ladies, as promised last week when I blogged about knits for big bosomed ladies, I’m back, evening up the shopping equation with some ideas for the small bosomed sister among us.

I talked last week about how finer knits work better for not adding unwanted bulk. I would say this equally applies if you boobie cup size features the letters A or B too.

The reason? You’re most likely a petite body shape. Bulky clothes will just swamp you and not produce a flattering outcome in anyone’s style book.

But, and it’s a big but, small-bosomed ladies can wear knits that are more fitted and feature detailing around the bust. The effect is one of “enhancement”. If you get my drift.

Small bosies also look fabulous in button-up cardies. Those of us with big bosies do not.

The cropped length of cardi or knit is also your small-bosomed friend. It works to add shape to a boyish or athletic shape.

Don’t be afraid of colour either. No need to worry about drawing undue attention to the girls … bring it on, I say.

Shopping suggestions

knits for small bosomed ladies

1. Jacqui E cardigan $59.95 | 2. Gorman Aran jumper (on sale) $180 | 3. Saba crop cardigan $199 | 4. Portmans cardigan $59.95 | 5. Alannah Hill cardigan $189

Can you see yourself wearing any of the above?

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  1. Well, you have just shown a great big part of my wardrobe, I’ve got multiple variations on all of these! I must admit, though, I had been wondering if these style of more fitted knits were going out of fashion, with all of the flowing knits in the shops. They look terrible on me – I’m way too short – but I am guessing from this post you think I will still look ok in the more fitted cardi?
    If so, I’m popping out to Jacqui E – love that colour!

  2. I never would have read this in the past. But having lost a little weight lately I was surprised to find that it ALL came from one place, my boobs.

    These tops still look a little small for me though, my waist has not switched on the fact that we are slimming down. The seed cardie from last week is still on my list. Must get there!

  3. The JE and AH cardi’s are my cup of tea because of the colors and the details – so cute and fun! I like that some of them have long sleeves, a lot of my cardi’s have 3/4 length sleeves and it limits my layering options.

  4. I can see myself in the Jacqui E cardigan, because I love bright jewel colours! So enjoying looking at your fashion ideas and tips, and hoping that I can remember some of your sage advice when I’m in a frenzy sales-shopping 🙂

    1. Best tip you have to remember: do you LOVE it? If you’re second guessing the purchase, walk away. Only things that you LOVE when you try them on will actually get worn frequently and therefore worth the $

      1. So true Nikki!! I thought of you when I was shopping up a storm in Melbourne in the sales…and I have returned victorious! 2 weeks later I have worn everything I bought at least once some things 4 times already and I LOVE them all…not a single item destined for the “never worn more than once” draw of shame and thats not something I would have been able to say in the past.

          1. Yes your voice was in my head in a nice way 🙂 it is silly but that simple thing that if you dont LOVE it in the change room you wont love it later has been life changing…oh and if you dont have time to try it on you dont have time to buy it!

  5. YES I can see myself in that lovely Gorman jumper so nice that is and the oatmeal would never go out of fashion either,lovely colour would go with everything.Not much of a fan of the really cropped knits I will leave them for the sweet young things,I have a mummy tummy like you do when you have had children.I am finding this year a lot of the knits are too long and bulky for small frames.I like a finer knit that I can layer ,Thank you Nikki for a great post for my barley B cups.I hope you feel a bit better If not take care of YOU and rest…

  6. Great advice Nikki, I whole-heartedly agree! Wish I could pull off the whole oversized trend, but I just look like I’m wearing a tent in the end and appear three times my normal width!! Oooh & can I say I am in LOVE with that AH cardi, but that’s no surprise to me really, that woman can do no wrong in my books.

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