Win a $150 Westfield gift card

Styling You Survey: win a $150 Westfield gift card

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I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to stick my nose in your business. Specifically the business of what brings you here to Styling You.

I know I’ve asked you questions before but this time it’s the real deal. A proper survey that people with more of statistical brain than I possess will look over and help guide me to bring you more of the stuff that you really like (it seems appropriate to mention Nina Proudman at this point … it is Thursday after all) and other stuff that you’d really like to see here.

Getting to know you – where you live and what makes you tick – will help me too. I do like getting inside the heads of my readers. In the nicest possible way, of course.

Yep, as I said … I’m being nosey.

Now, to entice you to click through and spend a few minutes downloading your thoughts, there’s a $150 Westfield gift card on offer.

Want to see how I’d consider spending $150 at Westfield online right now?

Win a $150 Westfield gift card

1. Fate top $74.95 | 2. Saba necklace $149 | 3. Sambag sunnies $120 | 4. Sambag ballet flats $122.50 (on sale) | 5. Tony Bianco leather pouch $49.95

Now, if that’s got you thinking, click on through. Thanks a million. I really mean it.

You make this blogging gig the best job I’ve ever had.

Oh, bugger, now I’m tearing up.


PS. What would you spend the $150 on? 

Click here to take survey (The survey and competition is open until Friday, July 27. For full terms and conditions here)

Comments 73

  1. Definitely spending it on a style upgrade for me! Loving the mustard, emerald and deep blue colours that are coming in. And if I have to shop again this year for trackie daks for the boys (anyone else for navy, dark grey or light grey?) I might have a tanty in Target…

  2. I would put the money towards a styling session so I could treat myself to some new fashion that suits my style.

  3. I’d love to say a nice outfit for myself, but would end up going to Toys R Us and spoiling my daughter! It’s so hard not too spoil her and enjoy watching her learn how to use a new toy

  4. Hmmm, I’d put it on the fridge as inspiration for losing a few kg’s and then reward myself with a Spring spree at Westfield. xo

  5. Anything…. as long as it’s for ME! Even if it’s envelopes and sanitary products; if it’s new and mine it’s a damn miracle (after the kids bleed me dry each week)!

    Although what I really WANT is some coloured jeans; like the ‘trendies’ wear 😉

  6. I’m wondering if I can spend it on a hair dresser located in a Westfield – I always find a blow dry does wonders for the spirit! That and so new shoes. Mama needs a lift in both hair and body!

  7. I splurge on wine, vitamins/supplements (to counteract the effects of the wine!!) and travel. I save on food by cooking good old fashioned dishes where you could make something cheap not only taste delicious but make it go a long way. It goes great with the wine I splurge on !!!

  8. Survey done Nikki. If I won the $150 voucher, I’d first of all wander about looking at all the lovely new season possibilities and then probably buy a light weight Spring/Summer jacket in a bright colour. Looking forward to some more great advice on new season fashion soon! Thanks for the opportunity to comment/win.

  9. Some bright blue/turquoise homewares to spruce up my new (and very very white) kitchen! Thanks for the chance to win. And for hosting the survey in the first place – it’s great that you want feedback and input from your readers. x

  10. I Just did the survey Nikki and it’s a pleasure to do it for you,If I won i think I would buy a new season jacket,I saw some beautiful ones yesterday when I went birthday shopping for my daughter,and maybe some new fragrance for spring.

  11. Hi Nikki – back from hols and enjoying catching up on your posts 🙂 Just completed your fun survey – FYI two questions wouldn’t allow multiple answers – no.37 and the one about recipes. Have a great day xx

  12. Hi Nikki
    Question 18 wouldn’t let me do ‘other’ as in ‘retired’. It keeps asking me to answer. I’ll just put not employed will I?

  13. At the moment, I’d spend it on a gorgeous floral blazer or pants to brighten up my wardrobe for Spring. Not very sensible, but who cares about being sensible anyway? x

  14. You caught my eye with that first top Nikki! I definitely want that one 🙂 You always do a great job of sharing all the newest pieces and styling tricks, in a very “real” and accessible way xx

  15. The yellows are lovely – just the trick to get us through winter!
    Possibly very boring, but I need to replace a few bras – so that’s what I’d spend on!

  16. I’m not going to specify what I would spend it on because if I go googling for specific items then I will never get this house clean, haha! Let’s just say it will all be for meeeeee (for once!).

    Survey complete. 🙂

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