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Manland: act your age, not your shoe size

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Editor’s note: Manland is a semi-regular post written by Mr Styling You. By day he is a communications advisor; by night and weekend a sports-loving dad and would-be chef. Oh and he loves to shop … and iron. Yep, a keeper 😉

I was walking through the city on my way home after work the other night and I was passed by a grown man in a business suit riding a scooter; the exact type of scooter you see kids riding at the skate park.

And he wasn’t mucking around, he was making his way home just the same as the rest of us … except he was scooting.

Should there be an upper age limit on scooter riding?

“Each to their own” I figured, but it did get ME thinking, there are a lot of fun things that we can do if we want, but is there an age when guys should put the “Peter Pan suits” away and act and dress according to their age?

Living on the Sunshine Coast, my fellow men-folk and I are continually exposed to a culture of surf brands that would love nothing more than for all boys and men to be walking billboards, wearing clothes emblazoned with logos, images of scantily clad women and the latest array of bright colours.

I’ve been there (editor: mmm … scantily clad women?). Most guys have. But I’m pleased to say I no longer really care what brand the a garment represents as long as it fits with the rest of my wardrobe and I don’t look like a complete tool.

And without professing to have all the answers, I am confident enough to say that I think this is the rule that us guys should apply when hitting the shops. Particularly as we move into adulthood.

We’re big boys and should be through having to worry about peer pressure and what our mates, or the cute girls, “think” we should be wearing, so why do we still see guys who are old enough to know better rocking outfits that would not look out of place down at the skate park or at a blue light disco on a Friday night?

My advice is this: guys get out there and take on the latest seasonal trends by all means, but check which age bracket you are working in.

You don’t want to be a grommet forever, but by the same token, you don’t want to bring on early-onset “old man-ness”.

You need to find a happy medium of comfortable, stylish and sensible.

Are there items in your man’s wardrobe that should have been retired when he grew up? Is the bloke version of mutton dressed up as lamb?


On the Manland shelf

Ben Sherman EDT (50ml) $25

Just in time for the 2012 London Olympic Games I trialled a fragrance from the ironically British fashion brand Ben Sherman. This is a bright summery fragrance with citrusy top notes of tangerine, lemon and lime, but also has a spicy base. With those flavours in mind it works well as a fragrance to wear daily for work or for active engagements on the weekend. Phone 07 5526 3844 for stockists.

Ben Sherman EDT

Skinn Total Shave 100ml $49| Daily Moisture 50ml $69

Frustrated by a limited choice of men’s cosmetics in Australia, biochemist Annabel Merz and dermatologist Nina Wines combined their scientific expertise with their passion and produced a range of skin care products that is really effective at producing a clean shave and minimising razor rash and dryness. Both products feel great on your skin, are non-greasy and keep your face refreshed even in the middle of winter.

skinn men products

NIVEA for Men Sensitive Protect anti-perspirant 200ml $6.29 ($3.78 for roll-on)

I’ve been a fan of the NIVEA for Men product range for a number of years now, and I think in the new Sensitive Protect I might have found the most effective anti-perspirant yet. The fragrance is not overpowering and it is very effective in keeping the sweat patches at bay.

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Editor’s (third) note: While Mr Styling You can have some rather annoying habits (shouting at the TV during State of Origin … because that will really make a difference 😉 ), he is the king of surprises. Just this week, he calls me from Myer, excited on my behalf about the new sass & bide collection in store. So excited that he comes home with this: 

sass and bide top

Yep, I know. He’s good.

Does the man in your life have an opinion about men not dressing for their age? Does he use any product? And does he go shopping for you – for a surprise or other?

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  1. I think my hubby has got it all worked out….now…. after some coaching. However, I would like him to wear sunscreen and some aftershave every now and then. He says he won’t wear perfume (deodorant is it!) and hates every sunscreen I have bought him! His wardrobe is pretty basic bush wear, and I keep it easy on me and buy the wrinkle free cotton shirts from Eddie Bauer in the states, fabulous plug there! a couple of suits, for weddings and funerals, and sports coats and he is set. Fancy clothes don’t really cut it in the paddocks or yards with several thousand cattle and their ‘outputs’! My hubby’s clothing choices are all about functionality, comfort and ease of care! And he doesn’t understand doing otherwise!
    He would never contemplate buying clothing, or anything really, for me, I don’t think he would even hazard a guess at sizing. He has plenty of endearing qualities, but trying to be impressive and generous with gifts or super modern and stylish are not any of them.

  2. He wears a puffer vest to annoy me. As well as that? Complete disaster. If he has pants on, then I am grateful, as are our dinner guests xx

  3. As wonderful as Mr SY sounds (and he does!) I’m still in awe of your son’s CHOCOLATE SALAD!?!! That’s a ‘recipe’ I’m stealing!! x

    1. The Chocolate Salad is my invention. Well, it started the first Easter that Mr SY and I were together. We through all our Easter chocolate in a bowl and declared it chocolate salad! Now it’s a firm party fixture!

  4. My gorgeous 40+ husband has a tall, slim physique so people think he can wear anything. But the truth is he has a butt, so skinny jeans just don’t work on him and he won’t go the classic Levis, so recently spent a considerable sum on G-Star jeans that fit him- and have long enough legs.
    I think men have as much difficulty finding stuff that fits as we do. And for many that’s why they to stick to the stuff they know which can then look a bit “old”
    And Nikki he’s a keeper for sure- mine doesn’t shop for me, but he buys me flowers for no reason, cooks well and is also my personal barista…I’m more than happy with that arrangement!

  5. My ex husband should read this wonderful article! He left me for a ‘girl’ 20 years younger than himself and the last time I saw him I nearly died laughing – gone are the business suits and ties, to be replaced by stove pipe jeans, spiked up hair, 3/4 jacket, chewing gum, heeled boots. He looked just like one of the Rolling Stones. I suppose he thinks he looks young and hip but I just saw a pitiful ageing grandfather to our 2 lovely grandchildren!
    PS. – I’m not bitter (incase it sounds that way)…I have a lovely new husband who is my age and dresses age appropriate!

  6. Great Advice Mr Styling you ,no you do not want to look like a tool in your forties or older,and I love what you Bought Nikki, YOU have great taste ,you sure are a keeper !!

  7. I think it is quite hard for men to strike a happy medium with dressing, given what is available in the shops. There are good business wear options, lots of super casual options, but dressy casual? Not so much. Maybe we could have a Mr StylingYou Model and Me series!

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