7 cute coloured jackets for spring 2012

How to wear a coloured jacket

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I was wandering the shops at my local shopping centre yesterday morning (under the guise of buying stationery for work … not because I was avoiding doing said work. No, siree … I wouldn’t do that on a Monday after the school run πŸ˜‰ ).Β 

Anyhoo, as I was walking to reach my Scandinavian stationery destination, I couldn’t help but smile at what I was seeing in the shop windows.

The stores gave a glimmer of hope that winter is almost behind us. Β And that a bright, colourful fun spring is just around the corner.

Now for me, that’s very true. In two weeks I’ll be packing to fly into summer … to a very hot New York. I’ve started talking to my legs and warning them that they are about to get one rude awakening from their jeans and leggings hibernation. I can tell by their determined scaliness that they’re not impressed.

And when I get back from the US, typically Queensland will be done and dusted with winter.

So, my fashiony mind is very much in the future. Which is why the shops probably excite me a bit more than they do you at the moment.

I’ve talked before that it’s during these “shoulder” fashion seasons that you need to take advantage of looking for what I call, “wardrobe friends”. By friends, I mean the kind of garments that are trans-seasonal and serve you for most of the year.

My go-to, trans-seasonal, can-always-count-on-it wardrobe friend?

The jacket.

I’ve talked before about the power of the jacket or blazer as part of your fashion wardrobe.

How to wear a coloured jacket

In a nutshell, a jacket can take a casual jeans or frock outfit and lift it into the next stratosphere, style wise. For someone like me who lives and works in a pretty casual-dressing part of the world, this is particularly advantageous when I have to smarten up for a visit to the city.

Hence why I now own about six blazers …

What I’m particularly loving about this season’s jacket or blazer? The colour and the prints and patterns available. I can be wearing something quite neutral and pop on a coloured or patterned jacket and suddenly I have an outfit that’s ready to pop.

What to wear with your jacket outfit?

I’ll still consider a summer-weight scarf but my necklace collection very much comes into play with a spring jacket. Especially if I’m looking to dress things up even more.

Oh, and I always roll the sleeves up for spring. Just a tip. It also creates a more flattering sleeve length.

Shopping suggestions

7 cute coloured jackets for spring 2012

Β 1. sass & bide jacketΒ $390 | 2. Seed jersey blazer $129.95 | 3. Sussan polka dot print blazer $119.95 | 4. Bardot neon nights blazer $99.95 | 5. Virtu Joella jacket $109.95 | 6. Country Road minimal jacket $299 | 7. Wish Pedro jacket $149.95

Do you like jackets and blazers as much as I do? Are you ready for a little colour injection in your jacket wardrobe?

P.S. If you’d like more jacket styling information, head on over to my Jackets Pinterest board. I’ll be pinning more as the season gets underway so make sure you follow along.

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  1. LOVE me a jacket!! And totally with you on the sleeves rolled up – I feel a little like a newsreader if I don’t!
    I always wear my jacket or blazer open too, I find it’s more flattering if you have a bigger bust – it creates a vertical line, rather than emphasising the bust by doing up the buttons.
    Now that teal colored jacket from seed has my name ALL over it…. now I wonder if they send to NZ! xx

  2. I totes adore the look of a jacket, but I have immense difficulty finding ones to fit! The ones that fit the waist are all tight under the arms, the ones that fit the arms are like boxes. Sigh. I guess I need a good tailor!!! x

  3. I absolutely love a good blazer – it elevates a simple outfit from ordinary to chic. Loving all the brightly coloured and patterned blazers hitting stores. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive…and no, that’s not just because my Birthday is in September…! xx

  4. Hi Nikki,
    I’m currently living in NYC, and believe me, it has been HOT! I moved here from sunny Brisbane in April, so it is a really extended summer. I have just been living in my lightest summer dresses, and have had barely any need for any type of cover up. The days are nice and long (the sun has been going down at about 9pm), and the nights are warm too. Hope that helps with the priority packing – bring your togs too, you might like to spend a day or two at the beach, just to make you feel at home πŸ˜‰ Have fun!

    1. Oh how fun Ebony! Yes, I was thinking that I’d be mainly bringing my QLD high summer stuff. I’ve got the Seed jacket above but that’s for my flight over (I get cold on planes!). Togs will be packed – not sure we’ll get to the beach during our NYC time but definitely on West Coast.

  5. I love jackets, just wish I could find more in smaller sizes. I have very, very, very small shoulders.

  6. I love this! I think I NEED the polka dot jacket – oh yes… but then I am going to need me some crimson red Country Road jeans… oh Mr Credit Card… I am so sorry!

  7. Last week I bought a bright orange jacket from Cotton On. I looks great with jeans and winter colour but will also look great in summer with some white. I love, love, love it! Love No. 2 and 7 of yours too.

  8. Love the Bardot blazer! Cute!

    Speaking of jackets … just make sure you do take one with you to NYC. I was there in August 2010 and while we had beautiful, warm, sunny weather most of the time, there was one day where I seriously thought I was going to end up in hospital with pneumonia! It can get quite chilly/breezy down by the water and if you’re going to do the bus tours around the city (which, by the way, I think is the best way to travel easily as a tourist!), definitely carry a cardi or something with you!

  9. Yes I do,I have a few a lovely silky black one i bought at the end of last year that dresses up a tee and jeans and ankle boots or a nice dress,a taupe one and a lovely patterned kimono type jacket that i didn’t get to wear last year so it’s already for spring and a lovely bluey grey one that I have hiding in my wardrobe as well ,oh and a white one .I am loving the cobalt and coral colours very pretty for spring,must have a look at the new season things when i go to Westfield next to buy birthday presents lol not for me of course!!
    You must get those legs ready for the NY summer ,try that Garnier 7 day cream ,Not so flaky, my legs are a bit happier this winter ,I don’t leave my skin behind when I take off black pants so It does work,You must be so Exited Nikki,2 weeks wow!!!

  10. I wish I could find more blazers. I’d love some funky coloured ones but for some reason there are none to be seen in my area and I’m not particularly interested in buying clothes online as I want to try on and check the sizing and colour before I buy. Just have to keep looking I suppose.

  11. Nikki, I’d love to wear a blazer/jacket but jackets get me in the neck, giving me a headache/neck ache, feels like my head is pushed forward from the base of my neck, cardies don’t however so what do I look for in a jacket to avoid this?

  12. I have two jackets in my wardrobe; one I bought when I was sixteen and the other about eight years ago. Gotta love how trends come back again! I definitely need at least one new season blazer though – I’m loving the colours (that Wish one has my name on it!)

  13. OH MY! The teal from Seed and the cobalt from Virtu have been added to my shopping list – these are 2 of my fave colours ATM (in fact I’m wearing cobalt Emerson T and cobalt Big W flats with my black suit and tights today!). I feel a lunchtime shopping trek coming on πŸ™‚ I need these because I’m paring back my wardrobe due to space, weight loss and just having too many darned clothes, and most of them are black or grey or navy, so I need this colour in my life right? That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it LOL.

      1. You’re officially my fasion enabler Nikki – just popped out at lunchtime and bought the Virtu blue blazer! Seed didn’t have the teal in stock so my credit card might be safe for now… unless I find it online πŸ˜‰

          1. Unfortunately it appears Seed don’t do my size – a 14’s as big as they get and my ‘girls’ really need at least a 16 to be comfy. Oh well, my new blue and my Jag red from last year will see me through!

  14. I love white and cream blazers (especially for cooking, eating beetroot, playing with babies and puppies, etc…) and recently bought a cream blazer with black button removable collar from Veronica Maine in the sales.
    I’m thinking the black collar will help extend the number of wears between needing to dry clean as well as giving a slightly more formal look, but also planning to wear it (lots) without the black trim in spring.
    I have also seen lots of floral blazers around, but think these might be best left to the very young.

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