Keeping it real: the engagement party outfit | sass & bide

Keeping it Real: the engagement party outfit

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Do you remember a time in your life when you seemed to be going to the same kind of “special occasion” every weekend?

The year of 21st parties is a distant memory … the 40ths are heading that way too. Sigh.

And as for all things weddings, they seem to go in cycles too, don’t they? I remember going to seven in one year. That year was a whole lot of outfits, shoes and wishing well or gift registry contributions.

But it’s been a while between all events wedding related so it was lovely to attend an engagement party on the weekend. I first met the couple 10 years ago, when they were 15 and in Year 10.

They’re a beautiful testament to the potential of young love. Sigh. Again.

Anyhoo, the party was at an inner-city bowls club. So not too dressy. Just a little. I seized the opportunity to take out the new sass & bide top, which my husband bought me last week, on its first outing.

The top is pretty much a statement piece. So in keeping with my style, I kept the rest of the outfit – plus my hair and makeup – pretty simple. Hair ghd-straightened; a brown smokey eye and a coral lip. Too easy.

Keeping it real: the engagement party outfit | sass & bide

You’ll recognise a few pieces in this outfit that I have featured quite a few times here on the blog.

I cannot speak highly enough of building a wardrobe full of work-horse garments. My NYDJ jeans and collections of jackets are just that.

Oh, and these Zoe Kratzmann shoes, which I’ve worn A LOT? They’re a definite on my New York packing list. They look great but I can walk in them all day – or night.

Keeping it real: the engagement party outfit | sass & bide

sass & bide top | sass & bide necklace | Witchery | NYDJ | Zoe Kratzmann clutch | Zoe Kratzmann shoes

Do you have any occasions coming up, for which you need a specific outfit? Leave a comment below if you’re stuck for ideas.

PS. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. What’s coming up for you this week? My youngest son turns seven on Saturday and has requested a family Japanese lunch. And a cake with marshmallows and snake lollies on top. Too easy.

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  1. Nikki how gorgeous is your husband?! So lovely to hear about a man who understands a woman’s passion and makes her happy! xo

  2. i read all your comments and so many of you talk about jeggings and jeans, but what about those of us…well me, that have no arse??? I have NO arse, its atrocious and whilst I’m unemployed and have spare time on my hands am doing something about it, exercising, lost 9kg over 10 months and whilst I’m not fat, I’m definitely not shapely, esp. my bum!!!!! SOOOOO whats a great solution to looking trendy without having to flash my arse in jeans etc????

  3. Can’t wait to see the cake!

    As for the outfit, no need for anything special, but I’m picky about clothes. They have to be the right fit, colour and shape so finding the right stuff is few and far between unfortunately.

  4. So true about events happening in waves. I’m feeling a lot more invites to 40ths rather than 30ths coming on at the moment. You look fabulous. Just right for the event.

  5. I am not good about judging what certain events need in the way of dressing. Is this too formal? Not formal enough? All whilst trying to reflect me in the style. I’m a bit quirky and fun once you get yourself through the layers. Once I waorry less about my inability to filter.
    I have the bloggers brunch coming up on Friday. Still no idea what to wear. I’d like to wear a pretty casual style dress, but it’s winter and in Melbourne, so no and no. I feel like jeans is the easy thing to fall back on and I’d like to leave them as a last resort. I am thinking something with tights, but again is that too informal and what exactly? Hmmmm.
    You have opened my eyes to a massive world of fashion Nikki. Too many decisions!

  6. my Emerson jeans have become my workhorse…just today tried to buy a few more pairs but as usual sold out in my size…I haven’t been able to get any for months!

    love the look xo

  7. That outfit looks Amaazing on you Nikki,You must pack the whole outfit for NY I Think,love those shoes must have a look at Zoe Kratzmann’s website.No we have no party’s coming up in the next few months,My daughters birthday is on the 30th Of July and I’m going to spoil her,as her brother will be in Thailand on a holiday and My husband has to go to Madagascar for work so will just be us girls at home,I wonder what You can buy in Madagascar ??anyone been there or Know,I would love to hear what is good to buy.
    Love that you shop out of our wardrobe like us,and It just goes to show if you buy good statement pieces you will have them for years.

  8. HI Nikki
    I am going to a wedding at Clio’s on Rosemount in 2 weeks …. I am 51 (eeeeks it still freaks me out lol) I have recently gained weight 🙁 so am wearing a LBD … a little stretchy ruffled number from Noni B that covers the lumps and bumps AKA the love handles and big tummy lol … and to cover the arms I have a little black/latte lined lace jacket … should I wear stockings with my black peeptoe shoes or just go with bare legs mmmm will need fake tan for that lol and can I pair a red clutch with the black dress and then there is the decision on accessories lol I dont want to look like mutton dressed as lamb lol I am in a fashion dilemma !!!! yikes I need your help lol
    Staying at the lovely Sandunes resort and DO NOT know what to pack for 4 days , I come from the cold cold Northern NSW town of Inverell … is it cool .. do you still wear summer clothes in July/August up there on the Sunshine Coast ????
    Just want to say I love your blog , I love all your beauty advice I love everything you wear and I LOVE Offspring , I lust after Ninas clothes but alas they are beyond my financial reach lol
    Keep up the good work
    Julie Buxton

    1. Hi Julie – what a great way to spend your birthday. So in two weeks time it will still be cold at night (not as cold as what you’re used to but about 8 degrees). During the day it will get up to 20-21 but there might be a chilly westerly wind (always around the EKKA time!). You’ll need layers that you can peel off as the sun warms you and put back on the minute the sun disappears. I normally wouldn’t do a stocking with a peeptoe shoe but I think you’ll get away with it if the stockings and the shoes are black. You don’t want to be worrying about fake tan on the legs! Enjoy your stay.

  9. You look amazing Nikki…as usual. Your husband has excellent taste! I need a blazer/jacket and have been scouring online shops…hopefully I’ll have success soon! x

  10. Hi, I’m reading your blog over in Sweden and we’re right in the middle of end of season sales, heading towards autumn/winter. I need clothes for a special occasion, namely bitter cold winter!!!! Looking stylish when the temperature can drop below 30 C feels like a mission impossible. HEEELP!!!

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