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6 makeup helpers to keep your face in place

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I can tell you now, it takes a substantial makeup kit to raise this mid-40s face from slumber to wonder.

And some days I’m very much ok with my face staying in a slumber state. If the only daily interaction planned is with my computer, then I’m a lazy-girl beauty minimalist all the way.

But you knew that, didn’t you?

Today I’m not so much going to focus on my lazy side when it comes to minimalising how much makeup I put on; rather I’m going to focus on the types of products that I call on should I need to get my face on … and should I need that face to stay in place for as long as required.

Yes, I’ll use more products than I normally would for everyday but in choosing those products wisely, I can indeed then bring out my lazy-girl methods for the duration of the event or meeting I’m attending.  Play my face cards right and the only touch up I’ll need to do will be a bit of lippy that attached itself to a champagne glass.

The products that I reach for usually do more than one thing but what they all have in common is that they’re all working to help create a flawless canvas on which to apply the fun stuff – the colour.

Think of it like painting walls in your home. The colour is going to lose its impact if the canvas isn’t prepped properly beforehand.

Here’s my canvas I prepped a little earlier.

Before and after: no makeup and prepped for colour

The 6 products I’m likely to reach for:

1. Brushes: I’ve been using professional makeup brushes for eight years now and they are so worth the investment. Not only is the application of product far superior but you also use seriously so much less. This especially applies to liquid foundation. Lordy … you hardly need a skerrick of foundation to cover your entire face. True. You do have to look after your brushes though. Don’t get them wet where the metal head meets the wooden handle. Learned the hard way on that one. Also, use a spray brush cleaner after each use and every couple of weeks give them a wash with shampoo. And this set below? Wowzers … my first foundation brush cost me $80. Such good value.

Makeup Australia Brushes

Alina Makeup Brush Cleaner $19.95 | Catalina Geo Professional Brush Set $129

2. Primer:  I liken primer to velcro. It sits on top of your skin but provides “grip” for your foundation to latch on to. Because it’s latching on to your primer, not your skin, it won’t soak into your skin and “melt” away. In summer, particularly, I cannot get away without using one. I also love how it evens out any tiny wrinkles in your skin so that your foundation flows smoothly over the top of them and not into them. This particular primer has a cream texture, which instantly smooths your skin. Lots to like here.

makeup australia primer

Alina One Step Foundation Primer $39.90

3. Skin tone corrector:  Do you have a bit of redness on the cheeks like me? Maybe some dark spots? Or maybe your skin just looks a bit dull? It is possible to camouflage whatever bits you’d like to with a product that works as colour neutraliser. This green-toned one below is perfect for my cheeks; choose blue for pigmentation; and violet to offset sallowness and give your skin a pick me up. I add this to affected areas underneath my primer.

makeup australia colour capsule

Catalina Geo Colour Capsule Make Up Base (green) $41.50

4. Concealer: Oh, concealer, my lovely makeup friend who’s never left my side since I became a mum. You cover up my lack of sleep under my eyes. You cover up the zits that pop up thinking it’s still 1985. You help the colour corrector above to hide those red cheeks. What I love about this one below is that it’s super moisturising and useful for covering larger areas (you can use it as your foundation) but still ok for smaller concealing using a brush.

Makeup Australia Skin Cover

Catalina Geo Skin Cover $45.50

5. Illuminator:  Let’s face it, it’s not often that we’ve got our glow going on. No use blaming anyone over lost sleep and too many vinos – too late for that. What’s not too late though is a bit of redemption. That’s where illuminators come in. I use cream ones, stick ones and powder ones. This one can actually be used as a foundation – wet or dry (dry will probably be too dry in winter on its own) – but where it’s a stand out for me is the ability of the formulation to self-adjust to any different lighting you might find yourself in. This helps to stop shadowing on your face and keep you glowing.

Makeup Australia illuminator

Catalina Geo B.I Colour Sensor Two Way Cake $41.50

6. Pressed powder: The final piece in my flawless makeup canvas puzzle is a dusting of pressed powder. This seals all your hard work and keeps you looking fresh throughout the day or evening. This one has the “twist and shave” function that is increasingly used on powders and bronzers to prolong the longevity of the product. The formula also contains kaolin, which absorbs sweat. My kind of powder.

Makeup Australia Face Up Powder

Catalina Geo Face Up Powder $40.50

About Makeup Australia

Makeup Australia provides salon-quality makeup products shipped direct to you. Catalina Geo products are made from premium non-allergenic ingredients and have outstanding results with problem skin types. Alina products have been designed exclusively to complement the existing range of Catalina Geo, while having an up to the minute “fashion focus”. Many of the products have natural extracts and mineral bases. Delivery is free Australia-wide on orders over $80.


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  1. I was going to say eyeliner but…..I think it’s mascara; you can use it as an eyeliner too! It’s a bit hard to make your eyelashes longer and fuller with eyeliner. So mascara all the way 🙂

  2. Concealer 🙂 A little bit in all the right places (on the blemishes, under the eyes, a luminous one on the cheekbones) makes the biggest difference!

  3. No need to think about this one – mascara, preferably waterproof and black. (waterproof coz it stays on longer, and you never know what the weather will be like!). I’m quite simply not ‘me’ unless my lashes are black as!!!

  4. Definitly foundation, I won’t leave home without it, and since I turn 40 in about 2 weeks I’m up for any new tips!! If it was my only product I’d use a light layer on my lips and eyes for an all over even tone.

  5. I liken my ageing complexion to a shipwreck,
    slowly gathering barnacles on my face and neck!
    Love my CONCEALER ~my magic friend!
    Covering all blemishes! ~On it I depend!

  6. Body Glitter!!!! Great for a night out but also a rather lovely way to make you feel bright and sparkly even when you might not be feeling that cheerful on the inside

  7. Without mascara on my eyes,
    I’ll leave the house in disguise.
    For without mascara my eyes are blah,
    and I’d rather go out not wearing a bra.

  8. Mascara. My eyelashes are extremely fair and I have been asked a few times, why dont I have eyelashes – hence I never leave the house without it on!

  9. Without my lip balm I would constantly have chapped dry lips. And I constantly had chapped, dry lips, I would be forever peeling off the dead skin. And if I was forever peeling off the dead skin, my lips would be bleeding all the time. And if my lips were bleeding all the time, eventually, I would die of blood loss. And THUS I cannot live without my lip balm. 😉

  10. My foundation is my daily salvation.
    Alone with three children is a task.
    So I’m desperate for my daily mask.
    To hide the ongoing wear and tear.
    And give myself a little care.

  11. I can’t live without sunscreen – I have pale skin and i need sunscreen before i can even think about anything else!

  12. Mascara
    because I have managed to convince myself
    that if I catch your eye
    you will be so captivated
    by my beautiful blue eyes
    framed by lush lashes
    that you won’t notice
    any of my flaws…
    (or the unwashed floors)

  13. It would have to be concealer. I need it to conceal big and small blemishes,knowing I’ve hidden them from vicious peering eyes gives me the confidence to hold my head high among the non blemished women and feel good about myself.

  14. Loose mineral powder foundation.Seconds to apply and looks like you not wearing any make-up at all. The coverage is wonderful.

  15. Tri Aktiline. My purple tube buddy fills my acne scars every morning. Takes the edge off. Followed by a concealer chaser. Love it!

  16. Absolutely my “can’t live without” makeup product is concealer. It hides, transforms, smooths, and even lifts! It is the perfect product to use to reduce the amount of foundation etc that you need, It is a quick pick-me-up, especially for a shift worker who needs to transform from ultimate zombie to morning-fabulous and fresh soccer mum!
    Keep it in my bathroom, handbag, and desk at all times!

  17. I can’t live without my Estee Lauder Automatic Brow pencil Duo. Comes with a little brush and crayon to ‘fill’ in my brows. I don’t think they will ever recover from the 80’s. This Brow pencil works wonders. 🙂

  18. Absolutely my eyeliner! It was the first makeup item I ever started playing with. And it will be the last thing I give up. Even on days I’m feeling a bit lazy, it helps wake me up, make my eyes stand out, and shape them in any fun way I please. 🙂

  19. *you have to sing this comment in the style of david guetta – without you – ok!?!*
    I am lost, I am vain,
    I will never look the same
    Without you, without you
    I won’t go out, I won’t look nice,
    I will never make it by
    Without you, my liquid
    eyeeee linnnerrrr
    eyyyeee linnnerrr
    withouttttttttt youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!


  20. Great tips thanks Nikki! If I had to choose just one item, it would have to be red lippy to give the illusion that I’ve made more of an effort than I actually had. assuming I’m already wearing my BB cream, because that’s sunscreen, not makeup. Isn’t it? 😉

  21. BB cream and Lipbalm. I knew nothing about this products til I stumbled on your site. You taught me a lot of the different products out there through your reviews and your trusty followers comments 🙂 now I dont go out without wearing them! So thank you 🙂

  22. Mine has to be mascara, I’ve had a love affair of it for decades & it gets me from drab to fab in seconds 😉

  23. Mascara – my eyes just blend into the rest of my face without it….its so bad that when my mother sees me without eye makeup she tells me to go put some on lol

  24. Definately my foundation as I have similar skin to yours. Depends on what I am doing but I use bb garnier for casual or revlon colour stay for going out and about

  25. Love mineral makeup for my everyday face. So great to be able to give my face some colour & even out my skin tone with something non-greasy & it doesn’t stain my clothes when I am rushing & spill some (when I have forgotten to get dressed AFTER I do my makeup…again).

  26. My foundation is my saviour,
    other items I can waiver,
    I love my Maybelline Liquid Mousse,
    Without it I feel like a goose!

  27. As much as I LUUURVE….. …
    Bronzer – oh how it brightens up my face and my day….. and
    BB cream – smells divine and so easy to apply and makes my face look amaze balls… and
    Eyebrow pencil – for that extra finished look! …..and
    Benefit Benetint – Rosy cheeks and ruby red lips?? Yes please ….and
    Lucas Paw Paw – not technically make up but oh so versatile……BUT
    I can only choose ONE!!! So I would have to say if I couldn’t have all of the above, I would HAVE to choose my mascara. Instantly wakes up tired eyes, and just makes me feel ‘finished” even if I am in a rush!!

  28. I definitely can’t live without my L’Oreal Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow. If you’ve been looking for the perfect daytime lipstick then this is your holy grail.  LOSSULG (catchy, huh?) suits everyone, cos it’s just like your lips only better! And those multicoloured smudges on the backs of your hands was never a good look now was it?

  29. I can’t leave the house without finishing my look with some illuminating powder. It leaves my face looking freshand glowing, and hides and deflects those pesky little wrinkles and lines. Best product ever invented.

  30. Mascara for sure! I never leave the house without wearing it because it makes me look awake just enough, with little effort, to do school drop off!!!

  31. Tinted moisturiser is something i dont leave home without.In my forties it smoothes contours and gives me that uniform look that only youth has:-)

  32. Tinted SPF moisturizer! With a 15 month old AND being nearly 34 weeks pregnant, I don’t have the time or the energy to be applying and applying, this lets me kill three birds with one stone, then throw on a tinted SPF lip moisturizer so my lips stay hydrated protected and it gives me a bit of colour! 🙂

  33. Thanks to the sales pressure last week at a big chain, I found myself going home with an illuminator. I had no idea what to do with this, as the lady in the big chain store said it just goes around the eyes! ( but where?) so I went on to You Tube to find out some help. I came across a lovely lady showing the You Tube family how to apply make up. Anyway now I love my illuminator, I don’t leave the house without it!

  34. tinted moisturizer, loveee the way it makes my skin feel especially in winter and i don’t need to wear make up!

  35. A dash of mascara to open my eyes
    Especially after an night of baby cries
    It makes me feel alive and ready for the day
    At work or home, anything can come my way!

  36. MASCARA… I am terminally blonde, and venturing out without mascara makes me look almost transparent, especially, with my red “mother of a 5 week old, 5 year old and 3 year old” eyes…

  37. I NEVER leave home without a sweep of bronzing powder – living in Melbourne and having skin like an albino makes this a necessity!

  38. My Étude House collagen moistful BB cream. It is amazing and does everything. Most days it is just that and mascara and I’m ready to go. You only need the tiniest amount too.
    The other day I was all red and blotchy in the face and looked a sight. I had to leave and did not want to be seen in public like that. I quickly grabbed my BB cream. Less then a pea size, quick application and the redness was completely gone! Well it was still there but not even peering closely gave me away. The stuff is magic and I will buying a few tubes next time I’m in Asia.

  39. Mascara – I’m a very fair-skinned redhead and my eyelashes are so pale it looks as if I don’t have any 🙁
    Even when i’m seeing no-one and doing housework all day I just cannot leave the bathroom in the morning without it!

  40. Lipstick… I can give the flick
    Blush… Over it I don’t tend to gush
    Eye liner… It’s importance is minor…

    Because if I had to pick just one thing it would be mascara… Without it I’d feel like something was missing. Like a princess without her tiara.

  41. definitely bronzing powder! all over or use on eyelids too as a shadow and even on the lips with a bit of gloss… I suddenly come alive when I have a glow. Not talking tacky gold coast orange.. just a soft glow… that’s all!

  42. Without SPF30 foundation and sunscreen, I can’t live without – literally.
    I’ve tried melanoma once and it wasn’t nice…

  43. A tinted mousturiser or BB cream
    Without I won’t be seen
    With Miss eight, five and three
    And lack of sleep, these will at least save me!!!!

  44. Only one item!? One I just can’t live without? A life or death necessity? Although I rarely leave the house without mascara I can’t live without lip balm. Not gloss or lipstick… just a balm to smooth over the rough spots in the day.

  45. I am a big fan of primer (the Models Prefer gel one is great), translucent powder and setting powder. I find that with that combination it really sticks. I am a massive fan of the Garnier BB creams, too. I find that they need setting powder though, as they’re a bit oily.

  46. Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant – It calms, protects and hydrates skin but I also use it to shape brows – just dab a little of this cream over them for a polished look! It also restores shine and smooth cuticles. It’s an amazing all in one product – it works for lips, elbows, knees and anywhere that is super dry, hydrating and leaving a fresh glow! I even use it to remove stubborn eye make up!

  47. I can’t leave the house without mascara on. My husband and I always joke that I look like an egg until I “paint” my eyes on! Love your flawless canvas look, hiding spots and black circles caused by interrupted sleep is a must now I’m heading back to full time work after maternity leave, thanks 🙂

  48. My Ere Perez tinted powder. It gives me a luscious natural healthy glow when applied to my cheeks, and is also amazing as an eye shadow and lip colour. Three in one, you can’t go wrong 🙂

  49. Definitely real mineral foundation. It gives a flawless finish, covers everything you want it to cover, longlasting, good for any occasion, protects your skin from UV rays, waterproof, and contains no harmful chemicals. That’s a gazillion-in-one cosmetic must-have :)!

  50. My powder foundation…. it’s like magic. Simple to use and apply and offers good coverage without looking like you have too much on. Very natural.

  51. When I’m stressed, pimples appear, making my skin anything but clear.
    Concealer always saves the day, keeping those pesky blemishes at bay!

  52. Concealer is my biggest make-up love, there’s no way I could be seen in public if I didn’t have this on.

  53. I can’t live without my mascara. Even if I am feeling exhausted from looking after my 3 daughters or husband a swipe or two of mascara opens up my eyes and makes them sparkle

  54. The wand I wave is pink and green
    and without that mascara I would not be seen
    It makes me look awake
    and the compliments I will take
    and not look like as Has-been!

  55. I cannot live without my under-eye concealer. Without it I look damn tired but after I slap on some concealer under the eyes, my entire face looks brighter and more refreshed, revived and awake. It’s a saviour.

  56. I look like a pale, tired, old bag who’s not getting enough sleep without blush. Oh wait, I am a pale, tired old bag who’s not getting enough sleep! 😉

  57. Foundation for sure! Even when I don’t wear a full face of make-up foundation just gives me that even skin tone that makes me feel human. Second would be mascara.

  58. I can’t live without my mineral powder. It is all that stands between me looking like I have just escaped from hospital to looking relatively normal. I must say that Alina primer looks sensational and I feel that that product teamed with my mineral powder would have me looking red carpet ready almost.

  59. My No. 7 under eye concealer…hides the telltale signs during an insomnia stage. My mum still sends me it from the UK when i am running low!

  60. Wow-Niki…I’m inspired to go sort out my entire bathroom & all it’s goodies after this post!
    Total makeup inspiration for this 40 yr old gal!

    The one thing my face cannot do without is lip moisture-twice weekly lip scrub & endless daily lip gloss.
    I’m obsessed with Burt’s Bees after living in England for 4 years-now back in Oz I need it even more!

    Melissa (Miss Sew & So)
    Ps-your hair looked amazing -glossy strong & straight!

  61. It has to be concealer. I’m 33 but still have spots. And no, they’re not small pimples but much bigger, angrier spots that still make me upset when I look in the mirror

  62. My mascara is my friend, it’s the one I leave till the end.
    Completes the outfit for the face, luscious long lashes are in place.
    Style and variety for all occasions and more, the big full look or maybe something a little small.
    Giving my eyes the WOW is my simple trick, just don’t clump by putting it on too thick.

  63. ohhh pressed powder …inspired by the glamour of the 1940’s it makes me feel fab, fun and powerfully great! le xox

  64. Mascara, I have been blessed with good skin and have a natural pink flush to my cheeks, lucky me. Often I only use mascara to make my eyes pop and keep my skin clean and natural.

  65. I can’t live without L’Oreal’s Nude Magique BB Cream Cream. You don’t even need a finishing powder if you don’t have one. If I had nothing else but that in the world, I would happily walk out the door. It comes out of tube white and grainy but when applied to your face, it matches up to your skin tone beautifully.

  66. Thanks to you, Nikki, I can’t live without my BB cream. I wear it everyday instead of foundation (and my skin is loving me for it) and under my heavier foundation when I need to get my face on. A close second is mascara – I’m blessed with long dark lashes, but a swish of mascara makes them fabulous!

  67. Oooh, it’s a tight and tough competition but I’d have to say I can’t live without mascara. If I’ve only got time for one make-up trick, the magic wand is definitely what I reach for. Making my eyes the focus gives me the powers to tackle the day.

  68. I can’t live without something on my lips, preferrably gloss, but I always need at least chap stick. My lips are dry and I have a car on my lip, so need coverage.

  69. My Primer. It moisturises my skin and also hrlps protec my acne prone skin from clogging with my foundation. Holds my look in place and stops it “sliding” off even in humid weather.

  70. I am terrible with make up and looking after my skin, but know that now I a, well and truly into my 30s, I need to start paying attention. At the moment, all I put on my face is my foundation- a body shop one – and mascara, so foundation would have to be it!!!

  71. I never step out the door without my foundation containing sunscreen.I have discovered the Avon Anew Age Transforming Foundation with SPF 30 is ideal for my skin and our Sunshine Coast climate. At least I then look a healthy colour and my skin is being protected.Even much younger friends ask what I use. That illuminator sounds pretty good as do all the collection above!

  72. Definately my Bronzer, great for contouring, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick (with gloss over) or for transition of my winter makeup colour into summer.

  73. Mascara, because even if you’re not wearing anything else on your face, accentuating your eyes, always makes you look fabulous!

  74. I think the one thing in my makeup bag I could not live without would have to be my brow powder,my sparse skinny eyebrows may have been in fashion in the 80s but not now ,but a girls gotta deal with what they are given….Right?

  75. I would have to say my MAC Studio fix foundation – As I am anaemic I am continuously faced with black rings under my eyes (Or as my boyfriend said – ‘Did someone punch you…’) My foundation always comes to my rescue to make me look and feel great!

  76. Having sparse and unruley eyelashes it would have to be my eye lash curler!!!
    Making them ready for mascara, its my must have and comes everywhere with me.

  77. I absolutely, positively cannot live without my Origins VitaZing Moisturiser. It nourishes my skin, evens out skin tone and even contains SPF 15. I swear it actually makes my skin glow….maybe that’s the magical Mangosteen working?!….whatever it is, I’m hooked!

  78. Eyeliner – whenever I’ve risked not wearing it – someone always says I look tired that day. Love the look and quality of this makeup.

  79. Those wonderful Mascaras ….and there are many…that open up the eyes by making eye lashes look amazingly long and voluptuous!! I cannot be without them as I have small eyes and NEED that miraculous mascara friend of mine!!

  80. Its a tie between concealer for the same mummy reasons as you so kindly reassured us (we are not alone in the aforementioned 1985 moments) and correction base as a momentary lapse in judgment getting Laser hair removal has now left me with a slightly red chin forever 🙁

  81. Tinted Moisturiser is my savour everyday. When I have no time this is my 1 essential, giving me an instant boost to face the world, my Mum (who just may mention what I need to start using as I approach 30), and those awkward people you bump into when you are just picking up milk! Instant glow, moisture and cover up….

  82. Primer is my ticket to youth! Wrinkles, blotchy skin and dark circles make me feel old but with my primer, I feel youthful and have a bounce in my step to thinking I am younger than my age.

  83. It would have to be foundation – I can’t leave home without it (wouldn’t want to scare anyone to death). I am constantly on a search for the perfect mix of great coverage without a flat one dimensional look!!

  84. Eyebrow pencil…….Even without any other makeup as long as my eyebrows look “polished” I feel fabulous! Cant be without it.

  85. Eyeliner – I feel like Lady Godiva if I leave the house without this on (minus the long hair and horse of course!)

  86. I could not live without my eye brown pencil. Being a red head, my eye brows are very fair. I need it to add definition and frame my face. Also I LOVE a fire engine red lip stick by Chanel to make my eyes pop!

  87. My tinted moisturiser as it tones down my redness and evens out the tone, gives a glow and provides great sun protection. I simply have to add a lipstick to feel made up enough to brave the world but can amp it up if need be.

  88. A good lipbalm. Dry lips drive me insane! So does dry skin, so moisturiser is vital also.
    But once those two have been managed, I would have to say a waterproof curling mascara. Otherwise I get panda eyes.

  89. lip gloss… nothing worse than crinkely lips… which just won’t do as you don’t want lips that look like a cats bum now do you… so lip gloss.. lip gloss. it is..

  90. I have very dark circles under my eyes, must be in the genes as my son does too and he is only 4! So concealer is my cant live without make up choice!

  91. Lip gloss and or Lip Balm.
    For me keeping my lips soft and kissable at all times is an essential for im always saying that the day George Clooney walks into my life …I will be ready 🙂

  92. My everyday one essential is tinted Moisturiser for my face. Thank goodness it has all you need a
    sunscreen, hydrates and perfects blemishes as well as vitamins and minerals.

  93. Oh the days of makeup! Since having a baby it’s a luxury I often don’t have time for. But I always try to put on some moisturising lip gloss. Digging deep into the nappy bag and pushing past the Sudo Cream, teething gel, rusks, wipes, to find it at the bottom with the lid off and covered in biscuit crumbs.

  94. My one item that I can’t live without now would have to be finishing powder. I had always had some in the cupboard, but not bothered using it. Pretty sure I read something on Styling You about using a finishing powder, so I pulled it out and haven’t looked back. My makeup last soooo much longer now!

  95. More recently it’s been a good primer. It just makes everything do its job better! Finding a good one can be hard and expensive but worth every cent!

  96. BLUSH.. I have used it forever and although i probably wear to much i just can’t get enough if it.. It’s the one thing that if i can’t find it almost brings me to tears.. Nothing like a rosey cheek.. x

  97. with 3 babies in 4 years concealer is a must must must!!!! and so while I dream of beauty sleep I need all the help I can get 🙂

  98. I couldn’t live without mascara, I have small thin lashes (due to bad ovaries) and I feel that bold thick lashes are one of those feminine traits to make our face shine, our eyes brighter and our smile bigger. In a hectic lifestyle I will always have time to throw on some quick mascara.

  99. I cannot live without dark brown eyeliner! I have good eyes and want to draw all attention to them! I could lose any other item, but not that! followed by foundation or powder, then lippy, then lastly mascara.

  100. Tinted moisturiser with sunscreen for me, it makes my skintone a little more even, is quick to apply and absolutely necessary in out climate

  101. I can’t live without lipstick or gloss. I hardly wear make up but a bright mouth makes me feel ‘half way there’ on a low day.

  102. With a face full of freckles (that I love) I live for my foundation. I dont try to hide them at all, but evening my complexion out helps!

  103. Mascara! Even if I wear no other make up, it just seems to make me! It makes my eyes pop, and with a few bats of the lashes, its usually easy to get my own way. 😉

  104. Oh so many things but if I had to nail it down, it would be my eyebrow pencil. I do have (thin) natural brows but if I went out and about without fixing them up I’d look like a rookie drag queen pre-makeup. (No offense meant to drag queens!)

  105. For me, it’s foundation I think to even out my skin tone is the most important, I don’t want people being distracted by my 40ish character marks!

  106. Bobbi Brown duo pack of concealer and brightening powder. It’s amazing! The concealing is super creamy which means I can apply it to my thin, dry skin and it’s the only concealer that covers everything for me- shadows, freckles and even hides my wrinkles. Don’t know how I’d survive without it!!

  107. A concealer, it hides lots of flaws. Im in my 50’s and little bits of red are popping up everywhere on my face, not wrinkles just red.By the way Im not a drinker.

  108. Mascara! If i’m in a rush and don’t have time for a full face of make-up i just apply mascara and off i go!

  109. I absolutely cannot survive without a great illuminator – I’ve decided that lightening up my attitude can definitely be helped by lightening up my face!

  110. It has to be primer…….then depending on the event/lack of sleep I prepare to meet my audience…….as you do

  111. Can’t live without my MASCARA, it opens my eyes (my lashes are pale, so all of a sudden appear when divinely coated!) I look awake (no matter how sleep deprived) never leave I won’t go to the mailbox without it!

  112. BB cream for sure! started using it earlier this year and just can’t imagine my morning routine without it.

  113. My goodness, so hard to choose…probably a concealer to cover my imperfections and believe me there are many! xToni

  114. i would have to say the garnier BB cream for an everyday foundation that I can wear while I’m running and at the gym and not be completely face naked! My skin has never been better !

  115. Its hard to choose, but Concealer, as you can quickly cover up the obvious imperfections, chuck on some sunnies, and go. But finding the right products is always the hardest.

  116. Skin tone corrector is my lifeline in the fight to looking natural. The elements can play havoc on you so having the best makeup secret to fight the unexpected woes is what a girl wants to step out the door with that hollywood glam look.

  117. It would have to be Lipstick. I can have a full face on, and if i don’t have lippy on, I look naked…face naked that is. If I’m having a lazy day – lippy on and sunnies is my cheat face.

    Love the look of these products Nikki. As I read through the article I was ohhing and ahhing at each one… Think I’m going to put that make up brush on my christmas wish list.

    I hope you are staying in bed today!! Do you ever sleep?!

  118. This is a hard choice but if I could only choose one, it would have to be a tinted lip gloss because it somehow has the ability to lift my mood & my confidence & after all, isn’t that what make up is all about?

  119. eyebrow pencil. seriously. It used to be eye liner bhut wothout the brows defined I feel as if my eyes disappear into my face.

  120. Since I discovered primer a few months ago (I knew it existed, but I’d never bothered with it) I consider it my #1make up item I can’t live without. It takes 10 seconds to apply but evens out my skin before the foundation goes on.

  121. It has to be concealer. Having had under eye circles since the late 80’s, I have been a slave to the search for the perfect concealer my entire adult life.

  122. Bb creme (thanks for introducing me to the garnier one), don’t know what id do without it, great as a base but equally fabulous on its own (works wonders on my sleep deprived face)

  123. Assuming I already had sunscreen on and I could only choose one item, it would be lipstick. I would make it a great red. It would distract everyone from what I haven’t put on. Then I would throw on sunnies and a huge smile.

  124. The one type of makeup item I can’t live without is foundation. The older I get the more I appreciate the protection offered by foundation from the elements in the outside world and a good foundation is essential.

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