winter knits for big-bosomed women

5 for Friday: winter knits for big bosomed ladies

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I am staying with the exceptionally well endowed Mrs Woog for a few nights. I am paying her in wine and styling advice, with the odd bit of geekery thrown in for good measure.

Yesterday morning we were mooching around in our soft pants. Her pants were actually soft. Mine were PJs as I did not have to do the school run and was not required to be where I was required to be until after lunch.

Mrs Woog said that she would like to know if there were any jumpers out there in retail land that she could wear and know that her girls could look fabulous in.

I reminded her of the many, many virtues of the draped cardi. The illusion of length it creates. The power it brings to a layered outfit. And how they are a big bosomed girls’ best winter friend.

Non-cardi knits are, however, another story and one exceptionally endowed women should pull over their heads with caution. Look for a slub style of knit that has a low v or scoop neck. And the knit should be a fine one. Not chunky.

This applies equally to cardis. If our bosom is already bulky, do we really want to be adding to that bulk with a big chunky Aran knit? The answer for those playing at home is, NO.

By all means, layer a more fitted, fine-textured knit under a draped cardi – they will cooperate nicely together to create a figure-flattering ensemble.

Here are the shopping suggestions I pointed Mrs Woog too. Now is the time to buy your finer knits – they’re coming in store as part of the new spring collections.

1. Seed cardi $129.95 | 2. Sussan pullover $79.95 | 3. Marco Polo cardi @ The Iconic $79.95 | 4. Trenery cardi $129 | 5. Feathers cardi $169

Can you see yourself wearing any of the above?

Not big-bosomed? Never fear … next week, I’ll feature five knits for the small-bosomed among us.

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