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You can wear neon. Yes, you can.

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Confession time. I’ve been cheating on orange. Again.

It started with a sass & bide neon yellow scarf, which I wore here back with a white and taupe. It continued with my lusting over these Mollini shoes that will land at Style Tread in July/August. And then was sealed when the lovely people at Feathers sent me this jacket as a birthday gift.

Feathers Faithful jacket

Feathers jacket | Witchery tee | French Connection scarf | NYDJ jeggings | Zoe Kratzmann boots

Now, Feathers did not send me the jacket expecting it to be blogged about. But I couldn’t help myself. It was the neon straw that broke this bloggers’ new-season fashion trend back.

See, I’ve been watching the spring-summer season unfold on the backs of our northern hemisphere cousins … mostly on Pinterest.  I’ve been Pinning neon like a mad woman possessed and someone intent on re-visiting her ’80s and early ’90s roots.

Yes, back in the day I couldn’t my fill of neon. Clearly.

Fluoro was a hit at school discos (hello ultraviolet lights). It was a hit on the aerobics floor (hello neon g-string, high-cut leotards). It was EVERYWHERE.

Which begs the perennial fashion question … should I even be thinking about adopting this trend the second time round? Or should I leave it to the next generation of sweet young things?

Obviously those questions are rhetorical because I’ve already cross the neon fashion line, so let me state my pro-neon case.

(If you’re not really feeling the whole neon/fluoro fashion thing, then perhaps consider popping a few Wham! tracks on to your current iTunes playlist before continuing on with this post. I’ll wait right here till you’ve set the mood.)

Ok, here goes!

Why you should embrace neon:

    1. Neon colours add new meaning to the word pop when it comes to making your winter or summer outfits stand out from the crowd.
    2. A pop of colour in your outfit can lift your mood. Instantly.
    3. Fashion is meant to be fun. This is fun.
OPI Did It On EM chartreuse nail colour

OPI Did It On Em nail colour $19.95 (available spring 2012)

How to embrace neon and not look like you’re going to an ’80s fancy dress party:

  1. Do find the neon colours that “speak” to you. I’m a big fan of a yellow-green, borderline but very sassy chartreuse. It seems to suit my skin tone.
  2. Do wear your neon back with neutral colours – think black, white, grey, taupe, tan.
  3. Let your neon do the talking. Let it be the statement of your outfit and avoid having it compete for attention.
  4. Want to dip your toes in the neon trend? Do so literally with a nail colour or pair of shoes.
  5. Do seek out a neon cuff, scarf or necklace as a first purchase. It’s a way to wear the trend without it wearing you.
  6. Why stop at clothes? Do consider neon as a cute way to brighten up your home decor too.

Want some more neon shopping inspiration?

Forever New sandal $49.99

Forever New sandal $49.99

Seed fluoro nail polish on sale for $4.95

Seed fluoro nail polish on sale for $4.95

Witchery scarf $19.95

Witchery scarf $19.95

Missoni for Havaianas $69.95

Missoni for Havaianas $69.95

Banjara Jewellery necklace at The Iconic $65

Banjara Jewellery necklace at The Iconic $65

Table Tonic cushion $79

Table Tonic cushion $79

Steve Madden bag (in store next week)

Steve Madden bag (in store next week)

What do you think? Have you already jumped on board this trend? Made plans to add neon to your spring wardrobe?

PS. Mr Styling You piped up from across loungeroom when he glimpsed what I was blogging about. He has an … interesting … theory about the resurgence of neon in fashion. He says we’re piggy backing on the growth in the number of Aussies working in the mining sector and donning hi-vis shirts every day. I suggested that his position as a fashion commentator is safe and asked if he could please turn his attention to making me a cup of tea.

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  1. I’m really loving neon, it’s so fun! I LOVE that jacket, super nice present from Feathers! I don’t have much in way of clothing, but i’ve been picking up a lot of neon accessories.

  2. I had neon socks in primary school. Buderim Primary for that matter! I used to wear two pairs at a time and fold the top ones down to reveal the ones underneath. I also wore them with plastic shoes, the trend that came back last year.

  3. I did not embrace neon in the 80s but I am on the bandwagon now. I have been wearing neon pink nails with black, white and grey outfits and sometimes small neon pink earings. Loving it.

  4. I think I’m with Mr Styling You on the clothes. They do look like hi-vis to me. But, the nail polish and sandals are lovely.

  5. As long as your neon doesn’t come with ‘Choose Life’ written on it, you’re OK.. I walked past Forever New last week and saw those sandals in the window – i kept walking due to upcoming holiday austerity measures … but they are so cheap I might have to head back!!

    1. Ps – I’ve been shopping for gym gear lately and neon is everywhere! Nike free runners in all kinds of brights, lulu lemon/ Lorna Jane also have lots of colour at the moment

  6. I am loving neon at the moment. I have to admit, I tend towards being such a neutrals girl – especially in Winter – but something has made me love colour, lately. Especially neon – I am just loving it. I also think you can really make it look classic by working it with neutrals – especially camel. I actually blogged about them last week, haha!

    I love that neon anourak – it looks amazing! x

  7. Yes I remember the neon days I found a pic the other day of me in a lurid pink neon sloppy joe with leggings the old ponte baggy sort and thought nope not doing that again,But I have bought a scarf in that hue like your jacket in some lights it looks green and other yellow ,but Iike it ,my neutrals are grey and taupe ,I very rarely wear all black and if I do I need a bright colour ,to pop it,black washes me out and makes me look old…But I will do the nail polish and some bangles and that necklace looks nice.I love the cushion,but I will give the bags a miss,I like neutral and black leather bags…Expensive ones .
    I love orange though I don’t consider it a neon it seems to add a nice glow to the skin,Love it!Love your outfit as usual you seem to be able to wear anything and it suits you.Lovely..

  8. I saw Neon in a few shops when I went out on the weekend and I was LOVING it! Can’t wait for Spring – I love colour 🙂

  9. Loving me some neon, especially with neutrals. I bought 2 chartreuse items while on holiday in Brisbane (longline swing tank from Sportsgirl and a bargain longline button up cardi with collar from SES). The colour really seems to work on me. This is one trend I’m having fun with!! x

  10. I’m now lusting over that Witchery scarf, thank you very much! I’m all for neon in very small and classy quantities. I still have painful memories of neon bike pants with matching scrunchies and slouch socks.

    1. I’ve actually seen this Witchery scarf – when I was at the airport last week. I walked away from buying it but haven’t been able to stop thinking about it! And what exactly was wrong with matching scrunchies? 😉

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