Blogging opportunities - speaking at a conference

What opportunities can blogging open up for you? #nnb2012

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I’ve just completed three days of blogging workshops for a corporate company. The workshops were part of that company’s staff fun day.

In 40 minutes I had each group of up to 25 people up and running with a blog – and one blog post written.

I’m sure not everyone found it fun but whenever I sensed a certain lightbulb moment in some of the participants, I nodded to myself.

They GOT it.

They GOT the fun of blogging. They GOT the potential of blogging as a way to communicate their thoughts.

In just a short time, they had published a post, written in such an engaging way, that if you were reading it, you’d be hard pressed not be taken in by the message.

And last night I caught up with some of Australia’s best bloggers, at some pre-drinks ahead of today’s Nuffnang Blogopolis. The overwhelming theme that came through when talking to them is that they are indeed having fun and running their own blogging race. A race that started with that one blog post.

They’re not looking over the bloggie fence to see whether someone is doing better than they are. They’re tending to their own bloggie grass and setting goals that work for them. And not necessarily someone else.

Blogging opportunities - speaking at a conference

That’s the opportunity that blogging affords those who want to put in the time and effort.

What you make of the opportunities that come your way is up to you.

It’s the opportunities that blogging – and your blog – can bring that I’ve been asked to talk about on a panel at today’s conference. Joining me is Hayley from Fashion Hayley, Christie from Childhood 101 and Larry from the AU review.

Opportunities gained through blogging

Talking blogging opportunities at Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012

Each of us has been afforded opportunities through – or because of – our blogs.

For me, my blog has given me the biggest opportunity: to run a business from home that can remain flexible around my kids.

The other opportunities are the icing on the bloggie business cake.

Today, I’ll be talking to the almost 300 people in the room about how I ended up on TV doing advertorials for Big W’s fashion range, Emerson.

I’d love to tell you that I had this as a goal, that I set up an action plan to achieve that goal and that this is what got me in front of viewers all around Australia.

Nikki Parkinson talks blogging opportunities at Blogopolis 2012

But I’d be lying.

The truth is so much less strategic.

The PR agent for Emerson called me and asked if I’d like to be the talent in the ad and, if so, how much would I charge for that?

Sounds like a piece of cake, doesn’t it?

What isn’t obvious from that one phone call is that the call came on the back of a relationship. A long-standing relationship that I’d had with the PR company that pre-dated them even handling the Big W account.

Not only had I previously blogged about the Big W Emerson range (and it had been SO well received by my readers) but I had been writing about this agency’s brands since back in my journo days. I’d also visited their showroom on a work trip to Sydney. There was already an element of trust in what I could bring both personally – and via my blog’s readership and influence – to the brand.

My point is, had I been worrying about what opportunities were presenting themselves to other bloggers, I would have missed a giant opportunity staring me straight in the face … a paid TV opportunity which also lead to paid advertising and sponsored posts … and a Today Tonight segment that never aired because – damn it – Kevin and Julia were having another kerfuffle.

The opportunity staring YOU in the face might look different than the ones that have come my way. Or maybe you’re yet to be presented with a big or a small opportunity via your blog … whatever the case, just know that with blogging, the opportunities are there every day.

… because every day you are communicating with others. You never know who’s reading and you never know where that post or your entire blog may take you. Food for thought, isn’t it?

If you blog, what opportunities has blogging afforded you to date? What do you hope blogging will bring you?

If you’re not at Blogopolis today but would like to follow along with what’s been talked about, jump on Twitter and set up a search on the hashtag #nnb2012

And if you’ve blogged about any aspect of blogging this week, feel free to add your post to my Saturday blogging link-up. There is room where it says NAME to include your blog’s name plus the name of the post, for example: STYLING YOU: Title of Blog Post.


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Comments 23

  1. Hi Nikki – another great post. I only started blogging this week, but had a major break through yesterday. Long story short, I refocussed a fashion post I was writing around a brand I like. After publishing the post I bought this to their attention through social media and not long after was contacted, invited to an event and offered sponsorship. I asked them for exposure to their social media audience and they happily agreed (it really isnt me to ask of such things!). Being such a newbie, the elation from that experience was indescribable!

    What I learnt is to cease the moment, be timely, be not be afraid to ask for things (the worst you’ll get is a no), always remain true to yourself and what your blog message is about.

    I have personal reasons for starting my blog, mainly around my personal development, but also using social responsibility as a way to achieve my goals that I probably would not otherwise have followed through with. I also hope that blogging will connect me to like minded people, like yourself. I get such a buzz connecting with people I don’t know through social media, those interactions are awesome!

    1. Rose – good on you! You’re so correct – you don’t know what you might get unless you ask. And you have nothing to lose by asking. Congrats. It could be the start of a long and fruitful working relationship!

  2. I really enjoyed sitting in on that session, and hearing all the panelists experiences. I did come away feeling a little unsure of where to go next. I have put so much energy into sending out media kits, but I’m really not sure if that is where I need to be focussed. But I will go crazy waiting for THAT call. I was that blogger that asked about the freebies – do newbie bloggers accept opportunities to blog products for free (or in exchange for products)? I really appreciated all your replies, and the different points of view.
    I think it is such good advice to stay focussed on YOU and what opportunities are there for YOUR blog. I have been doing some peering over the fence of other blogs lately and it’s overwhelming.

  3. Love this post Nikki! I also have just seen your link to me at the bottom of the post – thank you. Your support means so much!

  4. This is a really interesting post.

    I have to admit, my blog is more an outlet than anything else at the moment. I have a small wedding photography business and I used to work in social media marketing. I have started to think about other places I’d like to go in my career (life styling, fashion styling, art direction etc) and I guess my blog posts reflect that sometimes because the areas I’d like to work in are also areas I feel passionately about.

    1. Having a blog is like having an online CV combined with a vision board. Make sure you’re blogging about the things that are fun for you and the rest – whatever that rest is for you – will happen.

  5. Nikki, I was definitely one of the people that found it fun. Since last week I’ve been working on the journey that is ‘illiterateinfant’ and loving it. Your advice in the day and on this site has been invaluable – thanks!

    1. I Kevin – I’m SO glad – if you scroll down you’ll see a comment from Matt. I don’t know if you know each other but he was in one of the other workshops. Do you know how happy I am that you both have continued with your blogs?! Wow!

  6. Hi Nikki, just stubbled upon your posts – I have recently started a blog/site (‘nomorepastrami’) because I believe in it. I would love it to turn into something big, but it is early days yet – and I would love to think that opportunities will follow (read that post too!!) Friends have suggested that I insert advertising but it seems contrary to the ethos of the site. Your words have encouraged me not to ‘sell out’ and follow my gut – thanks!

    1. Hi Julie
      I’ve just checked out your site and absolutely love the concept – a great niche. So many people looking for more from knowledge about their purchases. And yes, follow your gut … don’t rule out advertising (with the right collaborations it’s not selling out) and keep writing and blogging because you love it. You will make connections and the right opportunities will present themselves.

  7. Nikki thank you so much for the sessions you ran for our company last week. I really took so much more the expected away from the session I was in – as you’ve already seen from ‘mattsoldmanrants’! Thank you for your encouragement and for opening my eyes to a whole new way of life. I can not only embrace but also release my frustrated inner journalist! Why I’ve never thought about doing my own blog until now, I’ll never know. But now I’ve started, I intend to continue 🙂

    1. Matt, you made my day when I clicked on your blog to find you’d kept posting. Make sure you grab that ebook above (if you haven’t already) as it’s a really great, resource for starting blogging!

  8. Again thank you….you never really know whos reading your blog do you? Thanks again for all your wonderful blogging advice…xx Deb

    1. You don’t Debbie – and that can be quite exciting. The key is to always produce content that’s true to yourself and your blog – that way if they land on your blog with an opportunity in mind, now or the future, you’ve shown them your best. And what will be, will be.

  9. Nikki, 
    I love the idea of “Not looking over someone else’s fence” – there’s something oh-so ‘Mrs Mangel’ about that, and lets face it, she’s not cool. 
    Thanks for sharing the story about how your TV gig came about, it certainly seems that the opps that have come to me so far have been through ongoing relationships too. My biggest one to date would be going to Fashion Week in Copenhagen with ECCO shoes for a week in Feb – who would’ve thought? 
    Going forward, I’ve just focusing on doing what I enjoy and trying to consistently deliver stuff that people might enjoy on my blog – I believe in karma, and that ‘rewards’ – however they are measured – will come. Oh, and I’ve got another overseas trip coming up soon with another awesome brand – whoo hoo!
    x Andrea

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