Mad Men Season 5 Joan and Peggy

Ask yourself: what would Don Draper do?

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We were latecomers to the Mad Men party.

Our first introduction to the hit-series which gives you a fly-on-the-wall look at the 1960s advertising industry in New York was just a couple of years ago. It was a dreary weekend winter so we decided to hire the first season on DVD. That was it … let’s just say the next two weekends were devoted to seasons two and three.

We were officially “caught up”. And obsessed.

I wasn’t suddenly contemplating dyeing my hair red and wearing stilettos around the house (although that may have met with approval 😉 ). No, it was more the style of the era that had both Mr Styling You and I hooked.

For me it was the clothes, the hair, the lippy, the “put-togetherness” of everyone.

Mad Men Season 5 Joan and Peggy

Ahh Joan … how do you look so together everyday? You had a baby, right?

Mr SY? I think he fancies himself as a modern-day Don Draper … without the bad-boy, messing-around-behind-his-wife’s-back issues.

Don Draper drinking Mad Men

… just another day at the office, whiskey in hand

Now, while Mr SY is not contemplating swapping his flat whites at work for a drinks sideboard in his office, he has embraced the concept at home.

Where once a trip to the bottle shop would involve making sure the beer fridge was stocked up, he now first checks his drinks cupboard to see whether the whiskey needs a top up.

He is a CHANGED man.

Ok, so he hasn’t dropped the beers altogether  (I’m told you can’t mow the lawn WITHOUT drinking a beer afterwards) but when wanting a drink – a “real” drink, he has embraces his inner Don and fixes himself a whiskey on the rocks. Straight up.

Now, if he’s still in his work suit, let’s just say I’m liking what I’m seeing. A. Lot 😉

Canadian Club Don Draper

… just call him Don

And it seems I’m not alone in this “appreciation” of men who are happy to ditch the beers now and again for a little bit of refinement.

A Newspoll* study of 1000 Australian women (undertaken by Canadian Club) suggests that Australian women are OVER beer and OVER those who prefer drinking beer to other alcoholic beverages.

I’m just going to throw some of the stats at you because they didn’t really surprise me but they might you.

  • 57% believe that beer is the most boring and predictable alcoholic beverage a man could choose to drink at a bar.
  • 68% of females associated beer bellies with men who drink beer.
  • 53% of females thought it would be a refreshing change from the norm for a man to choose an alternative alcoholic beverage to beer.
  • 27% of those surveyed who had a partner said they’d prefer their partner didn’t drink beer at all.
  • 41% of females said they would be interested in talking to a man who offered to buy them a spirit with a mixer, compared with 29% who would be interested in a man who bought them a beer.

OK, so granted the survey was commissioned by Canadian Club, so they kind of have a point to prove, but this whiskey itself is already scoring big ticks in Australia as the fastest growing spirits and premix trademark for the second year in a row, so clearly people are increasingly happy to try something different.

Maybe the “Don” effect is alive and well in bars and in homes other than ours?

What I do know is that Mr SY is Canadian Club’s latest fan, and not just because they sent him a bottle for the purposes of this post and photoshoot.
Canadian Club Don Draper

Mr SY’s whiskey glass is for the purposes of whiskey drinking only. Anyone else daring to use it does so at their own risk.

Canadian Club Don Draper

… BTW in the glass are Whiskey Rocks. I bought them for Mr SY for Christmas. You keep them frozen but unlike adding ice to your Canadian Club, they won’t water it down. Apparently that’s very important.

I could use the word “apparently” again here in describing what Mr SY liked about Canadian Club – compared with some other whiskeys – but there is no need.

I tried it too. Yep. Straight up. And was surprisingly impressed.

The word smooth was first to come to mind. There was none of the fiery after-taste that can come with some whiskeys.

Plus, we’re not living in the 1960s anymore. Who says I can’t have a drinks tray of my own?

If your partner drinks alcohol, what’s his drink of choice? Does he fancy himself as Don Draper too?

* The Newspoll study was conducted online in April among 1000 females aged 18-64. Respondents could choose from beer, alcoholic cider, spirit with a mixer or wine. Canadian Club is made by Beam Inc and is committed to social responsibility. Please visit 

Mad Men photo credits: here and here

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  1. After reading this, I would love to grab a copy of that series anytime soon since I find it pretty interesting. Is it one of your favorite series? Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really love Mad Men – except for missing computers, the whole culture including having that handy bar at work really appeals to me.  I guess I was born a few years too late.

  3. ha ha
    Well the beer fairies make us beer drinkers look bad.  Beer is a more casual drink, for any and all occasions, my other choice would be a good vodka on the rocks. Stopped by from Kymmie’s blog. I guess I will have to start watching the show.


  4. hahaha, my hubby will drink whatever is at hand! He prefers the hard stuff like scotch (watered down) in winter and beer in summer. I prefer he has the scotch coz it means less bottles laying around and less recycling for me to haul away! I most certainly am not an everyday drinker- coz I figure it’s bad for me especially weightwise and someone has to stay sensible to deal with the crazy kiddos. Forget the tray- I have a great drinks cabinet and fridge fully stocked, ready for whoever drops in and any party at any time!

      1. hahaha it’s a bit hard and far to just pop over! But it is ready- I may not be, or the house, but the drinks are set! Priorities!

  5. No my husband is a beer drinker (He even has his own new bar room with beer on tap)cringe! though he LOVES his Bundy rum with ginger beer,that is the most refined he is going to get.
    Never watched Mad Men myself,will have to now, but yes a man in a suit yum,very classy and sexy ,my man only wears a suit at a funeral or a wedding ,though despite me telling him he looks hot in nice duds(we have been married for 27yrs)I was a child bride lol, he is still your ocker bloke ,but thank god no singlets!!
    Yes that era was very classy ,My grandmother dressed like that she was so chic  and always had her hair done twice a week at the hairdressers and always wore stockings ,I do think we could take a leaf out of that stylish book and look nicer even at home.

  6. I love Mad Men – it is so indulgent – the clothes, the hair, the make up, the drinking.  Don & Roger have certainly upped the sexiness stakes of men who drink whisky. Both my partner and I don’t drink a lot but I love the idea of a drinks tray!  One question though how do their livers cope?  I can’t imagine there were detox juices back then …

      1. Too true.  I love that they had the Lucky Strike account and had to get around the latest “fad” when it was decided cigarettes were bad for you.  Clearly none of them took any notice.  But some how or another they still looked good doing it….

  7. My BF doesn’t drink beer and sometimes I wish he would! I like the manliness of it (am I working class or what!), but then again I also have a thing for tradies…mmmmmm

  8. Big fan of Mad Men too! They have a drink with everything they do. My hubby has embraced Scotch on the rocks I think he feels that Don Draiper air of swavy! It is sexier then the beer, I’ve heard lots of good things about Candaian Club, turning beer drinkers to whisky without the Don effect. I’m waiting to get Season 4 from my friend, it’s like having Mad Men withdrawals. I think we too should be able to enjoy our drink of choice. I also love the clothes and all round fashion put togetherness of the women in Mad Men, makes me won’t to die my hair too! Great post.

  9. We love some Mad Men here as well.  On a side note – not loving the new layout of google reader!  Sorry xxoo

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