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What’s floating my beauty boat this month?

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I think this is my second favourite time of year. In Queensland at least. The nights are doona and ugg boot-worthy and the days warm up to some kind of non-humid gorgeous.

I’m not sitting in a vat of sweat as I pound the keyboard each day. And that makes me supremely happy. I know. It’s the small things 😉

When it comes to what’s floating my beauty boat, I’m looking for a bit of a change in my routine but I don’t quite need the full-on, batten-down-the-hatches, quick-let’s-hibernate-it’s-winter product line-up.

No, I want a lovely light foundation that makes me look youthful when I’m far from it. I want a fresh new scent that makes me think of spring when it’s far from it.

I want an eye cream that makes a mockery of my pending birthday. I want a zit-zapper that deals with the zits that make a mockery of my impending birthday.

I want a night moisturiser that has a damn good go at lifting bits that prefer to follow gravity’s downward lead.

And I want a natural mascara that opens up my eyes and makes me look awake when I’m far from so.

… I don’t ask for much, do I?

Here’s what I found to fit my current beauty bill:

may beauty bag

1. Garnier Skin Naturals UltraLift Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream $19.95:  Now, I’m a bit naughty because you can mark off the difference in your skin on a ruler that is downloadable from the Garnier website and I didn’t do it.  So, I don’t have any home-created, scientific proof that this cream does what it says it’s going to do but I can tell you that it (there’s a day version as well) got me through Fashion Week when I was up late working every night and needed a cream to produce the goods the next day. It’s aimed at 35+ women and calls on the pro-retinols contained within to work their magic.

2. L’Eau de Chloe EDT from $80 (30ml): It always seems a bit odd that we get the northern hemisphere beauty releases here when it’s the opposite season but I guess it means we can be one step ahead of the beauty game come spring. Or just spritz some of this amazingly gorgeous fragrance on, close our eyes, stand in the sun and pretend it IS September. Just don’t look down and see your tights and boots. I love the freshness of this scent. Kind of grassy but with a sweet lemonade finish. It’s feminine but modern. I suggest you get thee to a fragrance counter now and have a whiff.

3. emerginC Scientific Organics Eyelight Cream $75:  I think I have an obsession with eye products. I feel naked without an eye cream on. This one and I became very firm friends from the first application. The product is 100% natural; 70% organic and the key ingredients are grape stem cells, apple extract and rose hip. It targets the big three – puffiness, dark circles and ageing signs. For me that’s a triple win. And I definitely gave it a test in the dark circle, puffy eye department. It came up trumps.

4. Jane Iredale Zap & Hide $58:  My teenage daughter was eyeing this one off. I may have given her the evil eye and uttered the words, “back off”. See, it’s one of life’s cruel, cruel hormonal twists that we have to deal with both wrinkles and zits at the same time. This little baby now lives in my handbag. It’s got two ends to it – the Zap end is for treating a breakout – the Hide is for concealing. The Zap formula is an anti-bacterial; anti-inflammatory one. The key ingredient is psoralea corylifolia mixed in with tea tree leaf, chamomile, green tea leaf and lavender. Use a clean brush to apply so as to prevent re-infection.

5. Physicans Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara $24.95: If you find mascara formulations irritating in any way, this one is definitely worth a try. Yes, it delivers on long-lasting, panda-free lovely lashes but it’s the formula of organic rice protein, organic tapioca starch, organisoy and eco olive that caught my attention. It’s 100% natural and even the brush is 100% recyclable. It’s not something you see in a pharmacy line and I like it.

6. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow SPF 25 $55: If you’re not a liquid foundation girl because you don’t like how it sits on your face, can I suggest you give this one a whirl. You will not even know it’s there. Until you look in the mirror and see how fabulously flawless your skin looks … then you’ll remember the super quick application you did earlier that morning. It goes on with a light coverage but you can build to medium. It is not for you if you like your foundation on the heavy side. Personally, I think we actually need to get our head around this: light and lovely makes us look light, lovely and younger; heavy makes us look, well heavier, and possibly older. If the formula is working to even out your complexion, as this one does, then you don’t need a slap-on heavy job.

Have you tried a new beauty product lately that we all need to know about? Share away in the comments section. And feel free to fire  any pressing beauty product question you might have at me … I’m all ears and contoured cheeks 😉

* These products were sent to me for trial purposes in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. I tend to stick with the faves that I find work. Although I’m after a perfume and am thinking Burberry Brit as I love spicy fruity scents. I have never used foundation and stick to as much mineral as possible. So it’s always the same stuff in my house.

  2. Ooh I want to give the new Chloe fragrance a good snifferoo…I love the original and the rose one. And I’m nearly all out – so perfect reason to buy, really!! xx

    1. They are amazing! i agree… Feels like a balm and looks like lipstick…
      All the shades are beautiful ….

  3. I have sensitive eyes and have yet to find a mascara I can wear that won’t leave me with red watery eyes. Where can I get this one from Nikki?

    1. “Fresh” is a great brand although not yet available in Australia but I do believe you can buy it on-line via the UK.  I bought mine in NYC and love it.

      It’s tar free (yeah) and works for me…!

        1. Fresh does have their own little concept store – it’s small and down near the MeatPacking area – right across the road from the famous Magnolia bakery (yum gorgeous cupcakes)…

          But Sephora also stock it – awwwww Sephora how I love you and miss you.  And why can’t you be here in Australia…

          Have fun Nikki…!

  4. Foundation and I aren’t good friends. I just can’t get it to work for me. I like a light feeling but a good coverage, and definitely something that doesn’t shine or look oily (and feel it!).
    I tend to find that come concealer and a dusting of bronzer, or my NP Powder foundation are the best for me, but still, they don’t give me the coverage and glow I’m quite looking for.

    And I feel your pain on the getting wrinkles and zits at the same time. It should be illegal!

  5. I love these posts b/c I never trust the ones in magazines b/c you know that on the next page will be a huge advert for the products, whereas on here you’ve tested it yourself… 


  6. Oooh  I must get me some of that hello flawless foundation I prefer a liquid as It seems to go on more evenly when you are over 35 lol,I like a dewy finish these days ,don’t need any more extra lines from foundation do I ,I am obsessed with eye cream too,I get told off by my Mum as she say’s it doesn’t do anything but I beg to differ I have been using eye cream since my 20s and I have less lines that some of my friends the same age .That night cream sounds good too,but Now that I have allergy problems (it was the loreal products that did it),not the rosehip oil  ,no zits though 🙂 I like to get me some samples to try before using a big jar ,I went to Myer recently and got lots of samples and am currently on Lancome Hydra calm nuit neurocalm night cream ,my skin is very dry and the cold weather doesn’t help ,colder here than your sunny paradise.
    I have bought and loved Garnier body intensive 7 days cream ,no dry bits though I don’t think it would last 7 days !! the hand cream is good as well and TRESemme’  freshstart dry shampoo ,leaves no residue on my fine hair ,so that’s a keeper,and last of all Burts Bees colour keeper shampoo and conditioner ,nice and natural and smells nice<doesn't keep the sparkles away ( that's what my hairdresser calls greys ,cute hey)
    Love any new perfume that is my weakness , I wear some everyday so must have a whiff of the new Chloe'.
    Thank You Nikki for testing all these new things out for Us,I bought the Maybelline mango diamonds lippy you told us about just slipped it in the trolley with the grocerys ,love doing that. 

      1. Sorry about the goobledydock ,yes I am and yes it’s tricky ,i bought the lippy you recommended the Maybelline mango diamonds >love thank you x

  7. I think somewhat the SKII Facial Treatment Essence, Sukin Rosehip Oil and Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream combo at night gives me an amazing glowing healthy skin – it surprised me since my other half thought I was wearing makeup! But no, I just had my night skincare routine and that was the combo! I’m thrilled 🙂

    On a note of foundation, I’m an Hourglass lover and their products always blow me away.
    In terms of Benefit Hello Flawless – I’m impressed. It seems to suit me and the shade matches oh too well! Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser seems to do its trick too, I was skeptical at first but seems like it is actually a nice product.

    Whoops, turned out to be a long comment. -x-

  8. Nikki, i got hello flawless in my April bellabox but the Matt finish doesn’t seem to sit right on my skin. I want to love it because I am a benefit junkie but this one is not for me. I tried mixing some garner bb cream with it to lighten it up, but didn’t really work. Any other lighter foundations you can recommend?

    1. Hi Alison, have you tried Napoleon Perdis’ Sheer Genius?
      OR Jane Iredale’s Liquid Minerals Foundation

  9. I’m really obsessing over Burt’s Bees lip balm in pomegranate at the moment. I got it at Priceline for about $6. Would love to know about your lipbalm line up. I’m always looking for a newie 🙂
    x Marnie

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