Skinny Cow ice cream cookies RRP $7.49 for a pack of four

How do you justify life’s little indulgences?

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in·dul·gence n. The act or an instance of indulging; gratification: indulgence of every whim.

I don’t have a problem with the word INDULGENCE. Do you?

And let me throw another word at you while we’re talking about indulgences because in my book, I feel these two words belong together. Don’t you?

jus·ti·fi·ca·tion n. A statement that makes something comprehensible by describing the relevant structure or operation or circumstances

It’s true, isn’t it? In the crazy, crazy world in which we live, taking time out to indulge in the special things that give us a real lift, often require a degree in justification.

We need to justify our time, our money and, God forbid, the possible impact on our health.

Well, I say poo-poo to all that.

Bring on life’s indulgences.

Bring on the things that make us feel a little bit special. The every-now-and-then indulgences and the sneaky daily ones too.

Let’s break down – and justify – my favourite indulgences, shall we?


Travel. Justification: exploring new parts of the world feeds our brains.

Champagne | Justification: Life's too short to not enjoy the finer things

Champagne | Justification: Life’s too short to not enjoy the finer things. And IMO it tastes damn good.

White fluffy towels | Justification: if someone else is washing them, I'm using them

White fluffy towels | Justification: if someone else is washing them, I’m using them.

Fresh flowers | Justification: if no-one's buying them for you, what's stopping you from treating yourself?

Fresh flowers | Justification: if no-one’s buying them for you, what’s stopping you from treating yourself?

A new handbag | Justification: because they always fit

A new handbag | Justification: because they always fit.

Lychee martinis | Justification: some drinks are just made for summer afternoons by the water

Lychee martinis | Justification: some drinks are just made for summer afternoons with good friends by the water

Fresh fine food | Justification: nothing beats preparing and sharing food that puts the taste back into your tastebuds

Fresh fine food | Justification: nothing beats preparing and sharing food that puts the taste back into your tastebuds

A hotel bed | Justification: feather pillows, a pillow topped-mattress and crisp white sheets should be experienced once in this life

A hotel bed | Justification: feather pillows, a pillow topped-mattress and crisp white sheets should be experienced at least once – preferably often – in this life.

Quiet time | Justification: sometimes the noise around us is just too much

Quiet time | Justification: sometimes the noise around us is just too much.

Good coffee | Justification: it's not just about the taste, it's about the ceremony

Good coffee | Justification: it’s not just about the taste, it’s about the ceremony.

A long bath | Justification: because you can!

A long bath | Justification: because you can!

Now you’re probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned my penchant for sweet things …

Listen up and I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret. I have two chief indulgent loves in that department: chocolate and ice-cream.

The chocolate’s ok, because I tell myself justify that it’s dark and that’s just eating antioxidants, right?  Unfortunately my taste in ice cream extends to the OVER-indulgence. It’s ok to down a tub of Maggie Beer’s burnt fig, honeycomb and caramel ice cream – with my husband – every now and again. But certainly not every night or even every week.

So what’s a girl looking for a more regular indulgent ice cream fix to do.

Rip open a packet of Skinny Cow ice cream cookies, that’s what.

Skinny Cow ice cream cookies RRP $7.49 for a pack of four

Skinny Cow ice cream cookies RRP $7.49 for a pack of four | Available in vanilla, caramel and chocolate

Skinny Cow ice cream cookies RRP $7.49 for a pack of four

The indulgent way to eat a Skinny Cow ice cream cookie

Skinny Cow ice cream cookies RRP $7.49 for a pack of four

Let’s just say the rest of my family were not as restrained in their Skinny Cow “indulgence”!

Now, if you’ve indulged in a Skinny Cow ice cream cookie in the past, these ones will please you even more – it’s a new recipe – one that got a very big indulgent thumbs up from the taste-testers in this house*. There’s 15% more in a serve than previously. They’re 97% fat free – yes, that doesn’t mean sugar-free – but the sugar content is just enough and a way better alternative than artificial sweeteners.

In fact the sweetest part is the number of calories per serve: 127 for the vanilla and caramel; 129 for the chocolate. There’s your justification right there.

Check out Skinny Cow on Facebook here for girl talk, competitions and special offers



So, I’ve laid out all my indulgences on the line. I’m pretty keen to know what YOUR biggest indulgence is? Share it below in the comments section for your chance for a $150 Westfield gift card. The competition opens today and closes June 8. Entries will be judged on creativity and originality. Australian entries only. One entry per person. Full terms and conditions here.


* Disclaimer: I’m gluten intolerant, as many of you know. I didn’t eat the biscuit part but had a taste of all the flavours. Yes, there’s gluten in the ice cream but in small doses I can get away with it as I’m not coeliac. The rest of my family were EXTREMELY happy to give me feedback on the combined taste! There may have been a fight over the last one 😉

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  1. Nikki, I haven’t heard you mention the Maggie Beer Chocolate and Salted Caramel Icecream yet – I was sure you would have discovered that one – that’s my latest indulgence. I figure it might make up for your grief over the discontinuation of the LIndt Sea Salt Chocolate – Cimani’s sell it in Buderim….

  2. Stationery.  Beautiful Italian journals, notepads and writing paper.   As well as wax seals, rubber stamps and fountain pens – I love these gorgeous accoutrements redolent of another age.   Sitting down with these formal implements of record is a ritual that helps me gather my thoughts.   It may be just for my secret self or to give to another,  but taking the time to handwrite something is quite special.

  3. Outdoor swimming: escape from the daily grind,
    A healthy indulgence for body and mind.
    There’s nothing more meditative and fun
    Than swimming under warm summer sun!

  4. A visit to my family is my biggest indulgence.
    My parents, brother, and many friends live 1000km away.
    Too far to drive, with 2 boys under 3,
    It’s 3 return air-tickets for which we have to pay!
    But once I’m there, accommodation is free.
    And Grandparents are the best ever baby sitters,
    Which means those lusted after sleep-ins for me!
    They’re near the beach – for my kids to play in the sand,
    And again, grandparents are there to hold my son’s hand.
    Reuniting with school friends for gossip and coffee,
    Lots of new parks, playgrounds and places to go see.
    A trip home is so hard to beat,
    And with my working lifestyle – it’s sadly a rare treat.

  5. My biggest indulgence is homemade apple pie! Especially in this winter weather, i seriously cant get enough of that stuff! Plus, with a little bit of cream or custard or vanilla and cinnamon ice-cream, it is the perfect after dinner treat 🙂 Cold weather get me down? No way! I say, apple pie should fix it 😛

  6. just booking my return ticket to New York!   I am going for a 1 day styling masterclass.  Oddly enough, it is on the same day as Blogher!  So,..see you in NYC Nikki! X

  7. getting to spend time with family doing fun things for them-taking mum to the movies….we are movie buddies and try to go weekly

  8. My biggest indulgence would be having the internet connected and have 100GB per month!
    Cost a large amount financially over the period of one year, one would say totally unneccessary to have that much! But the justification is that I don’t need to worry about running out and the net slowing down. I can watch Youtube as can the chldren without restrictions and complaints! We can down load as much as we like and have a lot of enjoyment!  I can comp, comp and do more comps!!

  9. I indulge in hairdresser brand shampoos and conditioner because a good hair day makes for a great day!
    Although Ive only been on one long haul flight -I travelled on business class tickets and I don’t think I could travel any other way! It really is all about the leg room!
    My last indulgence is a typical mother of small children -a nanna nap! -quite simply because I can

  10. INDULGENCE should not wait for a special occasion 🙂 
    SLEEP- (with no alarm) onCRISP WHITE IRONED SHEETS after a 
    a GREAT BOOK on a RAINY DAY (when you should be working)
    SAND between my toes & the WAKE of our boat across a crystal MORETON BAY
    COOL green grass on BARE FEET and a SUMMER DRESS (lime GT in hand)
    CRACKLING FIRE to GLOWING embers on chilly winters eve
    a LEISURELY bike ride to BRUNCH at our local cafe
    the CEREMONY of COFFEE from freshly ground beans & my ESPRESSO machine

  11. Without doubt the biggest indulgence is a trip to the Day Spa, to have the works.   Thats an all day visit, not these 2 -3 hour semi indulgences.   Make sure someone else gets the kids and makes dinner, cause you will be unavailable!!

  12. I’ve never tried Skinny Cow even though I’ve looked at them in the supermarket. I prefer MaxiBons and Drumsticks. I don’t indulge. I stopped trying to circut that rubbish about indulgence and justification years ago. I think it’s bad due to the whole “I’m on a diet and can’t eat anything because it will make me fat” thing. I don’t do it.

    I’m of an age where I’ve had my time stuffing my face with chocolate and chips, and ice cream and cakes and I just don’t feel like doing it any more. Sure, I still have ice cream in summer and the ocassional bag of chips (they’re only 175 grams these days) or an inexpensive block of chocolate that I spread out over three or four days in the cooler weather. But I don’t do the “oh this is an indulgence” line. I’m just too old to play that crap and try and justify everything.

    If I want it and can afford it I buy it. Why do I need to justify it? I can afford it with my own money and no one has the right to tell me I shouldn’t have it. My rent is paid, the bills are paid, there’s food on my table, so I spend the rest of my money on what I want. I don’t justify and I don’t indulge. I live!

    And maybe that’s the motto we should all live by.

    I LIVE!

  13. Buying three pairs of the same brand jeans (dark indigo, black, and a lighter blue) because they fit perfectly, make my butt look great, they go with everything, can be dressed up and down, and it saves me from jeans shopping next winter! plus they make me feel like a fox! Bonus!

  14. My latest indulgence was an extremely over budget spa mani pedi, it included a leg and arm massage. It was pure heaven! I always loved getting massages but spinal injuries from an accident soon stopped that. It was pure bliss to have 2 hours of me time, no doctors, no reliving the accident just enjoying the experience. It was something I never thought I could get again! I recommend all women splurge and pamper yourself to a spa treatment at a good beauty salon. My cheaper indulgence is sitting outside in the sun listening to music and painting as I tune into a different world! Or I’ve been known to indulge in a book and endear myself in the fictiotional world as I escape from my own, so inexpensive and one of my favourite indulgences!

  15. Ohhh yes, the chocolate, the champagne, the facials, the good food… The list goes on. Life IS to short to always say no to these things for fear of over indulgence, so where possible stop and enjoy the moment of indulgence, because there is one thing for sure – its not forever and reality does return 😉
    My super indulgence was a trip to Singapore with my mum using my frequent flyer points, for shopping, and a bit of sightseeing on the side. Well timed before I had a baby because, well another trip like that is a long way off right now!

  16. What a great post and I love all your indulgences too. There are so many indulgences that I can justify but if I had to pick one I would say buying the very best bed linen that I could afford  and being able to sleep in.

    There is nothing more indulgent than climbing in to a gorgeously dressed and comfortable bed and pulling the doona up over your head. Hard with 3 month old twins but not impossible.

  17. Ok so there are many on a small scale but one of my largest scale indulgences was using a business trip to Shanghai to bring back more than 50kgs (without excess baggage charges – thank you Singapore Airways) of clothing, handbags, beautiful silk covered stationery and much more and then also receiving packages of other “must haves” I had posted to myself for months after I got home.  Some of my favs included the silk quilt which really is cool in summer and warm in winter and gorgeous ceramics including a beautiful lamp that sits on my bedside table.

  18. Indulgence:  home spa day (must do more often)A wonderfully refreshing/restoring day that doesn’t cost much!!   Justification(s):  Home alone –  one has to wash, so it may as well be a relaxing soak in the bath followed by moisturising hair treatment & skin exfoliation.   Hop into fluffy bath robe – don’t want to get clothes all wet while hair soaks in the hair treatment.Eat a special treat while watching something fabulous like a favourite movie.Staying in robe until just before leaving for school pick-up –  need to shower to rinse off hair treatment!!  Final step – break out the extra-special skin moisturiser.

  19. Beauty Products – I love trying out new things and buying products on special or if something comes free with your regular items. I can’t seem to get enough lipglosses and lipsticks. It looks good on my lips and doesn’t add to my hips!

  20. My biggest indulgence is a 3-4 hour spa session including a full-body massage, scrub and a manipedi. My justification – I needed the recharge for running after a toddler (& now newborn) 365 days 24/7.

  21. in-dul-gence ~ A well made milky, sweet, fragrant coffee (best served in a fancy cup) ~ Coffee “berries” (read fruit) contain the seeds or beans used (read good for you = fruit), Coffee is cheaper than a pair of shoes (read saving money), Coffee can take you around the world for the cost of $4 (read saving money version 2), provides me some much needed time away from desk (read refreshed and thusly working more efficiently at work), coffee can be had at all times of the day, breakfast/lunch/dessert (read flexible), when all else turns to custard during the day, coffee is my escape (read cheaper than therapy….MONEY SAVING~)

    hahahaha hope you enjoyed reading me waffle about coffee….I’m having one right now

  22. Chocolate is my no 1 indulgence! Instead of the morning coffee fix or I have a chocolate fix. I always have a secret stash of freddos or something in my drawer. Love!

  23. My biggest indulgence is twice-weekly one hour sessions with a personal trainer. Not the cheapest way to exercise, but sharing the time and expense with a buddy makes it more affordable and more fun as well. Not wanting to let my buddy down means I always turn up, no excuses! Heading for my mid-sixties most people would see my indulgence as being just that. However for me it is an investment in my future fitness and good health. And I love it.

  24. Monthly pedicures with paraffin wax treatment.  If my toes look good I feel good (even in winter and they are buried under tights and boots) and of course the paraffin wax is a type of alternative health treatment for my little arthritic toes!

  25. oh  my. my head is spinning with choice. so many to choose…
    The biggest indulgent purchase I have ever made was spending $100 on two purple velvet European pillow cases. And that was on sale. :O But I do love them so much.
    My favourite indulgence by far though would be every second Saturday night I am child free, and my partner and I cook a beautiful meal together, with fresh ingredients, and fine wine. I love it. 

  26. I have to admit that I am a pretty indulgent person because I like the finer things in life and I know we only have so much time to enjoy them. However, right now (being winter and all) my biggest indulgence is having Schmund Soup everyday.

    Is that a “What the?” I hear. Don’t worry I am going to give you a history lesson and a recipe. 

    Schmund Soup is a yiddish dish from way back in eastern Europe before WW2. To make it, simply boil chunks of potato and onion in lots and lots of water until soft. Once dished up, add half a tub of sour cream to your bowl, then eat. 

    Delicious. Extremely fattening. Keeps you warm in winter!

  27. One of my biggest indulgences is that every year I go away with 2-3 girlfriends to the same house in Dayelsford in Autumn.  I leave the kids with my husband and for 3 days I drink red wine, eat amazing food, read trashy magazines, laugh like a schoolgirl and have a 2-3 hour Endota treatment.   I look forward to it every year…it’s 4 weeks away, and it’s an indulgence that feeds the soul!  It makes me remember what it’s like just to be a girl having fun with her friends…no responsibility, no one needing you to do anything… just being selfish, free and slightly tipsy for an extended period of time 🙂

  28. Right now by biggest indulgence is the conference ticket, plane ticket and accomodation booking I’ve got for Nuffnang Blogopolis. It feels like such an extravagence for my little hobby! I’m really looking forward to it though. 

  29. I indulge in a warm bath, with a lush bathbomb, face mask and a glass of wine & i lock the door so i get left alone..

    Or Bacon & Eggs with a great coffee from Soul Foods – yummy

  30. Going out for dinner and drinks with friends… then when I am all alone I duck-into Max Brenner on the way home and get my takeaway indulgence – warm chocolate brownies are my favourite… but I am also tempted by crepes and waffles on occasion!

  31. Yum!

    I indulge with strawberries, champagne, a cheese platter and a good book. Now if I could just figure out how to add a babysitter into that equation, I would be one extra happy lady!

  32. I indulge by going shopping. It is as close to relaxing as I get, until the carpark annoys me!

    If I’m after a sweet treat, you cannot beat peanut butter chocolate ice cream. I make my own with a really good quality chocolate icecream with a spoonful of peanut butter mixed in. It’s the simple things, yeah? X

  33. I love hotel rooms, clean white crisp sheets at my place, endless supply of magazines to read,iPad to check the net , other treats or frequents I should say are ,bathroom products, handbags,shoes -countless pairs (yet seem to always giving them away to salvos to get a new pair), spending time with family and friends over a meal out or special home cooked meal with endless wine, travelling, watches -a fad thing I know, and buying loads of motivational /self help/how to reach goals (that barely get read! Bahaha)…chai coffee,caramel slices,can of coke on a hot day, hot chips with gravy on a cold day, weekend papers with coffee..they are my guilty pleasures!

  34. adore all the above mentioned, but my biggest indulgence is nice glass of Baileys, milk & ice at night time, when my daughter & husband are asleep 🙂 that’s me time, either on facebook, reading a book or watching a movie! i also can’t resist indulging in buying new shoes!!!

  35. Books, books & more books! I adore buying books, new, old, in a shop, online, at the markets I don’t care where I get them just as long as I have them…

    I will not start on my food indulgences as they are many & varied. Let’s just say you don’t get hips like mine from lettuce 😉

  36. As the parent of two small children, indulgence for me is getting into at a reasonable time, reading a little, then getting a FULL nights sleep…….a little sad I know, but it is what it is 😉

  37. Midday shower time! Once I have fed little Miss her lunch and put her down for a nap I finally have two uninterrupted seconds to wash my hair or shave my legs…

  38. All of the above are also my indulgence and above all reading Styling You is my daily indulgence. It’s like ending a day with a “dessert” …SWEET! ;D

  39. At the moment my major indulgence is meeting up with my mum every Tuesday. After our Weight Watchers meeting we have cups of tea and coffee, chat, shop, eat sweeties, shop, laugh, shop and shop some more. We’ve never spent such frivolous time together and it is WONDERFUL!

  40. Oh my….I DO love your indulgences and might steal a couple for future testing….now mine 🙂
    1)    “pretend” Tim Tams (gluten & dairy free ones….sigh) with Soy ice cream – OK it might not sound exciting to those who can eat anything but to me it is heaven cos I can’t eat the “real” thing.
    2)    sitting in the setting sun after working on Saturdays with a glass of wine, a good book and the cat…with NO thought of preparing dinner for almost an hour – Sat is the only day I finish work early enough to get home in daylight 🙁
    3)    good cleansers and moisturisers – because my face rebels against anything else, I only have one skin and if I wreck it it may not be reversible
    4)    good shoes. I spend a good portion of my day on my feet, I don’t want them to hurt or ache….if the shoes happen to be high heels and red so much the better 🙂
    5)    a good mattress and fabulous linen – because you spend almost a third of your life there….you might as well be comfortable!

  41. my indulgence is to take myself and my daughter to the Barcelona cafe   in fitzroy st st kilda for a 8 to 9 course tapas  meal with some sangaria  and churros and chocolate sauce for desert  i always have to have a takeaway to go home with as i need the taste in my mouth of this delicious food its so addictive but quite costly i always spend a good two hundred + so this is my indulgence  4 to 5 times a year 

  42. Great article, you just made me dreaming. Definitely  a long hot bubble bath with cool glass of bubble is my indulgence i am waiting for a long time. I have only shower at the moment and  a bath is on my Dream House list.

  43. I will most likely regret this when she gets older, but my favourite indulgence at the moment is to hug my little baby girl to sleep during the day and keep hugging her till she wakes up. To me it is pure heaven.

  44. Mine is lip gloss. One can never have too many lipglosses floating around the bottom of the handbag or nappy bag or hiding in the car.

  45. My ‘tibet’ candle from dusk – helps me re-create the illusion of a serene, calm sanctuary in my home…..when in fact my reality is complete madness ! 

  46. My indulgence is my net-a-porter wish list…my husband asked me why I have a wish list worth more than my car but he doesn’t understand! I know I will never buy all those designer clothes but I consider it research.

    I spend hours picking and choosing and while I might actually shop at places like Big W the pure indulgence of imagining owning those designer products is blissfull. And as long as I keep my credit card hidden it is a reasonably safe indulgence 🙂

    The new skinny cow ice creams look lush can’t wait to try them

  47. I like to indulge in 3 things daily … in no particular order … and sometimes I am greedy and have all 3 at once, many, many times over … they are Smiles, Hugs and Laughter … ok now I am being indulgent … Kisses and sometimes Tears (happy and sad ones) also make my day perfect ;0)   … 

  48. As simple as this may sound, my indulgence is having fish and chips on a Saturday night with my hubby and son down at the board walk along the beach : ) My hubby has to work away and is only back every Saturday night so this is my one time a week I can truly relax and unwind : )

  49. Italian nougat, torrone. When relatives visit from Italy , they come bearing gifts of this sugary sweetness which I love nearly more than my other indulgence , handbags!!!
    The peanutty taste with a smoothness that melts in your mouth, indulgent heaven in a bar ♥

  50. For this Aquarian it’s all about “SATISFACTION“!

    Indulgences is what life is all about ~

    Bring on my L’Aqua spa dates as this is what
    holidays are for,

    It needs no Justification, Neither do boots
    for that matter.

    They are here to stay because they are Red,

    There will be more to keep them company.

    Bennett Boots will make sure of this.

    Those mustard or watermelon rockport
    moccasins add colour to my journey.

    This is my freedom till my wings soar
    around the World.

    So smiles will be shared in appreciation
    for all that satisfies me.

    When hugs and kisses are out of reach.

  51. Indulgence: online shopping. Justification: I’m helping the economy AND earning points on my credit card. (I know, I know. The points are a bit of a scam.) But getting a treat in the mail is really worth it!

  52. My favourite indulgence is a teapot made just for me with real leaf tea, sipped out of a porcelain cup and saucer, with a crystal jug for my milk. A mug says practicality, and a teabag says efficiency, but the pot and cup say luxury – easy, inexpensive but not just a beverage. Instead this is a moment stolen from the day, to imagine a slower, more elegant life.  And if I add a little treat, like a macaroon? perfection. 

  53. I love the justification for your new handbag – the same one I use for new earrings 🙂

    My favourite indulgence is stealing away for an hour or so and take some beautiful photos …. WITHOUT having to worry that one of the children is falling into the lake/eating kangaroo droppings/running away from me etc…

  54. A Hens Heaven pamper package. Justification: Because there is nothing like indulging in some pampering to calm my body and rejuvenate my mind. The best bit? They are mobile so you don’t even need to leave your lounge room!

  55. A one hour full body massage … The ultimate in dreamy, relaxing, ME time. I am even selfish enough to drift off to sleep during the massage …

  56. My biggest indulgence is some time away with my Hubby.  I love all teh usual chocolate, travel etc. My husband and I both run our own business’and have two children.  With his unusual hours and the normal family routine having five minutes to chat is a luxury – so to spend even one night alone is an indulgence for us – and much needed for the longevity of our relationship.

  57. Ummm…I think I can relate to 🙂 PERFECTION!
    A new handbag….oh my. Superficial I know…. but that equals happiness in my world 🙂 And Good Coffee. And Lots of it.  And planning holidays & travel with my little family – Researching destinations, dreaming, planning, putting into action….I love it. x

  58. Shoes.  Shoes were my friends at a size 22+ and before the days of City Chic where it was so incredibly hard not to look like a frumpy dumpy lumpy chickie in her 20s that looks decades older and neither yummy nor anything smokin’  😉

    Shoes are my indulgence even now at size 14/16 many years later because I honestly believe that I get to reflect every part of personality. My soft soled ballet shoes one day and my petrol blue pretend biker boots the next. My mood is satisfied by my shoe choice 🙂
    VikkiOh and I totally understand hotel beds. That’s why I have feather & latex pillows, feather mattress topper and 1000 count thread sheets and doona covers in hotel white. Love. Love. Love. Very hard to get out of bed some mornings though 😉

  59. What a fabulous post! I am all about daily indulgences; coffee, sparkling water, happy music, candles, yummy food and then my weekly indulgences; Whittakers toasted coconut slab, Maggie Beer ice cream, pinot noir….
    My biggest indulgence is travel. I used to be a flight attendant and flit around the world, now it’s only every once in a while.  We are off to the Greek islands in two weeks and I CANNOT wait! Amy xx 
    Ps. I am SOOOOOO super excited about your NY trip, one of my favourite cities in the world.  I will be living vicariously through you 🙂

  60. For me it’s chocolate. Why?

    Chocolate can drown out those maddening, deafening screams
    It can turn your worst  nightmares into the sweetest of sweet dreams
    If there’s a darkened tunnel,it’s the bright  light at the end
    It comforts and cheers you up more than a best friend!
    It stops childish tantrums, and bad aids can’t compare
    To fix any ache or pain, you just need chocolate to be there.
    It’s reunited lovers, it gives low days a lift
    It’s the only hope you’ve got if you need an “I’m sorry” gift 
    Its your companion as you cry through  The Notebook yet again
    It’s knows just how to please you (unlike many men!)

  61. OK it’s a big indulgence but I do love going to the theate. Especially if it is a musical . Being spirited away to another workd by very talented performers is a lovely way to indulge.
    But simpler indulgences would have to include a plate of fresh sushi.
    Those ice creams are lovely. Just right for the occasional ice cream treat.

  62. I like to make time for daily indulgences too,and they are simple ones,reading a good book,eating chocolate,enjoying a coffee,sometimes a bath with beautiful scent and buying a bunch of flowers for the house ,pretty painted nails , a spritz of perfume ,I like to do a good deed a day if I can too,I let the person behind me go first at the supermarket today ,all these things make my heart sing and my soul happy.

    PS those ice creams look yum ,not that I eat it much as I’m lactose intolerant but will have to try them soon!

  63. I’m all about indulgence and justification. It makes my world spin and sparkle!!
    My indulgence? A great blowdry. Living in a renovation scene that makes The Block look like a holiday, and with a busy full time job and 2 blogs to write, that hour and a half at the hairdressers not only gives me an escape but I also walk out of the salon with beautiful clean swishy hair, a confidence boost and a smile on my face. xx

  64. I always indulge in good food. If I can’t manage to get to a fancy restaurant, then a home-cooked meal with fresh ingredients is just as good (if not sometimes better!) 

    Comfort and happiness with family and friends – it’s a worthwhile indulgence. 

  65. I can’t enter because I’m in the UK but I am on the hunt for a new handbag, I regularly buy flowers for ‘the home’ as does my husband, because we think they uplift people and I love the look of that lychee martini!

    And I’m off to eat the last ‘silky chocolate ganache’ (dreamy, luxurious clementine infused chocolate that my husband created in espresso cups over the weekend!)

    You’ve got to have treats from time to time!

    I liked reading about your indulgencies : )

  66. Those cookie ice creams are goooood!  Apart from ice cream and choc, some of my other indulgences are good times with friends (laughter is good for your health and gives your abs a workout), good shoes (you get what you pay for IMHO) and daily hugs from my husband – love is something we should indulge in whenever possible! 

  67. I love to indulge in:
    Ice cream sandwiches, frozen yogurt, brownies, painting my nails and a warm bath with a good book.

    A few of these I haven’t don’t in ages but you have inspired me to take a day to indulge.

  68. What if you can’t narrow it down? 
    *I love red wine I can’t afford. 
    *It’s not politically correct, but I love buying cheap clothes OFTEN….(big fan of Big W)
    *Despite my big bum I love cheese…any type, any meal, any day….
    *I love a rainy Saturday when I can stay in bed ALL day reading
    *And I love expensive ingredients when I’m cooking…
    (Did someone say fat, laxy and poor? I call it happy!!!)

  69. Hi Nikki,
    I LOVE your justification for travel! My excuse for an addiction to travel is that I am an Aquarian…but why should I need an excuse?! It does indeed feed my brain and fuel my soul. Speaking of fuel – I hope I can find Skinny Cow in NZ!

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