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The Model and Me: Verily autumn-winter 2012

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Hello autumn. I feel you.

You make nights so much more fun. I do love a doona snuggle. Yes, I do.

And I do like that it’s not super sticky and sweaty. That it is actually possible to get dressed in something other than the lightest cotton and not feel like a boiled sausage by midday.

It’s about this time of year that I open my wardrobe and it’s like a choir of angels is singing to me. My trans-seasonal wardrobe (which is most of my wardrobe) comes into full play.

I can finally wear jeans again. And leggings. Which brings me to the point of today’s Model and Me post.

See, from now until about September, I’ll do a daily wardrobe shuffle that consists of jeans one day, leggings and tunics the next. Both are looks that can be dressed up as required or down if I’m sitting at home in front of the computer with my heater by my side and ugg boots on. True story. Come winter, I will take a photo and prove it 😉

Now this tunic top/dress and legging outfit is all about comfort – and clothes that are easy care and easy wear. The kind of clothes that you can throw into the wash (I put mine in a lingerie bag to prevent snagging), hang up on the line and know you can wear again the next day if you need too. The kind of clothes that make travelling or even weekends away super easy.

I love that you can also wear a tunic dress that may be a little shorter that you would opt for in winter because a pair of tights or leggings can camouflage all manner of sins.

I’ve blogged about Queensland label Verily before and will do again as long as designer Leonie Macleod continues to produce garments that suit my needs – and many of your needs too.

This season, Leonie’s taken that one step further, extending her range to offer designs up to size 24. (CLICK to visit Verily)

The extended range uses the same design principals that Verily has become known for, with the addition of great pattern making to allow for a generous bust, tummy and hip. The range is youngish, stylish and simple.

The emphasis for the collection has been timeless design, great fit and creating pieces that you will love wearing. The inspiration has been the women I get to dress, perfectly imperfect in every shape, size and style who want clothes that are easy to wear and make them feel beautiful. – Leonie Macleod, Verily

So what’s taken my tunic fancy this season? A couple of pieces actually.

Shall we take a look at the model wearing them first? Of course we will … you know the drill.

The Model

Verily Winter 2012 tunics

1. Verily In Pieces Tunic $129 | 2. Verily Winter Tunic $129

And Me!

Verily In Pieces tunic | Country Road leggings, scarf and ballet flats | Cheap Monday sunglasses

Verily In Pieces tunic | Country Road leggings, scarf and ballet flats | Cheap Monday sunglasses

Verily Winter tunic | Metalicus trench coat | Sussan ribbed tights | Jaime Mascaro boots

Verily Winter tunic | Metalicus trench coat | Sussan ribbed tights | Jaime Mascaro boots

Either of these tunics can be worn dressed up with heeled boots and tights or dressed down with ballet flats and leggings or tights and flat knee-high or ankle boots.

As it cools down I can add I layer under the In Pieces tunic and wear the Metalicus trench over the top.

I’m also going to wear the Winter tunic back with a pair of skinny leg jeans for a different look again. It’s short enough that this will work for me as an alternative.

Viva la Tunic, I say. What say you?

Do you embrace a tunic dress and leggings combo or are you firmly in the jeans and pants camp?

* These two tunics were gifted to me in accordance with my editorial disclosure policy. This is not a sponsored post but does include affiliate sales links.

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Comments 74

  1. You’ve got my winter uniform on! Love, love, love and live, live, live in my tunics in winter. That read is so warming. A great colour for winter. Thanks again Nikki. Lookin’ fab. A:)

  2. I stopped reading when I read – “I’m sitting at home in front of the computer with my heater by my side and ugg boots on.”

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! YOU TOO!!!!!

    My ankles absolutely freeze in winter. I’m wrapped up in track dacks, a tshirt, a skivvy, a jumper, a big long parka and the heater by my sock covered, long slipper boot clad feet, no ugg boots for me, and I STILL freeze!

    Bloody hell! Someone else who does that!

  3. As usual, you’ve styled your outfits beautifully Nikki. I’m a huge fan of the tunic – it’s so versatile and flattering. In fact, it’s totally taken over the jeans and top combo for me. Tunic and leggings all the way!! xx

  4. Yes the tunic/ legging look is very chic… I’m wondering about the bra though – not quite the look for a snug fitting outfit. Perhaps some ideas re. underwear in the next post?

  5. Awesome, Nikki!

    Actually…I have a question for you!  I’m heading to the US in January (yes…snowy and freezing…but hopefully beautiful!).  Do you think leggings and tunics could work then, or would it just be too cold?  Already starting to pack (in my head…real packing will be left to the very last minute, as is my disorganisation in all things packing)…and are hoping to escape jeans and go for leggings instead, but worried about chill factor…any ideas?



  6. Hi Nikki!
    I’m also a big fan of the tunic dress, with leggings/skinnies and boots.  The winter tunic and metalicus trench looks great on you (my favourite for sure!)
    I’ve also been wondering how the now famous seed tube maxi dress could be styled for winter (I for one would love to read your take on it).    Not that I have one in my closet yet,  still indecisive on this one – I definitely need more inspiration coming from a cooler climate 🙂

  7. I was always a jeans girl but in the last year or so I have embraced the tunic dress – especially with leggings and boots for the winter! I love your take on the Verily Winter Tunic (you look fab) especially with the Metalicus Black Trench. Might have to get one for myself!

  8. Hi Nikki, I seriously think you look better than the model!  The model pics look ho-hum to me (no offence to the model) and you look amazing in both!  Very inspiring 🙂

  9. I love leggings. So comfy and easy to wear. I found Verily at the South Bank Young Designers Market and bought some of her gear last winter. It was great to wear and several people asked me where I bought it.

  10. Knocked this one out of the park again Nikki! You give us girls with the not-size-6-skinny-minnie frame a hope of looking fabulous with these flattering looks! I’m taking notes! Thanks a million, xoxo

  11. Omg, you work both dresses so much better than the models! I love the tunic dress & leggings look, especially as I am 5’10” and many dresses are too short for me and my imperfect legs. But throw on some leggings and Bob’s your uncle!

  12. Very nice! I love the look of dresses and leggings – I think it is very slimming {creates a great silhouette}.

    I also ADORE black, red and grey {add white and I am in B heaven}.

    Great post as always. Sigh – is it hard being so fabulous?

  13. I love the second one. Tunic’s are great. I tend to find a favourite and wear it non stop with everything for a season until it is worn out, which means they give me great value.

    1. I do too Melanie ,the shots of Nikki are more REAL that sounds stupid but we all want to see real people in outfits I Think.

  14. Fab – I just bought the Verily Split Cowl dress last night (after careful perusal of your previous Model and Me posts).  

  15. You look amazing in both, but I especially love the second look on you.
    The tunics are great and I am on the look for some, however at $129 each my budget (sahm to 4 children on one wage) is not going to stretch to that.
    Do you have some recommendations of cheaper, yet still lovely versions of the tunic dress please?

  16. Hi Nikki, I just love both looks and actually think they look better on you than the model!  The red ensemble is my favourite.  I recently added a couple of tunics to my wardrobe and as you say they are so versatile.  I’m tall (5’10”) so need to add a layer (such as my little black stretchy Target skirt) to keep myself “decent”.  The addition of one of my Vigorella trenches – red/black help create many different looks.  Please keep these “The Model and Me” stories coming Nikki – they’re great, thanks!

  17. I love this look of tunic and leggings on other people, but never quite pull it off myself. I tend to fall back on skinny jeans under a tunic, and tights and boots under a dress (rather than the shorter tunic).
    I especially love the winter tunic with the Metalicus trench- maybe this year…

  18. I love tunics and leggings too,they are my fave everyday outfit,comfy and they also can look chic as well,and yes they can take you from home to the shops to even out to lunch if the need arises .
    Loving the red tunic on you Nikki it really suits you ,loving animal print too but being short 5ft3 i find some tunics look too long on me so i either wear with opaques and boots or chop them off.
    I love the ponte leggings in winter they look good suck in the bad bits and are comfy and warm,i hate being cold ,loathe it in fact ,our house is really cold in winter and you’ll often see me walking around with my dressing gown over my clothes till it warms up,we get terrible frosts here too.
    Looking forward to seeing you in front of the heater at your desk lol.Really enjoy your model and me posts and your keeping it real posts.

    1. Thanks Lisa … I you can hold me to the heater in front of the desk photo … will probably have my dressing gown on too 😉 We don’t get as cold as you do but we can have some very cold nights that do warm up to lovely days.

  19. I love tunics and leggings, wear them all the time in winter! The second tunic looks amazing on you, I think it’s the colour, really suits you!

  20. I love tunics, they are easy to wear and comfy! I wore one on a night out with leggings and high boots, looked great. Love #2 tunic on you.

  21. They both look fab Nikki, think the first tunic is my fav although the silhouette created with the trench coat and tights makes you look super slim and tall.  I love leggings and jeans as well and this time of year when the heat and humidity of Qld summers goes- well just perfect  🙂

    1. Hi Caz – yes, the trench silhouette is working a treat. I purposely put the trench on so that you can see how easy it is to create an illusion of length. I do the same with a sleeveless vest too.

  22. The burnt orange one I have been lusting over since I saw it on her site last week. It’s gorgeous…. And so my colour. Both look great Nikki. This is my favourite time of year too. For all the same reasons as yourself. Was one of t
    He bonuses of being in NZ, I got to wear other things!!

  23. Love leggings and tunics!! More then Jeans in fact. Leggings are much more forgiving and I feel more girly in them! Really interesting that on the model I liked the red one, and would have thought it was better for my shape (which, when bump free is very much like yours) but when you wear them, the “in pieces” tunic is really flattering, possibly more so then the “winter” one! 

    Now to find a maternity tunic . . . .

    1. 3XPretty … I know, I actually felt the same before trying them on. The In Pieces tunic gives me shape under my bust and then drapes like I need it to. The Winter one is more streamlined on me – and shorter.

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