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The twitches have started. The cold sweats as well.

No. I’m not giving up my Friday night sauv blanc.

Something more drastic.

I’m cutting my electronic links to the outside world.

switch off to Kangaroo Island

No blog.

No Facebook.

No Twitter.

No Instagram.

No Pinterest.

No Google Plus (actually that’s no pain, is anyone on it anyway?).

No email.

No phone calls.

No texting.



OMG. What. Have. I. Agreed. To?

While I may be a nervous wreck at the thought, my family thinks this is HILARIOUS.

They can’t WAIT and have offered to put my technical and electrical tools under lock and key for the duration. And yes, this offer of *kindness* comes inserted with an appropriate evil laugh.

Quite frankly, they do not believe I will survive the challenge.

They have come to believe that my phone is actually an extension of my right arm. That my iPad is my security blanket. And that my iMac is the temple at which I go to Bloggie worship.

Just quietly, they could be right.

I’m the one who switches on her phone the moment the airplane has landed. I’m the one who checks her emails while waiting in the school pick-up line. I’m the one who Tweets her husband when he’s sitting next to me on the lounge. I’m the one who finds out her daughter is “in a relationship” on Facebook, despite sitting just 5m down the hall.

In short. I never rarely disconnect.

Do you?

Are you GREAT at switching off all the bits and pieces that keep us in the loop with our friends and what’s happening in the big wide world?

I can’t even pinpoint a time when my life wasn’t SO connected to the world.

It probably dates back to when I visited Kangaroo Island in 1996.

Kangaroo Island

Umm … this is me in 1996 on Kangaroo Island … 7 months preggers, wearing leggings as pants, socks tucked into said leggings and teamed with boat shoes. The only redeeming feature of this photo is the Remarkable Rocks on which I’m standing. And a very cute toddler on my hip … my now 16-year-old!

Just the ferry ride across to the island was enough of a disconnect. Imagine if I could do that now? In an era of mobile phones and interwebs? (I wouldn’t be wearing boat shoes, that’s for sure)

There’s something about an island being that place where you can get away from it all and KI (as the locals call it) has it all.

It’s remote but just minutes from mainland South Australia.

It’s HUGE. I remember hiring a car and being optimistic about how much of the island I could see in just a few days.

Did you know that more than one third of the island is dedicated to national parks?

The beaches are amazingly pristine. Think crystal clear turquoise water – the stuff of postcards. Yes, you may have to share them with sea lions but to me that’s a big plus on some of the sights I see on my local beaches. Trust me … give me some actual wildlife any day.

Here’s a little look-see:

Yes, if I think that if I’m to have any hope of completing this challenge, the very least I can think about is all that crystal clear water. And a cliff-side spa. And maybe some KI marron washed down with a sparkling Chardonnay.

I WILL do it. Yes, I will.

On Saturday, April 28, 2012 I will switch off all my bloggie bits and and pieces. You will not hear from me for 24 hours.

When you come to visit me at Styling You on that day you will find that I’m true to my word and that there will be an image here that links to YOUR chance to to win a trip to Kangaroo Island.

Do you think you can join me?

I would love you to write (with pen and paper, remember those instruments of communication?) and tell your friends about it the challenge. What would you say to your friends to tell them YOU were joining the Switch Off  on Kangaroo Island Challenge?

Leave a comment below. The most creative entry as deemed by the judges will win a $50 stationery pack from kikki.K. The competition opens 12.01am (AEST) on April 10, 2012 and will continue until 5pm AEST on April 20, 2012. For full terms and conditions, click here.


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  1. There is a woman from the Redlands who is going to turn off
    the screens

    She’s not going to look at facebook; Or even open an
    electronic book

    Can she do it you call? Or will she fail at it all?

    We’ll all stayed glued to our phones & watch for a clue

    But maybe she will surprise us all and just go and play with
    the Kangaroos!


  2. Great idea Nikki!

    “ATTN: Guys and gals! I’m joining Nikki from Styling You in the Switch Off on Kangaroo Island Challenge… eep! April 28, 2012 I will be switching off all things internet-related for a whole 24 hours! Join me in this endeavour to conserve some energy, reconnect with family and regenerate a few of my own brain cells. Can you do it? I’m not 100% sure that I can but I’m sure as heck going to try! Head over to for some more info.”

  3. One of my blogging friends is coming from Los Angeles just for a holiday on Kangaroo island. I had embarrasingly never heard of it? Why? Because I am totally addicted to the people of the Internet and the tools that aid that addiction.

    I will just tell my friends and family I am spending 24 hours in prison without Internet privileges. Seriously they would believe that story more than The fact that I have ‘switched off’ for 24 hours. I can do it. I gave up sugar for Lent when no-one said I could do it ( even though it resulted in a sugar coma over Easter). I will just warn everyone that come the 25th hour Internet Hell will break lose and to stand clear, lol

  4. If I switched off completely there would be no photographic evidence of what I looked like, what clothes I wore, the way my hair looked… this sounds like quite a good idea!!  This sounds like a holiday!!

  5. My friends? They wouldn’t understand.
    Their life is Facebook, blogs do not interest them.
    To tell my blogging world I would write a letter of goodbye
    Ended with a heavy parting *sigh*

  6. Yes, and I just did! Admittedly it wasn’t too hard… I was on Hamilton Island and parasailing, paddleboarding and one too many cocktails kept me quite busy… 

  7. I could just tell them I was visiting my Mum. She lives in a town with no wifi, next to no mobile reception and glacial speed home internet. Luckily the coffee, antique shopping and gastropubs more than make up for it.

  8. I would  say to my friends that am joining the “SOKI<3 ~ Switch Off  on Kangaroo Island Challenge" all IT goods would be left at home and we'd hit the nsw coastline for some real unwinding for the day. 

  9. Ever since I got my iPad, it has been my new accessory, just like a handbag. It comes with my everywhere. Same with the other forms of telecommunications I carry around with me. But I am up for the challenge of silence.

    Although, I would have to be really busy that 24hours, or extremely drunk to get through without 24 minutes…oh sorry 24 looonnng hours. Maybe it’s an excuse to go the a health retreat. That would be no good, as no wine is allowed there. Will have to think of something else to do. Maybe back to back movies at the cinema.

  10. I have to say, I love a good disconnect. And I usually do this a couple of times a year. I’ve gone “on strike” before, where I don’t do anything for a week. Don’t answer the phone, reply to emails, answer the door, visit anyone, do any favours etc. Talk about liberating! But I did still have my computer…
    Usually when I travel I completely disconnect, I have to tell you it was strange hearing about our new Prime Minister in 2010 when I saw it on an old newspaper in a fish shop in PNG!
    However, I realised that I’d reached a low point last year when both my husband and I had to block out “no screen time”, in our diaries to ensure that we were seeing eachother at some point when we were home together. When did we become so plugged-in??
    But in answer to your question, I’d tell my friends I was going on strike 🙂 It’s suitably challenging for people, and feels rebellious and invigorating all at once. A great opportunity to balance myself and listen out for inner peace.

  11. I would be the one on the hill twiddling sticks, trying to get a smoke signal going to my friends…..or gathering bottles for the old ‘message in a bottle’ !!!!
    Goodness, I think I too need to disconnect on Kangaroo 🙂

  12. Hmmmm what a great idea! But I’m not sure I could do it lol I’d also have to get my husband to go “Tech Cold Turkey” too or there wouldn’t be much point… Not sure I should admit this but he & I are often sat side by side on the sofa of an evening each tapping away at our laptops :)) 

    I love Twitter, Pinterest, my blog (and others’) & of course my smart phone.

    Kangaroo Island looks absolutely stunning!

  13. I cannot live without the internet or my iPhone. I love Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and my blogs. The internet is where I can practice my passion of writing, connect and communicate with people, and be distracted with gorgeous pictures.

    Having said all of that, I stayed ‘offline’ for most of the Easter weekend…and to be honest it was kind of a relief. It was nice to not be distracted every time my phone made a noise and to just concentrate on what I was doing – either demolishing our granny flat or drinking wine (but not at the same time).

    As for Kangaroo Island – I’ve never been. Yes, I am an Adelaide girl born and bred, have lived here all of my 27 years and have never been to KI. I’ve always wanted to go, as it looks so beautiful and serene. One day…

  14. I have to up the ante and challenge both my husband and I to be offline together and the same time in the same place! Now, if this place was KI at the fabulous new Southern Ocean Lodge (forget the small detail of the price tag at $2000p/n), I would go offline for you Nikki, for my husband, for anyone!  I could marvel at the incredible beauty and maybe even get this years Christmas Cards done, and maybe, even maybe, send them as well…

  15. I completely understand having an internet holiday. I have Sunday and half Saturday off as I’m blogging and what not else where all over the place. But you have to have a day or two off wih any business, otherwise you wear yourself out.

    As for Kangaroo Island, WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!! I’ve lived here in Adelaide for most of my life, except for the four years my parents had me living all over the sunshine coast when I was a kid (I’m so jealous of you living where I used to live,lol) I have never been and never want to go to Kangaroo Island. In fact, I wished to God I lived either back on the S.Coast or on the G.Coast. I love water, I love Qland, I HATE Adelaide!!!!!

    I’m a desperate jewellery blogger, get me outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. I would love to join you ,i think i can i think i can ,yes i will give it a try ,i remember before all these devises were invented too,and it does not seem that long ago ,we were the first people to have a car phone for goodness sake ,with a cord and all,i remember we broke down outside of cooma and were ringing the NRMA on it and we still waited 6 hours for them to come,and I get what your saying about facebook  thats where I get all my info from about my kids and friends  ,very handy tool indeed and I even threw away the phone books that some poor person delivered to me ,thinking I don’t need them ,i have internet ,they only take up space. 
    P.S you are very brave putting that pic up of you ,do you remember when we wore coordinated leggings with shirts and socks and hiking boots ,i had a cream pair of leggings I thought i looked so hot with my brown hiking boots and my check shirt “cringe”that as another 90s horror look ,the 90s had horrible fashion.x 

  17. Would LOVE to say I could switch off that day but I think it would actually kill me! It’s our Brisbane City Council election that day, I must must must know the details, the political media adviser and journo in me is too strong for my weak little body 🙂 Good luck though!

  18. Sooooo want to win that.  I am very grateful to be a very well travelled person – South America, the Middle East, Central America/Cuba, Mexico, the States, lived in Canada for a year, Europe for 2, seen bits of Asia and a whole lotta Australia.  But I confess. I am South Australian and I have never been to Kangaroo Island and I so want to.  Pick me!  lol… it is a bit tragic really.  I really must get over there sometime soon!  

    PS Love the leggings and the cute toddler! 

      1. ha ha totally yes. I would be too busy playing with the seals and eating all the great food down there!  I have faith that you will do it too…..I think that the “lock and key” part will help safeguard you though!  

  19. This shocks a lot of people but I don’t have a smart phone.  I would love to have one – all those apps! – but I made a conscious effort not to be *that* connected to everyone, all the time.   When I am waiting somewhere I either read or knit (I always have both options in my handbag when I go out!) and at night I make sure I spend as much time away from the laptop as I can.  Good luck with your disconnection challenge – I hope it reminds you of all the wonderful things in life that don’t need to be viewed via a small glowing screen.

  20. Firstly Nikki I have a 1994 photo of myself n my family at the 12 apostles. I was 14, fuzzy bob haircut, acne, brazers, a big jumper, autumn leaved leggings, scrunch down socks over the top of leggings n wearing hiking boots!

    I’m a bit like you and I’m always using my I phone, tweeting, blogging, words with friends etc, n theres the I pad and laptop! I have to admit I’m addicted and feel a bit anxious not having my phone n tweeting n seeing what’s going on! My husband wouldn’t believe me at all if I told him or he might take me to the hospital to be sectioned as clearly if I’m not using any technology, social media I must have gone completely crazy! Even if I was carried off kicking m screaming I would still be saying please just leave me with my phone!

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