The piece that started it all: Sussan cape $99.95

The Model and Me: WIN Sussan Winter 2012 gift cards

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Remember the This Goes With That Sussan ads of the 1980s and ’90s? I do. Still can’t go into a store without that jingle popping up in my head. Can you?

See, where I grew up in country Queensland, Sussan was the only fashion chain store in town. For a big chunk of my life it was my only lifeline to any semblance of fashion. We’re talking, pre-pre-pre online shopping days here. Practically the Stone Shopping Age.

Somewhere along the way, as I left my hometown and discovered the bright fashion lights of the big city, Sussan and I parted fashion ways. Maybe I became a little bit spoilt for choice.

Whatever the reason … I’m BAACCCK!

Well, actually I was well and truly back last summer. From the moment Sussan unveiled its summer collection filled with bright and fun pieces, I was hooked. Seriously hooked.

Yes, the Sussan customer is likely to be a busy mum but the designs are as far removed from “mumsie” as you can possibly get.

Winter 2012 is no exception.

I walked into the Melbourne Bourke Street store on Saturday and was blown away. As I was when I shopped yesterday in my smaller local store here on the Sunshine Coast.

sussan winter 2012 Bourke Street Mall, melbourne

Sussan Winter 2012 on show at the Bourke Street Mall store in Melbourne

Most of my wardrobe is about relaxed smart casual. Everyday pieces that are comfortable to wear but still offer up style.

Everywhere I turned in store, I liked what a saw – a knit, a scarf, some tights, a necklace, a skirt, some leggings – a whole host of things that could easily slot into my existing wardrobe and feel right at home.

There was one piece that leapt out at me. Well, technically it didn’t leap because as we know, Stylers, clothes don’t leap, but this one piece spoke to me. Oops, there I go again, clothes don’t speak either.

As soon as I laid eyes on this one piece, I had visions of myself throwing it on for winter soccer mornings, Sunday afternoon coffee with a girlfriend or just lazing around the house on a winter’s night with a glass of mulled wine in my hand …

And then I imagined my husband’s reaction when he saw me in it (Mr Styling You not being known for his “understanding” of the female fashion gene)

And the deal was sealed.

The striped cape was mine*. It would be my new hero Winter 2012 fashion piece.

Here is the model wearing said object of my fashion obsession:

The piece that started it all: Sussan cape $99.95

The piece that started it all: Sussan cape $99.95

model and me sussan winter 2012

The model might be styling the cape up with jeans (and I will too) but today I’ve had a bit of fun with a winter alternative to jeans

And here is me:

model and me sussan winter 2012

Dressing up in winter clothes when it’s 28 degrees gave me a little insight into the world of a model. Roll on winter.

Let’s break that outfit down: 

Model and Me Sussan winter 2012

1. Cape $99.95 (sold out online, check in store for availability) | 2. Floppy hat $49.95 | 3. Mini cable tight $24.95 | 4. Ponte tube skirt $59.95 | 5. High-low pullover $69.95 |  TOTAL: $304.75

Ok, so I went a little over budget*. I blame the hat. Really, how could I not have one? So boho luxe without the luxe price tag. I also added in my ASOS tan boots to complete the look.

What I LOVED even more about this outfit was that I could create it all in one store (minus the boots) and walk out knowing that each of the items purchased could also be worn separately and worked back into my current wardrobe to freshen up existing pieces. I believe this is called Purchase Justification.

And backs up the jingle in my head … yes, this really does STILL go with that at Sussan.

* I received a $250 gift card to spend on winter 2012 fashion at Sussan. Shopping online at Sussan is super easy and postage is free for purchases over $150 ($10 if under that amount). It’s worthwhile signing up to the VIP program because for every $1 spent in store or online you get one point. When you hit the 500 point mark in 12 months they’ll send you a $50 gift voucher. Score.



Silly me, of course you would. We have two $250 Sussan gift cards to give away. We want to hear about winter weekend fashion for you? What do you mostly wear? PLUS, which item from Sussan would you make your hero Winter 2012 piece?

The two people with the most creative and original story will each win a $250 Sussan gift card. Maximum word length: 150 words. There is scope to add a photo to your entry in the comments section below, so please feel free to do this if you would like. This competition opens on Wednesday, April 4 at 6am (AEST) and closes Wednesday April 18 at 6am (AEST). One entry per person. Australian entries only. The total prize pool value is $500. The winners will be contacted via email and their entries could be re-published on Styling You and their names published here.

In store at Sussan, Bourke Street, Melbourne

In store at Sussan, Bourke Street, Melbourne

Comments 111

  1. Winter may be cold and bleak
    but it doesn’t mean I can’t look chic
    gorgeous coats and scarves so bright
    gets me through the cold alright
    and Sussans bold and stripey cape
    makes the perfect warm escape

  2. Love winter tunics and thick tights,
    Used to wear with ballet shoes.
    Heard guys think them delights,
    So now long boots I choose,
    Sussan Cape ideal for winter nights,
    Recommended in Nikki Parkinson reviews,
    Would complement my winter fashion style – just right!

  3. My winter wardrobe is some comfy denim jeans and a warm woolly jumper with stylish boots.  I would love the cape, looks great and warm too.

  4. Mummy to seven,

    Sumptuous Sussan epitomises heaven,

    Catering for my casual yet chic vibe,

    A fairly practical notion with warm and fuzzy knits
    complimented with crisp jeans or chino’s I enjoy wearing with my little tribe!

    Becoming a mother and developing a slightly bulging belly I
    have endured a fascination with cleverly disguising the tummy,

    And since shopping at Sussan’s I’ve transformed to a “Yummy

    Catering for sizes large and small,

    Shopping at Susan’s, the kids and I have a blissful ball!

    Sussan and I are experts when it comes to infusing simple
    elegance with high drama necklaces and rings,

    Lustre for life and fashion these accessories bring!

    I’ve been admiring the “Plaited Leather Jacket” from afar!

    This jacket says “cool insouciance”; guaranteed to be my
    winter’s shining star!

    Sussan and I have been indulging in a wondrous love affair,

    Bringing confidence and warmth I proudly and loyally

  5. Winter weekend fashion for me is Sussan Style through and
    through- stylish, simple, slimming, snug, sheik, soft, subtle and sophisticated.

    Wintertime finds me in Sussan jeans, tops, long boots and
    throws. Love the muted browns, greys and whites with a splash of Sussan colour.

    Sussan’s winter stripe cape is definitely my winter
    hero-piece – timeless and goes with this, that and everything…LOVE!


  6. Winter for me = jeans + boots or leggings + boots and scarves are my best friend.
    J’adore the winter a-line LEATHER skirt. HOTT! And the chevron skirt. And hello fur vest!

  7. Winter I love my jeans, knee high boots and scarves, I love Winter fashion more than any other season.  That cape is gorgeous, casual but still classy. Looks so very warm and comfortable too. I love when I dont have to sacrifice comfort for style.

  8. Not too sure about this look tbh. I think you’ve got too much going on but you do have to take risks sometimes! The cape is gorgeous but unfortunately I think the model wins this one.

  9. I love the cape, is perfect, casuat stylish and a must to have. And i normally use leggins with pullovers or cblazers. Or capes some tights tooand my. Boots

  10. Loving the black floppy hat-my weekend wardrobe is made up of jeans boots and different tops according to my mood absolutely love winter!!

  11. Everything off the complete Everyday Essentials rack would do me just fine.  The look of comfort and warmth is so appealing, as well as the styles and colour range.

  12. for me it is the 
    View larger imageRollover to zoom

    Paisley tunic with leggings of course and my black boots … I could fly to NZ in this, pick up the babes up from school , meet a colleague for coffee or just flounce around feeling all winter fabb-i-ness – a cosy delight for sure – cheers le xox

  13. Living on our farm, weekends are just like any other.  Usually I wear men’s clothes because they’re big, baggy  with lots of deep pockets for bits of string and pocket knives.   Unfortunately for me, that’s basically what my wardrobe is make up of and when I do go out, I have nothing stylish to choose from.

    However, when I saw that  Waterfall jacket in that beautiful Ruby colour, I knew that it was  the hero piece for me by  brightening up not only my depressing wardrobe, but also my life as well.   By layering it over some knits and worn with jeans, or a tailored pair of pants, it would become my key piece for my winter wardrobe, and, by adding a scarf and hat, how warm would I not only feel, but also look.  Whether it be for town or country, I know I’d stand out from the crowd.

  14.  I’d be layering the empire tunic from sussan over leggings or some patterned stockings with boots. Over that I would wear one of my (numerous) bright scarves and a cardi or jacket. On the weekend I like to be stylish but also comfortable, I dress for all eventualities, I may need to go out shopping or catch up with friends but also like to be comfortable around the home.  I live in Melbourne and need to be about to layer up or down depending on what the weather here is doing and this versatile piece would work with my current wardrobe.

  15. I would make the Sussan cape my hero piece for week end wear. I mostly like to be comfortable however still stylish. I enjoy jeans or leggings with longer length tops accessorising with belts, boots and scarves.

    The cape will make a great addition to my week end wardrobe

  16. I’m a mama of 3 and I’ve lost my style mojo! After 3 pregnancies in 4 1/2 years I have no idea! I’m loving the idea of dresses and ankle boots, and I’m loving the look of Sussan coloured tights. My pins are the only thing that haven’t changed after having kids!

  17. There once was a girl and her shacket
    A hybrid of shawl and a jacket
    But the Sussan cape
    Could hide her shape
    So the shacket went back in it’s packet

  18. Dear Styling You,


    Jenny has been diagnosed with a severe case
    of Sussan Addiction Syndrome.  Symptoms
    included thumb injury from repetitive clicking of the website, drooling at shop
    windows and obsessively admiring the Sussan pieces in her wardrobe. She went to
    the Doctor and he prescribed her with me, her favourite piece:  the Leather Biker Jacket in Stone.


    She loves my classic neutral shade,
    structured cut and flattering asymmetrical zip detailing in most luxurious,
    butter-soft leather. Jenny’s Prayers to the Jacket Gods have been answered! I
    would be a brilliant addition to her staple winter outfits, which usually
    consist of skinny denim jeans, infinity scarves and flat leather boots.


    I’d love to be friends with her, it’d make
    us so happy. And could you hang in a wardrobe with glass doors next time….as
    staring at inside of this cupboard gets pretty boring after a while.





    Sussan Leather Biker Jacket. 

  19. LOOOVe that hat Nikki! On weekends in winter I try to hibernate as much as possible inside my house with a roaring, toasty fire! So that would be Yoga pants and long sleeve Tees. Alas I am a social person so don’t ever knock back a dinner invitation! so then depending on the venue I may be in long black boots over black pants with a tee/tunic or a dress and my absolute Fave of a long cardigan. We also spend a bit of time at country shows where I’ll be seen wearing jeans, fancy Ariat boots and down coats OR vests. I’m  liking the tunics and am thinking that the mismatch striped tunic might be my hero!

  20. Unfortunately (or fortunately – I am a glass half full girl) I will be spending half this winter overseas – in an English/American summer. Yay for me! I love rugging up in winter. I wear coats, boots and hats. And some of my best buys have been from Sussan – wool skirts, stockings, cardis, pretty necklaces and plenty of pyjama pants that I wear around the house with my fluffy boots.
    If I won this voucher I’d buy the Waterfall check coat to wear over dresses and warm tops and leggings. Its colours are gorgeous, and the style is actually something I don’t own. I’d also buy a new handbag to take overseas – I am in love with the bright yellow Carla two toned shopper.
    You look great Nikki, that cape suits you. Now if only the weather would cool down for you!

  21. I live in trackie pants and sloopy jumpers from my school days 11 years ago!
    I would love some new fashion so I can stand out for the right reasons!! 
    I would love a susans cape to wear over some nice new jeans that would truly be my new fashion accessory and my new hero winter piece!!

  22. In winter I live in layers as I travel around country NSW with my boys’ sports. I love style that’s snug on those frosty winter mornings which we greet as we are up and going early to cover the distance to get the venue on time. I’m LOVING the Sussan cape – what a hero piece!

  23. I live in jeans and long sleeve t’s in winter with the occasional dress with tights and boots thrown into the mix.  At the moment the winter dresses I own are all maternity, so it would be awesome to rid my wardrobe of them and replace them with the gorgeous Ikat Tab Sleeve tunic and Horizontal Knit Tunic to start with!

  24. I have long been a fan of the Sussan long sleeve crew neck.  Every year I wear out a white and black one and find myself heading back in stope to get another 2 faiths.  Great layering pieces, keep me warm and wash so well.  And I never leave with just them, always easy to get carried away at Sussans! 

  25. My typical winter wear is trackies and fleece jumpers, I’m afraid. I definitely need to ‘class it up’ a bit! I like the high-low pullover.

  26. I have history with Sussan. My first credit card of $500 was a Sussan card 30 years ago, and as I was totally inexperienced in shopping at the age of 16 I went and spent it all in one go on work clothes.  Though I did go back again and again I have stepped away since becoming a mum. A glimpse in their shop window the other day had me thinking maybe it’s time to return!

  27. I too remember the ‘this goes with that at Sussan’ and it being the only chain store in the country town that i grew up in in northern NSW as a teenager and they were happy to tkae my $5 per week pocket money to pay off my never ending laybys!
    This season I ove their ponte skirts and their cute 60’s inspired navy dress which I’ve lay byed and need the voucher to pay it off!!!!

  28. I have to say I adore winter fashion! I find it so much easier than Summer.  I love wearing tights with just about everything, and bright block colours are always a favourite.  

    Winter accessorising is the best! Berets and beanies also get dragged out of the wardrobe for winter, I especially love them in camel, blacks and browns so I can add them to just about anything. Statement scarves also make a comeback, I have a bunch in greats bright patterns and bold colours to jazz up dark wooly knits. I tend to keep my tights fairly simple in terms of colour, with blacks and charcoals the norm, but love playing with different textures and patterns to add a bit of interest.  

    As for shoes, my favourite of all time are boots, and I love wearing ankle booties, knee high and mid calf versions, usually in black to go with anything. 

    My favourite winter statement piece is actually an old purple knit dress I got from the Salvos. It’s circa early 80’s and it is such a fun and unique piece that always gets great comments.If I won I would give this to my mum as she could really use a pick me up right now…

  29. I love to break out my trusty leather trench-coat that I had for years.It Has been so faithful to me.It will never go out of style and fits me like glove. We are a match made in heaven, my jacket and I.I  wear it on so many different occasions and it continues to keep its justice in every way. 

  30. I’m loving Sussan’s Cable Cowl Pullover. This would be my winter hero teemed with jeans or leggings, the only time I’d take it off was on wash day!
    My winter weekend style mainly consists of leggings, boots or ballet slippers and a comfy but eye catching knit, the kind of outfit that could be worn horse riding, walking on the beach or having coffee with the girls at an upmarket cafe – clothes that feel good to wear, look amazing on and can still be lived in to the fullest.

  31. Winter is my time to shine in fashion. I haven’t got the legs for summer skirts but put them in stockings and I’m transformed. The colder the better, I love to layer it up. Ponte leggings and skirt, a beaut red lipstick and I’m ready to go. 

  32. I love winter fashion, jeans are my favourite, especially dark denim. I wear my older ones for daytime, newer ones for a night on the town. Ponte leggings (I’m wearing mine now) and ponte pants are so comfy. I bought my first pair of boots last winter, they are fantastic. I have a cobalt blue Trench coat that I adore! Scarves are a wonderful accessory, I have many colours, some that sparkle (I love bling). I love clothes that can either be casual or dressed up depending on the accessories.
    As for my Sussan hero winter 2012 piece, it’s a tough call! I love the versatile cardigans, the circle cardi is great but I think the longline tieback cardi is perfect for me and my excessively ample backside. It looks casual enough for day, but would look elegant at night with a necklace or brooch, sometimes both (bling again).

  33. Winter weekends in Australia I feel are similar to summer
    ones, but with more and better clothing options!!! I LOVE winter clothes,
    jeans, boots, great coats, winter skirts and tights, leggings and long sleeved
    tunic tops, scarves…. I love it all. (Even Uggs and flannel PJs for home

    Walking on a beach is far more relaxing in my favourite
    jeans, oversized knits and a beanie while clutching a steaming coffee on a
    wintery day, instead of sucking my tummy in while wearing a swim suit and dreading
    every moment in the sun!! Watching my kids play their sports is much more comfortable in
    my favourite leggings, tunic top, cardi and scarf, than melting under the shade
    of a tree in a singlet top and shorts!

    I have just bought some new season tops, have dusted off my
    boots, and I’m now on the hunt for a new pair of jeans, and I’ll be all set for
    winter. Oh…. and I nearly forgot the Longline Peacoat in Sussan’s new range…..
    LOVE IT!  J

  34. Mmmm luscious layering in Winter, just LOVE it!!  I will be doing a lot of bushwalking this Winter season so my hero will be the Waterfall Shearling Vest – at under $100 it’s a steal!  The vest will be so functional – keeping my core warm whilst giving my arms the freedom of movement hiking through mountaneous terrain!  Additionally, it will look fabulous teamed up with black skivvies, jeans, and my fabulous tan boots!

  35. I adore Winter, it is my season. My winter is spent layering and rugging up as I spend most of my time on the sidelines of AFL and rugby matches with our four boys. I died a happy death in Sussan the other day spying the awesome hooded tangerine jacket and then, the gorgeous tartan jacket. WANT. To stand on the side of the field cheering on the boys would in a stylish jacket rather than a polar fleece would be rather nice!

  36. Comfortable, casual but contemporary – that’s my winter weekend mantra. Of course, best intentions can be thrown out the window sometimes, leading to tracky pants and the warmest jumper I can find. But as I moved house last month, and ruthlessly culled my wardrobe, I need some warming inspiration. Jeans are staple, and I would make the Sussan camel parka with faux fur collar my hero piece.  Team it with some long, tan boots, matching accessories  – it would let me look fab while keeping up with my little brood.  Now…I just need to win the prize…and find the boots…..and the accessories…

  37. Oh I am all about Leisure wear on the weekends in Winter.  Tracksuits are my staple (at home) and to venture out into the unforgiving chill I resort to my trusty Jeans and whatever jumper or protective shield I can find.  I would have to say that the Hooded Melton Jacket is my favourite.  The burnished orange colour would look fab with my new hairdo and the sleek lines would make me look ever so slim.  I love Sussan’s fashion and always happy with the fit. 

  38. I enjoy being outdoors during the cooler weather , feeling snug and warm  and rugged up to suit the elements while trekking and enjoying picnics in National Parks and reserves ,exploring the city on foot and taking in the excitment of rugby . I need to be rescued from the winter chill and Sussan’s fur collar parker is my ultimate hero piece waiting  at the ready  to be dressed up or down to fend off the climate!

  39. Well I’m not happy about this! I was doing fine avoiding this season’s offerings and then read your blog. D’oh!

    I’m secretly glad I did but it’s a move that will cost me dearly because I have just seen the longline Melton jacket. The colour just pops and I NEED it! By way of justification, at that price there’s free shipping. Well…what girl can resist that.

    So thanks for pointing me in the wrong…oops I mean RIGHT direction!!!

  40. I love to wear leggings and loose type long tops , it feels really comfortable. I didnt need to go far on Sussans site to find what is ideal for me…..the Animal high low top! Perfect and just so  me…..!!

  41. Winter wardrobe is my FAVE!!! 

    I live in jeans in winter but I do love to wear a dress over my jeans & layer with cardies & scarves. A nice pair of flats or boots & I’m good to go 🙂

    I love the  Sussan chunky knit scarves or cardi- they are LUSH!!!!

  42. Winter weekend fashion for me involves lots of luxury layering with tights and boots. I have a little thing for leather gloves and scarves so they will be in the mix as well. slimlined skirts and nice fitting pants with my hero Sussan item, the floppy hat.

  43. Scarves. NO outfit is complete without one and until you try them you never realise just how warming a little piece of material can be.. or how stylish!

  44. For winter weekends I love to be warm,
    comfortable and casual. Jeans are my favourite and they tick all the right
    boxes for me. I’d love Sussan Blue Jeggings to be my hero piece this winter. I’d
    team with boots, layered tops and warm scarves. This is a new style for but I
    just know I’m going to love it, so my hero piece will need to be purchased
    times two!

  45. Sussan’s have always held a place in my heart. I love to find fresh and bold new looks that suit me.  Over the years I have collected pieces that make me feel confident when heading out the door. So looking through my email box last year came quite a surprise when an orange double breasted jacket landed and was calling my name. I placed it at the back of my mind till the yearning, dialled Sussan’s local stores with no luck. Help came with the friendly staff at Brookside inviting me over to try on my treasured piece. Home it came and the compliments haven’t stopped. This year the longline peacoat is a classy little number I have my eye on. 

  46. Printed Snake Jeans – ooohh a lust have for winter, wrapped up in a woollen jacket.
    My Winter staple has always been, and will always be a big woollen scarves – Australian wool of course. – I can’t live without my scarves.

  47. Ive been to many a store. Just looking for something more. And have come to find that Sussan jeans, are the only ones i need. My staple all winter long. There comfort, style and quality are second to none.

    And this year the Tara straight jeans, just needs to come home with me. With my trusty boots and a cardie. Or maybe some heels and something sparkly. I know ill be looking fab, and my winter will never be drab.

  48. Jeans, boots and a warm cardigan have such a comforting

    Keep winter at bay, a warm appeal,

    Sussan’s High-low pullovers, a fashion must,

    Its warmth and quality I love and trust,

    Sussan, my one stop for fashion,

    Their price range has such compassion.

  49. Being a country girl now living in Canberra, I love this catalogue and you have convinced me I must pop in to Sussans before the Winter chill really hits!!  As a mum of two VERY active toddlers, weekend wear is casual whilst trying to retain a little bit of style. Would have  both the cape for lovely winter days and the hooded jacket for cold mornings  mixed with the the jeggings and scarf. 

  50. My eyes are set on Sussan’s Hooded melton jacket! I love the bright orange colour that is obviously not your usual ‘red’, and it looks ever so slimming. I think this jacket, would be my ‘wear everywhere’ , with confidence and style.

  51. I live in leggings worn with dresses or long jumpers over the top.  This look works really well with both knee high and ankle boots and is casual, comfortable and warm without looking drab.

  52. For most times I wear jeans and knit –  bit daggy
    Especially lately having chemotherapy
    So come winter I’ll be ready for some normality
    To keep my bald head warm my Sussans hero will be claret cable beanie 
    And twist chunky cardi with leggings

  53. This goes with that, it most certainly does. I walk into my local Sussan and I will just get THIS one skirt and then THAT  jacket will go perfectly with it so I can’t not get it , oh and THIS necklace will be perfect and then I had better get THAT bag to complete the outfit …..where will it end I need it all.
    At the moment I have been eyeing the striped flare skirt, I would make this my winter hero, relaxed, casual and  yet stylish… lattes with the girls hmmm definitely!!

  54. Being a “poor uni
    student” is no clique, between petrol costs, parking and buying texts
    books that can be over $200 each, buying new clothes simply has to come
    lower on the list than it always has.


    Being a self proclaimed
    style conscious eighteen year old, its killing me to have to wear the same
    outfits to classes all the time! Gone are the days when school uniform allowed
    for a stress free wardrobe choice every morning. Now my poor jeans are about to
    wear through from being worn everyday of the week!


    I appreciate the style on
    offer at Sussan, being a girl who sticks to clothes that flatter her body
    shape, rather than jumping on the latest tacky trendy bandwagon (midriff
    bearing tops are a huge no no in my book!). As for a hero Winter piece, I’ll
    have to say two! A pair of ponte pants would be a great substitute for jeans,
    plus they’ll be 10x more comfortable going up and down the uni stairs all days
    long. Also, I’m a HUGE fan of Sussan’s Ombre Fur Vest! Paired with a cute
    winter dress, or with those ponte pants and a black chiffon shirt, it’s a versatile
    piece, but the ombre aspect lends an individual flair compared to the other fur
    vests out there this season.

  55. Weekends are a bit of a blur but they look something like this: jeans, drapey black top, birkenstocks, sometimes with a necklace, sometimes with a scarf.  I think this look is best described as “girl with clothes on”.  So if good old Sussan can have a makeover, so can I dammit!! 
    My daughter is now attending ballet classes on Saturday mornings so I’m going to make more of an effort, really I am.  I’m going to get me some skirts- the pencil skirt and and tube skirt, to be exact.

  56. I like Sussans stuff. I think when you’re a country gal, you kinda get to know this brand. It was Sussans, Katies or Rockmans down our way!

    I think I need a cape for winter now! x

  57. After 15 years in Melbourne I need to rework my wardrobe or a casual bayside Qld lifestyle. Serious shopping needs to be done. Maybe leggings, skirt and top with a cape or cardi thrown on. Jeans are a must with kids. Liking the idea of Wellies for soccer games may need more shopping. I love the pin tuck tunic from Susan and it could be worn heaps by me.

  58. Love to layer..then depending on what your doing, going for a walked (many layers), shopping (less layers) or home in front of the heater (no layers) Winter fashion is a look of many looks!!!
    Oh…loving the ‘nanna does love me’  big hug…Twist chunky cardi! With a modern fresh look to it.

  59. Winter fashion for me is often about staying warm and dry at the endless soccer matches and training sessions. I have invested in a pair of leopard skin Wellies and will be teaming them with jeans, hooded coat and lots of scarves. Brrrrr!

  60. In winter it is mostly long sleeved Tees, a heavy knitted cardigan if it’s super cold,  tracksuit pants and fur boots if I’m at home and jeans and my trendy motorcycle boots if I’m out! Winter is my favourite season, I love the fact you can layer clothes upon clothes for different looks but also differing degrees of warmth depending on what part of the day it is or where you are. I save heaps on electricity in winter by layering or rugging up and not running the heater constantly! I love the Twist Chunky Cardi from Sussan – it’s totally me – and looks so cosy with its long sleeve styling and rib collar – perfect for curling up on the couch with a hot latte or tackling the blistering, icy winds and rain of winter as I run errands or commute to and from work!

  61. As a mum of three aged seven and under
    My wardrobe’s fairly bleak is it any wonder?
    I don’t often have the time to look my best 
    And a lack of funds leaves me depressed!
    My usual attire is leggings or jeans
    (Practicality over style is what that means!)
    My Sussan hero is the gorgeous coated jegging
    So please pick me (before I resort to begging!) 🙂

  62. I would so love the voucher! The medications for my migraines have made me gain weight!, I’m dieting and the meds have been reduced! I also threw out my wardrobe last year and haven’t replaced it! My injuries generally mean my wardrobe is tracksuit pants! I want to dress up, not be in track suits even if I can’t go out! To have an up lifter of some clothes would mean so much. After having daily migraines for nearly two months I need an uplifted!

  63. Once this baby is born I am looking forward to a whole new wardrobe for winter and a Sussans voucher would just be divine! I love layers and cardigans for winter (the tuxedo cardi looks like it would be perfect for mixing and matching), usually teamed with jeans and boots or ballet flats (though I am loving the Sussan chevron skirt). And a little hint of sparkle somewhere to make me feel that little bit less like a mummy 🙂

  64. Winter is my favourite season, and having the weekends to loll around, sit on my bum, and eat myself silly is my idea of bliss. I don’t even pretend to be stylish and it is all about comfort for me. That is why the Sussan Hooded Knit Cardi would be perfect for me, and is one of items that I would get if I won the gift voucher. On the weekends of winter, after I have run the errands necessary to keep my family of five functioning, I slip on some sweat pants, a turtleneck or a soft sweater, and some fluffy slippers. I then grab my favourite book, cut myself a large slab of pecan pie, and make myself a large mug of hot, black coffee. I then retreat into my favorite book, or I play board games with my kids. These are my favourite times, and I look forward to them during the harried days of the work week. 

  65. I love winter dressing and luckily my weekends usually include having a chai at a cafe that sits a top a mountain and you wouldn’t believe you were in Qld its so misty and cold.  My usual attire is skinny jeans, a knit top, a scarf, a grey trench purchased in Target way too many years ago, boots which are usually my hot pink gumboots purchased in New York and were the only thing in my hurricane emergency kit but with them on my feet did I really need anything else 🙂 and I usually top it all off with a beret, beanie or another hat of choice.  My Sussan hero piece is Page 10 for sure  I love the black and white combo but there could also be a super hero fight in the dressing room with the white coat on the back cover.  

  66. Yum, winter weekend fashion! Is there anything that makes you feel cosier and cooler (not literally;)) than popping on a pair of skinnys or ponte’s, boots – ankles, flats, knee-highs, whatever! A plain long sleeve tee and layering a loose knit over the top. It is my favourite time and helps my knit and boot addiction. I remember my mum dragging me into Sussans to buy my first post baby outfit nearly 16 years ago after my first honeybun arrived and I have been loving it ever since. It is always surprising and great value what you can find there. Now my Sussan hero winter piece would have to be a knit, love the horizontal knit tunic in deep jade or the side split longline cardi in dove; they are both heroes to me! 

  67. My winter style just isn’t complete without knee high boot, tights, a high-low skirt, fitted top and cable knit cardigan. I like to keep outfits practical (after all it will be cold!) but stylish at the same time, you’d never see me outside the house in ugg boots and a robe! I love Sussan for basics that add a little spark to your everyday outfit, right now I’d love to get cosy in there Berry Check Pants from the sleepwear range, there perfect for lazy winter nights on the couch!

  68. I have a boot fetish and the poor things rarely get worn because it is usually too hot here in Brisbane to worry about investing in a heap of winter gear.  But as soon as Autumn hits, I start getting excited as it’s time to dig out my gorgeous array of boots and wipe off the dust.  So I’m the one in boots in every shade of the rainbow and every height and length imaginable!

    1. I am boot crazy too. I live in Scarborough, North of Brisbane and have just dusted off my boots. Pity it’s been amazing weather lately and I have been living in my havianas instead.

  69. My usual winter weekend wear consists of trackies (if I’m home alone) or jeans and snuggly knits.  This year I’ve ventured from indigo boot legs into skinnies (cobalt blue!) and brights (red!).  THIS staple winter look will go with THAT totally chic winter update, the Sussan stud pocket tunic – muted, cosy and oh so versatile.  It even has pockets.  I can also wear it to ‘business casual Friday’ at work with patterned opaques and some stompalicious boots then head out for a hot toddy with friends to enjoy the crisp Canberra winter evenings.  Now that’s a hero piece!

  70. Okay, so in Queensland, winter can be a non-event. The only time I’ve really been keen on kitting out in knitwear is when “the show” comes to town, since I’m actually out after dark and probably hanging upside down screaming from a Zipper or Avalanche or Up-Chuck or something! So I blame this, and the showground romance in The Karate Kid, for my penchant for snuggly sweaters and ridiculous…ly cool ponchos. I’ve had my “aztec poncho” since the 80s (clearly) and my cute, don’t you want to stuff me full of fairy floss, pink Jeanswest ponch since before I was married. Clearly, they’re a little dated. I’m very in love with the cape but I also love the black and camel stripe block tunic but that’s probably not going to be great for anyone underneath the ferris wheel, so I’d probably go with the gorgeous cable cowl pullover with the straight jean.

  71. I’m so glad you love Sussan!…up here in the mountains, I need lots of layers, so I have my eye on the winter white coat (back page of the Winter catalogue)…if I won the voucher, I would probably buy the whole outfit…
    My Winter weekends are spent doing the teenage taxi run but I do sneak in some time for antiquing and coffee with Hubby, so I like to be able to throw on some warm and colourful layers and know that I look stylish no matter what! My go-to at the moment is Sussan’s animal print pointe skirt, tights, flat boots and either a cardi or denim shirt over the top of  a basic tee, add scarf if needed 🙂

  72. My winter weekend fashion consists of either a well cut dress in jersey (think country road or trenery) with sussan black full length tights underneath and some comfy witchery flats. Or my dark blue Sussan straight leg jeans or black sportscraft simone jeans, both of which are so flattering and the perfect rise in the waist, teamed with a lightweight loose top to conceal post baby bulges. Additional items are layered from there depending on the temp.
    My hero winter 2012 piece from Sussan is a gorgeous jade scarf for $39.95 which I will wear with almost everything and will look fab in because everyone knows redheads rock green! My husband is under strict instructions to have the scarf for me for my b’day in a few weeks time. 🙂
    PS I would’ve posted a pic of the scarf but I can’t see it on the website and I don’t have mine yet cause it’s a b’day pressie. 😉

  73. My winter wardrobe needs an upgrade….thats one certain thing! I wear jeans and loose jumpers usually, with a tshirt underneath for warmth. Wearing leggings is common for me too, with again a large jumper…..I love leggings especially with high knee length winter boots.  I do have a good  jacket which I luckily scored at a opportunity shop last winter, I like a good warm jacket that I dont need  to wear a jumper with as I hate the bulky feeling!! I would love to have some Sussan range of clothes, I dont possess any….sadly.

  74. Sorry, got off the track a bit with my ramble ,but this is what iIwear in winter ,leggings and jeggings ,jeans ,a cosy knits ,layered over tees,Long sleeved or short,boots and scarves every day,and for a bit of a change a tunic dress and patterned tights and a scarf.My hero piece would be the cape as it would go with EVERYTHING in my wardrobe and i would love to add a bit more Luxe boho  with my wardrobe.

  75. My winter wardrobe consists of a lot of black leggings, with colourful jumpers, scarves and a touch of statement jewellery (often on my fingers). I love jazzing outfits up with colour and it helps me lighten the winter mood as well.

    My must have Sussan piece is the Car jacket in yellow- it’s divine! Add that to any winter reds, browns, blacks, greys and it would go with everything. The length means it wouldn’t clutter my petite frame. Great for a day in the office or night out in a mini with stockings. Brilliant Sussan!

  76. Such a cute outfit. My wardrobe mainly consists of Sussan items especially their jeans (great if you are tall, ladies!). My weekend outfit. Long sleeve tee, Sussan coloured jeans, Sussan peacoat in cream and a cute pair of boots.. like those below. Oh and a black scarf. 

  77. I have loved Susanns for a while now as my age goes up in years ‘cough” I have found I have had to think more about what I buy and where I shop ,and Sussans hits the spot perfectly as do Witchery (a bit pricey) and my new secret Suzanne Grae, I thought that shop was for my mum but no ,I got some knits from there last season and everybody wanted to know where they were from, yay for me and they always have sales ,good ones,I got a pretty knit in there this morning for 30%off the markdown price so just over $20 and if you handwash your knits they last and last ,and the other shop I like now is Katies ,KKKKkaties remember that song too ,their ponte leggings are so nice on and fit comfy ,no camel toe or tugging up the waistband ,i have no waist so they fit great and have you tried their ultimate jeans ,they are super comfy too,more of a jegging but I am not 18 anymore “sigh’ so I like a longer top to cover my flat bum.Picked up a great scarf this morning for 30% off ,so another bargain i didn’t know i needed ,PRACTICALLY FREE.
    Well sorry for  the novel,now my pick from Sussans would have to be that cape too ,I went in there on Monday but it was just too hot to think about getting it ,but I have the brochure and I keep eyeing it off ,love anything like that must be from my hippy chic days ,I love poncho’s and boots and all things 70s ,and anything that is warm and snugly and stylish well consider it MINE..
    That cape looks so good on you Niccki , I might have to go back and get it< but it's too hot to be thinking about winter clothes that"s my problem at the moment.
    PS ,i sing the, this goes with that song too,your not the only one ….

  78. My winter weekend wardrobe is the same as my winter midweek
    wardrobe: old and ill-fitting tops with a mix of maternity and ‘fat pants’. I accessorize
    with bags under my eyes, soggy weetbix stuck to my shirt and I never leave the
    house without a splash of baby vomit. OMG I need help! If I won I would buy the
    ‘textured toggle coat’ which would help me disguise the mess underneath!

  79. I have recently re-fell in love with Sussan too! A few weeks ago I scored this cream and black knit on sale – and have lived in it! With a pair of navy jeans, and black gumboots and a colourful top underneath and a statement necklace and ring, the only thing missing is this fur hooded parka! I also love this sherling vest – I like the fur vest look, but havent been able to commit to buying one – they make me look bigger than I am – but I don’t think this vest will do that to me!  I often find myself wearing all black in winter, especially living in Melbourne – looking at all the lovely colours in Sussan at the moment, I’m inspired!

  80. Cosy and Comfy! That’s what’s its all about for winter weekends…and Sussan always has the best separates for mixing and matching. My hero is always a nice pair of tights! ‘Cause who wants to shave their legs in winter!  Create the best foundation for looking sharp and stylish and still show off my legs and hot ankle boots. So for my money…tights – in a few colours and patterns.

  81. I’m a busy Mum always on the run.

    I don’t have much time for styling.

    I buy off the rack, I’m a little slack

    but always one styles beguiling. 

    Everyday Essentials is always my choice.

    Stylish, Fitting and Comfy.

    Susan’s Tops and Leggings I wear and rejoice

    as there Fashionable and aren’t over pricy.

    My must have this year’s Susan’s Longline melton jacket

    You shouldn’t be seen without it. 

    I could buy it in Red and turn lots of heads

    I really cannot live without it.

  82. My weekend winter fashion is like split personality. On Saturdays it is the “soccer mum” running around in jeans, coats, beanies and boots… whereas on Sundays I get dressed up in a warm dress, wrap, boots and leggings to visit my conservative widowed mum and attend church.  My 
    Sussan  hero Winter 2012 piece would be the Fur Trimmed Hooded Parka…it absolutely would suit both personalities of my Winter Weekend.

  83. I love winter weekend fashion!  The hats, gloves, scarves, boot &  tights, jackets in all these beautiful colours and textures * sigh*! It has been a long time since I have been this excited by a new season and what I will get to wear once the temperature drops.  I love being able to layer lots of gorgeous things so I still look stylish but in a very relaxed and comfortable way.  Summer layering just doesn’t work so well in Qld.  I have fallen head over heels and madly in love with the Waterfall Check Coat – I could wear that everywhere and with everything …. I am picturing the options now!  It would make the simplest of outfits look absolutely stunning.

  84. love the cape! I was so surprised when a visited a Sussan store recently. Much more fashion forward than I thought. Great value and wearable everyday pieces! 

  85. Oh where was this collection 4 months ago.  You see I was spending Christmas and New Year in Ireland and England – covered from top to bottom with clothes from Christmas past.  I mean past Sussan collections.   

    The staple was the Sussan Black pants – I think I own three.  Teamed with that was a perfect red knit jumper that has to be 6 years old.  I was warm.  I was comfy.  But it was old – and I was longing for new.

    And this new season looks great.  Particularly the ponte pencil skirt.  I have two cute pairs of boots ready to start circulating again and they would look fab with that skirt.

    Sigh.  If I had some new pieces from this collection it would make me long for another overseas trip at the end of the year just so I could wear them again.


  86. My favorite must have item for winter that i usually live in is flat leather boots. I am obsessed. This season I adore capes but im not sure it would suit my body type. The Susan piece i love is the Ponte a-line tunic, gorgeous shape, detail and I love the colour. 

  87. Winter gives me a chance to wear conservative colours. A chocolate coloured outfit to work and my sexy little black dress in the evening. I wouldn’t mind the animal, high low top from Sussan to add some pizzazz to a mundane work day!!

  88. As I live in Queensland it’s never really cold enough for
    heavy winter clothes so I go for light layering, with scarves to add a bit of
    interest & length.  The signature
    piece from Sussan for me would be the plaited leather jacket. I love the detail
    & that it’s fitted.  It will look so
    great over both jeans & skirts.  When
    in the UK over Christmas I bought a dress which just happens to feature the
    same brown as the leather jacket & a couple of light jumpers in block
    colours. Now where did I put them?

  89. Jeans are always a winter fave
    when disguising my Muffin Top I crave.
    Leggings are also always a cosy friend
    teamed with a winter dress to cover my butt as I bend.
    Scarves add colour for rest, work or play
    to keep warm or cover a bad hair day.

  90. Jeans are a must have staple and I either dress them up or down
    Can be worn for a lazy day at home or a night out on the town
    Teamed with tshirts, blazers, leathers, flats or heels
    I’m set for any occassion even behind a set of wheels

  91. I love to wear jeans with colourful shoes, 
    with the kids at home I don’t have the blues,
    Love the leather biker jacket for a bit of flair,
    Wear some fancy bling and do up my hair,
    Head out for the day or hand around home, 
    Or just head to the shops for some lunch and a roam!

  92. Weekend is where I can dress up a bit. I wear a chefs uniform at work but my drive to work clothes are jeans and a top. BOOORRRIINNGG. So Sunday and Monday I ditch the jeans and tops, head for the skirts and low cut tops and blouses and HEELS. Until they make steel cap high heel boots for chefs, I will just have to save them for Sunday and Monday.
    From Sussan I would get the most use out of the Salt and Pepper Cardi(like I don’t get enough salt and pepper while I am working). Sometimes a heavy jumper isn’t necessary when I drive to work and this cardi would be great.

  93. Winter weekend fashion for me is a chance to rid the jeans and jumpers of the weekday school run and bring out my yummy mummy. I love teaming my tube skirts with an oversize top to cover my lack of chest lol. I love the new susann styles and while it’s hard to pick, the biker jacket totally caught my eye!

  94. I’m finding that I wear things that are give-y, comfortable yet stylish.  Always my stock standard black pants with loose flowing tops and layers to cope with the changing temperatures. I love the Sussan cape, dressed up or down and goes with everything. Perfect too for the long flight I’m anticipating as it can be used as a blanket too on the plane, then when I arrive I’ll have the perfect accessory. I was wondering what was a good alternative to a jacket and I’ve found it!! 

  95. I love a smart casual look for style and confort and Sussans have some great basics this season that fit that style beautifully.  I could esily buy my whole wardrobe at Sussan.

    My hero piece would be the a-line leather skirt.  Love a leather skirt but pencil just doesn’t suit my shape, so I was very excited to see the a-line version!!

  96. I’ve been stocking up on winter basics from Sussan. Am particularly loving the mustard, merlot and cobalt tones. The prices are so good too. I could buy 10 pair of ribbed tights!

    I wore the striped tube skirt all summer with flowing tops, so am looking forward to wearing the merlot version this winter. I’m looking for a selection of long, cosy yet classically smart cardigan coats which team equally beautifully with jeans as with skirts and tunic dresses for the office.

    I bought the polka dotted 100% cotton hi-lo jumper, which I adore, so I’m pleased tomseeit in plain colours too. Hopefully with a $250 voucher! 😉

    Sussan is definitely having a fashion moment with its recent resurgence and I like it!

  97. My weekend is spent dagging around after two young kids.  think tights and pullovers not a good look! If I need to go outside the front door I switch into jeans and a jumper and hope that no one sees me out! I need to Sussan up my wardrobe and give it some style!!  i would love one of those capes. I have been eyeing off capes over summer and think that would be the perfect piece to start my winter wardrobe off on the right foot.

    PS I grew up in a country town in Queensland and the one store we had was Suzanne Grae.  I lived my teenage years in a  Suzanne Grae wardrobe!

  98. Winter weekend fashion for me is all about comfortable – dresses with tights and a cardigan, skinny jeans with cute flowy tops and for night, a sexy heel or boot! I also love a good jacket/coat when it gets chilly. I would love the voucher to give for my mum for Mothers Day as she doesn’t get to shop as much as I do. I’d love her to add some fashionable winter pieces to her wardrobe 🙂

    I am loving the Car Coat!


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