Maybelline at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

Sunday Sesh: Fashion Week is here

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Do you have kids? Do you travel for work? Do you breathe a sigh of relief when you finally get on the plane?

Please say yes.

That’s exactly where I am now. Writing this post as I wing my way to Sydney for five very big days of blogging from Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week.

Five. Very. Big. EXCITING. Days.

Mr Styling You is a former sports journo so whenever possible I like to translate things back to something he may be able to relate to.

I told him a week covering fashion shows is a bit like covering the Rugby World Cup. Hard work with crazy deadlines but more fun than the proverbial candy shop kid.

Just as the lightbulb of understanding was going off inside his head, I showed him this:


Decor Heaven wall stickers

It has taken organisation of gigantor proportions to put together this week’s timetable. But it’s done. Every member of the family has been given a copy.

I then summarised it and placed on the new chalkboard/dry erase wall decals (above) that are proving a very handy addition to our kitchen.

Then I tackled the packing question.

Fashion Week is not a time for capsule wardrobes. No siree.

It’s a time for fashion options. Lots of them.

This did put me into a mild panic as I don’t have a wardrobe of sartorial couture. I have no need for it when a normal working week consists of school runs, cafe meetings and quality time in front of my computer.

So I put my thinking cap on and came up with a uniform, if you like, for the week.

I have based my fashion week uniform around 8 wardrobe groups:

1. Hot shoes (that I can actually walk in all day). Two pairs from Gorman that I picked up on sale via Style Tread and three pairs from Zoe Kratzmann Footwear that have been kindly gifted to me for this week.

Fashion week shoes


2. Coloured jeans. My NYDJ collection now extends to one pair died or every day of the week.


3. Tailored jackets and coats. THE finishing touch to an outfit which I blogged about here.


4. Neutral tops. I’ve packed every black or white top that I own.


5. Scarves. The easy accessory add-on.


6. Earrings. I’ve kept these neutral but interesting with some borrowed from Renee Blackwell Design joining my faves from Uberkate.


Renee Blackwell Design earrings




7. Cocktail rings. Currently can’t get enough of finger bling. Can you?


cocktail rings


8. One statement necklace. But oh what a statement this Salita Matthews necklace makes!


Salita Matthews necklace

All in all this added up to a whopping 27kg of luggage. Oops.

As I sign off from this week’s Sunday Sesh, I’ll just share one more reason why I have a very big smile on my cheesey dial right now.

This view. My home away from home – The Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney – for the next seven days.

Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

Take a video tour here:


Time to unpack and saddle up for the ride. Hope you come back to the blog throughout the week for my backstage and catwalk reports … as well as an outfit post or two 😉

Maybelline at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

What do you most want me to find out for you at Fashion Week?


Thanks to Maybelline NY Australia, I’m blogging at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia all week. Come back each day for my take on what we’ll be wearing – on our face and ourselves – next spring-summer.

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  1. Love the chalkboard wall decals, must come in very handy with kids.

    As for packing, blimey! shoes + clothes = 27 kilos, lol, you must be glad you have your samsonite!

    Being an over-packer is not a problem as long as you have something for all occasions, but understand you may or may not wear it. As my mum says, it’s better to be prepared…..or was that the boy scouts?

    Can’t have enough jewellery, as a designer I would have taken a set for each outfit, which I have done on my previous travels. As long as you can pack it all in one case, there’s no problems.

    As for the first questions, no kids, don’t travel, although I wish I did, and while I have never been on a plane, I’m sure I would heave a sigh of relief.

    And I really wish I could jetset around the world for my job, but alas, I do not 🙁

  2. OOh I would just like you to find out everything please ,or anything ,I know it would be hectic and you’ll be so tired but at the same time wired and on a high from all the Fab things you’ll see but try and have a lot of fun,love your jewellery collection its gorgeous,those finger blings stunning! and those shoes,jealous .I would be best pleased if Ms Kratzman gifted me 3 pairs of her shoes too,I took a look at her website and they are lovely.Have fun,I know I will be back everyday to see what your wearing and to have a sqizz at what your saw.Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!! 

  3. Oh wow Nikki, what an amazing week awaits!  We all know how FAB you will look and will look forward to all your updates. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing Nikki! It looks like you have a fabulous fun filled week ahead… and it’s very well deserved with all the hard work that you obviously had to put in to make it all happen.  Can’t wait to come along for the ride with you. Amy xx 
    Ps. My hubby is a sports presenter, so I totally get the translation thing!

  5. How fabulously exciting! I travel for work twice a year when we exhibit at the gift and homewares shows, and I totally get the planning that goes into it. I leave a massive list on our kitchen whiteboard with very similar instructions (although I have to say yours looks way cooler!) Hope you have a fabulous time and I agree with She’s Sonic, I’d love to hear about some key trends to work into our existing wardrobes. Have fun x

  6. I thought I recognised those lovely deep Windows of the Shangri La when you posted on Facebook,  have a great time and I will be following Fashion Week vicariously through your Posts.
    Love your  Chalkboard Idea will pass it onto my  Sister in Law who is Interstate a lot and leaves numerous Lists for everyone :).

  7. Love those chalk board things – so cool!!

    Your packing – so Many options!! Love your shoes. I am not asking you for packing advice for my Os trip as I’ll need more luggage allowance than I’m already getting!!

    Enjoy your week, look forward to reading about it!

  8. Love the green shoes! Happy birthday to whoever is celebrating later in the week. Have a blast in Sydney and have a momentous time.

  9. Shangri La! Love that hotel. Good enough for Princess Mary…..

    Please post lists of instagram pics for this homesick lass.

    And, ahem, I’m with you husband, I worked on the RWC!

  10. I’m still figuring out clothing! I’ve decided to settle on attending 3 days, as to not hurt my (currently fractured) foot. I have tomorrows outfit planned, but that’s all! I’m glad in this case that I live in Sydney and have my wardrobe at the ready, but then again, that view is AMAZING!!

  11. Nikki I am beside myself with excitement for you…are you sure you don’t need me to fly up to Sydney and help you out?!! I hope you enjoy every single show and every single day you are there. It looks like you’ve packed incredibly well. I hope you’ve got an empty carry-on bag for any shopping or gifts…!!
    I’d like to know the 4 or 5 essential trends that can be incorporated into our wardrobes. xx

      1.  I’m sure you’ll end up with lots of goodies given to you Nikki 🙂 Don’t forget your husband only needs the clothes he’s wearing and some fresh undies so there’ll be some space in his carry on 🙂

  12. I don’t have kids, but love getting on planes too. Ah, the serenity, finally time to read.
    Sounds like you have an exciting week ahead.
    At the moment, I’m thinking about a refresh for my work wardrobe, so interested in looks that work at work…are interesting, but not too out there.

  13. Love your mastermind wall! I also am usually the one handling everything while the husband swans off around the world (O.K. I know he actually works very hard while he is away.) I am totally on your wavelength about how thrilling it is to be the one leaving for once. But the planning beforehand! Why can no one else seem to be able to organize themselves? Hopefully your appreciation levels will get a surge when you get home. I think the comparison to Rugby World Cup is quite apt. But this is better!

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