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Shopping Confessions: what have you bought lately?

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Oh, dear, I’m a little bit slow this morning, Stylers. If you caught this post yesterday you’d know why. So much fun wrapped up into three days has caught up with me.

Big. Time.

One part of the weekend I would never have swapped for a nana nap was a bit of retail therapy. There’s something about shopping when you’re away from home that makes it more fun, don’t you think?

Me, when I’m looking for an away-from-home shopping fix, I hunt down the stores that I don’t have easy access to where I live (the Sydney girls shopping with me thought it was funny I don’t have a Witchery in my hood … Witchery do you hear their laughter?).

So I made a beeline for Seed with the aim of securing a couple of flowy tops to layer over the famous tube maxi dress and Witchery won me over with their buy two items, get a third free deal (Mrs Woog bought the first two 😉 so I think I stitched her up by throwing my top on the pile at the register).

Now, you do realise this wasn’t a “normal” weekend expedition for me, so the shopping quota was a little higher than it would be most weeks for this ‘ol chick. But when in Melbourne …

Here’s what I bought*:

shopping confessions

1. Seed stripe me crazy tee  | 2. Seed mixed up easy tank (white) | 3. Seed leopard print scarf | 4. Seed maxi tube dress in camel marle | 5. Witchery teal and cobalt kaftan top

I bet you thought this little post was all about me, didn’t you? Didn’t you? (insert Carly Simon’s dulcet tones here).

No, my dear readers, it’s about you too.

Consider me like your shopping confessional. The place to come to share what you’ve bought lately.

Maybe you’ve bought something but now do not know how to wear it or what to wear it with? Maybe you want to share a very clever bargain you stumbled across? Maybe you found THE pair of shoes you always needed by didn’t know that you did until you found them?

So, I’m handing the post and the comment section to you.

Share something lovely you’ve bought lately … fashion pieces, makeup, skincare, something nice for the house.

What do you think? If you like this idea, I’ll run this type of post on a regular basis. If you don’t, we’ll pretend this never happened 😉

Are you ready to CONFESS and SHARE? You can even upload a photo in the comments, did you know that?

* Where possible, I’ve linked to what I’ve bought online. Not always possible if it’s a sale item.

Comments 87

  1. I bought a pair of tan knee high boots $230 (very Nina) and ankle boots $150 from DUO online in the UK out of frustration of not being able to buy a pair of boots I could zip up over my calves….they have different widths, different calf measurements (ones that actually fit) are 100% leather inside and out and are of the highest quality and oh sooooo soft.  Sign up before you purchase to get 10% discount, free delivery from UK to Aust and free return if they don’t fit..what have you got to lose.  Arrived in 4 days…!!!!!!  Read all the feedbacks before ordering they are very helpfull, as are the staff in helping you get the perfect fit the first time.

  2. Hi Nikki I love your Melbourne haul! My shopping confessions – well apart from the skinny jeans and $5 tees from Emerson and the Seed tube dress which you forced me to buy 😉 and which I LOVE, I’ve been naughty and bought myself a lovely black and white polka-dotted jersey dress from this label called Unlimited Femme for $55 down from $150. Honestly, did I really have a choice? LOL 😀 

  3. I’m so out of it…trying to get an idea of what to buy in between breast feeding & scooting around the baby section in Target!  I would like to buy some coloured jeans, maybe in burgundy but not sure what to put with it that’s not black.  Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Nikki,

    I have a question I just bought a fab pair of emerald green skinny jeans, just love them, but now I am stumped what to wear with them.. any suggestions?


    1. I love emerald back with cobalt blue or black and white stripes or a stone/neutral colour. You might find some inspiration here:

    2. I have a pair too! I rolled mine and wore them with leopard loafers, an orange vest and a black & white polka dotted hi lo Sussan sweater. I also wore mine with pink Converse and an orange and cream striped oversized tee. The trick with coloured jeans, I think, is to think of them as jeans and wear whatever you like with them. Personally, I prefer mine rolled with shoes (will do so with ankle boots too). I wore them with a black and white trapeze dress and navy jandals. I wore them with a navy and white patterned vest and an old GAP denim shirt worn as a jacket. Just a few ideas!
      Kim-Marie Williams
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  5. I went a little crazy in Seed last night at 20% off: purchased a berry zip-up cardi/jacket, a champagne coloured silk front long sleeve tee and an black oversized jumper with a lurex fleck. All will be rocked with my Seed tube dress, tights and boots over winter. 

  6. I got a pair of givenchy brown leather boots reduced from $1400 to $70. SCORE. at the same sale I bought 6 other pairs of shoes for $300 all reduced from $600- $800. I was almost hyperventilating.

  7. If I can get jewellery for $5 from Equip or Lovisa I’m happy. I did get a wool coat from an op shop once for $5. It was still fairly new and would have been hundreds from a department store.

  8. Must also share – got a lovely pair of MIDAS ankle boots for $99 (were $250).  But I got one of my best bargains EVER in Myer Melbourne a month ago – a stunning blue/green striped Karen Millen dress down from $399 to (insert drumroll please) $59 – that’s right, no typo $59!!!!

  9. Recently bought a teal-coloured dress from Cue (quite dressy).  Had been eyeing it off, but had no event for it.  Then saw it on the 50% off rack & couldn’t resist.  Felt a little guilty until I checked the mail that night and received a wedding invitation!!  Purchase justified – bonus!

  10. I’m justifying lots of stuff by saying “Bali” a lot 😉

    Seed – two condom dresses, a gold glitter skinny belt, green leopard pony hair platform pumps (25% off). Justified those babies by needing a little pickmeup having kissed my 7 year old goodbye for his first school camp!

    My Virtu parcel arrived – minus Nikki’s pick on backorder – containing a 40% reduced beaded maxi, Paved belt and $4.50 cotton scarf. Best thing about it is that the XXS is slightly too big!

    Found a Sportscraft cotton (and cotton lined) tribal print maxi in Red Cross. Brand new $20. Bali!

  11. We are trying to sell our unit so my recent shopping spree has been all homewares: master bedroom quilt, 2x cushions, bedside lamps, decorator owl ornaments, 4x lounge cushions, wall mirror, ottoman, turquoise glass, decorator bottles, candle, throw rug, 3x floor rugs, 3x light fittings, 2x sets of Hot Milk maternity bras and matching knickers, one pair of Bvlgari sunglasses (discontinued and thus half price), 5x bunches of fresh flowers.

  12. I just recieved my austin dress from sacha drake, what a great bargain $149.00 instaed os $279.00 , fits perfectly and the material is so soft. Never would have really known about them if it wasnt for your styling posts. Also bought the mix apparel trench jacket in black, another bargain.
    Love the posts please keep them coming.

  13. I love polka dots. If I see something in a polka dot print, I have to have it, or at least try it on. I can’t help it. I think I’m addicted. My latest polka dot purchase was the super-cute Raquel dress, from Leona Edmiston’s Ruby range – I bought it online on Friday and have my fingers crossed it will arrive in tomorrow’s post (I hate waiting for online purchases to arrive, but there are no Leona stockists in a 350km radius of here!

  14. Hmmm, very dangerous post Nikki!! I bought the most awesome bright red pants. Not quite skinnies but maybe more slim line. They are lovely, I really had to show some restraint and not purchase them in black as well. I am looking forward to waering them casually with my navy jacket with red stitching and striped tshirt. I am still working on a more dressed up option.

      1. Definately and perhaps some animal print shoes … not that I have these yet so they might be on the next little confession.

  15. I bought a black Metalicus trench coat today!  I had eyed it off in an online shop when it was reduced from $279.95 to $200 but before I could convince myself I needed it they had sold out.  Randomly wandered into the only Metalicus shop in Canberra today (with the 2 toddlers in tow) to check out the latest up to 50% off deals and what do I spy on the rack – the trench coat I was after!  Picked up the tag and then picked my jaw off the floor – $79!!!  Apparently the store had received a shipment from an clearance store and this included a handful of the trench coats!  The assistant said they’d sold 8 or so already – I got the second last one and I love it!!

  16. Love the kaftan top… My recent purchases have been from Big W Emerson range (thanks to you). Need to watch $ due to a trip to USA in May (will share my retail finds on return). Have to say your wardrobe audit tips have been a life saver. My fav Big W purchase is my gold leaf necklace, which my boss is in love with too… $15 bargain buy! Love this type of blog. Thanks

  17. I discovered Nordstrom Rack online the other week. Got a beautiful cream wool Calvin Klein winter coat for $130 including postage! Score!!

  18. When in Canberra I bought three beautiful things. Quite cheap – I need to only spend little to save for OS.
    The Nati0nal Portrait Gallery had the best stuff. I could have spent $$$$ in there. But instead I bought beautiful paper doll dress up cards. Gallery stores are better than the galleries themselves.
    Next stop was Canberra Handmade where I bought a brooch – purple and aqua floral material covered in perspex.
    And finally a little shop called Hive I bought four cards to stick on the wall.

    I like your Melbourne purchases 🙂

  19. We’ve had a change in weather here so I got to wear my brown metallicus tunic/dress with a black long sleeve staple and black long leggings underneath with my black patent leather ballet pumps.   Sooo comf !!   Bought a pair of RMK leopard pumps with the black toe – looking forward to wearing them too.   Oh and last but not least got another pair of NYDJ this time the twiggy black ones and when i got home remembered I’d bought those country road skinnies –   oh wellllll……

  20. Oh dear I have a few confessions to make.  I’m in love with a new rusty coloured, sleeveless Witchery shirt I just bought and leather-look leggings.  Just waiting for the weather to warm up, love the post idea x

  21. Um, my latest is an onna ehrlich black bag which arrived today, I am a bit underwhelmed so it will be going back and I shall be getting one from etsy (from someone I have used before) that I like better and will be made to order with my measurements, though I am also going to look into the ones you showcased yesterday too. Also have ordered new bags from spencer and rutherford. Have also been sourcing hats, mostly helen kaminski and other tweedy ones to cover up the growth of the grey hair through winter. Have bought some cardies and coats, but I’m not buying too many clothes as I am still droppping weight (by choice) and may not need any new gear til the end of winter. Hhmmn stills seems too much spending!

    1. You are an online shopping pro, Mummaducka … re the hats, I bought this one for a Sussan post I’m doing this week:

  22. I’m off to London in May for work (YES!!!) and I’m saving for a pale pink lightweight coat or trench. Purple or navy blue would be just as acceptable. Surely such a piece exists in London in spring . . . My next big purchase will be injected before said trip! 😉

  23. woo hoo!!! my weekend shopping included a couple of things I’ve been promising I’d get sorted……….. a trip to the large chain sports store for weight gloves (protection of woosy hands in gym and on bike – they’re doing double action), new gym socks (the others are good for nothing but polishing the outside of the car) and an arm band for the iPhone (for easy music listening whilst out and about)……….. then onto the Myer Melbourne City Store for a long session with the fabulous bra fitter – Avril – awesome woman. I’ve come away, yet another bloody cup size bigger, and with 3 pairs of wonderfully fitting and flattering bras…………. the girls are growing with the passing years and  menopause…….. so now the foundations are sorted……… I can shop for autumm and winter clothes

    Nikki I’m loving your blog………. thanks heaps

  24. I cannot believe I went shopping with you & Mrs Woog, after a cheeky lunchtime drink & didn’t by a single stitch….I guess you two did it for me? 


  25. um, lets see now, over the weekend I went to the newly opened wing of Carindale Westfield, err, twice.  I bought a French navy wrap dress and mint leopard print scarf and buff coloured pencil skirt, all from jacquie.  If that was not enough, after reading Zoe Fosters book last week I bought (online) some new foundation and Becca finishing powder, having decided that perhaps mineral make up was not for me any more.  To top off my weekend of spending, I bought some PJs and “paprika” coloured  slim jeans online from Sussan (loving the free shipping and free returns, this might just be my new online favourite store).  Great, feels great to get that off my chest, thanks Nikki 🙂

  26. Finally bought skinny jeans. How long have they been around for? And yes i love them. Are you always right? Bought normal jeans colour and aubergine. Now realised I only have one tshirt that I like to wear with them. Too hot for knits yet. Need longer line to cover my bum a bit. Sussan website looks like they might have some good stuff. Will head there soon.

    Can’t wait to receive new handbag from Witchery online. Leopard print with chain strap. Loved it when first out, but couldn’t justify it. With sale and various credits and discounts was down from around $230 to $145. Why do they take so long to send their stuff though? Very impatiently waiting.

    Also got my eye on Ecco shoes tan bag that Fox in Flats instagrammed recently. Looks sooo luscious. Am dreading finding out the price in case too exy.

    1. Kirralee, I’ve got a new-season Sussan post coming up this week and went in store on Saturday in Melbourne – love what they’ve done and great options to work back with your skinnies.

  27. Love that idea ,i bought a new pair of loafers in leopard print ,score cause they were 20% off ,a new maxi dress in a tie dye print and a navy coat dress thingy,it looks a bit like your virtu post ,sort of seed meets metalicus ,really cute and little pockets ,but don’t know quite yet what i am going to wear with it ,maybe over a black maxi dress or tights or dunno yet will have to have a play with it ,i will put a pic upon instagram for you to have a quizz at ,oh and new brow powder and new sheepskins slippers for winter .
    I love that kaftan top from witchery very pretty and will look great on you,Iwas in there this morning but I was good, I didn’t buy a thing and all youur other purchases look really good too,btw my username on instagram is queenofhtrift so take a look for me if you have time ,Thakyou Nicki 

  28. Ahem.

    I have been making the most of the US$ and have been shopping up a storm online – Ralph Lauren for the kids ($12 shirts – cheaper than Target!) some new arm party guests for me from Michael Kors and Shopbop….

  29. Well, I finally bought myself a pair of NYDJ and I’m in love with my self in them…LOL .
     I just WISH we had more stockists in the Newcastle area because I’d like some colours next. My sister lives in Sydney and she was able to buy 4 pairs!! I see a shopping trip to Sydney coming very soon. xT

  30. I put myself on a spending ban after buying the condom dress, two pairs of boots, red jeans, new tights…  Granted, I had a few vouchers AND returned one pair of boots, so I didn’t do too much damage.

    I’m on the lookout for some new cardies for winter, and some dresses too.

  31. I’ll share too.  I was in Melbourne on Saturday with my daughter who also loves fashion and I bought a beautiful pair of Nine West shoes which were on special.  They are black suede Mary Janes with a massive heel.  I’ll have to be careful because if I fall off them I might break a hip.  I also bought a cute beanie with a fur pom pom on top from Country Road.  I was worried I might look a little ridiculous but my daughter assured me I didn’t.  The first beanie I tried on made me look like I was from “the hood”.  Yikes.  Not the look I was going for.

    1. Ooh, loving that necklace! and the dresses … layering will be simple … tights, boots and long-sleeve fitted tops underneath. Plus a coat on top. Take which of these layers you need now and then keep adding as it cools down. Great purchases!

    1. Great buy! I’d work a tough jacket like that back with a shift dress, tights and boots; or a more feminine top and jeans. It’s about the contrast of the tough with the feminine that will make the jacket sing!

      1. Good thinkin’ 99! *scanning wardrobe options in my head* this might just be a great excuse to grab a new shift, I’ve seen so many cute mod 60’s inspired examples lately, thanks for enabling further shopping Nikki lol!! 

  32. I haven’t bought anything for a while but am heading to Melbourne next week and possibly need to do some shopping. I’ll put a shout out soon for advice re stores / places that stock larger-sized clothes (that I can’t get in Brissy… well, if I was to ever go shopping here that is!).


  33. Great post Nikki! I bought a gorgeous tunic dress by Threadz from Birdsnest online last week. I am short so I have difficulty finding dresses that suit my curvy shape but aren’t too long. This dress is the perfect length (91cm) and I find myself wishing that all online shopping sites included dress length in their prduct descriptions as I have to return so many items that are the wrong length for my height. I love my new dress, think it will be in high rotation this winter 🙂

    1. Holly, that sounds fantastic – and yes, I think the length measurement should be a must. It’s easy to get out the tape measure and see where it would sit on you. I love tunic dresses for easy winter styling with leggings. Love.

  34. I haven’t been able to do a whole lot of shopping lately and have been sewing a few things instead to save the casheroonies, although on your recommendation I did by the Clarins lotus oil which I love and I also managed to sneak in two pairs of ballet flats from Novo on a buy one 2nd pair half price so couldn’t resist – although there was a problem in that I had hubbies car and needed to do a swap so lets just say I had one crammed to its limits handbag and luckily Mr never noticed on downside only been able to wear when he’s not around as I won’t be able to say oh these …had them for ages when one pair is bright orange think even he couldn’t have wool pulled over his eyes on that one;-) 

  35. I love this type of post – keep it coming!

    I bought some pretty bits and bobs

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