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5 for Friday: Mother’s Day dreaming

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It’s not too early to discuss Mother’s Day, is it? It is only two or so weeks away, which is practically any day now …

To me, Mother’s Day is all about being spoilt. Specifically me being spoilt 😉

I’m a Gemini, see, and *apparently* we like any occasion where the spotlight is firmly planted in our general direction. We’re also a little too fond of life’s little indulgences. So, I’m just living up to these expectations. That’s all I’m doing. Truly.

And if you’re anything like me, it takes a whole lot of dreaming, some re-jigging of the family budget and some pretty major hinting to get just what you want for Mother’s Day.

Umm, re that major hinting bit, I’ve conveniently compiled a little list to assist Mr Styling You with his Very Important Shopping Duties. I’ve even made it easy for him, with links to the relevant websites where said wishlist products can be found waiting for their new home.

I do not at all expect all five of them … quite frankly, given that we are saving for New York, I will be getting a wishlist IOU note attached to my tea and toast in bed on Sunday, May 13. But you know me, a girl’s got to dream …

uberkate living friendship bangle

Uberkate Living Friendship bangle

I wear at least one piece of Uberkate everyday. To me, adding a piece or two of this handcrafted and stamped Australian-made jewellery is like a gorgeous daily ritual. A little slice of calm in the madness that is the morning school rush hour in this house. This bangle is next on my uberlist. I think it would be very much at home living it up at my left arm party.

table tonic silver leather pouffe

Table Tonic handmade Moroccan leather pouffe  

I’ve had one of these in my sights for practically as long as I’ve been blogging. Just the perfect thing for resting my weary feet on under my desk, don’t you think? And so pretty? I may have taken matters into my own hands on this one (sometimes you need to do that Stylers … particularly when there is 20% off like there is right now until Sunday if you add the code POUFFE20 at the checkout).

ecoya luxury gift pack

Ecoya luxury gift pack

I do love my candles. Yes I do. Instant mood creators. And when they are handcrafted from soy wax and made in Australia and feature a gorgeous sweet pea and jasmine scent, I’m in heaven. My all-time favourite Ecoya scent is lemongrass and ginger but I’m happy to branch out a bit especially when there is pretty packaging, hand cream and soap involved.

nancybird bedford wallet

Nancybird Bedford wallet

My current wallet – a faithful Mimco friend – has served me well but alas it is falling apart from daily abuse use and credit card stuffing. I’m looking for a new handbag friend and I think this wallet would fit in just nicely. I’m a bit excited about its 30 card slots …

moet & chandon piccolos dan murphy's

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial piccolos @ Dan Murphy’s

You didn’t think I could let a special day go past without a drop of bubbles or two … or three, could you? Of course not. You know me too well. I think one of these teeny bottles served up nice and icy with lunch would be quite special. I’m also starting a MAJOR health kick in the week following Mother’s Day – so if I’m to stop drinking for a few weeks then at least let my last drink be a quality one. Please.

What do you think of my list?  Do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Are you a mum and like to be spoilt with a treat or two?


I’m switching off

Remember when I wrote this blog post? When I said that I’d switch off for a whole 24 hours? That I wouldn’t so much as touch my phone or iPad?

Eeek. The day is here. It’s tomorrow: Saturday, April 28.

When you land on my blog you’ll find a little widgety thingy (if you blog and want to add one to your blog, you can download the plugin to do so here) that will give you the option of entering a pretty damn fabulous competition that could see you really switching off and escaping to Kangaroo Island of the coast of South Australia.

Kangaroo Island

Now, I’d very much like that!

Me, I’ll be keeping myself VERY busy, packing for Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week and writing (yes, with one of those old fashioned things called a p-e-n) down how I’m coping.

My family thinks I won’t cope. Full. Stop. How do you think I’ll go?



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  1. In your Instagram photos from Friday, I fell in love with the shirt that the shoe designer was wearing. Do you know where it is from?

  2. I think you have 5 very useful (and fabulous) picks there Nikki. If I were a mum, I’d love something a little special – like a meaningful piece of jewellery or a gorgeous wallet or handbag…actually what I’d really love would be a whole day for me – hair washed and blowdried, full body massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, spray tan. Followed by a lovely dinner and some great wine. Maybe I should add this to my birthday or bride-to-be wishlist…?!

  3. LOVE that bangle! I want one. I’ll continue to wish for one.

    On other matters, I make soy wax candles and melts, and tea lights. I like making them in unusual containers. The candles that is. And my kitchen smells divine when I’m doing it. My 13yo son tells me he loves it when I make candles. I’ll pop one in the post Nikki, just cause I can. I’m sure I have seen a postal address somewhere on your site.

    Enjoy your disconnect tomorrow, and congrats as well on the award.

  4. Fab post Nikki! In my dreams I’d love a week (or even a day?) at The Golden Door… or any health retreat for that matter!  I have been lusting after one of those fabulous moroccan leather pouffe’s too, Mothers Day might be the perfect excuse to treat myself 🙂 Good luck for tomorrow! Amy x

  5. OOh yes I do like to be spoilt for mothers day as well,I’m a Scorpio and very vain and love luxury items ,not that I really can afford any but yes I do like to make a wishlist and hope one of my 2 children actually look at it and buy from it,my daughter is really good ,my son not so good ,he says( whatcha want for mothers day Mum)buy it and I’ll give you the money back ,but I prefer to get what I am lusting after without me trudging to the shops and buying my own present ,but this year I’m not sure what I’m after ,Love that Nancy Bird wallet Nikki ,my Mimco is still going strong though,and love candles too but got a few for chrissie so don’t really need any,maybe some new perfume I am such a perfume whore I have to have bottles in reserve so maybe that would be nice.I’m thinking flowerbomb?
    My real want would be to go to a luxury spa for about a week in another state and get pampered and get a housekeeper to look after my house so that when I get home there is nothing to do .(won’t be happening unless my daughter wins a comp she entered for spa trip for 2 to Melbourne for 3 days ) We all can dream though ,I don’t even know what I will get my own mother yet ,she is too hard to buy for !!!!
    In my opinion Nikki I think you will do well switching off,as long as you lock up your phone ,no instagram either ,but you can be busy packing and organising yourself for fashion week ,I think you will do great.

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