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Monday is the new Sunday Sesh: Easter 2012

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This morning, as I did a little stretch and a squint of the eyes to see what time it was, I did an internal little happy dance. It’s Monday. But feels like Sunday. Because it’s Easter Monday.

Got to love that feeling.

It’s a feeling that’s been repeated here since waking up on Good Friday with the realisation that that long weekend feeling was going to stick around for four more days.

Mr Styling You's hot cross buns

Mr Styling You’s hot cross buns: packed with cranberries and choc chips

See, that long weekend feeling still catches Mr Styling You and I by surprise.

We are former journos and as any journos – former or otherwise – will tell you, a public holiday was just another day on the roster and the most exciting thing to come out of being rostered to work on one was that you were able to wear casual clothes and that someone invariably ordered pizza for lunch because the cafe across the road was shut.

The four-days-off-in-a-row-thing only happened for us when we got off the newspaper merry-go-round.

It’s a new thrill and one that we embrace wholeheartedly with good wine, good food, good friends and good family.

And we embrace our location.

As thousands battle the highway from Brisbane to grab their four days of fun in the sun (and yes, shock, horror the Sunshine Coast actually has had sun this weekend), we are already here.

We can pop our heads up in the touristy areas for a quick surf club meal, a beach swim or coffee and then retreat back to our little home, pour a glass of something cold and whip up something nice to serve with it.

The words food coma may or may not have been over-used and frequently inter-changed with wine fuzz around here since Thursday night … but that’s ok …

I got online last week and ordered a Urban Remedy juice cleanse for this week.

Thus nature and good times balance themselves, right?

PS. Hope you enjoy my equivalent of a ’70 slideshow night. Let me know what you’ve been up to this weekend. Do you embrace that four-day-feeling?

PPS. This post was not sponsored by Dan Murphy’s but should have been.

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  1. We had a super busy weekend renovating and spent the evenings catching up with friends and indulging in good food and good wine. Monday was our one and only ‘day off’ – Mr Sonic played golf with his mates and I caught up with a girlfriend for some yum cha and shopping in the city.

    I for one cannot wait to get to Queensland at the end of May. I’m combining a work trip with a short holiday and the Sunshine Coast is calling my name – I WILL get there!! xx

  2. I woke up Saturday and thought it was Sunday. I woke up Sunday and thought it was Sunday. I woke up Monday and didn’t shower until about 10. Bah! It was a holiday, who cared!

  3. Love your new look website Nikki.  How quickly these things change from the last time you check out the page.  Hard to keep up with technology…Maybe you could do an article on how to get the most out of twitter and flikr. I’m new to those sites and am a little unsure of what they’re functions are? Can you actually enter competitions on their? 
    Cheers, Sharon

    1. Thanks Sharon … it’s been a few weeks now but I still like the surprise I get when I logon! I don’t use Flickr that much but I’m a Twitter fiend. Love it. It’s like a giant party that you can drop in on at any time and start chatting to people at.

  4. The Sunshine Coast was certainly that this weekend. I am so pleased, as the businesses have really copped it over the past few years. We braved the traffic and went up on Thursday night and came home today. A lovely long weekend where neither of us had to take work along. We are feeling very relaxed now – and looking forward to going away to Straddie this weekend. Can you have too much rest and relaxation?

  5. Oooh, your weekend looks a lot more glamorous than ours!  But then again, Melbourne had typically crazy Easter weather, our house was flooded by a rogue rat, and poor hubby worked his butt off working on our fab new deck.  Still, it was a change from the usual routine, which was lovely 🙂

  6. Hot cross bunnies look YUMMO – have to get you guys onto SunshineCoastFood TV as guest chefs one day!  Your food pics are always so impressive.
    So with you on the first long weekend in a loooong time….4 years since I had 4 days off at Easter and it feels GOOD.  Hey we hit Bistro C yesterday PM and it was fabulous Nikki – came home and bl0gged about it straight away.  So thanks for pointing me there in a post a while back.
    Have a wonderful rest of your day, K

    1. LOL Kylie … I love cooking with great raw ingredients. Don’t like the middle of the week stress of getting something on the table but do like a weekend muck around in the kitchen. Glad you had a fab time at Bistro C! x

  7. OMG your food looks AWESOME!!!  Wish I could be bothered to make my food look nice when I serve it 🙂  Maybe I should aim to take pictures of everything which might make me bother!!  You should link recipes I want to eat all those salads right now!!  I’m making tuna risotto for dinner.  Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

    1. I think I’m a secret foodie, Nina … when I have the time, ie holidays, I love making nice things with great ingredients. My bean salad recipe is here: and the potato salad original recipe is here: x

  8. Wow Nikki looks like you have been having a lovely weekend ,nice pics of all your yummy food ,and good luck on the liver cleanse ,i did a 3 day detox last week and it was horrible ,i was starving and that is so not me ,oh well,we have been sleeping in and being lazy here and apart from a storm last night the weather has been lovely,i am in shock because it always rains at easter RIGHT,though enjoying the lovely weather ,enjoy the rest of the weekend .I might make something scummmy tonight !!!!!!!!!!

    1. I know it ALWAYS rains at Easter. Has been beautiful. I don’t ever get hungry (my thyroid has killed my metabolism) so am ok with a detox. Making scallop risotto tonight to round out the Easter food coma nicely though 😉

      1. I have had mine removed, my thryroid that is,about 15 years ago , because of  hashimoto’s disease, sounds exotic but it wasn’t,I take 150mgs of thryroxine everyday ,and i really don’t get hungry much either but on that detox i did ,might have been mind over matter i don’t know but good luck anyway.

            1. Kylie, don’t be so harsh on yourself. It’s not necessarily the case. If you don’t ask for a reverse thyroid test, you will never know if you’re resistant to thyroxine which will definitely contribute to weight gain and other symptoms. I had the highest case of resistance my doc had ever seen and so the combo of the thyroxine and tetroxine works (sort of). Lifestyle and food changes (gluten free and less alcohol – the above post and this weekend excepted!) work ultimately the best for me but is frustrating. Ask your GP about it. If they won’t do it, find a new GP. 

              1. True and the level can change very quickly as i found out Kylie,I am     one of the skinny ones,i lost a ton of weight but have slowly got someback over the years ,but still have to remember to eat sometimes ,my throxine meds were at 200mg a year ago until Ii had a blood test before going in to have my knee replacement done and they were very high ,i could of had heart problems, so keep a watchful eye on your blood tests ,you never know what is happening in your body,goodluck Kylie and Nikki is right eating well and drinking less help ,i also feel much better on lactose free diet as well ,another thing that has crept up on me.

          1. Wow never heard of anyone else that has had it,well good luck with yours i had heaps of huge nodules and they thought it was cancer so out it came,I hate taking themeds though for the rest of mylife,but there issomany worse things to have,so I count my blessings ,xo 

    1. LOL … I’ve done it about three times and I’m actually a happier person for it. Except for headaches on first day 😉 I love opening the fridge and not having to think about what my next meal is (bottles are numbered!).

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