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5 for Easter: stuff I’m doing this weekend

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Do you have a CRAY-ZY day ahead today? Running around getting bits and pieces together to either escape or hibernate at home over Easter?

Me? I did my crazy stuff yesterday. With school holidays already happening, my little corner of the world is already a bit crazy. This weekend will be even more so. Lots of people making their way to the Sunshine Coast for hopefully some magical Easter weather.

I’m happy to share our little slice of paradise with the masses. I just like to avoid the stress of the crowds, if at all possible. Plus, Mr 6 sliced his foot on a rogue oyster shell in the shallows at the river on Tuesday so we’re on an enforced lay-low school holiday program.

Which is why after having the wound re-dressed yesterday afternoon, I availed myself of the bottle shop facilities next door. It could be a longer than LONG weekend. I have also bought enough meat for any impromptu barbecue type gathering. Ditto the brie cheese and pate for when friends drop in. And we have veges and fruit a go-go.

Oh, we have chocolate too. Yes, we do. Which leads me to this special Easter edition of 5 for. Because Thursday is the new Friday. This week anyway.

1. Chocolate Salad. This is the one salad that does not illicit a turned up nose upon its placement on the table. It’s an Easter tradition that goes back to my first Easter with Mr Styling You. We’d been given that much chocolate we decided to throw it all in a bowl together. Voila. Best. Salad. Ever.

chocolate salad

2. Egg cups.  Eggs other than chocolate are readily consumed this weekend and I’m thinking I need some of these egg cups from Watermelon Red to set the scene. Perfect for dippy eggs and toast soldiers. Yes?

watermelon red egg cups

3. Magazine catch up. This whole online world has grabbed hold of me of late and sucked me in, so much so my mag subscriptions have been left lonely and gathering dust on my bedside table. I’m changing that tomorrow when I take this month’s Vogue Australia into our front courtyard for a little lie down. Suspect I’ll fall asleep within five minutes but at least I would have tried.

Vogue Australia May 2012

4. Getting Savvy.  Rachael Bermingham is a gorgy (this is one of her fave words) friend of mine. You might know her from her 4 Ingredients books written with Kim McCosker. Rachael’s now out on her own, running her book publishing and distribution business and mentoring others to make the leap to becoming a bestselling author. I’ve started reading her latest book, Savvy, and already I’m in awe of her time management. This woman is a single mum with one-year-old twins and a seven-year-old for goodness sake. I need to get a grip on my schedule and make it work better for me. Rach, no pressure but I’m sure Savvy will help me get there. Won’t it?

Rachael Bermingham Savvy

5. Card writing.  I know some people send Easter cards. I’m not some people. I’ve even let Christmas card writing lapse. But last week at the Digital Parents Conference, I got chatting with the girls from Hallmark and I’ve decided to take up their 7 Cards in 7 Days Challenge. Yes, I’m going to write and send a card to seven of my friends and family. My daughter has already chosen the card she wants to receive (Hallmark gave us a gorgeous pack of them). Not sure it works that way but, we’ll see … I hope the recipients are sitting down when they open their mail. Most would not have received anything bar a text, Tweet or Facebook message from me in years.

Hallmark cards

Happy Easter everyone! What are you up to? Do you have traditions you follow every year? Do you serve up chocolate salad?

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  1. Happy Easter Nikki – that post made me feel all holiday-ish. I seem to remember that your Chocolate Salad is also good at birthday parties too….Lindt is so versatile!  Love the 7 Cards in 7 Days Challenge – I have let cards go too, but I did give my hubby a series of “Keep Calm and….” cards (from Typo) when on a weekend away last year for a bit of fun…And those Hallmark cards look pretty funky so have fun with it!  Have a great weekend.  

  2. My boys are going to love chocolate salad – what a fabulous tradition! So very modern and relevant. Love it! 

    We have a quiet, quiet weekend planned – with only one very small family function on Sunday. I’m planning to start the Hallmark challenge too…It looks like so much fun and people will get such a thrill out of receiving random and beautiful cards. 

    I meant to say hi at DPCON and tell you how much I loved your jeans. 

  3. We are in your neck of the woods for the weekend, Nikki, and hoping for some good weather. It is rare these days. We are planning on going on some photography outings, resting, eating and visiting the open gardens. Just like in Grumpy Old Women, I do love my garden. We are actually hoping for some wind so we can photograph our nephew on his kite board as he trains for the Nationals. I hope you make the 7 cards in 7 days challenge. I love stationery, and the ‘Hello’ card is adorable.

  4. That chocolate salad is just about the best darn salad I’ve ever seen!! Could be an all-year-round salad just by mixing different types of wrapped choccies, really couldn’t it? Would be a very popular ‘dessert’ to take to friends’ places I think!!

    No great plans for us this Easter – just lots and lots of renovating mixed in with catching up with friends.

    Hope you have a fab Easter, Nikki!! xx

  5. I will be on a four day holiday as of 5 this arvo. Except for finally getting into posting pics via Instagram, my first was today, I’ll be braless, making jewellery, scarfing eggs and rabbits and pottering around the house catching up on whatever needs catching up on. And posting it all on Instagram obviously!

  6. I have just starting reading SAVVY myself! What a great book. So inspiring! Has helped me set goals and organise my time better….and I am only up to chapter 3!! Would be a great read over easter….I purchased mine at BigW for $16 but know that it is available in bookstores to as I follow Rachael on her Facebook! Happy Easter Nik and everyone!!!

  7. After taking my boy to have 2 teeth pulled this afternoon ( sob ) I am on holidays for 5 days!!!!

    It’s our first holiday with Tim working away so I’m planning to keep it very low key.

    My boys want to see the HungerGames so depending on how the teeth pulling goes that may be on the cards
    Our new puppy is arriving so there will lots of puppy hugs & getting him used to the craziness that is our home.
    I’m planning a trip to York on Saturday for the annual antiques & collectible fair. I’m hoping to find some great things to bring home!
    After that it’s all about being at home, relaxing, cooking/baking, maybe some craft, watching tv shows & movies we’ve downloaded… Just being with my boys & our new pets is all I really want, some time to rest & breath.

    Have a great Easter Nikki xx

    1. WooHoo, Reannon, re the holidays but I know it will be a little tough without Tim. I want to see Hunger Games this weekend. I do – must organise big kids for a babysit of their younger brother. 
      Rest and breathe. Two words I will take into the weekend. Thank-you!

  8. Love your chocolate salad ,i think that that would be my fave sort of salad and i might just serve one up too,very easy quick meal as well lol ,hope the easter bunny is listening .
    I have been frantically cleaning the house today not one of my favourite jobs but someone’s gotta do it ,and that someone is ME,the fairys do not come at night and polish the house and i will have to stop wishing for it.Got my eggs for the kids yesterday though both are in their twenties,NOTKIDS ut still make a lot ofmess so do girlfriends etc, i still buy them some eggs  ,they like it and i like giving ,but i hope to recieve as well!No, no traditions here ,the only thing i stick to is having fish on  good friday that is not because i am a good girl and go to church, it’s beacause i like fish and i was brought up that way ,so nice fish for dinner tommorow.
    I would like to clean out my wardrobe again!!!!!!!! especially the winter /autumn knits they are a mess ,when it gets chilly at night i just grab the first cardi i see ,soo has to be done and i don’t know what i need to buy if i don’t look RIGHT!!.
    The reading part of your weekend sounds nice ,i bought Maddison mag this week and haven”t even read it ,Yes i have flicked through it ,you have to do that ,and i am reading a book the new Joanna Trollope book ,Daughters in law ,so i would like to get stuck into that too.I read shopaholic and daughter last week ,so funny and now i know where my daughter gets her shopping addictions from ,(her mother) ssh .
    On the weekend I would love to spend time with my husband and family and good friends ,we have a ton of fruit,veggies meat wine beer etc etc in the fridge too ,as you do on long weekends so looking forward to a nice vino,good meals and no rushing around ,oh and i want to cook some little biccys fom last weeks sunday paper ,hot cross cookies so cute looking,i hope they turn out like Donna Hays ones .I would like to also catch up on my internet time ,i haven’t looked at netaporter for ages …and also Birdsnest great inspiration sites ,i call it reaseach .
    Nickki you have a wonderful weekend and i hope the Easter bunny comes to you and enjoy your reading/sleeping and  i hope masters six’s foot gets better and have a relax ,it’s good for the soul.Happy Easter.

  9. Easter has kick-started already. I’ve had Hot Cross Buns and Flake bites for breakfast. Hubby shopping for prawns and moreton bay bugs today. First round of Easter salad already consumed and salivating over my dark chocolate Lindt bunny that will arrive on Sunday already. Chocolate never lasts long in our house so Easter is a favourite holiday of ours.

  10. We break up all the eggs and bunnies we received from friends and family and keep them in an airtight container. 

    This makes it easy to have just a small piece rather than an entire large rabbit, although it does rather facilitate frequent indulgence in small pieces, which can easily add up to several large bunnies a chicken and a couple of eggs over the Easter break! 

  11. Love the chocolate salad idea.

    I’m having Easter by myself again (I do most years)… but the biggest challenge will be NOT overdosing on chocolate (I’m partial to Red Tulip bunnies and caramello eggs!) or champagne / wine over the long weekend.

    Looking forward to no work and just veging!

    1. Deb, me too re the overdosing! I’ve stocked the fridge with some yummy stuff to cook which will be a good diversion. I also can’t eat gluten so rules out hot cross buns. Champagne is on ice and read, though 😉

  12. We’re off to escape into the wilderness, but without roughing it too much. SA country-side and a note left for Mr. EB by the kids so he knows where to leave the chocolate eggs. Love, love, love the chocolate salad and will make one at ours soon. Thanks for the great tip. 

  13. Busy busy busy for me. Kids competing in Sydney Royal at Australan Whipcracking titles. So no rest 4 the wicked here.

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