A room full of bloggers and I get the gorgeous Nathalie Brown (Easy Peasy Kids) as my table buddy

DPCON12: You never stop learning about blogging

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It’s just over a week since the Digital Parents Conference. My resolve not to drink since getting on the return flight home in Melbourne was broken when my son sliced his foot on a rogue oyster shell and the resultant emotional stress sent me straight to the nearest bottle of sauv blanc. Fortunately that said bottle was in my fridge, not on someone’s table at a restaurant. Could have been embarrassing.

Anyways, I digress. As I’m want to do on this blog.

The conference was amazing. Too short. But amazing.

A room full of bloggers and I get the gorgeous Nathalie Brown (Easy Peasy Kids) as my table buddy

A room full of bloggers and I get the gorgeous Nathalie Brown (Easy Peasy Kids) as my table buddy … winning.

I always walk away from events like this inspired by the people I meet; the people who speak and the buzz that comes from just hanging with people who find it perfectly acceptable to look at your phone while you talk to them. Just. Saying.

When I’m at a conference, I’m a copious note taker. I think it’s the journo in me. Not sure. My theory is, that if I get everything down then there’ll be more there to look at an absorb later. And sometimes, just taking the notes helps me to remember stuff and take on board some new ideas.

Today’s post will feature some of the KEY things that I took away from some of the speakers at the conference. There are plenty more DPCON posts linked up here for you to work through as well. I’ll be getting stuck into them as part of my  Easter weekend reading 😉 I suggest you do too.

Social Media for Social Good

social media social good

From left: Lisa McClean, Gemma Klamer, Richenda Vermeulen, Darren Rowse

So you want to use your blog and your social media nous to make your readers aware of a cause or a plight? It’s something I do quite often here at Styling You. Because it feels right. Here are some tips from the panel about doing that:

Darren Rowse, Problogger: Start with your passions – find a cause that fits with you and your passions (Darren is this week’s podcast guest on Mumbrella. Listen in for some tips from Australia’s leading blogger).

Richenda Vermeulen, World Vision: I don’t see bloggers who we partner with as media partners, I see them as friends. I think that’s really important. (If you haven’t checked out World Vision blogger Eden Riley’s posts from West Africa, add them to your Easter reading list. Stat.) Traditional press does not cover social good. It’s not what sells newspapers. We have the power to change the media landscape. Talk about things that matter to you, your family, children, children in another country.

Lisa McLean, Madam Bipolar: Do make contact with the charity or organisation to let them know what you’re planning. It will ensure you’re not taking anything away from the good intentions you have have.

Gemma Klamer, My Big Nutshell: Every blogger has experience in something, (with the RUOK? campaign) we were able to harness that and bring a professional touch to our aims.

Blog to Book

blog to book

From left: Valerie Khoo, Karen Andrews, Pip Lincolne, Kylie Ofiu

Having a blog and a community around that blog is super attractive to book publishers. You already have potential customers to market too.

Valerie Khoo, Sydney Writers’ Centre: You need a clear marketing plan for the publishers showing how you plan to get to your book out there to your followers.

Kylie Ofiu, 365 Ways to Make Money: Even though my blog readership was small to begin with, I had shown the publishers the way I planned to increase that.

Pip Lincolne, Meet Me At MikesI didn’t have any expectations. I felt super lucky to be able to write a book and have it published. We work together (on the marketing). I get a lot of press independently. I get lots of press independently. My publisher lines up a lot of interviews. I’m really lucky. There are lots of talented people who never get chance to be published. I do think there is an element of luck there. The planets need to align.

Karen Andrews, Miscellaneous Mum: The onus is on you to propel marketing/sales (particularly as a self publisher)

Working with Brands

working with brands

From left: Nicole McInnes, Brian Giesen, Michael Henderson, Andrea Zanetich

There has been a definite shift in the way brands are looking to connect with their customers and bloggers are at the forefront of that new connection. This panel incited a bit of “passion” from the audience. It seems bloggers are valuing their influence and reach. That made my heart sing.

Andrea Zanetich, Fox in Flats:  I place an hourly value on my time. 97% never respond back to media kit; on other hand if interesting to me or readers, we’ll have a dialogue. I do spend a lot of time on the posts on my site; if I’m going to be writing about another brand it has to be worthwhile for my readers. I’m not looking to work with brands for content.

Brian Giesen, Ogilvy 360 DI:  If people recommend a product or service to their peers, that actually carries a lot of weight today. It’s about trust and this outweighs PR and advertising.

Michael Henderson, DEC PR:  Include in your media kit past examples of brands you’ve worked with. Acknowledge in your media kit how you would like to work with brands. Put in the time of day that people can reach out to you and your preferred form of communication. Include your other (social media) channels you have. These are the wider influences.

Nicole McInnes, My IdeaLife:  If money (from brands) is not available, you have to work out a value that is important to you! Find something else that is.

For a look-see of the day in photos, check out my DPCON12 gallery: 

For key points from the Blog to Business panel I moderated, check out my post here.

For a look at what we get up to when not in conference, check out my post here.


I attended Digital Parent Conference 2012 thanks to my sponsors Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. You can find stockists around Australia via their Facebook page. If you’d like to WIN a pair all of your own, head over here to find out how.

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  1. Thank you Nikki for the inclusion – such great experience to be selected as a speaker . I thought the conference itself was amazing with so much in it for people to “take home” & ” take on board” I went to the conference thinking it may be my last as a blogger as I have some work… But now, after connecting with new friends & familiar friends I know how much I love this community & I’m here to stay. I thought that more bloggers are standing up for what’s right ‘ worthwhile in working for ‘ with brands & there’s a added confidence too.
    Exciting times ahead. Sorry to hear a about Mr6’s foot. Ouch & Need for Meds I guess
    Happy Long Easter Weekend! Denyse

  2. I’m looking forward to all the learnings I will get from attending my first blog conference in June. (Nuffnang Blogopolis).

    In the meantime Kylie Ofiu’s shoes look ah-mazing!!! I remember the days I could teeter-toter around in heels like that. Ah the shoe love memories.

    1. Very true, Kim. I’m working my way through the links on the DPCON page … plus also great to hear from those attended the session that were on the same time as the one I was on.

  3. Thanks for this wrap up – some really good points. I like the ones about pitching to brands and deciding how much time to spend on pitching.

    1. Thanks Carly. And yes, that’s a tricky one. Without the pitching, you might not make inroads into making those brand connections but if you devote too much time to it, then it’s at the expense of everything else.

    2. Most of the time the other stuff around writing a blog post takes the most time. The research, the links, the promotion, the chasing up. Lots of people expect readers to come to their blogs, but how will they come if the readers don’t know the blog is there?

  4. Hey Nikki. We were so BUMMED as we couldn’t go – was my little boy’s birthday, and Genine was up in Cairns on magazine business! BUT honestly, this has been so super duper helpful!! thanks for sharing the blogging LOVE! Alli x

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