Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment

The good oil on hair oils (plus win to try for yourself!)

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Using oils on your hair to keep it nourished, lush and flickable is not new.

I remember sharing a house with one of my girlfriends in the late ’80s. She was a big fan of pouring a vat of olive oil on her head and wrapping overnight it in plastic to keep her strong, curly hair under control.

Her family is originally from Lebanon and her mum and aunties had been doing this as long as she could remember. And probably their mums and aunties before them. (I must say God bless my girlfriend’s mum. She made a mean tabouli and kibbie and would send us care packs of food because she was worried we were not eating. More to the point she was worried about her daughter’s cooking skills … which proved to be a valid worry … but that’s another story.)

THIS story is about hair. And oils.

It really wasn’t until a few years ago when Moroccanoil blitzed onto the hair care scene that what started as a minor buzz around oils developed into a deafening hum.

And yes, I jumped on that hairy oily bandwagon super fast. My hair suffers for style on a daily basis. It was the least I could do.

But – and it’s a biggie on an ongoing basis – these oils, Moroccanoil and others such as Kerastase Exlir Ultime – are not exactly budget friendly.  I love them and still recommend them but that initial $40-50 price point might be a stickler for you.

I get that.

And you know how much I love a beauty product that you can just “sneak” its way into the weekly grocery budget? Of course you do.

Well, come in closer. I need to let you in on my latest shopping trolley find secret … shhh … it’s Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment.

Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment

You’d better come in closer again because I need to whisper the price to you … shhh … it’s under $10.

OUCH, you didn’t have to squeal SO loudly.

But I forgive you. I understand your excitement. I do.

Before YOU sneak a bottle under the tray of sausages next time you’re at the supermarket, let me tell you a bit about it. The stuff I’ve learned from the good people at Dove.

Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment is formulated with coconut oil and sweet almond oil as a base. The formulation penetrates deep into the hair shaft and provides nourishment to your hair from roots to tips. It helps replenish lipids lost from the hair – lipids are vital to hair health as they act like cement to hold protein within the hair shaft for healthy, supple looking and feeling hair.

“Coconut oil is high in protein yet has a low molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate the hair shaft and protect it from damage, while sweet almond oil is a vital component of the hair cortex and is known to strengthen the hair fibre,” says Katya Ivanova, Dove research and development technical project leader.

Dove also says that its Nutri Oil Serum (which is the key formulation found in the entire Dove Nutritive range – there’s a shampoo and conditioner too) has been tested to reduce up to 99% of roughness and frizz without any greasy residue. Yep, all that for RRP $9.99.

I’ve started testing Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment and my hair is a starting to talk to me again … in a happy, thank-God-you’re-looking-after-me-kind-of way. I’ll have more on my trial of this product soon but for now, thanks to Dove, I’m giving 10 readers the opportunity to try this product out too.  To be in the running, leave a comment below letting me know why your hair deserves some love from Dove.

Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment

The official bits: The Styling You Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment competition will be judged on skill. The competition opens, Tuesday March 7 and closes on Friday, 5pm March 16 EDST. One entry per person. Entries will be judged on creativity and originality. Australian entries only, sorry. There are 1o prizes to be won, with a total prize pool of $99.90. Winners will be notified via email and published here. Entries remain the property of Styling You and may be republished. For full terms and conditions, click here.

Comments 39

  1. I have been thinking about starting locs. Does anyone know how it effects hair that has thin edges? I was thinking sisterlocs since smaller, less pull. If that makes since to anyone else. Ive been natural for a couple yrs.

  2. I must say i have snuck this into my trolley and tried it to get out of paying a fortune for moroccanoil but i found it to be too heavy for my fine hair ,i must say that i bought a sample of the light moracannoil and i love it, my hair feels like silk and my frizzy days are gone ,even on rainy days yay,i have curly hair which i usually straighten and sometime leave curly ,that oil is worth every cent and i have tried a LOT of balms serums etc etc in my 40 odd years .

  3. This post could not have been read by me at more perfect time. Today, I am celebrating my one year anniversary of “loving me”. A year ago, I decided to let go of all my insecurities and just focus on positive things about myself. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my hair before, but now I’ve grown to love it in spite of its coarseness, dullness, and dryness. I couldn’t possibly change my genes (as all of my family members have this type of hair), but Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment may just be the solution to my hair problems. Having beautiful healthy hair will just make me love myself even MORE.

  4. My hair has always been of the strong, coarse thick variety. Sometimes wavy, sometimes curly but usually the shaggy dog look. Oh and always frizzy

  5. I ate all my crusts as a little girl, and still didn’t get the gorgeous ringletty curls my little sister had…instead I got alot of fine wavy-ish hair that created its own frizz halo. To get her back, I used to lovingly brush her black ringlets until they turned into an can see it in all the old family photos. I’m such an angel that I still have my frizz halo…even though I’m much nicer to her now.

  6. I wonder if this is any good for super fine fly away hair? My hair is quite long but so thin that I can’t really do much with it… maybe this magic oil can help get my locks in shape? Would love a trial! xo

  7. I’ve just been holidaying in an incredibly dry climate. My hair is chest length, straight and fine. When I brush it at the moment it looks like I’ve touched one of those electricity balls at the science museum. I’ve been wondering how to get my hair back to normal. This could be the solution. Thanks for mentioning it.

  8. Ive just been holidaying in a very dry climate. My hair is chest length, straight and fine. When I brush it at the moment it looks like I’ve touched one of those electricity balls at the science museum. It’s horrible. I’ve been wondering how I’m going to get my hair back to its normal self. This sounds like the product I need.

  9. my hair is long, brown and boring. the ends dry up quickly and would love something to give them their juice back and give me something that resembles a ‘style’

  10. Between now and my upcoming wedding in tropical Port Douglas, I need to get my hair into ship-shape perfect-bride condition! Dove’s love would surely help me get there!

  11. My poor, poor hair. It HATES the humidity and we’ve had the wettest (and most humid) summer on record, so no-one (not me, not my hair) is happy! It’s even worse when I’m stressed (unfortunatley, that’s this week) so it’s literally all over the place! My bottle (of the $40 variety) looks like I’ve been drinking it, rather than ‘smoothing a small amount on my ends to tame my hair’. I’d love and appreciate a litle treat 🙂

  12. Wow! Nikki you have amazing timing of this post – great minds think alike!! I came onto your blog last night looking for the name of the oil you mentioned in your hair crime post last week as it got me thinking I should probably start looking after my hair too before it gives up and suddenly decides one day, enough is enough and just falls out … so I went onto the Dove site and couldn’t find it there (that could be more my issue than an issue with Dove’s site). Anyway, I decided to pay the money and get some of the Moroccanoil which I am sure will be very very lovely and much nicer than olive oil!

  13. Summer loving,
    Hair got a blast,
    Summer loving,
    dries out so fast.
    I am a girl,
    crazy hair’s all you see.
    To meet Dove’s joy,
    Cute I can be!

  14. Ohh it’s like you were talking directly to me…I made a little eep when I saw the price $10!! Gosh I love Dove it is the only shampoo and conditioner my hubby and I agree on as it suits both our hair. But as I only get my hair cut evey 18 months (yeah I know, I know but with 2 kids and me choosing to be a stay at home mum it’s just the way the cookie crumbles) my very long hair gets quite dry.

    I’d love to give the dove a go because it has got to be better than the olive oil I sometimes resort to putting in my hair!

  15. This is not a competition entry, though I’m sure this product is lovely, I just wanted to spread the word that using plain coconut oil in your hair is a wonderful and CHEAP option. Sleep with it in, shampoo out in the morning, amazing.

  16. I have recently begun swimming laps at my local pool for a bit of fitness and to train for an upcoming triathlon. Sadly my hair has not taken kindly to the chlorine and other chemicals, but when I run across the finish line at the end of the triathlon I want my hair to be flowing in the breeze like I’m off some hair commercial! Help me achieve the dream!

  17. Being naturally curly, my hair gets a LOT of wear and tear – frizz, sprays, mousse, straightening, tangles. Then there’s colouring to brighten it up a bit. Add in 2 doses of pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones over the past 3 years, and my poor hair has completely lost it’s sense of identity! Please Dove, help!

  18. Ok this happened a long time ago but it is one of my hair stories so I thought I would share. When I was 15 I was in the local shopping centre and a butcher carrying a cow on his shoulder(do you remember when they used to carry them in like that) turned around and hit me in the back of the head with the cow!! I know… nearly knocked me out but what was worse was that I was on my way to the local hairdresses!Who much to my horror asked in the loudest voice “WHAT IS IN YOUR HAIR” You see my hair was caked with cow fat all at the back , needless to say my explanation of being hit in the head with a dead cow didn’t really go down too well. These days ofcourse I know the benefits of a bit of oil in the hair so would love to give Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil a go.

  19. I have been desperately trying to find a way to get my strong hair back after losing most of it after the birth of my first baby. I have tried every home remedy known to man kind and in the end I just walk around looking like a drowned rat (drying to hard causes breakage) who doesn’t own a brush (brushing when wet snaps hair) who puts guacamole in her hair (avocados don’t belong on your head!). After all the crazy remedies I would love to try the simple Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment 🙂

  20. I dye my hair to cover the greys,
    Now it’s dry and frazzled,
    I need some specialist oil treatment,
    To make it shine and dazzle!

  21. My hair is feeling down, dry and damaged, it needs some TLC to make it feel alive!
    Summer really done a number on my precious locks! I’m starting a new job shortly, and I could really use this product to help boost my confidence up again! I’d love to trial and review it to let everyone know how it goes for my hair, with an honest opinion.

  22. Gosh I’d love to try this. After the birth of my second daughter last year I almost went bald. My once thick, lovely hair fell out in massive clumps along with my confidence. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat to have more children but I’d love to look after what’s left on my head in the meantime. I love my babies and was mostly prepared for all the changes that would happen to my body but having huge bald spots gave me such a shock. It will grow back won’t it?

  23. I LOVE my hair it suits me well
    It is my crowning glory
    Since it turned grey I’ve sought the pale
    It’s a never ending story

    While my blonde highlights are sunkissed with love
    They’re murderous on each hair shaft
    And so I need some Dove oil love
    (Oh and a squirt of steely Taft).

  24. I’ve heard about this product and I’d love to give the whole range a try. Lately – I don’t know if it’s all the wet weather, or my standard shampoo giving out on me or what – but my normally easy to manage hair has been looking frizzy, dull, and unflatteringly… unflattering. I do have a much more expensive argan oil product but even it’s not doing the trick reliably. I want my lovely soft locks back and wouldn’t it be fab if the solution was only a grocery shop (or a blog comment)away??

    Hope you’re well and keeping dry – every time I see news reports about weather on the sunny coast I’m thinking of you!

    Catherine @ The Spring

  25. My hair went into even bigger mass of frizzy curls with excitement over this! I love the BB cream you told all of us about, perhaps this will be my next big lifesaver? (and if I’m not a winner the hubster won’t notice it being sneaked under the rest of the groceries, mwahahahah!)

  26. It’s not me, it’s my daughter! After swimming lessons 3 days a week and damage from styling, even a 7 year old’s hair needs some lovin. Dove creates beauty for all ages.

  27. I need this because my hair has not been talking to me for a while… except for the occasional angry yelp. Please help my hair and I get on speaking terms again!

  28. Anyone going through menopause will understand just how dry and brittle your hair becomes. Save an old Duck and please let me try a bottle to settle my feathers !

  29. Hi, Please Please help my hair, it suffers from being bleached ,pulled, straightened ,blow-dried, swimming in chlorine, and is recovering from alopecia. I need all the help I can ge,t and would love to try Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil seeing Im allergic to the Morroccan oil gives me excema and my hair in need of lots of Tender loving care…… Please pick me!!!

  30. Would love to try this product. Have been on the holy grail trail for THE product to help my hair that has been giving me grief ever since my under-active thyroid diagnosis.

  31. I finally got off my butt thanks to a special friend who encouraged me and started swimming three weeks ago, since then my hair has turned very dry and brittle and so satic that I look like I have just got out of bed. This new Dove product sounds like all my problems will be solved, my hair needs the love! 🙂

  32. Just reading your description of the way this Dove product works, my hair and scalp where tingling with excitement!! It sounds too good to be true for the price.. Before I go sneak it under the sausages my dull lifeless locks could really do with an autum lift. Thanks for the opportunity !!

  33. Oh hello, I need some hair that’s strong! After a failed business (errr never going into the wedding industry again) my hair has been falling out all due to stress! Please send a bottle my way, my lame locks need this!

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