Tea in bed

Sunday Sesh: flat on my back, my life as a taxi driver, cute baby toes and afternoon chai

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I am propped up in bed writing this week’s Sunday Sesh on my iPad. My new iPad.

(I must say I AM in love with the new screen and the improved camera … But overwhelmingly more than that I’m in love with the fact that Mr Styling You now has my old iPad and no longer hijacks mine to check Fox Sports.)

Why am I still in bed? You may be thinking that I am exercising my right to extreme laziness while just down the road thousands are putting their bodies on the line in the Mooloolaba Triathlon but no. Not this time 😉

No, I woke yesterday with a *twinge* in my shoulder that as the day progressed, it progressed into a full spasm of the muscles from my neck to shoulder and arm.

So I’m doing the full Nana, a cup of French Earl Grey, heat pack in place, Voltaren and magnesium powder within reach … waiting until my back-saving massage appointment this afternoon.

Tea in bed

Anyhoo, just as well the small twinge was just a twinge yesterday as the Mum Taxi Service was well and truly required with kids and husbands requiring various drop-offs and pick-ups throughout the afternoon and evening.

I think perhaps I was doing penance for my planned three-day escape work trip to Melbourne this week for DPCON12 … I’m no longer in denial that having teenagers severely curtails one’s attempts at a social life, or even a few quiet wines at home. It is what it is. I just need to get strategic about more escapes!

My weekend in photos


Things I learned from the Sunday papers:

1. I’m a teensy bit worried about my Shellac nail addiction after reading this story. I’m not giving it up yet but will be campaigning for my beauty therapist to switch to a LED lamp. I wear sunscreen on my hands but nothing can protect the nail bed. Thoughts?

2. My home state looks VERY different today … with scarily no real Opposition party. That’s not a good thing at all. Good government requires talk and debate from both sides of the political fence. I’m also left wondering why outgoing Premier Queensland premier Anna Bligh left her best campaign speech to her last?


In case you missed my posts on Justb this week, here’s my weekly round-up:

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Hope your weekend was a good one. Let me know what you’ve been up to.

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  1. I hope you’re feeling better Nikki. As someone who has had back surgery and suffers all the effects relating to that – migraines, neck pain, shoulder stiffness, back pain, etc…it’s the worst!! Big hugs to you. xx

  2. I have had my Shellac done with the LED lamp and it was a nightmare, had to go back 3 times in the first 2 days as it was peeling off all over the place.  The LED lamp didn’t seem to harden the Shellac enough.  Just my experience.  

    1. Oh, good to know … there are other gel nail products – Gelish and OPI – that use LED but most salons have invested in Shellac so difficult to find a salon with an alternative … it will happen though. x

  3. Good on you for going to campaign about the lamps.Awareness needs to be spread as look at the sad stories now coming forth about the tanning beds.Hope your massage helps your neck and shoulder as spasms are bad news x

  4. I’m a crazy Shellac addict too, so thanks for the link re: UV nail beds. Good to know. Loving veggie babies toes, they are too too cute! Happy 1st Birthday to her,beautiful girl.  Hope your neck / shoulder  /arm feels much better soon. A xx

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