It was not only my blog that got the makeover treatment ... I did too

My blog has a shiny new frock

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It’s not you. It’s me. I’ve changed.

Styling You has a new frock. A lighter, more fun and playful type of “frock”.

It was time. It’s almost two years ago since she changed outfits and in that time her content has changed SO much.

Let me clarify … I haven’t changed WHAT I write about. No, the subject matter has stayed the same. It’s more the HOW I write about that subject matter that has changed..

See, a strange thing has happened over the past two years. Somewhere along this blogging journey, I think I finally got it. It got what the buzz about blogging was all about.

It was not only my blog that got the makeover treatment ... I did too

It was not only my blog that got the makeover treatment … I did too

It’s about YOU, and YOU … and YOU.

YOU – my readers – YOU are what makes this blogging game work. YOU let me know when you like a post. YOU let me know when you like a post so much, YOU buy something I’ve mentioned in it.

YOU write to me, asking me questions, looking for answers on your own life or blogging journey.

And I like that.

In my former life I was a journo, I rarely heard from my readers unless they had something not very nice to say. That was sad (getting feedback that was nice was so rare, I used to keep a plastic folder of the nice things … and it wasn’t a very big folder).

Now, I’m bolstered every day by your lovely words here on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You make the hard work and late nights worthwhile because it’s a conversation. Blogging is a multi-way street.

When so many of you “de-lurked” last month, I got quite emotional. I usually reply to all my comments but, to these, I kind of didn’t know how because you were all so bloody nice to me. So, I say thank you now. From the bottom of my bloggie heart.

Styling You’s new design really is all about YOU.

My aim is to make the blog even more open and personable – somewhere where you like to hang out and stay a while.

Anyone new to the blog will hopefully suss out straight away what I’m all about … as my new tagline says … it’s about real-girl style. Not the unreachable stuff of high-fashion mags; more the reachable and useful advice that you can take on board today and implement tomorrow.

Your favourite posts – and my popular competitions – will sit together for longer in the “slider” at the top of the page.

My social media buttons are no longer a mix mash of different sizes and you can easily subscribe via email or RSS. I’ve condensed the number of post categories I write in – to keep navigation simple. And I’ve made the sidebars more open so the content is easier to read.

I’ve changed the comment system over to Disqus (click on the link to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one). More and more of the blogs I follow are using this system and I find it super easy myself to comment on those blogs as my desktop computer or iPad saves my information. I like that I can “like” your comments and I like the non-clunky (geek talk for fast loading) way it processes the comments. I love that you can upload an image to your comment. And if you miss being able to leave a link to your blog, then feel free to do so within your comment (just don’t get all spammy on me!).

Lastly, I’ve freshened up my bloggie colours. Since I started this blog in 2008, I’ve always had a combination of black, red/pink, white and grey. Now, say hello to a touch of green. I blame this frock from my actual wardrobe for inspiration.

So, I thank YOU in advance … for coping with my blog’s change of frock … and hopefully liking my blog’s new personal style.

While I’m saying thanks, I really need to give a shout out to the amazing people who have made it all happen.

#1 Katrina Chambers, from The Media Maid

media maid

For starters, she didn’t laugh at my *extensive* blog makeover brief. Well, if she did, I didn’t hear her because she’s a long, long way away 😉 Katrina has also put up with a gazillion emails back and forth as I ummed and ahhed over fonts, colours and white space. She is a true professional – and “got” what I was looking for straight away. She also understands constraints such as school runs and Friday night wine time.

#2 Lou O’Brien, from Images by Lou O’Brien

images by lou o'brien

Lou and I go way back to when she started as a cadet photographer on the same newspaper I used to work for. I love that she too didn’t laugh when I gave her my “vision”, instead executing it to the letter in an incredibly efficient and talented way. I loved that she works with a hair and makeup artist (thanks Sarah … that’s her in the top photo), who worked her magic on me before studio time and made the whole process so much easier.

#3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12 my blogging buddies

You know who you are. Each of you is such an amazing asset to this industry and I’m completely and utterly in awe of all that you each do every day. Thanks for offering me advice on how to get started and taking a peek at things as I was going along. This blogging thing can seem so far away from working in an office where you can bounce ideas off your peers but you all make that bouncing possible … we’re not just hanging out in the same tea room together complaining about who drank the last of the milk.

So, welcome to the new Styling You. Click on through and let me know what you think. If something’s not working for you, please let me know and bear with us as we make sure everything’s how it should be.


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  1. Your new look is fabulous and I’ve just spent waaaay too long browsing through here, instead of working! Love it!

    1. Now, that could be interesting, couldn’t it?! Thanks for picking that up – working on a re-design and writing in the wee hours of the morning are not conducive to error-free posts! Sorry.

  2. Love the new look, bright & fresh, great feel to the blog…makes me want to get a new frock myself! Congrats …

  3. I’ve been dying to sit down for the last 24hrs and have a good look at your new ‘frock’ and I’m LOVING it!!  Looks bright and fresh and funky (and friendly to tech-challenged people like me!).  Congrats Nikki!

  4. Congratulations on the new blog Nikki! It looks fabulous and fresh, I love the photos of you. They look just like I imagine your personality to be, fun, stylish and playful! I can’t remember your old about me description, which means I don’t know if you changed it when you changed frocks 🙂 but I really like the way you describe what you do too x

    1. Thanks Sandra … it’s changed a bit as I’ve changed a bit. I’m no longer offering one-on-one styling services … more like styling on a larger scale so needed to reflect that … also reflects how far the blog as come.

  5. I’m so loving your fabulous new white number!It’s so fresh,perky,perfectly tailored and nipped at the waist!Love how it captures structure and fluidity…it’s flirty,it’s so on trend,love the full length, the cut and the fabric! Most of all,love how it speaks volumes and for itself!!

  6. Nikki, Just got home and a chance to check out your new outfit. Great that you have the fun, fresh new look. Love the reworked categories too. Joined up to your new comments methid on my iPad so will be interested to see how is goes. No pic option I could easily see. Fran

  7. I love the new look (not that the old one was bad) but it’s more fresher ad fun! Can’t wait to see what you have instore for us! 🙂

  8. I do love it Nikki, although I think I need to get my eyes tested – type is very small.  I may need a pair of those very cool glasses that you put on FB a couple of weeks ago ;o)

  9. Looking good Nikki, both you and your new look blog that is 😉
    I love stopping by and taking away some inspiration from a “real” woman. You make me feel ok about my not so perfect body, with it’s mummy tummy and jubbly thighs, and let me embrace my curves and feel that I too can enjoy fashion like the skinny minis out there.
    Thanks again for brightening my day.
    xx manda

  10. Hi, love your blog and your fancy new layout very nice – I’m not a blogger but a reader and I use google reader to read your blog – can you tell me if you’ve fixed the problem of titles and blank post coming through? I’ve tried unsubscribing and re subscribing but nothing works the last 2 times it happened was on the 10th and 16th of March

    1. Hi Rose, I haven’t been able to solve it because I haven’t been able to find out what’s causing it! I actually saw the same thing happen to another blog I follow in my reader yesterday which gave me hope that it’s not just me … but that doesn’t really help fix it. The time I post it actually comes through correctly with the full post and then randomly it will send 5 through at a crazy time with just the last five headlines. All I can say is that I’m really sorry and I’m still investigating.

  11. RUNS AROUND ALL THE NEW ROOMS …. ohh it’s so white and clean and spacious in here! I love it. Now let’s order pizza.


  12. What can I say? Your new frock is fabulous! I love the new layout and I have always been a fan of the white background, so I’m loving that also. I also love that you can see your Instagram shots so easily too. Great work!

  13. Love the new look Nikki I’m a big fan of white backgrounds they are so fresh and clean and everything else on the page just pops.  

  14. Congrats on the new frock Nikki, it totally suits you!! I have developed a real connection with this site over the past few months and it has become like a great friend to me – one that I check in with on a daily basis. You’re an inspiration to me, and I’m sure to many others. Hope you’re popping open the bubbles tonight to celebrate!! xx

  15. Love the look except I actually have to come here to read – full posts no longer show in Google Reader 🙁

    1. Katherine, I’ll look into that – totally don’t want it to be anything but the full post coming in to the feed – it frustrates me with other blogs which only include a summary. I’ll find out what’s going on and fix it!

      1. Hey Nikki – I have had this happen randomly with WP blogs before – just need to go to:

        Settings > Reading > 
        For each article in a feed, show: Full feed. Hope that fixes it!!

        1. Yes, Kelly that is what happened! It had been left as summary, not full feed. Sorted! You haven’t come across the random spamming of five posts – just headlines – into a reader before? That’s an ongoing reader problem for me!

          1. I just moved Small Business Blog to sit under the Swish Design domain a week or so ago and doing that did the random five headlines email thing. But I haven’t had it happen again. Has it just happened with the new site design … or is it happening out of the blue?

  16. Sweet – and love that I ‘know’ most of your makeover peeps. Special shout-out to Lou who is just a marvel of the modern world!!

  17. Beautiful makeover. Very fresh, light, upbeat, happy! 11/10 Katrina Chambers….you have excelled….no wonder you were nominated for a Logie! A-M xx

  18. I love it!  It just *looks* so fresh and new, and it just screams ‘READ ME!’  Which I would anyways 😉  Well done to you and your team of helpers!

  19. Your new blog is beautiful! I am a big fan of white backgrounds on blogs – easier to read and fresh feeling. Your new design really suits the freshness of what you blog about.

  20. Looks fabulous, fresh, clean and appealing. And even better it will take my husband a while to realise that I’m on the Styling You site planning future purchases!

  21. Gorgeous Nikki (just like those stunning pics of you!) This is a statement “frock” if ever I’ve seen one! Love it x

  22. Love it Nikki, amazing. You are giving my itchy blog redesigny fingers now myself 🙂 Hope you get to go an relax and do something fab to celebrate xx

  23. Well Nikki it all looks so fresh and easy on the eye. One can only imagine how many hours have gone into this, what a great team you have! So, show off, flick that hair, jingle that wrist rack and celebrate with a drink or two…success. Jen xx

  24. Love it Nikki – love that it is cleaner and a little less cluttered. Would be perfect if not for the Nuffnang ad at the top … but hey, the things that pay bills 😉

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