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The Model and Me: Virtu Autumn 2012

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We’ve been talking a lot here about black maxi dresses. We’ve shown that they are super easy to wear, can be layered to create a whole bunch of different looks and that they offer a fab alternative to jeans for autumn-winter.

Well, listen up, because if you sit somewhere all lovely on the curvy side of size 12, then have I got another dress for you.

When I first pulled the Monique maxi dress out the gift bag from Virtu*, I kind of did that whole, “yeh, I’ll believe it when I see it thing”. I was curious, here was a slinky viscose dress from a plus-size label. Would it be too slinky? Would it be another layering piece?

Virtu Monique Maxi Dress $69.95

Virtu Monique Maxi Dress $69.95

But then, I slipped it on …

It felt good. I mean really good. I quickly ran to my daughter’s room to check out whether the feeling matched the reflection in her full-length mirror and OMG, I may have done a little twirl.

This dress has magic powers. It’s a-line, which we all know does wondrous stuff in the figure flattering department, plus it has angular-stitched panels do a little illusion trick that should be patented. Yes, it looks slim-fitting but actually it’s more SKIM-fitting. And … the elbow-length sleeves? Winning.

Here are two ways that the lovely people at Virtu have styled it up on MODEL Fiona Faulkiner.

Virtu Monique Maxi Dress

Left: Right: Virtu Monique Maxi Dress $69.95 worn with Paved belt $24.95 and Interconnected necklace $24.95 |  Virtu Monique Maxi Dress $69.95 worn with Twiggy jacket $109.95 and Joplin scarf $24.95

And here is ME:

Nikki Parkinson in the Virtu Monique maxi dress

 The Monique maxi dress worn with Nancybird silk scarf; Diva ring; Uberkate Love Lines necklace; and Country Road platforms

See what I mean? Magical. It creates shape, makes me look about a size smaller and is super comfortable to wear. What more could I really ask from a dress?

No, that’s right. Nothing.

Let’s talk about sizing. With some of Virtu’s garments, they are sized starting at XXS through to XL. XXS equates to a 12 … and so on up to 24. I’m actually wearing an XS in the photo above, which is a Virtu size 14 … more like a 16 in another label.

Confused? Don’t be. If you haven’t bought this label before … get out the tape measure and compare your measurements to the size guide.

Now, before I leave you to do the clickety-click look-see at the Virtu site, I have to let you know that this dress is currently sold out. BUT, I’ve published this post as Virtu is taking orders and this dress will back in stock at the end of April. I suggest if it’s something that floats your boat that you hop on it and do the pre-order thing.

Do you think a dress like this could work some magic in your wardrobe?

* This dress was gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.


Have you entered this month’s competition yet? There are 14 prizes to be won worth a total of almost $1400, including a $100 gift voucher from Virtu.

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  1. Hi Nikki, I just love this dress and as I also live on the Sunny Coast can see me wearing it a lot. I have checked my measurements with the guide on Virtu site and I’m OK with the bust and hip measurements for a XXS, but my waist is closer to a XS size.  Would I be better to go up to a XS for this particular dress?
    Just love it that you pass on all these fab stores for us, I really look forward to all your posts.

    1. Post
    1. I’m really hoping so cos that’s me too! I bought a Virtu XXS viscose maxi which was a little big in the back (but as it is a flowy maxi, is ok) so I’m a little worried about the dress. I don’t really have hips so sometimes dresses look terrible on me. It is free delivery and I think you can return in store, so I say, “give it a go!” 🙂
      Kim-Marie Williams
      Sent from my iPad

  2. OMG – I love my navy maxi and black maxi from Emerson (my first Emerson discovery and I’ve never looked back) but the short sleeves and a bit-too-above-the-ankle is not so great for Canberra winter dressing.  I’ll definitely be preordering one of these to fill the gap – thanks for another great find Nikki!

    1. Well I’ve placed my order – along with a navy jacket, which I have had a helluva time finding in stores let me tell you! – and am looking forward to delivery next month 🙂

  3. Love that look ,I think i actually invented it,Lol back in autumn /winter 2011 ,see i had a knee replacement last year and i couldnt fit my fat leg into jeans so I picked up a A line black maxi  from targe tand wore nice knits and scarves and little grey boots and I thought I had a comfy chic look,and i still continue to style them like that, nowI have added a couple of striped ones into the mix and YES, yes, it does look good,and i love the dress on you Nicki,very chic,i like the tan wedges with it.

  4. I’m a size 10 (and sometimes wish I was bigger, there is some really gorgeous plus sized clothing out there!) and LOVE my black viscose Target T shirt maxi – especially as I got it on sale for $10!!

  5. Dress looks fab on you Nikki – I always feel like dresses like this will make hips look too big and tend to go for more draping but after looking at some photos I just took for blog I’m thinking I may be on wrong track.   

  6. I am in love with this dress. I think I need one! I also just spent a good hour browsing the Virtu sight – love everything there. Ihad no idea they existed before. Thank you.

  7. I’ve got a similar style maxi dress from another label and all I can say is, the possibility of styling it in so many different ways are endless! 🙂 Love a staple black maxi.

  8. Looking fab Nikki – this dress could just as easily work for the office with a blazer and pumps. Gotta love a piece that works overtime!

  9. Thanks (again) -just ordered mine then. I love Virtu – they do great pieces for layering! I got a Virtu, black, longline wrap jacket at one of Rina’s take2markets days recently -new, with tags still on for $20. It’s super flattering & brilliant for over leggings and a tunic top!

  10. I’ have  this one on backorder and I’m SO excited for it to arrive. My winter look this year is maxi focused. I did almost cry though when I realised that they were sold out and I had to wait. Patience, it seems, is a lesson I’m still to learn.  

    You wear it beautifully! 

  11. AHA! Brilliant! I wanted to get in on the condom dress mania but honestly was too chicken to go try it on.. I didn’t want to confirm my suspicion that I was, in fact, too fat to join in on the fun…
    This, though, looks like a very lovely alternative. I’ll get right on that.. 🙂

    1. I actually had this dress before the condom dress and it’s a different style – one I’d actually wear on its own without layering. I won’t be wearing the condom dress on my bodyshape without layering 😉

  12. Totally gorgeous! I think that may be more my thing than the condom dress actually. Is it really long though? I am only 5ft3. Love the thought of buying something in size XS.

  13. What does it look like from the back? It’s always easy to hide bumps at the front, but as with the Seed dress, it doesn’t look good with fat bumps from the back!

  14. I love this. I have a similar dress. It’s an old Diesel dress from about 10 years ago. It might be time top upgrade it. Rachel 

  15. You look amazing in the dress! Love the scarf you have paired it with too.

    Oh and I am with Kim-Marie, I want a long sleeve version of the condom dress!

  16. I was just thinking how I’d love a long sleeved version of my beloved condom dress, and here is an A line version – perfect for faster walking! I have always dismissed Virtu as being a plus sized brand, but now that I’ve developed chronic oedema, I can start the day as a 10 (with EnormoBoobs) and finish it as a 14, so this dress might just do the trick for me. This led to devastation on Saturday night when my size 12 waisted Jigsaw party frock, which fitted beautifully in the morning, was like a too tight corset come 6pm. 🙁

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