My test bottle of Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment: note how little I've used in a month

I just might believe in budget hair miracles

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Remember last month when I sentenced myself to 30 days’ community hair service? (If you missed that, I’ll wait if you want to click over and check out my hair crimes.)

Well, I’ve made it. And I must say my hair parole officer is particularly impressed with the respect I’ve shown my hair of late.

Quite frankly, I think my hair may still be in a state of shock.

I know I am.

You see, I’m shocked that a hair oil that has a RRP of under $10 could actually make a difference to my battle-weary locks.

Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment

It started with the first time my hair lapped up the first application of Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment.

Yes. The FIRST time.

I’d washed my hair, towel dried it (I’ve got one of those clever super soak-up towels … my thick mop needs it) and was about to put on one of my regular hair oils when I remembered. Dove. Must use Dove treatment for month.

I did the towel-wrapped nudie run to my desk, grabbed the oil, squeezed out about four pumps and spread it through my hair from mid-lengths to ends using my fingers and then combed through with a wide-toothed comb.

The silkiness was there immediately.

(Now, before I go any further, you all saw the disclosure of the top, didn’t you? Yes, I’m being paid to write this post but I’m here to tell you that even if I weren’t I’d be saying the same things. Just saying.)

For me, the Holy Grail of a beauty find worth telling the world about is something that:

a) Is easy to use.

b) Doesn’t cost a whole lot.

c) Actually does what it says it’s going to.

d) Preferably all of the above.

So stick with me here as I talk you through my hair’s Dove experience.

As I said the silky feel was there from the first application. The oil itself is not as dense or viscous as my usual, so I had my sceptic hat on. Big time.

As my hair dried – naturally – on this first occasion, I realised that I really needed to take that sceptic hat off. For starters, hat hair is not a good look. For seconders, I couldn’t actually stop playing with my hair – in kind of a twisty, twirly, swinging-on-my-chair-in-the-back-row-of-Year-10-kind-of way.

The reason I couldn’t stop playing: it was softer, smoother and didn’t “feel” frizzy. And this was on a humid Queensland day.

OK, I thought. Wow. If this is just what one treatment feels like, maybe I should wash my hair everyday to stick some more of it in?

Totally silly idea of course. You all know I’m the master of the lazy-girl beauty routine.

On average I wash my hair twice a week*. I have … horrors of horrors … been known to go a whole week. Under the pretence, of course, that this is actually good for my hair 🙂

So, that means on average I’ve used this product on my hair eight times over the past month – each time with the same effect but with a noticeable cumulative effect on the overall health of my hair.

In particular, it’s the mid-lengths of my hair, which are most different. My ends are happier with me but I can’t help thinking that with another month or so using the product, they might make it to hair nirvana.

Would you like to see the results?

hair before

dove hair oil after

There’s no trick photography here. No, clearly I can’t even match up the lighting conditions, taking my hair from brassy to ashen in 30 days. I can assure you that’s not the reality – my hair colour has not changed. What is the reality is that, in both cases, this was my hair washed, oiled and left to dry naturally. No blow-drying. No straightening irons. Just my inherent beauty laziness and me.

I just might believe in budget hair miracles, after all. Do you?

* Dove recommends that you wash your hair at least 4 times a week, if not everyday and condition your hair after every wash for optimum results.

PS. Don’t forget that you can still enter on the Dove Facebook page for your chance to win a professional photo shoot and hair products for a year.

PPS. The 10 winners of the Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment will be announced here early next week.

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  1. I bought it when you named it here – was it really a month ago? I really like it, but having dark hair it can contribute (like all other oils) to it looking dirty/greasy, I have to really concentrate on taking it a bit further from the scalp.

    1. Great to have that feedback! And yes, it’s been a month since I started using it. Well, over a month now. To be honest, I don’t put any product near the scalp on a regular basis as I have psoriasis and not keen to cause a flare up. Obviously shampoo goes near it (and I let my hairdresser do colour as well as mousse when styling special stuff) but other than that, it’s mids to ends for me.

  2. This looks perfect for me. As someone who curly hair that’s straightened and bleached regularly, I NEED something like this. I also wash my hair twice a week, and if you say it’s good Nikki then I’ll give it a go! 

  3. I’m really intrigued by Dove recommending washing four times a week, up to everyday.

    I guess I could be quite cynical about that.

    I find my hair takes styling a teensy bit better on those in-between days. But I know everyone is different.

    1. Cynical is fine by me! I’m a twice a week girl (except in height of summer when at the beach every day) and my hairdresser actually tells me it’s possible to get a week out of a blow dry. Which really suits my lazy ways 😉

  4. I’ve been using it too – it makes my hair feel nice and soft. I normally let my hair dry naturally but it works even better with a blast of the dryer. And yes, good value.
    I shall be taking this overseas.

    Your hair looks fab.

    Ps- I decided to buy the Dove oil as I’d seen so many ads on blogs. Thank goodness for sponsored posts, hey!

  5. Looks great Nikki. I brought the QLD frizzies with me to Melbourne, so I’ll have to try this one.
    x Marnie

  6. I purchased the Dove oil way back when you first chatted about it on here Nikki.  Love the fact that I could sneak it in with the grocery shop 😉
    I live in Melbourne and as most people would know we can go from Qld to Tas weather in one day (heck in one hour some times).  I’ve only used my oil about 3 times (only once on wet hair) and I have noticed that it doesn’t frizz up nearly as much and it is quite shiny.  I’m loving it!  And it absolutely doesn’t feel or look oily in my hair.  Fab product.

  7. This is great Nikki.  My hairdresser just sold me something for $30 a pop so very glad to have an alternative.  Thanks!

  8. This product sounds awesome Nikki and will give it a run when I finish my moroccan oil mind you I still have more bad hair days than good so I will give anything a try.  I only like to wash my hair once a week (but if I’ve left it curly I need to wash more as it just looks like bad 80’s hair quickly) and have made it to 8 days after being to the hairdresser where they straighten it in a way I can never ever get at home.  

  9. I love it! Your hair looks great n the price even better! I’m the opposite I used to be a daily hair washer, my illness has made me leave at least a day in between washes. My hair thanks me, and my next trip to the supermarket I’ll be buying this oil! And entering the competition as soon as I finish here! Thanks for a great product review!

  10. Love your product reviews especially how they are low cost, quick and easy.I have the Qld frizzy wavey hair problem so am definately going to try this great looking product.Thankyou for the demo photos as they really show a good view of the results x

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