Win one of two beach cruiser bikes

Nikki Parkinson Life 13 Comments

Do you remember your first bike? Was it new? Was it a hand-me-down? Did it get you all the places you wanted to go? Did it give you the wind-through-your-hair freedom that you craved as a kid?

I grew up in a country town in regional Queensland. A mostly flat country town. I now regularly bore my children with stories of how we rode our bikes EVERYWHERE.

So, now I get to bore you!

We rode our bikes to school, to our friends’ houses, to the movies, to basketball practice, to hockey games. Our parents were way more clever than I. They were not taxis. It was our deadly treadlies and sheer leg power that got us where we wanted to go. No helmets and the only injury time seemed to be around magpie season but a little peddle power and a swing of your canvas rucksack around your head even kept them at bay.

My first bike was what now would be lovingly called vintage. Back then it was known as old. The hard leather seat was not forgiving but she got me where I wanted to go.

Then in Year 6 I got my sort-of-new bike, a big one. She wasn’t totally brand new but close enough. A soft white seat and orange in colour, she went like a dream.

Lately, I’ve been yearning for a bike a again. Something fun, something a little bit flashy … something like this:

Now, I can’t win one of these (will have to put it on my birthday list) but YOU can. Just hop on over to Justb. where we’re giving away two of them – and if you don’t want pink, don’t worry there are more colours to choose from!

Can you remember your first bike? What did it look like?


  • My first two wheel bike was so big I couldn’t sit on the seat and reach the pedals, I had to stand up to ride it. On my first ride I rode it straight through my Dad’s shadehouse, but soon got the hang of it after that. I’d love a bike but we live on an 80km country road with too many blind corners.

    • Oh I have can just see you peddling and upright – determined to make it work!

  • I finally got my first two wheeler bike when I was 10. Mum and my sister and I had just moved to country WA from Brisbane. My beautiful Uncle bought me a bike for Christmas. Bless his heart it was a gold boys Malvern Star with the big handle bars and long seat with that arch bar at the back. It got me everywhere in our small town, no helmet, wind through the hair, rain, hail or shine 🙂

  • Lisa Papageorgiou

    I have entered on Just B. My first bike was red with a red and white basket on the front and I thought I was so cool riding it 🙂 xx

    • Oh Lisa … you would have been cool! Yes, you would have!

  • I remember my first bike, It was a 1980’s 3 wheel “dinky” it was blue, with a tray at the back and ohh lordy was it durable!

  • This is a brilliant competition – why? Because it’s inspired me!!

    I never made it past training wheels when I was young and I have never ridden a bike since.

    So if I win, I will teach myself how to ride and I will ride anywhere and everywhere – because I can!!

    • Oh She’s Sonic – go you! You can do it and you’ll look stunning doing so!!

  • “So, now I get to bore you!” Seriously Nikki that just made me almost spit Diet Coke all over my computer by laughing so much. Hilarious!

    This bike looks right up my alley (pink and everything!) – hopping over to Justb 🙂