Viva la difference: more of these mag covers please

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I’m over at Justb. this afternoon discussing this magazine cover. What do you think of these magazing covers showing different-sized women being featured?



And this one:

tara lynn Elle Magazine

Come on over and have your say. I don’t think fashion should not be size-ist, do you?


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  1. Hi nikki

    this is such a hard one.

    I think ultimately people are always striving for something else in their life –
    changing what they can about them constantly.
    Perhaps that is why magazines may at times be also used as tools for the unhappy the dreamers, the escapists ( I think I am in that category of wanting an escape) and that is why I buy them for instance.

    Hair length, colour.
    Facial features, cosmetic tattooing, botoxing cosmetic filling, plastic surgery, youthful skin.

    body size and body shape image problems ….. it seems to have been around for centuries from bandaging feet to make them smaller, bandaging bodies to make their sizes smaller etc.
    People and society continually wants what they haven’t got.

    I’m easy to please – I like models of all shapes and sizes but I suppose industry would go broke if it didn’t have a image of the model being skinny and shimmery for sales – it is to make the reader think they need to buy the product to become the the model they are viewing.

    Question though?
    Would society be forgiving or accepting if a model had cellulite? I don’t think so – gasps seem to be heard and gossip columns run feverishly if a ‘celebrity’ is seen carrying cellulite.
    Therefore “body perfect” is the sales tool.

    great covers Nikki

    I hope my 2 cents worth was worth it 🙂

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog 


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      Thanks for your 2 cents Loulou! It’s a big, big issue but I do love celebrating beauty in all its shapes and forms – sometimes it’s the beautiful photography that makes the covers works of art. That’s what I like to see. I also like to a diverse range of subjects – so boring to have the same old celebs on the cover once you’re past a certain age 😉

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