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Sunday afternoons are all about finding that fine line between kicking back and bracing getting ready for the week ahead. I’ve got a fun week happening. Lots on the blog here and a trip to Sydney on Wednesday (can’t wait to tell you more about that!) and I’ll also be blogging over at Justb. every day, so come on over and say hi there too?

In case it’s all a bit much to keep up with so many blog posts and checking and logging in and stuff, I thought on a Sunday, I’d share my Justb. posts here … in case there’s anything that grabs your attention. We’re excited this week that the uber-talented Bianca Wordley from Bigwords is coming over to join us in the Justb. house. She’s bringing you all the news you need each morning, with a Justb. take on it all. Maybe we need a house warming?

Make a cuppa or pour a sav blanc (or both), here’s what you might like to read on your Sunday:

Weekend workshop: how to get your glow on

beauty products - get your glow on

Cheers: what’s on the drinks menu tonight?

pink grapefruit margaritas

Are you a good friend?

Welcome to the Justb. House

Geek Chic: an iPad cover for every day of the week

ipad covers

The Justb. Facebook community has grown SO much in the last few months. It really has become a fab place to hang out at any time of the day. Come and say hi … or say hi on the Styling You Facebook page. I’m pretty much always around 😉

Tell me … what have you been up to this weekend? What’s your week looking like? Any fun stuff happening? 


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  1. What a fantastic looking house! Puts my boring Colourbond one to shame: And I have to admit to jealousy that you can roller skate and I can’t! Spent more time on my bum that upright which is a shame as I have dreams still of one day rolling down the road… All good; great blog as normal… Louise (aka Lady-Byron, here and there on the web!)

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  2. Hi Nikki,

    Still morning where I live so just starting the day really. Love your Sunday idea:)
    Great to hear all you girls drinking Sav Blanc over there. We have some beautiful SB still on the vines with no buyer this year. If you know of a winery that wants some A1 Sav Blanc can you let me know ASAP.
    Leanne xxxxx
    PS. got some of that BB cream and love it. Been a clinique foundation girl for at least 15 years and finaly found somethin that matches up at lower cost – yay.

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