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Whenever I’m in Sydney for work, Mrs Woog insists that I stay at her house instead of any swanky accommodation I may be offered.

This is particularly good today for two reasons:

1. There are currently two ridiculously hot Scottish removalists here packing up “anything that’s not bolted down”.

2. The removalists will be taking everything to the new Woogsie abode, where I’m told my accommodation quarters will be significantly upgraded. Fancy schmanz even.

Anyhoo, over vino and Vietnamese last night, Mrs Woog told me I should get you – my readers – to “come out”.  She did this yesterday and a gazillion readers who read her blog every day but don’t ever comment revealed who they are and where they read Woogsworld.

At the risk of finding out that I don’t have ANY lurkers and I end up feeling like the significantly less popular kid at school, please tell me who you are and where and when you’re most likely to be lurking here on Styling You …

… and whether your husband/partner has attempted to ban you from here because they just saw last month’s credit card statement.


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  1. Hi Nikki, I think I’m late to the de-lurking party but am here now! I pop in and out when I’ve got a bit of time and love to see what’s new..and wow, it’s a whole new look! I love it!

  2. I just started reading your blog thanks to the amazing Mummainheels. For the most part i browse beauty blogs through the bloglovin’app on my iphone whilst commuting from the suburbs to sydney city. But sometimes (like now) i have a spare moment at work to troll though and catch up on the world of fashion and beauty.

    I think this is a great idea and so glad i found your blog 🙂

  3. I read Styling You at the brekky table and in bed – I second what Melinda says from MummainHeels…love your work Nikki. You make us all feel so welcome and normal. Love that the fashion looks here are attainable and that you are my age. We still want to shop and our dollars count even if it’s not a fortune.

    And yes you make us all feel special by replying to our comments so promptly (I bet you were a thank you note writer when you were very young 🙂 …I sense that – am I right?)

    Much Love and keep blogging xx

  4. Hi Nikki,

    (Your comment reminded me that I didn’t de-lurk!)

    I love your blog. I love that your style isn’t all high end or expensive (especially as we are only on one income!) but covers a broad range. I love that you prove mums can be stylish! I love that you take time out to reply to the comments too.


  5. Hi Nikki,
    I’ve been following your blog for …roughly a year maybe? I take a lot of inspiration from it/ you – especially when it comes to de-cluttering my wardrobe (which is extremely difficult since I live in Austria and we have 4 clearly defined seasons so obviously you DO need a lot of stuff, right?).
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!
    All the best from beautiful (if rainy and cold) Vienna,

  6. Hiya Nikki – (I’m trying to say that with a French accent like Manu!)

    You know me – I’m that cupcake blogging girl who blogs about everything but cupcakes. And we share a love of shellac!

  7. I too love reading your blog Nikki and have taken on lots of your suggestions and advice. Had to laugh about the credit card bit – too true :0. What I love is I can finally indulge in “style talk”. Something I’ve never had the opportunity to do. I LOVE that all of your styling suggestions don’t cost an arm and a leg too.
    I love that we can all talk about different brands, unlike other media ie the radio, where they say they’ve discovered some great product or whatever but can’t tell you the brand on air. THANKYOU NIKKI 🙂

  8. I’m not a lurker – I comment when I have something worth adding but that’s not very often! I love reading your blog posts on Styling You and JustB because they’re so real. 🙂

  9. I confess to being a lurker!! I LOVE reading your blog, love how there is something new each day…it’s always interesting, and funny!! I think you are a very clever writer Nikki! I have also bought or tried many things on your recommendation, all of which have been fab, so thank you!!

  10. Great idea ladies! I have to say I was drawn to your blog by all the fabulous blog tips you have and they are still my fav posts, but love your fashion and beauty tips as well – they’re so relatable. Plus I just enjoy your style of writing – it’s like a conversation. Oh – and I love that you respond to comments. I have NO IDEA how you find the time with how popular you are – but it makes you feel like a valued reader xx

  11. I read your blog on my iPad while having my morning coffee before planning my day, as I might have to factor in a little side trip to pick up something wonderful I have seen here. Mostly I lurk, but I do like to comment if I can. I never put a fashion purchase on the credit card as, without fail, I get a call on my mobile from my husband as soon as the thing is liberated from my purse. He can be on the other side of the world, and he still knows! Now he has started reading the bank statements, so I may just have to go back to good old fashioned cash.

  12. Hi Nikki! I love to hear about what you’ve been up to and have made many of your fantastic finds my own 🙂 I REALLY love that you find everything online already for us 🙂 You are an absolute gem and I’m so happy to have found your pages. Have recommended you to friends. Have a lovely weekend! Jenxxx

  13. I am also a lurker, although I got a bit braver recently and posted a couple of comments. I have been following your Blog for almost one year. The side effects…colour blocking, actually colour in my wardrobe full stop, BB cream, more shoes, more clothes…colourful necklaces, and an Uberkate circle for my 40th:) My husband has fortunately not joined the dots with my increased spending and you:) And to be fair me returning to part time work after 12 years home full time with our four girls might have something to do with it! I lurk every morning in Canberra with my tea and marmalade toast; A moment of me time before the mad school run.
    Thank you

  14. I’ve been ‘lurking’ for about a year ever since I first saw you speak Nikki at a brunch last May and then I’ve been hooked on your page ever since. I’ve only recently plucked up the courage though to comment here and there although I’m always reading 🙂

    I love your down to earth but ‘oh so stylish’ tips and advice and especially love how you seem to really ‘get’ all women.

    I try to steal a moment to myself with a coffee during the day to read your page when my little boys are keeping themselves busy otherwise I log on at night when they are asleep an my hubby is busy working or watching something manly 🙂

  15. Guilty as charged! I’ll de-lurk myself.
    I love your blog and I think I came via Inside out style or perhaps Planning with Kids – both other essential reading! I’m a farmers wife/stay at home mum with 3 girls in rural Victoria. I love getting out of my own small town life and soaking up some fashion and style. I really hope it starts to rub off a bit more! but thankfully some influence is happening. If I do have to head to the big smoke I can assimilate a little more convincingly!! Its also bliss ignoring the things I probably should be doing in my hour or two of the kids are finally asleep!
    Keep typing your passion! xoxo

  16. Hi Nikki
    My name is Sarah, I discovered your blog through mutual friend St.Murphy. Love all your style tips, especially since I am a Brit and live in London so we are just coming out of Winter. It makes me feel like I’ll be a little bit on top of my fashion game come next season…
    That aside, I like your personal style a lot, have picked up a few handy tips and now wear my jeggings with pride, not shame!

  17. I like looking at stuff, lots of stuff, I find you do all the hard work for me.

    For me, the real ness is the bestest bit, and the bit lacking in most fashion or style blogs.

    I am actually hanging around here all the time, like a bad smell that won’t go away.

  18. Hi Nikki,
    I outing myself, I lurk when I’m at work, on my iPhone & my iPad, when I really should be doing other stuff around the house, any opportunity I’m lurking.
    I’ve bought a dress after seeing it on your blog, Zoe Foster’s Amazing Face, BB Cream…the list goes on!
    I don’t often comment, but I’m here!
    Lisa x

  19. Hi Nikki! I’m in Melbourne and found your blog via an article in The Age by Natalie Bochenski and have been hooked ever since! Love your down-to-earth humour and fab style & beauty tips and most of all pro-fashion egalitarian attitude! As a stay-at-home mum of one I’m able to snatch a few moments in the evenings to check out your posts, at least twice or 3 times a week.

    Never been banned by my hubby but we ARE on a really tight budget, so I appreciate your advice on cheap chic very muchly.

    And much as I’d love to get myself a nice piece of Uberkate jewellery which I now adore thanks to you, I’d be thrilled if you could do more posts about really nice accessories for, er, penny-pinching-yet-still want-to-look-chic-currently-jewellery-obsessed folks like moi? Thanks and as my nephew would say, keep on truckin’! XS

  20. Hi Nikki,

    I love reading your blog, occasionally commenting but mainly lurking. I’m a doctor working in Melbs and I love to come home and unwind and catch up on my blogs to unwind from work. I love your blog for it’s budget-friendly tips (i’m not long out of uni) and beauty advice.

  21. I usually catch up on my blog reading (currently while watchine MKR) in the evenings once the youngest is in bed. And I’m in Melbourne, an ex-pat from the UK.

    1. Duh! Only recently started lurking, and have loved looking at your style ideas. Have recently gone back to work after nearly 6 yrs at home, so have been lurking a few everyday fashion blogs…

  22. Ive been reading your blog since last year sometime (via the guest post you did for Planning with Kids). I live in Perth, have 3 kids & work outside our home 3 days a week. I read most days in whatever spare time I get in the evenings & I’ve found so many of your posts, tips & advice so helpful!

  23. Nikki

    I am a lurker on your website… mainly because although I like to read your blog I’m not currently OVERLY into fashion, style etc. I suspect this is because of my weight issues and fact that I don’t feel I can pay much attention to what I’m wearing and how I look until I lose enough weight to feel better about myself.

    Now, I know it’s the wrong thing to do and say, but there you have it. I hope to again be more engaged in ‘what I look like’one day….


  24. I’ve only been lurking for a couple of months but check up on you religiously every day, usually at ungodly hours in the morning. I live on the Northern Beaches in Sydney & love your blog as I seem to have a lot in common with the person you reveal through your comments – I too was barbie deprived as a child. Would love to make use of your professional services the next time you are in Sydney with some spare time (is there any such thing!).

  25. Hi Nikki

    Lurkity, lurk, lurk – yep that’s me. I came across your blog through Imogen (Inside Out Style Blog). I too appreciate the humour in your writing. I usually have a quick look in the morning or lunch time (while eating breakfast or lunch at my desk).

    1. also here via Inside Out Style. I live in Canberra and most likely will be blog-reading (1) at work for sanity purposes (trust me, in IT you need reminding that there are other things out there) or (2) curled up on the sofa at home, unwinding at the end of the day.

      Spouse does not see my credit card, nor do I see his. I buy clothes, shoes, books and the odd car part. He buys car parts, tools and bits for his fish tanks. He generally spends more than me in a year….

  26. I have been lurking for about a month after I read about you in the paper. I have three young kids that fill my life…I try to read your blogs when I have a quiet moment (which is rare!).

    You have inspired me to attempt the coloured jeans…I am heading out tonight to see if I can find some.

  27. I have become more of a lurker lately, because I’ve got in the habit of reading via FeeddlerRSS app and it seems so much more of a pain to comment. It’s probably only an extra click or two but that iphone has such a tiny screen. Too hard. Much easier when I’m on the laptop like now. Anyway, as said I use the iphone for reading usually and that’s often when I’m in bed in the evening. 3 or 4 blog posts, then onto the real book. Very hard to keep up with many blogs at that rate. I go through phases, but usually you, Mrs Woog, Edenland and then whatever I’m “in the mood” for – Planning with Kids, Women in Business, Be a Fun Mum, sshh mummys on the phone, Baby Mac, Big Words Blog, Fox in Flats, etc, etc.

  28. I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now. I am a busy Mum of two boys and work part time. I love your styling tips and budget fashion buys. You make me feel more confident in putting together my wardrobe and keeping up to date without trying to dress like a 20 year old!! Love the photos of your outfits. I read your blog at my computer at work whilst drinking a coffee.

  29. Nikki I’m a lurker also. Discovered the world of blogging just before Christmas (i know, where have i been? Under a rock obviously) seeking beauty gift ideas and came across your good self. I now need at least an hour each day to get my fix of blogs I love via my iPad, oops, son’s iPad. I live in Melbourne with hubby and 7 yr old Aspie son by the beach and holiday, of course by other beaches when ever possible… Queensland’s Main Beach & Alexandra Headland being old favs!

    So for Christmas I gifted Andyandmolly iclutches (adore), BB cream and Nepolean lippy…all a hit of course, sending BIG thanks to you for the introduction. I love your down to earth talk and glam style. I now buy Emerson, wear color and have rekindled my love affair of jewellery and wear a rack around my wrist….even hubby has complimented the jingle jangle, says he’s missed it….who knew?

    I’m not on Facebook or twitter, yet, adore Instagram and can’t believe the cool world of Aussie bloggers out there, congrats. Jen xx

  30. I don’t mind de-lurking, I lurk about at both your place and Mrs Woogs, I can’t remember who was first though. I picked up on you and her around the time that you missed out on going to a big bloggers thingie in the states last year. You both keep me interested for different reasons but you are both fabulous. I love it when you go out with Mrs Woog around your home town as I am Coolum holidayer every year – I also LOVE The Boatshed and Bistro C as much as you do by the look of some photos recently. I love seeing you both in my stomping ground. I am a Victorian who retired a couple of years ago and have been exploring blogs ever since. What fun I have!!

  31. Hi Nikki

    I found your site a few months ago, and love your practical style tips and outfit posts; great for busy working/Mum life. The humour in your writing hits a fab note, perfect for a quick read on the iPad once the children are in bed (or when breast feeding!).

    I like the support you give to Aussie and online businesses and have made a few sensational purchases on your recommendation. Keep up the great work.


  32. I can’t lurk to save myself. I’m like the kid at the front of the class waving their arm and jiggling in their seat, ‘Miss, Miss, Plllease!’ jxx

  33. I found you a few months ago while researching something (can’t remember what) and now keep reading mostly via FB. I regularly read on my phone (makes the bus trip a lot more bearable in Sydney traffic), and at work when I should be preparing for the training I provide in my job.

    I sometimes comment here and on JustB, but agree with the earlier comments that it’s a challenge on the phone.

    I love your photos of yourself (both Keeping it Real and the Model and Me). In fact your photos of yourself in Sacha Drake sent me in search of a dress I would NEVER have previously tried on, but which makes me look and feel totally hot!(Husband says he’s not sure I should be wearing it outside the house, I look so good!?!) Also , you did pop into my mind when I didn’t buy a perfectly nice frock, that I liked but didn’t love- so works to prevent bad buys, too.Please keep those photos coming.

  34. I’ve been a regular on your site for the past few months. I love how down to earth you are, the help you have given me, thus the reason for sending you the blue necklace as a thankyou. As a relative new blogger, I feel like so many lovely people you n Mrs Wogg included have welcomed and supported me with open arms. You have encouraged me to be more bolder in my fashion choices and I love how you love Emerson and brands I can afford. I’m off work due to serious injuries from a car accident and reading and commenting and making thankyou gifts, keeps me busy and gives me a purpose. I can’t wait to meet you all at Blogopolis in June! I’m so excited, of all the bad things that have gone on in my life over the past 18-20 months, starting my blog and meeting my blogging friends is the best thing I have done! Thankyou both for keeping me sane, for the encouragement and help, I’m getting all misty eyed! Sad sack I am! Lol!


  35. I follow you by stealth on Twitter and FB and invariably read your posts on my phone. Love your realistic fashion advice and friendly, approachable style.
    Wish I was a more reliable commenter on both your and Mrs Woog’s blogs. I find commentingvia iPhone tedious and keep dropping hints to Mr Di-licious that I desperately need an iPad….with an Oroton cover just like you got for Valentines day!

  36. I lurked across from Mrs Woog! I think it was towards the end of last year. I live in the ‘outback’, really, really in the outback where it is hot for about 8 months a year and the dress is casual / very casual or very, very casual! I LOVE pretty scarves and silver jewellery, oh and handbags and shoes but tend to struggle with the rest of my ‘oufit’!
    I am especially loving your outfit shots / explanations. I haven’t ever commented as it doesn’t seem right to as I sit here in my RMW polo shirt, denim skirt and Birki’s!!!

  37. Hi Nikki

    I was referred to your blog by my bestie Wyl over @ The Truth About the Supermum. I am now a regular lurker and sometimes commentor. I check my google reader every morning at work whilst I’m ahem….working? lol

    Love your blog!

  38. Hi Nikki. I discovered your very addictive blog earlier this yr via gorgeous ABC Sarah. You really do deserve us readers to delurk and comment as you constantly provide fun and realistic advice! Thanks!!! You’ve even convinced me to take a big breath and try the jeggings!!! You must be good!!!! xx

  39. Hi Nikki,
    Love to read your blog as often as possible, and throw in my two cents worth of course 🙂
    Always struggle with my sense of style and you are switched on. Love your posts, ideas and photo’s.


  40. Live in Asingapore was originally from the Sunnie Coast, have made one or two comments but generally read from the Facebook links which make life super easy. Love the everyday practical stuff and have purchase Bb cream based on your comments.

  41. Hi Nikki – I occasionally comment but always read all your posts – love them!! I wanted to tell you that yesterday I tried on and bought the navy version of the striped Emerson top you wore for your last keeping it real post. I would have never tried this top on if you haven’t posted about it – I usually never try on navy or strips but hey presto it was awesome!! Thanks for giving me the confidence to try something new!! I also love Mrs Woog – totally addicted to reading blogs when I should be cleaning or amusing toddlers!

  42. I totally meant to de-lurk on woogsworld yesterday, but forgot!
    Love your blog, practical and your finds are not ridiculously over the top in price! Makes me actually stop and look at the clothes in Big W and Coles (whilst I’m not a clothes snob, I did used to turn my nose up at hem!).
    Oh, and I’m usually about 3 weeks behind in reading blogs, so by the time I read it, the blog is old hat, so rarely comment

  43. Hi Nikki I’ve been a lurker for about 18 months, I was researching Global Keratin and came across your review and have come for a visit everyday since, it was also thru your blog I discovered Mrs Woog and have been a daily visitor. I read mostly over my morning coffee before work and check in again after work. I even check in for my daily fix while I’m away on holidays. I love the how to wear segment like the maxi dress one – super helpful

  44. I’m a newbie to this site and somehow found you through another blogger. I check out the latest post and if it’s about something I know about will post. Although this is my second post here.

  45. Hi Nikki,

    Love this post! I’m a solo 30yo and always loving your practical take on fashion & beauty. Whilst I’d love to buy off net-a-porter & Sass & Bide…not all of us earn a massive salary! Your site is realistic, practical, and you inspire me to buy lots of things (not so good for my credit card) Since reading your blog, I’ve had a Brazilian Blowout, am getting Shellac tomorrow and have bought numerous items that you’ve recommended. I often wonder if you realise how much influence you have!

    Whilst I know it’s not practical, I do prefer and love the posts where you haven’t been sent something to review – your writing comes across more passionate and genuine and this is what I respond to (and then go forth & buy!)

    I’ve always wondered about the styling service you offer and would love some more detail and a post on this (flog your business!) I would also ADORE if you had a spot on your website if you could submit questions/ideas for posts. If I ever met you, I would ask you a billion things!
    Such as; loafers – how do I wear a loafer? (Am getting obsessed with all the sparkly ones at the moment in Pitt St mall (Sydney) windows at the moment. Everyone’s got sparkly loafers and I don’t know what to doooo!
    Overall, I love your site, and you write brilliantly, and relevantly. If you ever host a workshop in Sydney – I would be there!

    A bit separately – I really like you on justb, but commenting is just too hard there so I gave up the site. Have you tried reading the captcha codes? I gave up after realising that an incorrect catpcha deletes your comment.

    Cheers – thanks for my daily read!

    1. Oh dear. I would love to edit my comment too! I know you have a whole section on your styling service – I just like reading posts/experiences on it! Cheers

  46. I lurk while working in my home office. I should be grafting away at my clients jobs but I like to think of it as an ispiration break to get my creative juices going!

  47. I lurk from my phone, while the kids are feral. But sometimes, on Pal’s days off, like today, I get to hide in my room and “study” on the laptop…

  48. As an avid iPhone user I am always lurking. During the day I read as government worker in desperate need of distraction… But at night time I read as my alter ego – half of the twin pair design team that is Red Phoenix Emporium! Keep up the great posting! Lotus xx

  49. Not sure how I found your blog, but I love it! Love Mrs Woog too!

    I work from home for a web-based business and checking into facebook is my ‘break time’ and when I read your blogs.

  50. For the same reason over at Woogsworld, I’m a lurker: I generally read from my phone and struggle to comment without auto-correct changing my coherent comment to drivel. I especially love your ‘blogging about blogging’ weekend posts. I’m learning so much from them.

    As for style? I have none, but dream of winning lotto and getting you to make over my wardrobe one day.

  51. I came out of the Styling You closet (pun intended) many moons ago. I read you when I am in bed with my ipad at night or if I’m stuck in Sydney traffic, like now. Haven’t moved for 10 minutes

  52. I found your blog on the Profile Magazine FB page – I live in Cairns, North Qld & keep up to date through your FB posts!! Love your thoughts & pics and I love your little office space style from yesterday’s post!

  53. Let me be amongst the first! I am always lurking Nikki – there’s always something to spark my interest.

    I work a lot from home so I’m likely to be visiting during the day – usually sparked by a tweet from you that catches my eye or a FB update and I see a quick stop by as a justified ‘teabreak’ like you’d have in corporate world!

    Just yesterday I knew I wanted some more Jane Iredale product (big fan!)and I’d remembered reading a post last year from you and thinking – yes I want me some of that – so I stopped by to refresh my memory and then went off to shop. So you’re comment re hubbie and credit card bill was a tad close for comfort tee hee!!

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