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I AM on Team Jeggings. I just have 5 rules.

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There are few words in fashion bound to illicit such polarising reactions as discussion around these hybrid pants.

The J word came up on yesterday’s Keeping It Real post. The post in which I wore one of my pairs of NYDJ jeggings.

Over the past few winters, jeggings have ended up with a bad wrap. But most are not bad. They are just let down by some bad types out there … types of jeggings … and the owners of said jeggings.

As Mrs Woog said on my post yesterday:  I love jeggings and I do not care who knows it!

As a responsible jeggings owner and in the self-interest and protection of the jeggings clothing species, I thought I’d share my rules for finding a pair of jeggings and making it work for you.

Cindy Finch nailed it with her response to my outing my jeggings in yesterday’s post:  They are THE BEST things ever invented as long as you follow the rules – jeggings are NOT pants – as we all know – and as long as your butt and any hint of camel toe are covered you are laughing. (You are also able to breath and stretch and bend and jump etc. etc. etc.).

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Cindy.

Which is why I felt I had to spell it all out here in: The Rules of Jeggings

1. Jeggings are technically not jeans and technically not leggings. When looking to buy jeggings, go for a pair that leans more on the jean side than the jegging side. The fabric should have a bit of weight to it. Yes, it will be stretchy but there should be a zip and you should not see your panty line through them. NYJD does this well, as does Country Road, which has been bringing out jeggings for several seasons now.

2. Even if your jeggings do err quite comfortably on the jean side of the equation, very few of us can actually get away with pairing them with a short top. Good luck to you if you can (see the styling on the Country Road models below). For the rest of us, longer tops and tunics are our jegging friends. What you are aiming to do here (apart from hiding any possible camel toe sightings … this is not a wildlife safari Stylers) is balancing proportions in your outfit. When you balance the slim structure of the jeggings and flowy unstructured in the top, it’s a winning combo. You can then create shape using a jacket – and yes the jacket should be shorter than the top to achieve this.

3. With jeggings, you are emphasising your legs, so even if you’re not too fond of yours, it’s a matter of going with a top or tunic length that flows over the top of your thighs, finishing at your most flattering point just above the knee.

4. Jeggings look great worn with ballet flats or loafers for casual but add a heel and va, va, va, voom, your legs will look like they have taken on supermodel proportions (well if you squint in the mirror like I do).

5. If the jegging is too long for your leg, it’s important that you get it taken up so that the effect is not the opposite of that of a supermodel.

Here are some jeggings I other clever people prepared earlier:

country road jeggings

Country Road 5-pocket jegging $99 (size 4-14)

ezibuy jegging

Ezibuy Emerge jeggings $49.99 (size 8-20)

true religion misty legging jean

True Religion Misty Legging Jean @ Birdsnest $219 (size 25-32)

nydj twiggy skinny jeans

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Twiggy Skinny Jeans @ Birdsnest $199 (size 6-20)

I hope this goes some way to answer you question, Virginia Waugh: Can a 40+, size 12-14 (ok, 14!!!!) 163 cm shorty do skinny pants??? NYDJ here I come! and Kylie Huckstepphow big a size can we get jeggings in … do I dare?

I say YES and YES.

What do you say?

PS. On Justb. yesterday I blogged about my 5 key fashion trends for autumn … yes, I’m excited about the new season and planning my “investments” 😉


  • Ok I’m convinced (wasn’t hard really), I am the proud owner of a pair of those CR rust coloured skinnies. Also bought a pair of black… Spied a thin, long woollen tunic with black and tan in it that I had to have too.
    Can’t wait to don my ankle boots with this ensemble …. roll on winter (not too quickly though). Thanks Nikki for all your helpful tips and your down to earth blogs. I love reading them and feeling I have a kindred spirit out there. 🙂

    • Oh, great Leanne! Love the rust colour and the black will be a staple … love the sound of that tunic too! Thanks for your kind words xx

  • ok, so I have parted with a rather large sum of money for a pair of NYDJ jeggings. I was most happy to do this as indeed my legs look fabber in them than they have in jeans for many a year. However, now I am stuck for a top. Being rather full busted I find most tunic style tops do not have enough shape and make me look huge, as my smallest parts are my waist and hips. Any ideas for a nice slightly fitted long line top? Oh and I had no idea what the dreaded camel toe was until I looked in the mirror while trying on the jeggings….

    • So glad your legs are looking even more fabulous! Your key to finding a top that suits you will be in layering. You can go with a longer line top but more fitted and then add either a jacket (tailored to show off your waist) or a vest style cardi or jacket that does the same. That way we see your waist and your hot legs. Winning.

  • thank you Nikki you are a sweetie xx

  • Here’s what I struggle with, though: how can you tell if they’re jeggings? I have a couple of new pairs of jeans with stretch, and didn’t think they were jeggings, now I’m not so sure.

    • No need to struggle! If they look like jeans it doesn’t matter what you call them!

      • Ok, I’m calling them jeans then:P

  • Oh how wonderful – jeggings rules! But they are wasted – the inappropriate use of jeggings offenders would not be reading this blog – they are probably ordering beer on line or checking their footy tips.

  • Cindy Finch made me giggle with her comment: “jeggings are NOT pants – as we all know – and as long as your butt and any hint of camel toe are covered you are laughing”. So true!

  • I’m in…. just bought two pairs online from Country Road – Carolyn and Nikki, I will tell my hubby it is all your fault;)

  • Holly

    Thanks Nikki, love this post! I have a question – what shoes look best with jeggings and skinny jeans? Also, I am short – only 157 cm – should I take my skinny jeans and jeggings up or leave them long to scrunch around my ankles, which gives the best look? Thanks, I get so confused about skinny pants as I have always worn bootleg style pants and jeans up until last winter!

    • Hi Holly – this is a GOOD question. I think when you are shorter, it’s best not to have anything scrunched up around your ankles as it will shorten your legs. Get them hemmed to just over your ankle. They look great with ballet flats, closed toe or peep-toe heels, ankle boots or flat knee-high boots. Hope that helps?!

      • Holly

        Thanks Nikki, that really helps a lot! I am going to get my jeggings altered today 🙂

  • Cath

    I wore my one pair of NYDJ skinny jeggings to New York and Paris over their winter, totally looked smart all the time in them, comfy and agree, I alternated between cute ballet flats and suede heeled boots, its the way to go. Ende up buying 2 more pairs in NYC, way cheaper, so worth it and keeps bits in and up and sleek.

    • Cath, mine will be coming to NY with me this year too! So smart and super comfy.

  • Carolyn

    I bought the 5 pocket jeggings from Country Road last week – best pants I have bought in years. Incredibly flattering, super super comfortable and no muffin top. I LOVE them – seriously considering buying another pair to put away. They are a little rock n roll in the black as they have that slight waxed effect.

    • Yes, my black ones from a couple of years ago have that waxy effect too. Love them! Some great colour choices there too.

  • I LOVE jeggings! I started off wearing them in secret but now I flaunt them with my tunic tops in the office, out for drinks and in front of my husband at home. I had to up a jean size after having my son but they are still blimmin’ uncomfortable, whereas jeggings are so comfy, I could probably sleep in them! Quite often, if I’ve been on the vino, I do!

  • I cannot bear any kind of stretch around my hips and thighs. I only ever wear wide-leg pants, rigid denim.

    It’s annoying when it gets bulky around the waistband, but I have huge saddlebags. Stretchy jeggings and other type of things just completely empasize that problem. And because I have a large bust, floaty tops just make me look bigger.

    If you’ve got solutions for that, I’d be interested to hear them! I’ve tried various types of stretch pants over the years, but none have ever felt comfortable or flattering.

    • NYDJs would be your friend Girl Clumsy – plus I’ve met you in real life and I believe you exaggerate a little 😉 If I can do them, you can! I use jackets to create the shape that the tunic top takes away.

  • I just bought Witchery jeggings. In love with them.

  • Jo

    I have tried jeggings before without success, but I also have a pair of jeans from Sussan which are extremely stretchy and I think therefore more like the above-mentioned jeggings which always get me questioned about weight-loss. Perhaps I have been rocking the right jeggings without even knowing it. Ooh and Nikki I wear mine with that Morrison top too!!!

    • See, there you go, Jo … and how good is that Morrison top?!

      • Jo

        Do love Morrison:beautiful fabrics and cut for girls who enjoy the odd extra glass of wine and often eat seconds, which then turn up on my waist or thighs!

  • I was definitely NOT team jeggings…until I read your post. I, of course, have decided that I like the $219 pair…

    • Hahaa, and yes, I believe they’d be the ones that would suit you best too!

  • Cindy Finch

    Just weighing in again on the jeggings topic. I have been wearing jeggings for about three years now, and I find that they are very adaptable as you can style them up or down depending on your heel height and accessories. By the way did I mention that I will be 58 next Monday? So all you gels who are dithering about them – go gettem!

  • Sarah

    I have just bought some of the CR jeggings in black and wore them on the weekend with my new Trenery colour block cape. Love love love the jeggings – they were so comfortable and looked great (if I do say so myself lol!). My husband aprroved too which is always a good sign! Is it ok to do tan coloured heels with black jeggings? I am going out on Thrusday night and want to wear them with my new heels I havn’t worn yet. I think it will be ok, what do you think? Thanks 🙂

    • Very ok to do tan with black. In fact I insist. Tan keeps black fresh.

  • Kelly

    Ok, so I was very very NOT team Jeggings. Seriously when they first come out, the styles and the way people wore them was very off putting. But in saying that … your keeping it real post and your comments here have started to sway my thoughts. I would not say that I am on the team yet but I would at least consider them now (obviously using the very key 5 rules noted above). I wish when I try them on, I look like the Country Models!!

    • Me too Kelly, me too … I would wear those two Country Road jackets over a longer line top though. That would work for me.

  • Ah yes ! The texas muffin top, butt and thunder thigh tops must be well concealed weapons!
    Tell me are tall boots out this season? I don’t think I could do jeggings without tall boots, well not until my pins have a bit more shape.

    • Correct! Mine must be concealed at all costs!! And I will be doing tall boots this year – I tend to wear mine with tunic dresses and tights if I’m not wearing ballets. Sometimes I wear them with my jeggings/jeans – particularly the tan flat ones I’ve had from Country Road for a few years.

      • Yay, I love my tall boots and hate ankle ones.I have quite large calves and have had these beautiful ones come from the USA

  • Ok. So I’m confused… Aren’t they just skinny leg jeans?

    • It is confusing, Vicky … they are skinny leg style but with a super high degree of stretch for a jean. I would actually find it difficult to get a skinny leg denim style on because of the lack of stretch!

  • Kim-Marie

    I love my jeggings! In winter I wear $10 elasticated waist grey denim jeggings from Kmart under sweater dresses and tucked into leather riding boots. (but only flat boots – I don’t like jeans with high heeled boots yet love cuffed jeans and boyf jeans with heels and platforms. Go figure!). Best $10 ever!

    I didn’t realise the CR $99 5 pocket pants were classed as jeggings! I have them in orange and cobalt and thought they were cotton pants! I bought them a size bigger, roll up the cuffs and wear them with fitted tops and flowy cardigans/kimono jackets or loose t-shirts, or under dresses. You can sometimes see my bottom though – is that a … Gulp … Style Crime?! I can guarantee I don’t look like I should be walking the Arabian desert though! *urk*

    • Yes, Country Road call them jeggings – but they are the jean-style jeggings so yes you can definitely wear them like you do (I say that in the post).
      And your Kmart score are more the tights style of jegging – which is why they work best as you’ve styled them!