Yes, you CAN wear high heels. You can.

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This of course it’s not true, but it certainly looks like it.  I love heels and wear them almost daily.

People often comment on “how can you” and “why I can’t”.

Just so you know,  I wasn’t born able to walk (run or jump) in heels.  I probably pushed myself too far, too fast and could have avoided a few embarrassing moments.

I do wish I had tried walking down a hill in 13cm heels before I had drained three cocktails and I would like to have noticed my heel had fallen off when leaving a ball at the Hilton before hopping in a taxi.

I can’t go back in time, but I have learnt to walk in heels and it’s a skill you can learn too.  I think it’s time for those non-heel wearers to try again.

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I love the wonderful, magic a heel does on your appearance.  The illusions and truths are:

  • Longer Legs;
  • Flatter tummy;
  • Straighter posture;
  • More defined calves;
  • Feel more feminine;
  • Walk more feminine; and
  • the appearance of confidence.

Start slowly, a nice low (5cm) wedged heel, or espadrille will work.

If you scuff up the bottom, it’ll give you a little traction and help you avoid slipping.

Practice around your house, dance around the kitchen, tippy-toe up and down stairs and skip across the carpet.  Please avoid the sexy strappy sandals or Victoria Beckham heels until you can confidently prance about in the more stable ones.

Remember, even if you can’t dance, run and jump in them, at least you will look, tall, slim and sexy just standing there.

Now go and start practising strutting your stuff!

Does your shoe-robe include high heels? Or are you a “close-to-the-ground” kind of girl?

rachel wernicke redcliffe styleRachel Wernicke is a 38 year-old married mother of two girls.  After working as a paralegal in Brisbane for 14 years, she left life in the big city to focus on her family. Once the kids were both in school, it was time get back to work. In a four-person house with five computers, two iPads, two iPhones, two iPod touches and half a dozen cameras there seemed only one direction to go. Rachel decided to learn more about the the world of blogging and indulge her passions for style and life on the Redcliffe Peninsula.  In October 2011 she started Redcliffe Style as a place to write about and photograph the things she enjoyed. is a light-hearted blog about lifestyle, fashion, beauty and food.  Follow on Facebook here.

PS. I’m over at Justb. today talking about my renewed girl crush on Miss Piggy. Care to join in there too?

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  1. My husband loves heels and so do I .I would wear them even he didnt care. My favorite heels are slides and because its warm here in Florida I wear them year around..

  2. I do love heels. I wore them all the time to work but was layed off recently. So Im at home more now but still keep up wearing heels for my husband.

  3. I have always loved wearing high heels.
    It is so true that you have to ‘ease’ your way into wearing high heels. Forming the right muscles, figuring the correct stance and being able to walk gracefully takes time and getting used to.
    In my past time I write shoe related articles and reviews.

  4. I love medium height wedges for all those reasons, but can’t do killer heels, even though I lurve how they look…wedges for me are comfy

    a tip I got from my readers for new shoes…wear them with your sports or kiddos soccer socks around the house if they are tight…I did this for my recent KL shoes & it worked a treat…errrm not so good if you open the door to someone in your shorts pj’s, son’s soccer socks and high heels…yeah!

    p.s. I’d love to guest post


  5. At 5’11/179cm, I feel awkwardly tall when in heels. I do love the look of them, but own a grand a total of one pair. Black no less, albeit they’re shiny and pretty. I’ve finally come around to wedges, but only certain styles, but still feel too tall! Especially with the whole moving to Japan thing… I’ll be tall enough there as it is, lol!!! Ballet flats for me 🙂

    1. Yep another tally here too I am 180cm and just feel awkward and gigantor with heels. In saying that I do own quite a few pairs that have been bought for specific outfits/occassions.

      I just indulge my shoe fetish in flats. I seriously own way too many ballet flats.

  6. I do wear heels from time to time (I am a giant in them, but proud). I do think they ‘complete’ an outfit, but they slow me down, so there’s no way they’re coming out too regularly. I can’t stand the little-bitty steps you need to take in them – I’m a strider, no question about it. x

  7. *hate* heels, have 3 pairs in my wardrobe – i bought them trying to convince myself that yes one day i WILL wear them – am yet to wear them.

    i am a flat girl, i don’t like putting myself on “display” which is how i feel the odd time i’ve ever worn heels. it’s funny that you mention confidence when wearing heels because i feel the complete opposite, i don’t feel confident wearing them, slip them off and put a pair of flats on tho? and i’m full of confidence because i’m comfortable.

  8. Flats all the way for me. I’m tall plus heels don’t fit in too well with the gravel roads or driveway or lawn. Plus I have a bad back and a piece of Lego did some serious damage to my left arch a few years ago! 5 cm is just about too tall for me, but I do have them and they are rarely worn.

  9. There is something definately powerful, and empowering about wearing heels… Have recently started wearing mine again. Think it might be heavily influenced by my 16yo daughter falling in love with heels, and consequently towering over me when she wears them!

  10. I steered away from heels for years and years, because I have an autoimmune disorder which gives me symptoms like rheumatoid arthritis. When you have trouble walking without being in pain, heels are something you can only dream about!

    However, I’m now officially in remission and the heels are back – with a vengeance! I cannot do a kitten heel or a stiletto, ie, anything that wobbles, but I’ve discovered that the best heel for me has a cone heel or a more solid heel, and a platform. The platform gives me the height whilst subtracting a bit of heel height.

    I’m also loving platform wedge sandals and flatforms. It’s hard to find ones that aren’t too high or too heavy but when I do, I’m in like Flynn!

    1. Oh, Kim-Marie, I didn’t know that. Glad to hear you’re in remission and I agree with you on the stability front. I love the flatform style but some of them are SO heavy. I’ve made two purchases in recent years that I’ve only realised that when I got home!!

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