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Why blog conferences are good for your blogging soul

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This time last year I had never attended a blogging conference.

I’d been to a blogging event where I met some bloggers IRL but never to a programmed day where other bloggers gathered to hear other bloggers talk about blogging.

Before attending Aussie Bloggers Conference in March 2011 (this has now morphed into the Digital Parents blogging conference), I really had NO idea what to expect.

My husband was convinced that it was just an excuse to escape the family for the weekend (or it was similar to a Star Trek convention).

And on seeing this photo from AusBlogCon on Danimezza’s blog* this week, he may have been a teeny weeny bit correct. About the escape bit.

Ausblogcon11 Danimezza

I have no idea what song I thought I could sing and dance to with Mrs Woog

I do need to put this photo into context. Below was me earlier in the day … sitting on a panel discussing social media.


We were really impressed with Mark Pollard’s … umm … knowledge

I really had worked REALLY hard all day, listening to other bloggers, taking notes and semi-live blogging what I heard (semi because the wireless internet was not cooperating). You can read the posts here.

By the end of the day, our collective bloggie brains were pretty much mush, so we did want women do best when left to their own devices. We drank wine, we talked too much, did crazy dancing and pretended we were 17 again and at Schoolies … except the asking for our ID bit. Damn it. No-one asked for that.

The thing is, from that blogging conference on, I was hooked. Not only had some online friendships jumped out of computers and iPads to start real life friendships, but I felt inspired to keep doing what I was already doing … but better.

I went on to speak at Nuffnang’s Blogopolis in Melbourne and attend the ProBlogger training day in October. Both events gave me an opportunity to re-connect with the bloggers I already knew, meet some more I’d been hoping too and be inspired by speakers who may do things differently from me but have been successful on their blogging journey.

This year I’ll be attending the three I’ve listed below, with the aim of meeting more bloggers, learning and taking on new ideas for my blog and networking with a bunch of people who think it’s perfectly ok to tweet and talk at the same time.


So, getting to the point of this post … last week quite a few readers asked me about blog conferences in Australia for 2012. Here’s what I know to date:


Digital Parents Conference

Where: Melbourne

When: March 30, 2012

Who’ll attend: Parents who blog on a whole range of niches from beginner to veteran bloggers. Here’s a list of who’s signed up so far.

Speakers: Apart from me (LOL), you’ll get to hear Jennifer James, the creator of

Program: Topics range from social media for social good through to blog to book, working with brands, blog to business, a writing workshop, a blog boost workshop and the hugely popular my blog, my story session where bloggers tell their blog’s story.

Tickets: $179 for bloggers; $209 for PRs and brands (includes all sessions plus morning, afternoon tea, lunch and gala dinner)

*If you want to win a ticket to this event, Danimezza is giving hers away on her blog because she has a very good reason why she can no longer attend.


Nuffnang Blogopolis

Where: Sydney (I had been personally hoping for Queensland 😉 )

When: June

Who’ll attend: A range of bloggers from across many niches, from food to fashion, parenting, lifestyle and everything in between. It’s not exclusive to the Nuffnang community.


ProBlogger two-day event

Where: Ethiad Stadium, Melbourne

When: Friday, October 12 and Saturday, October 13

Who’ll attend: Darren Rouse told me yesterday that this event would have more focus on monetisation than last year’s event. He said he’d be releasing more details on his blog next week, so stay tuned. I’d imagine with this focus that it would be an event of interest to intermediate and advanced bloggers wanting to learn ways to make blogging work for them as a business or part-time income stream. I’m excited that it’s a two-day event as this will really enable attendees to get stuck into more stuff. Last year, the event attracted a wide range of attendees and probably more male bloggers than the other two conferences.

IF you’d like to venture further afield to a blogging conference, head over to The Blog Stylist. Bree has put together a list of lifestyle blogging conferences for 2012.


In case you missed it, but I’m not sure HOW … this week five of the bloggers I met in March last year released the first episode of Sh*t Bloggers Say (follow us on Twitter here). Just like any industry, there is a lot of jargon around blogging. If you’re new to blogging, don’t be put off by it. Most of us don’t understand everything there is to know about blogging, but we’re having a damn good time learning.

So, will I be seeing you or meeting you at a blogging conference this year?


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  1. I am a bit late to the party with this one but only just discovered the Blogopolis :/ I live in Newcastle so Sydney would not be a stretch for me financially (train it up and back in the day) but I am a bit of a shy one – well at first anyway. I think I would like to attend but just not sure so have been reading everyone’s reviews (yours included) would very much appreciate any guidance you can give me 🙂

  2. I really want to go now 🙁
    Sadly for those of us living in mainland Europe there seem to be no conferences and I can’t afford to fly to Aus or the US right now, plus timing on these things never seems to work out as I work in a school! Oh well, if I start saving my pennies maybe I can go by 2015 😛

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  3. Hi Nikki, I’m only new to the blogging world so I really found your post very helpful. I’m currently overseas so I’m unable to attend any blogging conferences this year, however I will be the first to put my name down for the following year. You looked like you had a fab time!
    I look forward to reading your posts regularly.

    Nicky Singh.

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  4. Thanks for the info Nikki. I’d love to make it to a conference at some stage, as you know I’ve only just started out and there is soooo much to learn! Not sure I’ll make it to any of these this year thanks to the wee one, but if there are any in Sydney I’d love to go. Great pics too btw.

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  5. Hi Nikki,
    Thanks for posting this..and funnily enough today I found my nametag and more from March AusBlogCon and thought, “less than a year ago?”
    That was the conference where IT started. For me, as a blogger. I met some people there, on my table, and elsewhere I couldn’t wait to meet. I had loads of people to see in the breaks, and as for dinner was cool!
    Nuffnang, where YOU said those words like these”can you tell someone about your blog in a few words,” made me THINK. Um. No. Review of all I did…for the good. Focussed on what I know best…
    Education, and went to ProBlogger.
    Good for the getting together, good for the hearing from such awesome people.BEST was finally seeing I “had it all coming together” as I had hoped.
    With encouragement, and bloggy caring from so many people..and naming all will means I will leave someone out!!

    2012 is the best there is …for me and my professional life, via the blog, and what it has brought me. With a consultancy role, outside the blogging community, within one of education, I have more security behind me for the dollars I have already spent…on the blog, and going to conferences.

    Cannot wait for DPCon12 in Melbourne. I was lucky enough to be selected as a speaker in ‘my blog my story’ so “cool”. Nuffnang…yes, please QLD.

    Darren is being very proactive letting us know about October. A STADIUM no less! Woot! Book it Denyse!

    Now, BlogHer’12 is a mix of blogging and travelling, and what a great time those from Aus will have both as fellow Aussie Bloggers..and within a HUGE community of Bloggers.

    Blogging = Friendships.

    Thanks Nikki…I know I wrote a lot..that’s me!
    Denyse XXX

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  6. Great minds think alike! Thanks for the link. If your readers can’t make the conferences in person, I put together a post on how to follow blog conferences online 🙂

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  7. Looking forward to Dp – so close now! And te 2 day pro blogger one looks great! Love how they challenge us to step it up that little bit more.

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  8. See you at DP, I am looking forward to the social parts of this one.

    I will also be attending a few Social Media for business events hopefully, still to decide which ones exactly but AHRI have a master class and there is also a NFP and Social Media 2 day conf in Melb just before DP if anyone is interested in even more stuff.

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  9. I may go to pro blogger but not too sure. My priority this year is saving for America where I’ll go to Blog Her.
    Are you going to Blog Her?

    I think the best part of blog conferences is meeting people 🙂

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  10. I’ve purchased a ticket to DP Con in March but have only just decided to get serious about seeking sponsorship, and had only agreed to go on the basis it didnt come out of the family budget. Hopefully shall see you there!

    As for the others (which sound fab!) I’ll decide as the year goes on, as I am yet to decide how serious I am going to be about blogging in 2012.

    Finally, the clip is GOLD – you gals are on to something there!

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