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Which celebs owned their style at the 2012 Golden Globes

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I’m always as excited as I am wary of Hollywood award ceremonies and red carpets.

A bit like a wedding where normally fashion-forward and stylish women decide it’s “their” day and perfectly acceptable to lose themselves in a puff of meringue, award ceremonies tend to bring out the inner-toilet-roll-doll-holder in many.

Or, *yawn*, they dress just like they did at the last red carpet event and just like the next person at that red carpet event, *double yawn*.

What I look for in a good red carpet celeb frock is a little bit deeper. I’m looking for those gowns, hair, makeup and accessories that rock the personality of the person wearing them.

The ones who look just like “themselves” … only better. And the ones who try to find something a little different to don.

It shouldn’t be too hard when money is no object (most don’t buy the frocks and jewellery you see them in … they just borrow for the night), should it?

So without further ado, here the styles that stopped me in my Golden Globes-gawking track today.

Let’s start with the hair.

Charlize Theron’s messy up-do and glittery headband is something I’d be very keen to try.

charlize theron golden globes 2012

And Michelle Williams also rocks a headband with her short crop as only Michelle can.

michelle williams golden globes 2012

Best use of an accessory goes to Heidi Klum with a stunning statement in turquoise and champagne. Take the turquoise necklace away and it would just be MEH.

Heidi Klum Golden Globes 2012

I’m a huge fan of quirky and Zooey Deschanel did not disappoint, with her long-bob hair style, green sequinned and black frock and some pretty awesome nail art.

Zooey Deschanel 2012 Golden Globes

Zooey Deschanel nails Golden Globes 2012

Sleeves on dresses were a huge trend this year (Duchess of Cambridge-inspired perhaps?). Anyways, I think Jessica Biel worked the look best. If you’re going to go prim and proper with your frock you need to ooze sexiness with the hair. It’s all about the contrast, Stylers.

Jessica Biel Golden Globes 2012

Claire Danes showed that simple with some detail and a statement lip is still super effective – and very her.

Claire Danes golden globes 2012

Emma Stone worked a rock-chic look, contrasting flowing chiffon with a “tough” belt and shoulder detailing.

emma stone golden globes 2012

And Angelina Jolie showed that the red carpet would not disintegrate should she dane to wear something other than black.

Angelina_jolie golden globes 2012

Pity she left her smile at home. If I were her I’d be hanging for a night out with HER hubby and WITHOUT the kids.

And because I’m into equality and a sucker for a man in a suit, I’m choosing to leave you with my vote for best dressed.

george clooney GOLDEN globes 2012

Pity about what’s-her-gorgeous-face on the right. Damn it.

Have you checked out the red carpet looks from the 2012 Golden Globes as yet? Thoughts? Any trends you’re keen to try at home? Any contenders for toilet-roll-holder-of-the-year?

Photo credits: George Clooney, Michelle Williams; Charlize Theron; Zooey Deschanel nails; others: wikifashion 


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  1. I love Ange’s dress, but she is so thin it’s scary. Thank goodness it wasn’t windy that night – she would have flown away! I agree she could have smiled…if I had a dress like that and Brad Pitt on my arm I would have had a smile bigger than Julia Roberts.
    Lea Michelle was a bit hit and miss. When I saw her all I could think of was Halle Berry’s dress a few years ago. It didn’t wow like I think she wanted it to.
    Natalie Portman was another fail (in my humble opinion! lol) – the bright pink with the red flap? Awful combination.
    Love Reese witherspoons dress – the red was goergeous and the style gave her a waist and an old hollywood, hourglass figure – she looked awesome 🙂 So did Kate Beckinsale!
    And finally – Kelly Osbourne. WTF!? Did she get dressed in the dark!? worst of the night…with the possible exception of SMG. I love it when my daughter chooses my outfit too – but I know when to edit.

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  2. Love Clare Danes, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, but Zooey D’s hair was absolutely adorable. Love seeing some pale skin on Julianne Moore. Far too many people looking far too tanned in my opinion. Especially on the men – Rob Lowe looked positively orange! Great show though. Love Ricky Gervais and the relaxed vibe in general.

  3. I loved Helen Mirren she looked very Elegant, and Nicole Kidman’s Dress was a very flattering Shape and the splash of Red on Angelina was a lovely touch.

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  4. What I didn’t get was the Madonna outcry on Twitter. I couldn’t watch the live show, but was dying with curiosity when I read all the tweets about Madonna, ‘her boobs’ and her so-called trashy fashion faux pas. When I finally got to see what she wore tonight I felt like I was missing something? Sure, she was a little busty, but I didn’t find her offensive or trashy at all? She was wearing ‘polite’ capped sleeves for crying out loud? What’s with the Madonna outcry Nikki? I’d love your stylish perspective. x

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  5. Loved Emma Stone’s because it was different and Evan Rachel Wood’s for the same reason. Thought Sarah Hyland’s was gorgeous and age-appropriate. And wonder how on earth Sophia Vegara managed to walk or sit down in that crazy fishtail!

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  6. My favs were
    Nicole Kidnam
    Kate Winslet
    emma stone
    Shailene Woodley
    Salma Hayek

    Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Kelly Osbourne
    Lea Michele

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  7. I didn’t like Zooey’s dress! I really wanted to, but just couldn’t.

    Charlize was my favourite – hands down (unless we’re counting George here? 😉

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  8. I am an Ange fan. I think she is just gorgeous, but my gosh her arms! I love the dress, but her arms are scarily thin.
    And isn’t the camera supposed to add weight?

    Also an Emma Stone fan but that belt looks like it belongs on a tatted up biker chick. Not a fan of it. Or her up ‘do actually. she would have looked a lot sexier with her gorgeous hair down.

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      It’s the video camera that adds weight. And yes, on this angle they look very thin. Emma’s look is very much about contrasts and that’s who she is – she’s edgey and her look is very much that too. I just love when celebs show themselves, not their stylist.

      1. I do agree the look is her to a T, *I* just don’t like her belt, but that would be more in my taste.
        I do like to see celebrities making their own decisions more. A stylist is fun, but should be teaching you how to make the looks you’re after work for you so you can essentially shop for and put yourself together. Right?

        Wait. Maybe a smart stylist doesn’t teach you that so you keep having to hire them?

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  9. They’re all gorgeous, but my vote is with Michelle because
    1 I have short hair – now going to ask my hairdresser about a hairband
    2 I love 3/4 sleeves
    3 I don’t like lots of jewelry

    So, if I was ever red-carpeting, I’d go for an outfit like that!


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  10. loved zooey and emma stone but my favourite for the night was definitely Angelina – she rocked that looked and it was so nice to see her in something other than black, she looked almost girly!


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  11. I love Zooeys nails and the colour in her dress, it’s so bright, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s her. I am head over heels for what Emma Stone is wearing though, to me, that dress is pretty much perfection!

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